• Published on Oct 29, 2017
  • Top 11 professions that will earn your $100K a year! Let's find out who makes $300K+ on average and what kind of education you need to make that kind of salary. Top-11 jobs with the highest number of job openings (video) -
    Start your way to your dream profession by mastering a foreign language and getting experience abroad -
    This is the Glassdoor article that I've used -

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  • Austin Brodeur
    Austin Brodeur 21 hour ago

    Save yourself the time, Scrap all of these jobs and get into Sales, you will be infinitely happier and make SIGNIFICANTLY more money.
    You're welcome

  • Engr. Ihtisham Khan
    Engr. Ihtisham Khan 23 hours ago

    I am mechanical engineer and i earn

  • Humayoun in USA
    Humayoun in USA 3 days ago

    hEY LINGUA, can yu make a video to show, how to get a good job for engineers, complete detail

  • Judia's Life
    Judia's Life 3 days ago

    Great infos, thanks!

  • random goy
    random goy 11 days ago

    Liked the video because of doctor

  • Moc Sam
    Moc Sam 12 days ago

    Psychhic can make over $10 000 a day with 0 degrees!

  • Nick Staples Jr
    Nick Staples Jr 16 days ago +1

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  • Google Poodle
    Google Poodle 19 days ago

    Все чушь. Разницы между 50к и 500к буквально нет ...надо делать минимум 20 лимонов после такс чтоб почувствовать какую-то разницу..чтобы хотябы арендовать маленький самолёт. Все эти папы с миллионами домами и крутыми тачками живут от зарплаты до зарплаты, вся эта статистика на типичного дурака..типа иди заплати нам 100к за обучение и станешь ты сказачно богатым..враньё все

  • Jack.K
    Jack.K 21 day ago

    Im shocked that Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree isnt on the list.. chip architect vlsi fpga vhdl rt embeded.. all the hardware section
    Job openings is not a less important factor than annual income, need to be considered

  • knowledge & Internment

    miss my Name is Amit Kumar
    from India I so very poor please help me

  • akshay patel
    akshay patel 23 days ago

    What about Dentists? They make up to 350K.

    UNQUANGL7 Q 24 days ago +1

    Nurse Anesthetists make way more than PA's.

  • tt n
    tt n 24 days ago

    But good luck finding a job if you’re a pharmacist now

  • vasem Mohammad
    vasem Mohammad 27 days ago

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  • Karen Mimbir
    Karen Mimbir 28 days ago

    5:00 Marina: You shouldn't be like Oh my god Application Managers earn XXX so let me work as an Application Managers.
    Me: You ruined my moment 😂😂😂😂😭 I was thinking about doing it.

  • sam chu
    sam chu Month ago

    $112k/yr. is far below market range for an enterprise IT architect. It's only about midpoint even for a principal architect. Enterprise architect midpoint is around 150k. That's 2019 market though.

  • Bleidart :3
    Bleidart :3 Month ago

    What about physiotherapist and dental technologist?

  • Noah abrahamsen
    Noah abrahamsen Month ago +34

    Being Mr.Beast’s friend is the most highest paid job

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar Month ago

    You help me

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar Month ago


  • Levi Hess
    Levi Hess Month ago


  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago

    How are about architects? Do architects earn rise avarage to USA salary?

  • The Buzz Inc
    The Buzz Inc Month ago

    What about sales

  • Tafiqul Rabbi
    Tafiqul Rabbi Month ago

    How's Mechanical Engineering? I mean job openings and all the stuffs

    YT-CASEBOI Month ago

    My dads a lawyer and a business man

  • shekhar Rajput
    shekhar Rajput Month ago

    My interest 9421212320

  • HASSAN kamrani
    HASSAN kamrani Month ago

    I want job

  • Shubhash chand sharma

    Hi Madam u r looking beautiful
    Pls make a vedio on Dairy Industry Salaries

  • ALI Okee
    ALI Okee Month ago +1

    I don't have work. Help me

  • Bill Somen
    Bill Somen Month ago

    Just guest how long it takes you to become a radiologist...
    And what amount of money you may spend to achieve that goal...

    AKHILESWARI VS Month ago


  • You gotta stay relaxed

    I only clicked on this video because this girl is ravishing..

