WORLD OF LIGHT (Nuzlocke): The Grand Finale

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • [Run 3, Finale] After trekking through the Light Realm and then the World of Darkness, we are faced with the final battle with one shot to complete the final challenge.
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  • Alpharad
    Alpharad  Month ago +2392


  • MrMac24
    MrMac24 Day ago


  • ktl360
    ktl360 Day ago

    I completed the nuzlocke with pichu,Roy and rob

  • anonymous blook
    anonymous blook Day ago

    sans Vinson literally just looks like ink

  • MasterLuis
    MasterLuis 3 days ago


  • Victor Fedele
    Victor Fedele 4 days ago

    Shoot if he died as Master Hand that would have technically been the end of the run because he wouldn't be able to select a new fighter

  • Galeem And dharkon
    Galeem And dharkon 5 days ago

    Yes it worked

  • The New Game Boy
    The New Game Boy 7 days ago

    Alpharad: [Sarcastic, supercut, and cocky Mumbling for commentary]
    Smash Game: Remember when I was easy for you to be cocky, to bad.

  • Lil Nuggets
    Lil Nuggets 8 days ago

    ha lol i already beat it

  • Samuel Salamanca Agudelo

    almost all of the hoodies and bags and shirts are sold out but theres only the last shirts the color splash shirt for 20.00

  • Gavin French
    Gavin French 9 days ago

    This made me as sad as when Meliodas died

  • Leo Luke
    Leo Luke 9 days ago

    Try dodging or using air dodge for those waves I hope it works next time

  • concordat
    concordat 10 days ago

    If you ever do this again, please use Gold Mario and Full Armor X when appropriate. Which is basically "when the stage isn't going to kill you"

  • Lukas Lazer
    Lukas Lazer 10 days ago

    actually. your still in. youed have to break your "No DLC's" Rule but they are your last line.

    EWAN MERRICK 12 days ago

    Rip but what if you have piranha plant

  • J Sham
    J Sham 13 days ago

    Hello! It’s 2020. ;)))))

  • The game Critic
    The game Critic 13 days ago

    I do understand how stressful pit was but just saying that I beat the platforming segment,boss rush and Galeem and darkhon with only Rosa Isabelle and ness

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon 14 days ago

    i t s n e x t y e a r b i t c h

  • guy Harell
    guy Harell 14 days ago


  • supermegapenguin2
    supermegapenguin2 14 days ago

    It’s insane that you got that far. I would’ve collapsed under that pressure. If you ever decide to do another run, there’s a certain Pokémon spirit that can make the final fight so much less stressful

  • cristina guzman
    cristina guzman 17 days ago

    Do a “But it refused”

  • Dragon Ball Kid
    Dragon Ball Kid 18 days ago

    Where is the finale stream
    Did he take it down or smth

  • Juho Judin
    Juho Judin 18 days ago

    What if you lost every character? Will it be... a softlocke?

  • Vented ,
    Vented , 18 days ago

    I never seen a man talk such a big game and talk so much shit just to get his ass stumped on in the most basic things to then gain a lil confidence by killing a weak bot to then elivating himself back to the idea of being a god

  • Scatty Katty
    Scatty Katty 18 days ago

    some how alpharad lost a battle with meta knight
    i never knew that was possible

  • Matthew Henson
    Matthew Henson 19 days ago

    I knew this was the darkest timeline.

  • Finn Pepar
    Finn Pepar 20 days ago +1

    dlc characters 1 last chance

  • Godly Mystical
    Godly Mystical 20 days ago

    Jigglypuffs down smash T Poses And Olimars

  • Nathan Liu
    Nathan Liu 20 days ago

    16:48 Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side...

  • Terminator Terminator
    Terminator Terminator 20 days ago


  • Re Meaper
    Re Meaper 21 day ago


  • Phantom Alex Plays
    Phantom Alex Plays 22 days ago

    Dude You Have the Worst Team To beat it

  • SpikeTheLucario
    SpikeTheLucario 22 days ago

    I hope you attempt this again. I know you can do it if you make fewer mistakes in the Light Realm.

