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  • clare bud
    clare bud 8 days ago

    i will have no problem with the whole no smile part here's why 1 my face is a natural monotone face meaning my face slacked of emotion so i have a bunch of people asking me what's wrong and i'm like nothing his is my natural face and 2 it thames something really funny to make me laugh. so i should be good

  • scott
    scott 14 days ago

    You're lucky to get a good looking Russian girl.. does she teach you to speak russian? You should do a top 10 things to do and not do while in Russia like St Petersgburgh.. if you did already.. post a link.. thanks :) or maybe she can do a video since she is russian!

  • Shawnee Lovingier
    Shawnee Lovingier 26 days ago

    Idk why this popped up in my feed, but I love this couple!
    And the girl is So Sweet & Beautiful!

  • Kummon Yeomso
    Kummon Yeomso Month ago

    Korean girls dress casually ?

  • Macky1101
    Macky1101 Month ago

    Sasha is very pretty. I would "love you long time". The Korean dude is a little bit immature and is trying a bit too hard to be some one he is not. You have a great girl. Don't screw it up.

  • E A
    E A Month ago

    Sasha is a golddigger

  • AnxiousDreamer's
    AnxiousDreamer's Month ago

    Найди нормального мужика.


    You cute lil fuckers

  • Paul Darren
    Paul Darren Month ago

    what happens if you are alone and think of something funny and start laughing out loud??

  • Philosophy BA
    Philosophy BA 2 months ago

    They hate ugly crazy people with warts.

  • Андрей Белоусов

    Митценнгендлер уже не тот.

  • Robert Grey
    Robert Grey 2 months ago +1

    I hope Russians have better manners than you do. Your girl friend is nice but you aren't.

    • MM V
      MM V 2 months ago

      Agreed. Actually I was shocked of his manners. (I'm russian). I do believe his GF could made a better choice.

  • sinielapti
    sinielapti 2 months ago

    The guy is too arrogant and looks stupid. And those nostrils...

  • dimzay
    dimzay 2 months ago

    he's asian, he's weird, he probably eats dogs for god's sake LOL don't kiss him, you better feel yourself right without him. LOL

  • dimzay
    dimzay 2 months ago

    na zdoroviye means you're welcome when somebody is serving or selling you some food.

  • Настоящий мужык груша

    Вы ведь тоже палите волосы про себя? Я не один такой?

  • iflovessonice
    iflovessonice 4 months ago

    so are Russian ppl children of EASU AKA EDOM?

  • Lilly Wonderrs
    Lilly Wonderrs 4 months ago

    Naz dorovie means your welcome

  • Lilly Wonderrs
    Lilly Wonderrs 4 months ago

    This is offensive to be honest

  • Tatyana Linsky
    Tatyana Linsky 4 months ago

    Na zdorovie ( to your health) usually used instead of “your welcome.”

  • Anna Hey
    Anna Hey 5 months ago

    I am totally relating to Sasha!!! Haha I’m russia

  • Yulia Kolechkina
    Yulia Kolechkina 5 months ago

    I'm russian and I never dress up like at all. literally I'm wearing a t shirt and leggings rn.

  • Юлия Наконечная

    aww you two are so sweet :3

  • Lillynn Nicole
    Lillynn Nicole 5 months ago

    My boyfriend is Russian...........

  • Teemo
    Teemo 5 months ago

    This is a lie, them wearing skirts in the winter...Russians load themselves with clothes in winter, they just do it a more stylish way,well, just a few still wear skirts and high heels in winter :)

  • Margaritla Razpopova
    Margaritla Razpopova 5 months ago

    the first one yeah...i do it... what im Russian

  • Ana Parada
    Ana Parada 5 months ago

    No need to cussing and you both are horrible and not cool and the young woman is stupid for being around this secular vulgar young man she is an ugly woman...good hair cut but that's about it

    • MM V
      MM V 2 months ago

      He's vulgar. He shows no class and manners. He doesn't respect his gf. I have no idea why does she stay with this trash, I just hope she will find some self-respect to get rid off of this babuine

  • Alisha Lee
    Alisha Lee 5 months ago

    Don't trust them!!

  • Wayne Leo
    Wayne Leo 6 months ago

    you guys....不要这样撒狗粮好不好。。。

  • Gryfferingirl Ilona T
    Gryfferingirl Ilona T 6 months ago

    Na zdarovia means thanks In Russian (btw I can speak Russian) (and I smile a lot xD)

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 7 months ago

    ha ha na zdrovie means TO YOUR HEALTH it does mean cheers but only in Hollywood.

