YUNGBLUD - original me ft. dan reynolds of imagine dragons (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
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    Director: Jordan Bahat
    Production Company: Tool of North America
    Executive Producer: Dan Kent
    Head of Production: Amy DeLossa
    Producer: Rose Krane
    DP: Benjamin Kitchens
    1st AC: Leonard Walsh
    2nd AC: Traiana Nescheva
    DIT: Lanlin Wong
    1st AD: Kris Manzano
    Gaffer: Rey Barrera
    BB Electric: Jerry Enright
    Key Grip: Frank Arant
    BB Grip: Jeff Journey
    Dolly Grip: Eric Jordan
    Grip: Stu Miller
    Grip: Chris Codd
    Jib Op: Chris Dowell
    Art Director: Bill Bittman
    Prop Assistant: Jeremiah Rounds
    Prop Assistant: James Hicks
    Wardrobe - Dan Reynolds: Christina Acevedo
    Wardrobe - Yungblud: Harper Slate
    Assitant: Sophia Alvarez
    Key Make-Up Artist: Lauryn Tullio
    Gang Boss: Kelly Dugin
    G&E Driver: Paul Boots
    Moho Driver: Tony Pena
    Set Medic: Jace Simmonds
    PAs: Albert Penuela, Engie Herrera, Jordan Paldi
    Directors Assistant: Sean Corbin
    Set VFX Supervisor: Robert Schober
    VFX: Ingenuity Studios
    VFX Supervisor: David Lebensfeld
    VFX Producer: Kieley Culbertson, Francesca Orrach
    Editor: Niles Howard
    Color: Matt Osbourne @ The Mill
    Color Producer: Blake Rice
    Fork Lift Legends: Glenn Lanier & Gary Poling / Main Gate Junk Yard
    Music Video Rep: Lark Creative
    Commissioner: Hanan Cher
    Label: Geffen
    Management: Locomotion

    Music video by YUNGBLUD and Dan Reynolds performing original me. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records
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    THE D GUY 13 hours ago
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  • Carl P.
    Carl P. 13 hours ago

    Woooow I love this song.
    It makes me feel powerful!!!!!

  • Brianna Lynn
    Brianna Lynn 16 hours ago

    3:28 I love dom🖤🖤🖤

  • tutoriales maickra :v
    tutoriales maickra :v 17 hours ago

    Like si estás aquí por rubiuh

  • Flud cyke
    Flud cyke 19 hours ago

    Lit brother

  • Malachai Noir
    Malachai Noir 19 hours ago

    Anyone else think that yungblud would make a great joker?

  • Victor Moore
    Victor Moore 20 hours ago


  • Cody McCaulley
    Cody McCaulley 21 hour ago

    Anyone who does a song with Yungblood always looks like there having a blast xD

  • YeetoSpagheeto
    YeetoSpagheeto 21 hour ago

    ok this really resonates with me- :’)

  • FOXY Gamer12
    FOXY Gamer12 21 hour ago

    Para ser sincero não entendi muito mas tudo bem

  • FOXY Gamer12
    FOXY Gamer12 21 hour ago

    Gostei do video

  • 70cux0 guoy
    70cux0 guoy 22 hours ago

    That's fucking amazing song
    Finally real music in 2019

  • aesthetically music
    aesthetically music 22 hours ago

    Thats when mr dan reynolds walked into my life he said

  • luciAnna
    luciAnna 22 hours ago

    Grace a Dan j’ai découvert YUNGBLUD et je m'en lasse pas! Je l'adore

  • superfifa men
    superfifa men Day ago

    It's juste ma zing

    ILIAS Day ago

    underrated !

  • Oscar Lawson
    Oscar Lawson Day ago

    Y'all are some weirdos in the comments imA just say it

  • Chris P
    Chris P Day ago

    Great song.

  • Hikari Husky
    Hikari Husky Day ago +3

    I've been screaming this song for a while now
    Anyone else?

  • Nicqui LARTIGUE
    Nicqui LARTIGUE Day ago


  • Daniel Harrington

    This music sounds objectively awful

  • Elora R
    Elora R Day ago

    He got his chain neckless off Amazon lol don't lose the key bro

  • Slymenace
    Slymenace Day ago

    Love it.