  • Ars M
    Ars M Month ago

    Специально набрал на английском поисковик, чтоб узнать взгляды американцев ,с их слов, на жизнь в США и тут вы Мариночка)))

  • Ben Ben Ben
    Ben Ben Ben Month ago

    Talking about degrees and money like you are Communist and have a own land

  • Ben Ben Ben
    Ben Ben Ben Month ago

    My father has high school diploma and he has a Car dealer and construction company he make more than a million $ a year and he doesn’t pay tax to legally. 😂 mostly doctors pay half of their income to IRS

  • Joshthreetimes
    Joshthreetimes Month ago +17


  • Joshthreetimes
    Joshthreetimes Month ago

    I have a dream to be a Architect

  • axa3547
    axa3547 2 months ago

    Civil engineering is nowhere to be found , we used to be at the top once
    Sad contractors have ruined everything for civil engineering filed

    • axa3547
      axa3547 Month ago +1

      Александр see architects are like fashion designer now , the famous you are the better your pay sometimes you earn more than surgeon or you open a company
      Architects are better suited for girls cuz they are easily hired in consulting firms
      Since offcourse you would like to see a design of a house from a girl not a man and that’s how the world is really but nobody will really say cuz they lack spine

    • Alexander
      Alexander Month ago

      Hello, How are about architects? Do architects in demand in USA? Do they difficult find job? Thank you in advance)

  • Adil Shah
    Adil Shah 2 months ago

    I need a job I'm from Pakistan

  • Ashis Naral
    Ashis Naral 2 months ago

    At the beginning, I thought this video was for deaf people, looking at this girl's gestures.

  • Adrian Bottom
    Adrian Bottom 2 months ago +1

    Ummm this should be highest paying jobs without college degree tbh

  • ricky zamora
    ricky zamora 2 months ago

    What’s if your not that smart?...

  • Sheriff Hoyt
    Sheriff Hoyt 2 months ago

    these are hard jobs lol I only have a high school diploma and it looks like the Oil Field or working in a California Prison is in my future. they both make 100k + a year

    • James Cole
      James Cole Month ago

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  • Arbaz Rao
    Arbaz Rao 2 months ago

    What is the scope of IT?
    Please serious Guide me 😢😢😢😢😢😥

  • Fisk Thense
    Fisk Thense 2 months ago

    You’re an idiot none of these except maybe physician are the real top ten

  • VinsPortfolio
    VinsPortfolio 2 months ago

    I was wondering why there’s no architects

  • Nickelboys 23
    Nickelboys 23 2 months ago

    Farmer make more a week

  • Prashanth Prashanth
    Prashanth Prashanth 2 months ago

    Just sell ur kidneys

  • Steple
    Steple 2 months ago

    Why isn’t airline pilot here?

  • Ali Usa
    Ali Usa 2 months ago

    sorry you are ignorant !! tai lopez made 50k per day in digital marketing and ecomerce you didnt mention this dude you have to be a self employed why should work for some one ? bad quality content even in 2019 !!!

  • Bazara Aisha
    Bazara Aisha 2 months ago

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  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 2 months ago +7

    You guys forget thats doctors have to pay malpractice insurance. Overhead, student loans, etc. Doctors are not rich.
    You look at salaries online and think that's what they make but in reality their salary is different. Become a doctor because you want to help people not because you want to make bank. Some doctors have to even fight with insurance companies because they think they're not well compensated. You'll be disappointed if you go into medicine for the money.

    • ajxna is stoopid
      ajxna is stoopid 22 days ago

      I wanted to be a neurosurgeon when I grow up since they make lots of money but after hearing that you’re right you shouldn’t go in the medical field for money

    • Youngbull LC
      Youngbull LC 2 months ago +1

      Yh I agree wit u. People should go into real estate if they wanna make a lot of money

  • Google Will Know
    Google Will Know 2 months ago

    I feel clickbaited

  • Alric Aung
    Alric Aung 2 months ago

    My sister is cardiologist , finished structural degree and she earn 700,000 plus bonus per year in her 4th year. Her senior cardiologist earn 1.5 million

  • Nimra Sheikh
    Nimra Sheikh 2 months ago

    Can anybody tell me, what's the salary of clinical psychologist in USA...???

    SUNIT DESALE 2 months ago

    My father is a business man in USA . His annual income is about $15lakh.
    I have studied in usa

    BUDHABHUSHAN MATE 2 months ago

    you miss 1 job thats adult bussiness

  • Edwin S
    Edwin S 2 months ago

    Sales engineer? Although its not for everyone they can make up to a few hundred thousand in just a few weeks

  • toni mulyana
    toni mulyana 2 months ago


  • zeeeboi
    zeeeboi 2 months ago

    Data scientist & actuaries earn more than some on the list