Judges Have No Idea What They've Been Served | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • Undercooked french toast?!
    #HellsKitchen #GordonRamsay
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.
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Comments • 1 543

  • Shea Williams
    Shea Williams 5 hours ago

    Who knew my grandmama's grits and sausage could've be a gourmet dish 💁🏾‍♀️

  • Gordon Uclp
    Gordon Uclp 9 hours ago

    is that tara reid

  • MickMaan
    MickMaan 14 hours ago

    Vegetarian poached egg...
    Does not compute!

  • Andy Holcroft
    Andy Holcroft 14 hours ago

    Gordan was banging Kristin

  • David Dylan
    David Dylan 15 hours ago

    Jackie looks like she's never had any bing bang. Disgusting troll.

  • King kai
    King kai 22 hours ago

    3:04 its like they heard what she said

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris Day ago +1

    Jackie talks so much crap but she's actually full of crap

  • Sami Hamady
    Sami Hamady Day ago

    Looks at Jackie*
    Sniff* Sniff*
    I smell bitch

  • Tom Varrette
    Tom Varrette Day ago

    It's a Magic Mushroom cap stuffed with Pink kush , and then coated with MDMA reduction. served along side a crepe

    • Mtdmpls
      Mtdmpls 13 hours ago +1

      Is that drugs food?

  • Ogvic 13
    Ogvic 13 Day ago

    Jackie talking hella shit and then 💩💩💩💩

  • W R Butler
    W R Butler Day ago

    Fluffy egg, good bite wonderful......2 stars
    Perfectly presented and cooked.......2 stars
    *gets served something attainable from Taco Bell*.......3 stars
    Where did they pick up that clown to judge??

  • JOnTHeMOnSoon
    JOnTHeMOnSoon Day ago

    I'm sorry, but ALL of these chefs are not very good.
    I bet this was a good season.. 🙄

  • Gato Leon
    Gato Leon Day ago

    Mexican food takes it home

  • AR M
    AR M Day ago

    they trying so hard to add in extra profanity


    Go team blue
    Fuck you red mostly Jackie

  • Unicorn Tacos
    Unicorn Tacos 2 days ago

    “c’mon chAd...like...wUt thuh fUck.”

  • Thelivinggun1
    Thelivinggun1 3 days ago

    Bro wtf is that black shirt guy’s problem he loves a dish and gives it two stars but for the sake of fucking the red team his standards take a nosedive and suddenly he’s the easiest 3 star ever

  • Christina Puii
    Christina Puii 3 days ago +2

    This guy who wears black chef coat is a confused man.
    Good- *
    Very good- **
    Like wth!!

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 4 days ago

    i believe You Have my Stapler.

  • Eva_Lan Studio
    Eva_Lan Studio 5 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like a prolapsed anus.

  • Stephano
    Stephano 5 days ago

    Finally, We found a chef Pickier than Gordon

  • Stephano
    Stephano 5 days ago +28

    Judge with the Black Jacket: That’s the best Dish yet, there’s nothing wrong with it
    Gordon: * * *
    White Jacket Woman: * * *
    Black Jacket Dude: *

  • Acharaz Varun
    Acharaz Varun 6 days ago

    Jackie's think her dish was absolutely spot on. Ohh hun, chad always used to score

  • XenoSteeZ Games
    XenoSteeZ Games 6 days ago

    Karma kicked in for Jackie LOL shouldn’t act like tough shit with a child’s dish LOL

  • Treesap Studios
    Treesap Studios 6 days ago

    Calm your tits. You got an 8.

  • J H
    J H 7 days ago

    The stumpy lesbian is a garbage chef.

  • Yasin Ghanchi
    Yasin Ghanchi 7 days ago

    I swear this Amanda bitch always does bad in every master chef this season vid I see

  • taufiq suraman
    taufiq suraman 8 days ago

    for me the woman who said about her team is somewhat useless or what... in the end her even more hhahahaa she deserve it...

  • Eric Le
    Eric Le 8 days ago

    Jackie is annoying.

  • Betrayal
    Betrayal 8 days ago

    You can tell Jackie's a virgin.