  • sami estik
    sami estik Day ago

    This song is just like me :v

  • Orthotec Torreon


  • Maria Dominguez
    Maria Dominguez Day ago +1


  • Brack Guthrie
    Brack Guthrie Day ago

    Is this Fairuza Balk's son?

  • владимир286
    владимир286 2 days ago +1

    him: im the OG loser
    me: NO ME

  • Mel Baschet
    Mel Baschet 2 days ago

    If IT actor dies, u know who put in his place

    • Mel Baschet
      Mel Baschet Day ago

      @Simmons Natalie yeah, he is very handsome, both are

    • Simmons Natalie
      Simmons Natalie Day ago

      @Mel Baschet his face does but he is a totally different person

    • Mel Baschet
      Mel Baschet Day ago +1

      @Simmons Natalie i know lol, i just think he seems like him, dont u?

    • Simmons Natalie
      Simmons Natalie Day ago

      He did that for Halloween lmao

  • Mishelle _6589
    Mishelle _6589 2 days ago

    Beautiful music 💞🎵

  • DW 001
    DW 001 2 days ago

    the joker and batman kiss and done made up 🥴

  • sakmaidikplis
    sakmaidikplis 2 days ago


  • Menthe
    Menthe 2 days ago

    i dint know why but i ship them

  • Sabrina Martins
    Sabrina Martins 2 days ago

    Amei ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • The it Girl
    The it Girl 2 days ago +1

    ok where do they get their druds send me the dealers digits i need to be as cool as u guyz plzz

  • Mike Klosterman
    Mike Klosterman 2 days ago

    id wish i was someone else if i wore lipstick n looked like vickey vallencourts transexual too

  • Mike Klosterman
    Mike Klosterman 2 days ago

    i wouldve loved to have dropped that car on it

  • Rama Joshi
    Rama Joshi 2 days ago

    I relate to this song spiritually while it attacks me with junk cars.

  • KloDi ツ
    KloDi ツ 2 days ago

    YUNGBLUD + dan reynolds = IMAGINEBLUD

  • DigitalMemz
    DigitalMemz 2 days ago

    2:37 my face when i eat something sour by accident

  • Jasmine Feaks
    Jasmine Feaks 2 days ago +3

    This duet is everything 😝🤩

  • Nuri Alya Fadhiyah Irawan


    MEMES E VIDAA 2 days ago

    Oloff - Fazendo o SteaIthy

  • Ayezza Duterte
    Ayezza Duterte 2 days ago


  • Panda
    Panda 2 days ago

    They must have been so dirty after filming this. Great song tho

  • dzung truongminh
    dzung truongminh 2 days ago

    so rocky i love it

  • Jewish Lampshades
    Jewish Lampshades 2 days ago

    Dude is dancing harder than the song..

  • Laura Fragoso
    Laura Fragoso 2 days ago +1

    This masterpiece
    I want this on the radio everyday xD

  • Poo Head
    Poo Head 2 days ago

    suggested by UMG wtf

  • Henryk Karpinski
    Henryk Karpinski 2 days ago +1

    Super utwór i symulacja komputerowa, pozdrawiamy👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • battlethebollocks Rodgers

    No thanks! Overwhelmingly overproduced

  • Ree Sun
    Ree Sun 2 days ago

    finD ich voLL scheißE abeR leidersT GEIl...

  • Jazz
    Jazz 2 days ago +1

    Why is everyone saying that emo is being “brought back”. Just because you stopped being emo years back didn’t mean others did also 😂 This is more punk than anything anyways.

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson 3 days ago

    0:41 Awful video should have ended... 1:08 definitely should have ended.. What a waste of video money.

  • Shoniece Leentoor
    Shoniece Leentoor 3 days ago


  • RitaSparita *
    RitaSparita * 3 days ago

    Dom is my spirit animal🐃

  • kevisezonuo metsieo
    kevisezonuo metsieo 3 days ago +1

    Yung blud Is gay

  • Вероника Шепелева

    BLACK лучше.

  • Tanika-Jane Imagery
    Tanika-Jane Imagery 3 days ago

    In every generation, just as all hope seems to have faded, an icon appears from the depths to lead us back to our path of a hopeful & unified humanity. Thanks Dom, you arrived right on time.

  • CookieLlamaAG94
    CookieLlamaAG94 3 days ago

    I love how their kind of competing for the spotlight, but work together