Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X 100D & P100D - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE AND BRAKE TEST

  • Published on Jun 23, 2018
    It’s our first all-electric drag race and we’ve crossed the Atlantic to make sure we’ve found the best possible competition for you! Representing the UK we have the Jaguar I-Pace the firm's first all-electric SUV offering, the I-Pace, whilst we have two competitors from America - the Tesla Model X 100D and the P100D.
    Why both? Well, the 100D is close on price and power to the Jaguar I-Pace, but why not have the most powerful Model X there too for comparison? So that's what we did!
    We’ve put these electric SUVs to the test across three challenges - a drag race, rolling race and brake test, but which do you think will come out on top? Let’s race!
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Comments • 2 217

  • Brown dog Named Bruno
    Brown dog Named Bruno 32 minutes ago

    100d had a delayed start. Redo your mistakes carwow. This channel sucks ass.

  • Дмитрий Хомутов

    stupid braking test, driver's response is not taken into account

  • Charles Green
    Charles Green 19 hours ago

    🚙💛 #TeslaP100D 💛

    Ws DOGGIE Day ago +1

    -Mom we got 11 seconds until the traffic light turns red.
    -don't worry Timmy, we are in Tesla p100d

  • Jacopo Coladonato

    Tesla win ever

  • Luke ALLEN
    Luke ALLEN 2 days ago +1

    I am shooketh how the actual f is the p100d like 23.6x faster than the 100d 🤨

  • Andrew Landes
    Andrew Landes 2 days ago +1


  • Ishaq Ibrahim
    Ishaq Ibrahim 2 days ago


  • Riemer Jellema
    Riemer Jellema 3 days ago

    Which one has the best range🤔

    • Alexz
      Alexz 2 days ago

      The Tesla P100D has 345 miles EPA range . The Jaguar only 234...

  • Espen Falkeid
    Espen Falkeid 3 days ago

    Did i turn my sound off?

  • BigBad John
    BigBad John 3 days ago +1

    Great video. But I don't trust Jaguars and trust even less their current owners, Tata Motors.

  • GLR
    GLR 4 days ago

    The Teslas are so ugly, no aesthetics

    MIKE WAZOWSKI 4 days ago +1

    The lack of noise is disturbing

  • Crew Paul
    Crew Paul 5 days ago

    Does the Tesla have the same amount of people in as the jaguar because it looks like you've got a whole camera crew in there...

  • jamesdewer
    jamesdewer 6 days ago

    Great video . Tesla=insane. Tesla are all over the place here in SF. You're lucky to have enough juice to make 100miles in hot weather. If you get one get also a Toyota to drive to Tahoe.

  • Joshua Engering
    Joshua Engering 6 days ago

    The ipace isn't really comparable to the model X, I realise it's the closest thing at the moment but something more comparable will be the Tesla model Y. They will be much closer in size and weight. The fact the X done so well being so much bigger and heavier is a testament to the X in my opinion

  • will i amnot
    will i amnot 6 days ago

    English wankers
    Trying to compare junky jag to a Tesla

  • Whatsthisbuttondo?
    Whatsthisbuttondo? 7 days ago +1

    The jag is an overall better car and deal. Interior in the Tesla's ate just abismal for a 80 k car yet alone 130k

    • Rurushu
      Rurushu 3 days ago +1

      jag doesn't have a large and fast charging network, so you can't go anywhere.
      jag doesn't have autopilot.
      jag doesn't do OTA software update to improve and add new features while you sleep
      jag has buttons and knobs all over the place, and that's dumb.
      jag has less range and inefficient battery
      jag cannot make batteries so they can't produce a lot of EVs
      jag is british so that's inferior to american silicon valley engineering
      jag doesn't have elon musk that has an excellent track record of driving innovation

      Overall should probably not even compare to Model X. Compare with Model Y.

  • Adrian Anzano
    Adrian Anzano 7 days ago

    that 100D had a VERY late reaction

  • TadiwaPlays 11
    TadiwaPlays 11 7 days ago +2

    Before I watch this,I already know the Tesla’s are gonna butcher the jaguar

  • sirus312
    sirus312 9 days ago

    tesla can't stop winning

  • Cynda l
    Cynda l 10 days ago

    I like tesla but man, that model X is so ugly..