  • Dana Paserk
    Dana Paserk 7 months ago +1

    Some people wonder why "people" don't "like" Russia. Why are Native Americans in the reservations? Answer: territory, land, natural resources, slaves. Native Americans were minding their business when they became "disliked", and "because of that" their
    land and natural resources taken away from them. Russia is a huge piece of money which can be played out of the Russian hands into the hands of people who"dislike" them. It's a form of attack on land and natural resources duh. Why would other countries like Russia? It's huge, it's rich, it's sovereign. Other countries want more land, more natural resources, more power, more slave labor. How can someone so big and rich expect smaller and weaker or greedier countries to like it? Kinda weird.

  • Dana Paserk
    Dana Paserk 7 months ago

    He does not respect you. He is very mocking and weird. Obviously, HIS culture is MOST superior. Make a video why Koreans are weird, what?!

  • votchert
    votchert 7 months ago

    We don't do this posidim na dorozhku thing! :)))

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis 7 months ago

    boy is drunk.

  • Nicholas Granat
    Nicholas Granat 7 months ago

    You two have something good!

  • Jambalaya
    Jambalaya 7 months ago

    Nobody tells "Na zdorovie", when drinks. We use phrase "Tvoyo/Vashe zdorovie". "Na zdorovie" like "bless you"

  • yuriilev
    yuriilev 7 months ago

    Очень смешно, Юстин! 😆🤣

  • Jael Jade
    Jael Jade 7 months ago

    You guys are cute :)

  • stan ianbuhtin
    stan ianbuhtin 7 months ago

    Such a nice and pretty girl with such a pathetic clown. What a shame!

  • Alex Ks
    Alex Ks 8 months ago

    There're TONS of synonyms for "CHEERS" in Russian, some of them: "Za tebya" (a toast to you) when people say it to each other. Also regular "cheknemsya" (meaning to clink glasses and then drink).

  • Gregory Kadonsky
    Gregory Kadonsky 8 months ago

    not true

  • Alex Curtis
    Alex Curtis 8 months ago

    I'm Russian and I see this shit

  • Shernah Ricketts
    Shernah Ricketts 8 months ago

    Two perfect couple

  • mr. cube
    mr. cube 8 months ago

    hey it's me, the russian who was born and raised in america

  • sideswipe147
    sideswipe147 8 months ago

    this was awesome and amusing.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 months ago

    chum drum dun drum bedrum

  • Click Mintaka
    Click Mintaka 8 months ago

    Hi. I have Question Please. If some friend invite me his/ her home and ask me to drink wine, If I refuse then what will happen? Because I have not drink or smoke in my life........
    Tell me please.....

  • tatiana filin
    tatiana filin 9 months ago

    All Russian kids have "indoor clothes" or "home clothes" and then they have "outside clothes". When you get home, you change out of the clothes you wear in public, because no matter how much money you have, you should always treat your possessions as though they will disappear tomorrow. Plastic on the books, plastic on the couches.

  • Lily Holt
    Lily Holt 9 months ago

    2:22 I personally have ADHD, and many sensory issues, so I can't function well in clothes if they're uncomfortable. I can't make the choice to not be distracted by, say, a shirt that's too tight in one area. High heels... well... I'm sorry, I just would rather not wear heals because of stability. (It sounds strange, but I'm not the best at walking in general.)
    I like to wear comfortable clothes in the winter (and humid months especially) because where we are, we don't really try to be well dressed, as a community we tend to overlook other's clothes. It sounds sad, but we don't actively try to look good. We try to find a balance between functional and comfortable and everyone over here in the US has a different approach; which most don't see as a negative, it paves the way for originality. (That's not always the best thing, but overlook that fact for now.) On the plus side, as a whole we're not terribly judgmental of how other's dress, so long as everything is covered appropriately.
    Mostly, I just want feel comfortable in my own skin whenever and wherever I am. I make an attempt to not down-dress too much unless I'm having 'one of those days' where textures (different fabrics, jewelry), asymmetry, too tight, too baggy, -I just do my best to accommodate myself.
    In turn, hearing that Russian women always get dressed up to go places makes me a bit confused, because frequently in my area (and America in general) we run to the store for less than half an hour to come right back home and relax, I can't see myself getting extensively ready for a trip to the grocery store. I suppose in Russia where it's customary, if I were to visit, I would follow suit, but as a way to show respect. I don't think I would adopt this part of the culture.

