Watch back: Kurt Volker and Alexander Semyon Vindman testify at the Trump impeachment hearing

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • The House Intelligence Committee is holding an open hearing as part of the impeachment inquiry into US president Donald Trump.
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Comments • 46

  • Simon Templer
    Simon Templer Month ago

    China stands to gain the most by Trumps Impeachment. Hmmmm.

  • Digital Dental Tech
    Digital Dental Tech 2 months ago


  • Digital Dental Tech
    Digital Dental Tech 2 months ago

    youtube is not allowing comments on mobile youtube only pc???

  • Digital Dental Tech
    Digital Dental Tech 2 months ago

    schit head Schiff and the dems with their political warfare

  • DANNY73
    DANNY73 2 months ago

    At first, under questioning from Democrat counsel Daniel Goldman, Sondland agreed that "the only logical conclusion" was that aid to Ukraine was being held up until ukraine announced investigations that President Trump had requested into the 2016 elections and into Burisma, a company tied to the Bidens.
    But then Sondland said, "President Trump never told me directly that aid was conditioned" on the investigation; and that "I don't recall President Trump ever talking to me about any security assistance, *EVER.*
    *- Gordon Sondland contradicts himself 2019.*

  • Vagabond Sparrow
    Vagabond Sparrow 2 months ago

    This hearing made the Democrats look even more pathetic and they did already 🤣

  • Nicholas Rourke
    Nicholas Rourke 2 months ago

    Huh this page is bias and let's ppl comment on trump anything but they turn the commenting off for the royal pedophile. Sky news enabling pedos since 2019

  • Vincent Thomas
    Vincent Thomas 2 months ago


  • Strongest Current in the Hebrew Seas

    Ok, now I can REALLY see the 71% of UNEDUCATED Trump voters.

  • Arslan Manzoor
    Arslan Manzoor 2 months ago

    Iwn they are 20 they are beast singers iwn Beyonce is not best but I love her thn I love her song otherwise I will never able to hear music any more

  • Max lynette
    Max lynette 2 months ago

    Sky News, how is CNN, everyone who watches Sky News, do your own research, look to see who owns Sky News, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

    • Vagabond Sparrow
      Vagabond Sparrow 2 months ago

      Max lynette this is an unedited 8 hour video of the hearing? How has your comment got anything to do with this? And frankly I’d trust sky news sooner than the BBC (Bias Broadcasting Corporation)

  • manny dos santos
    manny dos santos 2 months ago

    Vindman is lying. Anyone can see that.

  • ed keary
    ed keary 2 months ago +2

    here in the UK sky bbc and all the other msm are saying it,s a disaster for the president, they are so biased . Not one of these witnesses have any proof of wrong doing it,s all someone said this or somebody told me total WITCH HUNT.Get your facts right sky

  • miopera40
    miopera40 2 months ago +3

    How pursuing Biden and son corruption is improper when those guys were caught in a coupe to take down an elected president before and after 2016 elections?
    Trump honestly should get a medal for having the balls to push to investigate deep State figures who regularly walk free time after time, crime after crime while filling their pockets with foreign interests money.
    Again what's is wrong or improper with investigating deep state figures involved in the take down of an elected president? It ain't like these guys are a regular folk unaware of what's going on, these are deep but very deep staters opposition candidates and a vice president directly involved in crafting several coupes involving Ukraine to take down an elected president.
    I mean that might be improper from the deep state view for sure but not from most Americans

  • daniel marson
    daniel marson 2 months ago

    Williams lawyer advised her to not answer questions related to what the vice president classed as confidential? But she will answer the questions in secret? Well now isnt that very convenient...
    Vindmans concern about Ukraine losing bipartisan support.. was he concerned when most of Ukraine's government supported Hillary? And he had no clue or any idea about anything involving the Bidens.. Wow that's very convenient. Hes not concerned at all with Biden and his son? Riiiiiiiight, well I guess that Vindman is legit and not partisan at all.. not at all whatsoever hahahaha.