  • mayor mmd21
    mayor mmd21 23 days ago

    Nonono it doesn't end I allow you to use dlc charecters you shall win

  • Carmine6106
    Carmine6106 24 days ago


  • SDM SuperDakotaMccoy
    SDM SuperDakotaMccoy 24 days ago

    Only if Kirby came back from the dead.

  • Isaac Da Deku Ripoff
    Isaac Da Deku Ripoff 24 days ago

    He still should have used dlc.
    Also, pretty sure he forgot dedede and k rool. IM STILL MAD.

  • Ralphboii M
    Ralphboii M 24 days ago

    Fighters Alpha forgot to awaken: Lucina Zero Suit Diddy Kong Dedede Duck Hunt Ryu and King K Rool

  • Thefancygame R
    Thefancygame R 25 days ago


  • SharkPunchingFreak
    SharkPunchingFreak 25 days ago

    Alpharad - "maybe next year"
    Everyone on New Year's Day - "...Lightlocke run 4?"

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust 25 days ago


  • ben higgs
    ben higgs 25 days ago

    do it again

  • Andrew Gutierrez
    Andrew Gutierrez 25 days ago

    Never got king de de de

  • Keane Lucas Mari Ocampo
    Keane Lucas Mari Ocampo 26 days ago +1

    Oh alpharad you forgot to get ryu,diddykong,mewtwo,duck hunt and also zero suit samus
    TIP: try getting them buddy you might win this time on Friday 2020 and use mario to get marth or sheik or vilager so you get 70 percent chance to get them
    before i forget

  • Skull Spliter
    Skull Spliter 27 days ago

    How anticlimactic

  • Jeremy Nalley
    Jeremy Nalley 27 days ago +1

    Characters that Alpharad Did Not Acquire for the Whole Run:
    Lucina: Right side of the Dark Realm.
    Zero Suit Samus: Upper right of the Light Realm.
    Diddy Kong: DK Island sub-area (East side of the Light Realm).
    King Dedede: Top of the Light Realm (Right of Galeem) in the Gourmet Race sub-area.
    Duck Hunt: In the Fog-Covered Forest in the Light Realm.
    Ryu: In the World Tour sub-area of the Light Realm (Area where you use the Boat).
    King K. Rool: On the Pirate Ship in the Mysterious Dimension of the Dark Realm.

  • Nuulcoolpro
    Nuulcoolpro 27 days ago

    Wait... Did you actually played sonic for once?

  • Michelle Veon
    Michelle Veon 27 days ago +2

    Nobody: ok

  • Smashy BASH
    Smashy BASH 27 days ago

    i accul;y cried

  • Antonio Bravo
    Antonio Bravo 28 days ago

    Did he need to go the good ending

  • Cullen Drymon
    Cullen Drymon 28 days ago

    You could have used the DLC fighters as a last resort

  • ec980
    ec980 29 days ago +1

    this is like an anime where the good guy just loses and then it ends

  • GachaShadowolf xxx
    GachaShadowolf xxx 29 days ago +3

    Alpha: Roy was the most devastating lost that had happened
    Me: Did you forget pac-god

  • Joshua Frazier
    Joshua Frazier 29 days ago

    if you had a level 99 demon trained akuma you would have beaten mythra first try with donkey kong

  • Spoon utensil
    Spoon utensil 29 days ago

    Meanwhile, pihrana plant, joker, hero, banjo, and terry are inside the banned cage watching everyone else die

  • Bum B
    Bum B 29 days ago

    4:57 I like the dark samus in the corner

  • Braden Cook
    Braden Cook Month ago +1

    Joker banjo hero and terry never got out so please continue

  • milo swanson
    milo swanson Month ago

    Rest In peace lightlocke

  • milo swanson
    milo swanson Month ago

    Yo this is actually pretty freaking cool

  • pro gamer112 scambait professional

    you forgot greninja you can still win