  • Sarkazm
    Sarkazm 9 months ago

    Link the vlog blyat I cant click on phone

  • Cell Membrain
    Cell Membrain 9 months ago

    Remember that Russians are oversensitive to the emotional background

  • Orchidcorolla
    Orchidcorolla 9 months ago

    Is he ok?

  • D J Koenig
    D J Koenig 10 months ago

    My explaination (excuse) for yoga pants etc...: Americans are too tired to "dress up".

  • Helen Keller 2.0
    Helen Keller 2.0 10 months ago

    I would fit right in in Russia.. I hate smiling back at ppl but if I don’t I feel like an asshole after so I’ll give the slightest smerk hoping it was enough 😂

    • casus belli
      casus belli 10 months ago

      White Out
      "The place is best of all where we haven’t been at all", do you remember?

    • Helen Keller 2.0
      Helen Keller 2.0 10 months ago +1

      casus belli I would love that.. Russian men are so sexy😍

    • casus belli
      casus belli 10 months ago

      So go to an airport, buy the ticket, get to the plane, leave for our good ol' country of grim and DespAaaair...
      шутка =)

  • arrghgarry
    arrghgarry 10 months ago

    how do irritating twats get some many viewers ,can you do a video on that please

  • Zilith Basham
    Zilith Basham 10 months ago

    I wouldn't be able to live there. I smile at almost everyone! :D

  • simonthegentlesoul1
    simonthegentlesoul1 10 months ago

    Wow, I like your film...so really yourselves and at times funny and even silly. I had laughed at the comments about trusting people who smile or not trusting people who do not smile. Complicated world, is it ?

  • Achiba Kichu
    Achiba Kichu 10 months ago

    She is beauty.....

    SpiteDISCOVERY 11 months ago

    You're very funny.

  • GoddessOfDeath
    GoddessOfDeath 11 months ago

    My step sisters dog is named Turbo XD and he is white too XD and small just another bread

  • Flying Azimut
    Flying Azimut 11 months ago

    That girl is not Russian во первых вы видели её поведение эм и вы видели человека в Россий который так себя ведёт и мне смешно слушать как они говорят про нас . Да они этого в интернете начитались а 10 день поминки это тоже странно ? Господи да они глупые подумайте ребят как мы себя ведём и о чем они говорят! А смешно? Есть некоторые из этих традиций но просто смено а девушка она простая заказная ахюлш простите меня но господи это смешно!

  • dare mcck09877
    dare mcck09877 11 months ago

    Is she a Russian bride

  • Sylvia Bellie
    Sylvia Bellie 11 months ago

    Russians usually dress up to go somewhere, even if they were going to McDonald’s. It’s just their thing :)

  • Joanna Tester
    Joanna Tester 11 months ago

    Cutest couple on YT!!!

  • Le Courvoisier
    Le Courvoisier Year ago

    Interesting... Beautiful girl :)

  • horshu00
    horshu00 Year ago

    Nice video... I could tell she was Russian b4 she spoke.... and I LOVE Russian ladies... which is why I married one. (Take notes from them, Western ladies-- practically EVERY Western man goes for them).
    Ya, I'm American, and I lived there for many happy and interesting years. I'd say everything he mentioned in the video is right on, lots of traditions and superstitions, except in my circles of friends we didn't observe moments of silence b4 leaving.

  • DeChapa
    DeChapa Year ago

    to all those who still think smiling is fake....you are sad and boring, cold people. you are stupid and unhappy persons. Smiling is an exercise, is a therapy, is a great thing to wear in your face! Smiling is not fake, because you say so....ignorant in life, that is why Russians are seen as violent, unhappy and above all....cold !!!!! Dress up,....it might make you forget about something marvelous in life and that is FREE: smiling from your heart!

  • Ann Onymous
    Ann Onymous Year ago

    You guys are great and SHE is RIGHT.

  • vern wallen
    vern wallen Year ago

    I'll ber that gal could SUCK A BIG-UN! LOL

  • Elijah Lark
    Elijah Lark Year ago +1

    Stupid yellow monkey i hope i bump into your ass on the streets of Moscow so i can show you exactly how weird Russians are

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago

    Wow man, the jump cuts are waaaayy out of control, at least at the beginning. Anyway, cool video. The girl seems like a really cool chick she had me chuckling.

