Frankie Edgar with signed contract in hand, ready to get to work for Max Holloway

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • MMAjunkie Radio #2920: Frankie Edgar
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Comments • 41

  • Adam Glasgow
    Adam Glasgow 15 days ago

    Come on frankie!!

  • Kako Karma
    Kako Karma 26 days ago

    dying to see this protection midget retire after loss to max

  • Jared Zelmer
    Jared Zelmer Month ago

    It’s about time

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky Month ago

    Holloway was removed from the initial Ortega date because of concussion like synptoms and now they book him 3 months after being battered and bruised

  • andytt14
    andytt14 Month ago +1


    • Bedre Sumanth
      Bedre Sumanth Month ago

      @andytt14 , bro Volka is injured, he's in hospital right now... He'll take on the winner of Max vs Edgar .. it's a win - win situation for both Edgar and Volka here...

    • andytt14
      andytt14 Month ago

      2 GuD uneducated little troll boy with a big mouth and no facts or reasoning to back it up, you fall into the same category as your mother , entitled little woman

    • 2 GuD
      2 GuD Month ago

      andytt14 OHHH YEAH UR SO HOTT

    • 2 GuD
      2 GuD Month ago

      andytt14 Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes DADDY RIGHT THERE!!!

    • andytt14
      andytt14 Month ago

      2 GuD it’s funny how u keep changing the subject when your wrong lol, sad little girl

  • Krazy Horse
    Krazy Horse Month ago +3

    I don't think Volkanovski got snubbed at all. He will fight the winner in October or later

  • Hblocktreehunna
    Hblocktreehunna Month ago +2

    Gay fight

  • PC keyboard fighting techniques

    Frankie Edgar is like 3-2 in last 5. Gets title shot?

    • andytt14
      andytt14 Month ago

      Frankie has more title shots then them both put together

    • andytt14
      andytt14 Month ago

      2 GuD fighters like cerrone are the definition of deserving vet, also bisping, both won 4-7 straight fights before being rewarded with a title shot, with over 50 combined ufc fights, where the hell did you get that theory from lol you have absolutely no idea

    • 2 GuD
      2 GuD Month ago

      Stfu he’s a deserving vet u noobie

    • karatekid951
      karatekid951 Month ago +2

      The UFC calls it 'Goodwill'. Since he did take the Ortega fight last minute due to Max dropping out. They wrote up an IOU. They only hand those tickets to people of their choosing though.

  • Jeremiah Gibbons
    Jeremiah Gibbons Month ago +1

    Let's be honest Alex the Great point fought Jose even though it was a win on the main card. He didn't really engage to make it competitive. Honestly I would have gave it to franky to.

  • Yathartha Shrestha
    Yathartha Shrestha Month ago +8

    Win 1 fight, not fight for more than a year, gets title shot.
    Whilst, guy on 17 fight win streak , beats Aldo who beat Edgar twice , is overlooked.
    Ali must have Dana nude pics lol 😂

    • 2 GuD
      2 GuD 29 days ago

      Yo Dawg Edgar is coming off of a win

    • Yo Dawg
      Yo Dawg 29 days ago +1

      End of the day if you're willing to fight, Dana will give you the opportunity. Both him and Max are coming off a loss, Edgar took that fight when he was supposed to fight max at ufc 222!

    • andytt14
      andytt14 Month ago +1

      Yathartha Shrestha haha it’s a joke isn’t it

    • 2 GuD
      2 GuD Month ago +1

      Yathartha Shrestha stfu this is a fight that needs to happen given the fact that max has never fought Frankie, a vet, one of the best fighters ever. He’s a deserving vet

    • Watch My 666
      Watch My 666 Month ago +1


  • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic


    • LiliS
      LiliS Month ago

      Im so stoked he s back!!

  • floww88
    floww88 Month ago +4

    Frankie to much volume to much pressure the take downs frankie will be champ again legend

  • Kal- El
    Kal- El Month ago +15

    Frankie better win this otherwise it'll just be a waste of a contender in Alex. No matter the result, the winner has to face Volkanoski.

    • Dan Farmer
      Dan Farmer 28 days ago

      Volkanovski is fighting for it next anyway this year. So whats the problem in him fighting Frankie in the mean time if he’s ready.

    • Dalton R
      Dalton R Month ago +1

      It wouldn't be a waste. Volkanovski probably would've taken the fight in July but I honestly doubt he'd be close to fighting at his full potential with the quick turnaround. Even if he didn't take that much damage in the Aldo fight, back to back training camps and weight cuts would probably take a lot out of him. So it could be a blessing in disguise to take some time off to recover and if Max gets past Frankie that would just build up momentum for that Volkanovski fight later this year. And if Frankie wins then I'm not mad at him vs Volkanovski either.

  • riccikinny2k10
    riccikinny2k10 Month ago +11

    Weird thumbnail