Customizing Phone Cases

  • Published on Jan 10, 2020
  • Hey! Today I'm going to be customizing 3 different iphone cases. I'm painting on phone cases with acrylic paint, using some different styles and techniques including abstract design and semi-realism. Hope you like rainbows, cute animals (or demon animals), fruit and desserts!
    It's been a trend recently to paint directly on the iphone, but I think I'm going to stick with the cases for now 😂
    I really want to learn more about how to customize different items and how to make painted surfaces more practical for everyday use. So if any of you have any knowledge of what kind of techniques or products I can use to prep different painting surfaces, please let me know!
    Also, if you guys really love any of the phone case designs, I could work on getting the design printed on actual phone cases to put in my shop! Answer in the poll in the corner of the video if that's something you are interested in 😃

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  • Rola Bou Hamdan
    Rola Bou Hamdan 8 hours ago

    I like the cartoony one we’re a bunch of animals and fruits are squished

  • WolvesMobile
    WolvesMobile 8 hours ago

    Me: Why are you teaching during my entertainment video?
    **WolvesMobile gets suspended**
    1 like = 1 better roast

  • Honey Demon
    Honey Demon 8 hours ago

    I like macacake

  • 333_soraya_333
    333_soraya_333 8 hours ago

    Pls make mac a cake (icecakaron) on ur baking series!!!!!!

  • kaydi h
    kaydi h 8 hours ago

    Can you please print out the phone cases and sell them in your shop? I really love them!!!

  • Holly Kallemyn
    Holly Kallemyn 8 hours ago

    I love your blog and posts

  • Katelyn la Patate
    Katelyn la Patate 8 hours ago

    Im sad that i can't have pickle because i live in QUÉBEC 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Squish it 4 ever
    Squish it 4 ever 9 hours ago

    The second one!! I would wear it 😍

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi 9 hours ago

    Moriah: let’s just simplify it Me: cringes due to fractions

  • Lolo Lo
    Lolo Lo 9 hours ago

    I like the fruit/ animal the best

  • Mery Brown
    Mery Brown 9 hours ago

    I missed you too

  • bklynstarfish
    bklynstarfish 9 hours ago

    Moriah: tell me which one you would choose to go on your phone
    Me: MOM!
    Me: I am buying three phones . NOW

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi 9 hours ago

      me watching: SHES A LEFTY!! starts to paint with left hand

  • •ItZ•Øaklie• PlayZ•

    I would put the cake one on my phone

  • SuperGirlyVulpix
    SuperGirlyVulpix 9 hours ago +1

    I just found this channel today....idk how I found it....but I'm glad I did😂👍🏼

  • Adelaide Shearer
    Adelaide Shearer 9 hours ago

    I love them all!

  • We Are All Fritz
    We Are All Fritz 9 hours ago

    I can attest to the fact that hard plastic will work better because I have a hard plastic phone case and I'm always accidentally painting it, and I can never get the paint off

  • Tessa Prieto
    Tessa Prieto 10 hours ago

    Abstract I love

  • Bubble gum Gacha
    Bubble gum Gacha 10 hours ago

    I dare u to make a macacake like for real

  • Leco Witcher
    Leco Witcher 10 hours ago

    I what you to make it

  • Amber Detmer
    Amber Detmer 10 hours ago


  • Katerina Nunez
    Katerina Nunez 10 hours ago

    i like the 3rd one the best but they are all cool

  • Sanskriti S
    Sanskriti S 10 hours ago

    Most people paint clear phones cases, not bare phones :)

  • Lilith amazepants
    Lilith amazepants 11 hours ago

    totally the abstract case tho

  • Julie Shantz
    Julie Shantz 11 hours ago

    i like the carton one and the cake one!!! but i have a iPhone 11

  • Create Your Life LLC
    Create Your Life LLC 11 hours ago +1

    11:45 make macacake!
    also, i definitely would put those on my phone!!

