Molly Makes Crispy Smashed Potatoes | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Join Molly Baz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes crispy smashed potatoes. A condiment made up of walnuts, anchovies, garlic, and red pepper flakes is the ultimate umami bomb, which is then spooned over the crispiest-ever smashed potatoes.
    Check out the recipe here:
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    Molly Makes Cripsy Smashed Potatoes | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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  • Molly Baz
    Molly Baz Month ago +3567

    BRB, changing my IG handle to Thursty4Potates. Also please stay tuned for the end when I am the lucky recipient of Andy’s first ever compliment. Feeling blessed.

    • Michael Dwyer
      Michael Dwyer 8 days ago

      Molly McMollyson 🏆

    • Michael Dwyer
      Michael Dwyer 8 days ago

      Cynthia Chalmers : That’s What makes Molly -Molly ( that and her potty mouth)

    • nowjustanother
      nowjustanother 14 days ago

      Molly Baz I've made these twice already, and they are AWESOME!

    • Aida Montes Rodriguez
      Aida Montes Rodriguez 14 days ago

      Hi! I was wondering what is the benefit of using a whole cup of salt rather than a regular amount? Thank you :)

    • BaconLegs
      BaconLegs 21 day ago

      IDK. You said "Pop of Sweet" at the end during the taste test, and all I heard was "PAPA SWEET".

  • elftax
    elftax 3 hours ago

    Meh, there’s too much going on Jamie Oliver’s Christmas roast potatoes look better

  • ReatuKrentor
    ReatuKrentor 4 hours ago

    5:25 A Tourettes burner...

  • sublimegirl1
    sublimegirl1 11 hours ago

    I really like Molly but man i hate that she chews with her mouth open and super noisy. 😖

  • HAlC11235
    HAlC11235 16 hours ago

    What would be a good vegetarian replacement for the anchovies?

  • JAK
    JAK 18 hours ago

    I cant figure out why you insists to call mashed potatoes,for smashed potatoes? Molly clearly says mashed!

  • Paelorian
    Paelorian 19 hours ago

    I just could not watch beyond the cup of salt. OK, salt is cheap and global supply will never run out, but that's still too wasteful to me. Sprinkle salt on at the end of cooking and it won't taste any worse, but it will take only a little bit of salt to taste salty. In every bite. Especially when it's slathered in sauce like that, which could be salty, and is in pretty small pieces. I bet people wouldn't even notice the difference without the cup of salt if you salted the sauce the right amount. Plus, many people prefer to individually salt to taste at the table.

  • Hayley Ann
    Hayley Ann Day ago +1

    My heart broke when the potatoes cried at 2:52

  • Ryan Pitre
    Ryan Pitre 2 days ago +2

    Appreciated the screaming sound effect when she smashed the potates

  • TheDinosaur900
    TheDinosaur900 2 days ago

    Bon Appetit and Babish. The only two cooking channels I need.

  • xRonald1813x
    xRonald1813x 2 days ago

    5:59 is the most important part of the video.

  • Dex
    Dex 3 days ago

    I adore Miss Molly♡

  • Aayush dangol
    Aayush dangol 3 days ago


  • Shania Ebreo
    Shania Ebreo 3 days ago +1

    i’m just saying, iabsolutely love BA’s editors

  • vaishnavee senthil
    vaishnavee senthil 4 days ago

    " no mollys were harmed during this video "😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thavisay Sisamout
    Thavisay Sisamout 4 days ago

    That Walnut dressing reminds me of peanut sauce. Definitely gonna take that recipe into consideration with other Asian dishes! Looks and sounds delicious!

  • lies, all lies.
    lies, all lies. 4 days ago

    "the sour cream made itself"
    ah so thats how that happens.

  • Benjamin Feldman
    Benjamin Feldman 6 days ago


  • Richard Heinz
    Richard Heinz 6 days ago

    Smashed potatoes? Hahaha! I'd like to smash her!

  • Robin Murray
    Robin Murray 6 days ago

    Hilarious cooking video 😂!!! Molly, you are one well toasted nut!! Thanks for a dandy way to make delicious smashed potatoes! Yummmmy!