  • Bitch Say, What?
    Bitch Say, What? 9 days ago

    Who the tf is the guy with black shirt? So critical for someone who's unknown giving out 2 stars fuc* that guy I hate people like that, says one plate is good gives out 2 stars but than critisizes the last plate and gives out 3 starts... wtf smfh

  • Austin Mohamedali
    Austin Mohamedali 9 days ago +1

    Guy on the left in the black coat must’ve had something up his ass before he came in to judge

  • Kobra Guerra
    Kobra Guerra 9 days ago

    it looks like a hernia on a plate

  • Durable Ninja
    Durable Ninja 11 days ago

    _"Not Enough _*_Bang Bang"_*

  • φιλιππος φερρετ

    2.05 cringe lord

  • etlvn
    etlvn 13 days ago

    stupid ass Jackie hypocrite

  • Alien Octopus
    Alien Octopus 13 days ago


  • Armando Flores
    Armando Flores 13 days ago

    Jackie talks a lot of shit, but she's the worst out of all of them. Lol

  • Deliciousn't
    Deliciousn't 13 days ago +3

    80% Trash Talking
    20% Fake Clapping

  • Nada Lina
    Nada Lina 13 days ago

    What does Jackie means by "not enough bing bang"???

  • Nada Lina
    Nada Lina 13 days ago

    Can anyone one be kind enough to give me a link to see all the show's episodes?

  • Allan RV
    Allan RV 13 days ago

    Bloods vs Crips

  • Jul Chrysologus Go
    Jul Chrysologus Go 13 days ago

    Jackie: "chad, what the fooooook?
    Also Jackie: 😬🤐

    THE ACOUSTIC CAGE 15 days ago +1

    Can they NEVER just make a normal dish that people eat on ANY routine basis?
    It always has to be some weird pretentious hoity-toity dish.

    • IJ Surname
      IJ Surname 13 days ago

      That's what people go out to eat for in places like Ramsey's restaurants; for stuff they can't or don't make at home or eat every day.
      It's supposed to be an experience and far from ordinary.

  • madi poseyx
    madi poseyx 16 days ago

    3:25 to 3:28
    The white people face lmao

  • Trusten T
    Trusten T 16 days ago

    2:01 it sounds like he's a wizard and one of his helpers walked in

  • The4Musketeers
    The4Musketeers 16 days ago

    frank reminds me of a mini ronny from jersey shore lol

  • Nasdaily tv
    Nasdaily tv 16 days ago

    This is magic!!

  • Emman Dar
    Emman Dar 17 days ago

    She talks shit about chad then fucks up her self LMFAOOAOA

  • Leska uwu
    Leska uwu 17 days ago

    *This is magic*

  • Blookz
    Blookz 17 days ago

    Hahah jackie little fuxking cunt, thats what you get for talking before getting judged dumbass

  • De Sync
    De Sync 18 days ago

    That judge is a dickhead lol

  • Coca Clorox
    Coca Clorox 18 days ago


  • Benjamin Scott
    Benjamin Scott 18 days ago

    Proof that anything “Vegetarian” is garbage

  • Dakota Kemp
    Dakota Kemp 18 days ago

    That last dished looked, and sounded like fire right off the bat.

  • Epic_ Donut2.5
    Epic_ Donut2.5 18 days ago +1

    That's what I'm talking about, that's my boy!

  • None Yourbiddness
    None Yourbiddness 18 days ago

    👀 side eye on point!

  • Ryan Molyneux
    Ryan Molyneux 19 days ago

    Jackie looks like a Italian grandmother that does crack

  • Frosty
    Frosty 19 days ago +1

    I think the chef with the glasses didn’t know he had 3 star+ cards earlier in the round and when he did
    He just used it to be different

  • Frosty
    Frosty 19 days ago

    Like Cmon Jackie? What the fuck is the matter? Not enough sleep? On your? * whistles down there*

  • rainnEXE
    rainnEXE 19 days ago

    I love how when the kids cook food it’s better

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim 19 days ago

    Cooking show logic:
    people that talks a lot of smack, fails miserably at the end.

  • Bob England
    Bob England 20 days ago

    the one with the biggest mouth who slates the others food ends up creating the worst dish, fitting really.

  • Shadow Renegade
    Shadow Renegade 20 days ago

    Why would you serve a vegan dish for a competition?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 20 days ago

    1:34 he looks like mexican tom holland

  • Touch my willy
    Touch my willy 20 days ago

    Yeah come the fuck on chad

  • Kab Loom
    Kab Loom 20 days ago

    I can’t convince myself that this isn’t scripted. Their attitude is like elementary kids fighting.

  • Clarisse 1319
    Clarisse 1319 20 days ago

    After watching master chef professionals brasil , this food from hells kitchen looks so bad , its even sad to look at

  • TheMastergabe
    TheMastergabe 20 days ago

    Did the bald guy at the end say challah or holla?

  • Astrid A
    Astrid A 20 days ago

    Jackie is always talking shit but yet she can’t deliver