  • RhythmAddictedState

    I'm French and Russian, and in Russia I've never heard of the eye-contact-during-cheers thing. We never do that. The first time I've ever heard about this was in France. I found that a bit weird.

  • AzeRTy Block
    AzeRTy Block Year ago

    Omfg a half is not true. Its just stereotypes

  • Diony Neira
    Diony Neira Year ago

    I don't know why is that girl a shorty

  • Diony Neira
    Diony Neira Year ago

    And you are too short a very ignorant fool

  • Diony Neira
    Diony Neira Year ago +2

    You think that America is the best....No.. Russia has a great culture. They are sirius and very educated... A loved the pretty girl... But you are ignorant Chinese fool

  • Owl Obi
    Owl Obi Year ago

    Посадим на дорожку)

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 Year ago

    if you walk around in any asian country and smile at strangers, normal people will think you are a fool and criminals will think you are easy prey.

  • Dry English Salim

    I'm actually living in Russia right now and i believe some of your ideas are false...

  • vril thisc
    vril thisc Year ago

    Lol ....I really like your Vid it was funny 👍🌴

  • DwarkinAV
    DwarkinAV Year ago

    Damn, how to unsee this nostrils! So weird

  • Alfred Collins
    Alfred Collins Year ago

    Like...? Like the cute Russian girl with the sultry voice.

  • Dale E
    Dale E Year ago

    Sasha... This Americanski thinks you are adorable...
    Don't change anything about yourself...
    Justin on the other hand is a blithering , immature idiot !
    You are way to generous allowing him within 1000 miles of your proximity....

  • Atomic Gringo
    Atomic Gringo Year ago

    She's hot.

  • Sean Molloy
    Sean Molloy Year ago +8

    women acting feminine, how refreshing.

  • happy
    happy Year ago

    the first one is sooo true. whenever my grandpa got a knife tattooed on himself everyone thought it was horrible and that he was going to die. well he actually did end up dying pretty young, which is interesting. edit: actually all of these are pretty true, usually these type of videos get everything wrong but this is accurate

  • glorialucia
    glorialucia Year ago

    I KNOWWWWWWWW, (SHORT STORY TIME), once during my 24 hour lay over in Moscow, I went to the nike store to buy a swimsuit "because thats the only place I could get one in the dead of winter", and I smiled at the sales associate looked at me like I was off the wall... and the same thing happened when I went to a pharmacy to buy medicine for my poor travel companion who had the flu.. I smiled and said "spasivo", and the cashier DIDNT SAY ANYTHING and looked at me funny... WHATS WITH THE NOT SMILING RUSSIA????? live a little LOL.

  • Eveleena
    Eveleena Year ago

    we are just about the same in Poland, we say na zdrowie, smile only at people we know....we dont sit down before traveling, but thats kind of cool. ps. u guys look so cute together ;-)

  • katy or kat
    katy or kat Year ago

    Kak dela

  • katy or kat
    katy or kat Year ago

    i am russian

  • Victoria Golbert
    Victoria Golbert Year ago

    I am Russian and I never laughed SO HARD in my life! true af! LOL.

  • BlondestBrunette
    BlondestBrunette Year ago

    If you show something on yoirself that leans into negative directuon then you have to rub it off yourself. If you say something that you dont want to happen then spit three times to the left and knock three times on somwthi g hard like a table or a wall. Just russian things lol.

  • maggie
    maggie Year ago

    I feel strange now😂

  • Alexandre Rodrigues
    Alexandre Rodrigues Year ago +14

    not to be rude but you embarrassed her many times. regardless the culture. people are not "weird". but different. and we can say it in a nice and respectful way

  • byteman21
    byteman21 Year ago

    "How You Feel Yourself Right"...Love it!

  • Tabitha Newman
    Tabitha Newman Year ago

    Hmm?? We smile in Russia for when you walk past someone along sidewalk. It makes you feel happier

  • Mohd Balushi
    Mohd Balushi Year ago +9

    this men is very bad this girl deserve good men

  • Ddjdjd Edjjd
    Ddjdjd Edjjd Year ago +2

    Russian girl abd Asian dude...disgusting