  • ThessaStybe
    ThessaStybe 7 days ago

    Damn good editors work at BA

  • Shogun
    Shogun 8 days ago +1

    Usually it's the Bon Appetit comment section that's thirsty.
    Either for Andy, Molly or Claire.

  • Oh My Gandhi
    Oh My Gandhi 9 days ago +3

    "This....Is the burner that ticks"
    "...And this....Is the burner that does not tick."

    *this being said with a totally straight face*

  • Gülce Enginol
    Gülce Enginol 10 days ago +2

    I actually made these and it was so delicious!!! Thanks Molly

  • isaac
    isaac 10 days ago

    i love molly!!!!!

  • i i
    i i 11 days ago


  • Nancy Dugas
    Nancy Dugas 11 days ago

    Molly, you are so fun to watch. Such a natural in front of the camera.

  • Anna Jacobsen
    Anna Jacobsen 12 days ago

    I made this and it was divine!

  • Brock purdin
    Brock purdin 12 days ago +15

    I went ahead and made this for dinner. Had everything at home for it but anchovies, so I used roughly the same volume of oyster sauce, and crans instead of raisins. Thank you for helping me make all of my friends make awkward sex noises from eating these!

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 12 days ago

    this looks ahhhmazing

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul 12 days ago

    Molly is so cute.

  • Galiant2010
    Galiant2010 13 days ago

    I like sandwiches. So I made one. Then I hopped on youtube to find something short and sweet to watch while eating it. I did not enjoy the sandwich because I just kept wishing I had this dish instead...

  • raziel1178
    raziel1178 13 days ago

    The "wourder" is spreading

  • Bernard Daigle
    Bernard Daigle 14 days ago +1

    Very reminiscent of pasta con le sarde with the anchovies, raisins, garlic, walnuts (instead of pine nuts).

  • Pwenko Jammy
    Pwenko Jammy 14 days ago +3

    1/3 of a cup of olive oil which is a lot...
    Gordan Ramsay: Hold my lamb sauce.

  • A V
    A V 15 days ago

    That looks AMAZING.

  • Shashank Iyer
    Shashank Iyer 15 days ago +8

    I like how Brad and Molly essentially have their own language

  • Wills Pram
    Wills Pram 15 days ago

    Molly is the best girl on this channel

  • FreedomWriter3
    FreedomWriter3 16 days ago

    We must protect Molly at all costs!

  • Luna Lugosi
    Luna Lugosi 16 days ago

    All that damn salt 👎🏾😂

  • Deerector
    Deerector 16 days ago

    As I watch Molly cook I always have an urge to just leap across the table and kiss her.

  • Jim Mapes
    Jim Mapes 16 days ago

    Are there any substitutions for the anchovies, I’m thinking about making these for a cook out and one of the guests has seafood allergies.

    • A V
      A V 15 days ago

      But anchovy isn't sea food... Or is it?

    • Anthony Donatello
      Anthony Donatello 16 days ago +1

      I'd suggest capers, they're my go-to anchovy replacement

  • Adam Sheahan
    Adam Sheahan 16 days ago

    If your idea about the salt water drawing moisture out is correct, then just about none of that salt will end up in the potatoes, just whatever’s on the surface. I’m actually curious if the difference in solute concentration is enough to pull moisture into the saltwater bath from the potato’s though. I spose one could get a reasonable answer by calculating theoretical water activity (Aw). Maybe I’ll dust off the food engineering textbook.
    My gut tells me it’s not enough salt to do much in the solute gradient department, but it would have a noticeable effect on BP.
    Either way, if it is drawing moisture out it’s an interesting application of osmotic drying!! It’s the initial processing step (with sugar, not salt) for some industrial dried fruits, but I haven’t seen it used for much else.

  • Bband
    Bband 16 days ago

    Shouldn't the plural of Molly be Mollies?

  • Thomas Matthew
    Thomas Matthew 17 days ago

    Wife material right here..

  • Goriaas
    Goriaas 17 days ago

    Got it. Use so much salt that the increased blood pressure clears out the artery-plaque left behind by the inordinate amount of grease also used in this recipe.