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith 11 hours ago


  • ana walsh
    ana walsh 11 hours ago +1

    me watching: SHES A LEFTY!!
    *starts to paint with left hand*

  • Kiera Gillard
    Kiera Gillard 11 hours ago

    you should sell the phone cases as merch

  • Eva Soule
    Eva Soule 11 hours ago

    Omg I love all of the cases they are all beautiful and so creative!!!!!

  • Rebekah Seiverling
    Rebekah Seiverling 11 hours ago

    She forgot to put her initials on the second phone case

  • La Døge
    La Døge 11 hours ago +1

    No offence and nobody hate on me but I kinda don’t like the second one it looks like blobs with faces and colours please I’m just trying be nice

    DOGS_RULE 12 hours ago

    Moriah: hey everybody so today your watching a terrible artist
    Me: 😳
    Other artist: 😳
    Moriah: ????

  • duda mesas_
    duda mesas_ 12 hours ago

    The details are amazing .😍

  • Julia Gonzalez
    Julia Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    omg i love every single phone case and basically any artwork u make i wish i could do this

  • -moon-
    -moon- 12 hours ago

    i love the animal and fruits but the ice cream case is amazing

  • Rūtilė Žukauskaitė
    Rūtilė Žukauskaitė 12 hours ago

    I looooovve that phone case!!!!!

  • Sophie Stone
    Sophie Stone 13 hours ago

    I love the abstract one and would really really like it on my phone you think you could do an abstract one with Metallic paint such as rose gold , I would defo buy one .many thanks xx

  • Sisiley Castillo
    Sisiley Castillo 13 hours ago

    The food and animal one

  • Austin Moulton
    Austin Moulton 13 hours ago

    My favorite phone case is the cartoon animals

  • Zaina Shroof
    Zaina Shroof 13 hours ago

    Who thinks that moriah changed a lot

    Or is it only me

  • Niko Šimić
    Niko Šimić 15 hours ago

    yes,i would put them on my phone

  • Bursting Bubbles
    Bursting Bubbles 17 hours ago

    make them ALL

  • Wondrous wizard Of Walt Disney

    You must sell Georgie plush

  • Tegan The challenger
    Tegan The challenger 17 hours ago

    I would buy all of them

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli 13 hours ago

      Going to be straight up honest I’d have my phone case a makacake any day

  • Your Everyday Prince
    Your Everyday Prince 17 hours ago

    hold up
    hold my food
    *deep breath in* WHO THE FRICK IS THE 1% WHO DIDN'T LIKE ANY OF THEM?!

  • Esperanza Ramirez
    Esperanza Ramirez 17 hours ago

    Do u support lgtbq🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Jeremy Haio
    Jeremy Haio 17 hours ago

    Moriah: my art is horrible
    Me: ur frikin kidding me
    Like if u agree

  • A S H S O M I A
    A S H S O M I A 18 hours ago +1

    make your own art supplies and your logo can be pickles!!!! like if u agree

  • YaraTube
    YaraTube 18 hours ago

    who is the best person i the world

  • YaraTube
    YaraTube 18 hours ago

    for a OPPO f3

  • YaraTube
    YaraTube 18 hours ago +1

    i really like the cake one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would definetly put one on my phone
    could you make a cake phone case for a OPPO F3 please love you
    please see this comment

  • Abbi Fulcher
    Abbi Fulcher 18 hours ago

    do it i want to see u make a cake thing

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    olivia gross 19 hours ago

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    Crafting Path 19 hours ago

    Please print out the cartoon phone case!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lovis Nilsson 19 hours ago

    We want MORE PAINT prOn

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    You should paint a outfit on a Barbie doll!

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    Fergal McFries 20 hours ago

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    Puppy girl Starfire 20 hours ago

    Please make samsung phone cases

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    poopoo olo 20 hours ago

    Just wanted you to know how much I love your vligs