  • sulaiman saleh
    sulaiman saleh 2 months ago +2

    vindman body language shows he did not tell 100% truth

  • Andrian & Adryan
    Andrian & Adryan 2 months ago

    With so much of Americas focus on this, I hope it isn’t all an elaborate ploy by an enemy to distract them from something else. In saying that, if America is meant to be the most powerful country on Earth, how is it even possible that someone like Trump can slide in and whiteant the whitehouse for his own benefit like he’s done? Bit scary... which brings me back to my first point. Now it makes sense! Hehehee...

  • Margarida Attam
    Margarida Attam 2 months ago +6

    The comments are narly, don't scroll down!!
    Why is this 🔵vs🔴 ??
    This should be about justice! He sold out his own coutry for his own interest, mean while claming *Fake news* so... stop trying to divide the American people!!!

    • Tony Stark
      Tony Stark 2 months ago +1

      Margarida Attam Your Fake News

  • Forlornguild
    Forlornguild 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, why are the cameras stuck on the witnesses through both opening statements? The fake news involved with subtle "witness intimidation" scheme? Sky news is as fake as it gets... just another part of the corrupt media machine.

  • Forlornguild
    Forlornguild 2 months ago +1

    Why didn't they show Schiff while he read that story they made up? Lying the whole time. This is getting sick, Schiff and others must have a whole lot to hide if they're acting this desperately.

  • Collin Daugherty
    Collin Daugherty 2 months ago

    Shift is a traitor ...liar...coward snake ...enemy of the American people...

  • that wasn't.chicken
    that wasn't.chicken 2 months ago +7

    lol..40K views and 20 comments.....that says it all!!....It's over and they know it!!....MAGA!

    • Richard Turner
      Richard Turner 2 months ago

      Ha ha ha. The thot is fed up with this nonsense so much, she watched and commented.
      That's why women aren't equal.

    • MsBlondeYo
      MsBlondeYo 2 months ago +1

      No, it means everyone's sick of watching this clown and how retarded US politics are. Sky News is a British channel and Europeans don't jizz themselves over US politics.

  • Reily sichony
    Reily sichony 2 months ago +2

    Where is Hunter?

    • Robert Brown
      Robert Brown 2 months ago

      Was he part of the trump corruption?

  • Daphne Brogdon
    Daphne Brogdon 2 months ago +3

    Nevins is so annoying

  • Debbie
    Debbie 2 months ago +4

    trump was elected to clean our swamp

  • Debbie
    Debbie 2 months ago +2

    The only bribery we heard was out of Joe Biden's mouth not President Trump

  • ihave35cents
    ihave35cents 2 months ago +4

    Day 3 of the democratic flop where Adam Schiff and Vindman got caught lying

    • ihave35cents
      ihave35cents 2 months ago +1

      @Robert Brown we don't know the whistle blower.they got busted

    • Robert Brown
      Robert Brown 2 months ago

      What were the lies?

  • Michael Glynn
    Michael Glynn 2 months ago +4

    Shiff is full of it - daddy must have been very rich!

      BRIAN STOCKERT 2 months ago

      better than that George Sorros is his brother in-law. that's the truth

    • ihave35cents
      ihave35cents 2 months ago

      This is a guy that becomes more liberal assets Hollywood district becomes more liberal but he voted for the last 2 wars.. he's a taxpayer dependent

  • BS1
    BS1 2 months ago +2

    this is the DONALD..U can't impeachely me.. Yes I did this was good Great Best call to the Ukraine...Im the Winner...I can do What ever I like a king...Those Democrats r. ..not trumpers...I want dirt on Biden to KEEP winning.. So the Republicans will protect me no matter what... and I still owe Don Johnson the money for the boat advertisement and I don't care cuz I'm the Trump........ most of the people I have working in that white house are either quitting or going to jail or in trouble but not me I'm the Donald who wants nothing..but all of it...

    • BS1
      BS1 Month ago

      @Mummy Vencatasu
      Sorry I don't speak Whie Nationalist
      Or Neo Con Troll....

    • Mummy Vencatasu
      Mummy Vencatasu Month ago


  • Matthew R. Terry
    Matthew R. Terry 2 months ago +2

    Tim Morrison is 7 ft 1 and that's all I can think about...

  • X
    X 2 months ago +1

    Where's the chat? People were just starting to make friends...on both sides! Lol.