  • Chanelle Lockhart
    Chanelle Lockhart 17 days ago

    I would love to have an apron like Molly's!!!

  • Blue roses 54
    Blue roses 54 17 days ago

    I don’t know what is looking more like a snack. Those potatoes or Andy looking buff in this video😍

  • De Cnijf Kris
    De Cnijf Kris 17 days ago

    looks tasty. Molly should make them as appetizers too on a small piece of pâte feuilleté. serve hot. drop the lemon. potato and lemon that does not work.

  • Special Needs Werewolf

    Tie up her hands and arms!

  • Mallow07 M
    Mallow07 M 18 days ago +1

    It’s been two weeks since this got uploaded. How did I just notice it??

  • C L
    C L 18 days ago

    7:24 - drops mic to get that cool ASMR sizzle of the garlic.

  • C L
    C L 18 days ago +1

    6:00 - awww, her dog's name is Tuna. Now we need to know the backstory why she named him that. :)

  • Great Lakes Narwhal Michelle Erskine VantelPearls

    Love your cooking but could you please finish your words

  • vermillion J
    vermillion J 18 days ago

    Are the pans used in this stainless steel Calphalons?

  • TigerofGermany
    TigerofGermany 18 days ago

    Molly would look good as a girl

  • Heinz Guderian
    Heinz Guderian 18 days ago +1

    It´s a great time to invest in Aleppo.

    Well, house prices are down, might as well.

  • Moonman_OW
    Moonman_OW 19 days ago

    We love you, Molly

  • sinosleep007
    sinosleep007 19 days ago +5

    Raisins, that's what's not to love. Rest of it sounds amazing.

    • Heather Parks
      Heather Parks 10 days ago +1

      Cranberries seem like a great alternative esp paired with the walnuts. Yum

  • anuni
    anuni 19 days ago

    Molly’s so pretty

  • Monica October
    Monica October 19 days ago +1

    Last time I trusted you with the salt not sticking I had the nastiest saltiest pasta I've ever had. I think you just enjoy salt more than I do

  • Magdalena
    Magdalena 19 days ago

    "For some reason im ferociously thirsty rn"

  • Shannon
    Shannon 20 days ago

    the potatoes screaming when she smashed them had me dying

  • devon elias
    devon elias 20 days ago

    Look for all the videos Andy has a replica shirt

  • Andreas Schreiner
    Andreas Schreiner 20 days ago +1

    Daaaaamn Molly, if I weren't married and you weren't married then we both would be single. But may be could cook something together....

  • Anon
    Anon 20 days ago +44

    Ok can confirm the other 2 people filming this day were:
    Carla banana bread
    Chris chocolate chip cookie and donuts
    Andy probably prefers savory to sweet

  • Michael Doughty
    Michael Doughty 20 days ago

    2:58 "And you got smashed patates!" 😍

  • Glorimar Morales
    Glorimar Morales 20 days ago

    Loooved this recipe! Trying it this 4 of July weekend!

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 20 days ago

    Was living life just fine until 5:35 ❤❤❤❤

  • Robert Herrera
    Robert Herrera 20 days ago

    Is's she married?? Cause wow she's cute. And when she said spoke Spanish.. ugh.. so adorable! AND a dog called TUNA?!!! WHAT!!!! Woman after my own heart.

  • CarpethatLibrum
    CarpethatLibrum 20 days ago

    Hate when adults try too hard to be cute by talking like a toddler.
    always ends up sounding like Kevin from the Office.

  • slotedog
    slotedog 20 days ago

    Add More Salt!!!

  • Sudhir Kashkari
    Sudhir Kashkari 20 days ago +1

    The problem with this channel is they talk too much

  • ChungKingCanSuckIt
    ChungKingCanSuckIt 20 days ago

    Recipe says "until anchovies are disintegrated". Do they really disintegrate? I hate seafood in any shape or form.

    • catz Keet
      catz Keet 18 days ago

      Yes they do. And you can’t equate using a paste to using a filleted anchovy. Crushing intensifies tastes. Paste is a LOT stronger than cooking out a couple of fillets.

    • ChungKingCanSuckIt
      ChungKingCanSuckIt 20 days ago

      I bought anchovy paste because fish are nasty. Despite smelling like fish while cooking, I decided to try them anyway. Glad I did. Pretty tasty. I skipped the crispy step and just used a bag of steamable potatoes and added salt, pepper, and olive oil on top. I could have used a bit more olive oil. I know golden raisins absorb liquid better and are more sweet, but the supermarket near me is quite expensive, and the only thing other stores had was regular raisins.

  • MOBremember
    MOBremember 20 days ago

    Im making it! just adding bacon!

  • JO
    JO 21 day ago

    It's sooo close to being a vegetarian dish

  • Karlid Imin
    Karlid Imin 21 day ago

    Takes so much not to make a thirst comment about Andy.

  • Luana Castorina
    Luana Castorina 21 day ago +2

    I made these today and everyone absolutely loved them 😊 I did too ❤️

  • Susan O'Shea
    Susan O'Shea 21 day ago +3

    Probably can use capers to make a vegetarian version of the condiment?

  • Audrey C
    Audrey C 21 day ago

    made these minus the raisins. so effing good

  • The Dfen
    The Dfen 21 day ago +1

    I see Molly I click

  • Lisa Gray
    Lisa Gray 21 day ago +4

    Who else loves Molly's vocabulary? Her personal dictionary.

    • devon elias
      devon elias 20 days ago

      I like lov- ist so beaut like its obvi she's great , toats, ugh

  • cr angye
    cr angye 21 day ago

    Super off topic but
    Tierra whacks unemployed ❔

  • Max Marx
    Max Marx 21 day ago

    Damn that’s a bbw on 9:01 🍑🍑🍑

  • Lick Up The Magic
    Lick Up The Magic 22 days ago

    Yo Molly got that BIG new wife energy going for here

  • Set Sail
    Set Sail 22 days ago

    A lot of that salt won't get through the potato skin.

  • back rolls
    back rolls 22 days ago

    Why do you guys wear rings and not tie up your hair when you're cooking?

  • DenimAndLeather
    DenimAndLeather 22 days ago

    this dish looks heavenly

  • amirbiogene
    amirbiogene 22 days ago

    Looks delicious. :)
    Also that gorgeous olive oil is gonna be ruined at 450 degree. :(

    • Jambalaya
      Jambalaya 21 day ago

      Maybe you could try toasting the nuts first and then add the oil and let it cook for bit and at a lower temperature

  • Rex C
    Rex C 22 days ago

    Why not use less water so you dont have to waste so much salt?

  • Kryptnyt
    Kryptnyt 22 days ago

    The burner that ticks is going to kill us all one day

  • mike ikerson
    mike ikerson 22 days ago +8

    Did I just watch Brad wash his face in the background?

  • Gary Valencia
    Gary Valencia 23 days ago

    Mmmmm....walnoots and chovies....the umami of her flavor must be delush...yet not so chovy forward.

  • MrCalbber
    MrCalbber 23 days ago

    how salty is this, my god

  • droan999
    droan999 23 days ago

    Terrible way to smash, by hand between wax paper keeps an even press vs busting them up with unequal pressure using sheet tray.

  • You Must Observe Security
    You Must Observe Security 23 days ago +99

    *makes the most beautiful potato dish ever*
    *adds raisins*

    • Josephine Roe
      Josephine Roe 21 hour ago +1

      Golden raisins are pure sweetness. Raisin haters should really try to get past their childhood fear of dried fruit. They're missing out.

  • Rosaura Hernandez
    Rosaura Hernandez 23 days ago

    Those potates looked soooooo good!!

  • Scandi Snowgirl
    Scandi Snowgirl 23 days ago

    I made these and my family ANNIHILATED them. Seriously one of the best potato dishes I've ever had

  • eastportland
    eastportland 23 days ago

    That glass dish with the last bit of sauce could get a wipe with a couple slices of potato bread. Mmmmm.

  • Thomas Frankenburg
    Thomas Frankenburg 23 days ago +3

    What could you use instead of anchovies for a vegan version?