  • Dorian M
    Dorian M 11 days ago

    Tesla an OVNI in the world of the electric car O_o

  • Generał Maczek
    Generał Maczek 13 days ago


  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 15 days ago +1

    Carwow pls race the Tesla with slip start

  • sai deep tiwari
    sai deep tiwari 16 days ago

    Is carwow available in all Asian countries

  • This 1s Nick
    This 1s Nick 19 days ago +1

    “Autoshow” u might learn a lot from this video!!

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 19 days ago

    The scielence is scary

  • Omar Shashaa
    Omar Shashaa 21 day ago +1

    Oh no the ipace beats the 100d all tesla fanboys will have some sleepless nights over this.

  • Omar Shashaa
    Omar Shashaa 21 day ago +2

    Correction a friend has just bagged a brand new p100d x for 98k.

  • Dan Gaskin
    Dan Gaskin 27 days ago

    Looks like bruntingthorpe airfield, am I right?

  • Shalom 5.0
    Shalom 5.0 29 days ago

    RS 7 vs tesla

    • Alexz
      Alexz 2 days ago

      Tesla wins :

  • Sander Schipmolder
    Sander Schipmolder Month ago

    Are we at a point where we race teslas against teslas come on guys

  • Archita
    Archita Month ago +2

    My model x performance is the best

  • iliabashel
    iliabashel Month ago

    i would still take jag no matter how hyped tesla cars are since it looks more beautiful, i mean its like worst looking jag but compared to electric car styling it still looks best

  • softminimal1
    softminimal1 Month ago +3

    The dude in the 100D was so slow off the mark.

  • Glory
    Glory Month ago

    Yeah, but it's a JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG : )

  • Evan Pasenau
    Evan Pasenau Month ago

    The breaking test is so close that it probably came down to the drivers reaction time

  • Js Fu
    Js Fu Month ago


  • Cumbersome
    Cumbersome Month ago +2

    Why don't you ever do the tests more than once. The 100d clearly had some reaction time issues off the line

  • Hamilcar Stronginthearm

    To drag race a Tesla P-anything, you really need a hypercar or a heavily modified, probably boarder-line street-legal dragster.

  • mavhungu vincent
    mavhungu vincent Month ago

    Tesla cars are too identical amd ugly. Wont even age well.

  • GTX 2200
    GTX 2200 Month ago


  • Kram Lam
    Kram Lam Month ago

    1:54 gay

  • Eoin Duffin
    Eoin Duffin 2 months ago

    You get no thrill whatsoever when driving an electric; so boring that the Mercedes sls amg electric drive can play engine sounds through the speakers so you don’t fall asleep while driving 😂

  • Porscheguy Ou
    Porscheguy Ou 2 months ago

    The engine sound is SOOO exciting

  • mike Jones
    mike Jones 2 months ago

    if this is what the world is coming to, it'll be the end of drag racing for me

  • Ved Nimavat
    Ved Nimavat 2 months ago +24

    The model Y performance will win against the jag.

    • Harry archer
      Harry archer Month ago

      Ved Nimavat it won’t be in England for along time the model 3 isn’t in the uk yet

  • Seby S
    Seby S 2 months ago +4

    Race starts at 1:18 your welcome for saving a minute of your existence

  • christian Hauser
    christian Hauser 2 months ago +1

    The Jag is a Price of shit

  • Atif Hussain
    Atif Hussain 2 months ago +1


  • 5min videos
    5min videos 2 months ago

    This is utter bs all the cars are much faster in real world Conditions what is even the point of this race if anything the jaguar is the best as it costs twice as less than the other cars.

    • Alexz
      Alexz Month ago +1

      Twice the price ??? A Tesla S100D is bigger than the Jag and costs 88.500 €...

  • nelson2020
    nelson2020 2 months ago

    too much video angle changes and picture of the host by these Carwow crew! ruins the experience

  • Dean Burton
    Dean Burton 2 months ago

    Does the i pace drive like an xe??

  • John Vennell
    John Vennell 2 months ago

    Jag Yeah!

  • Nigel Weir
    Nigel Weir 2 months ago +2

    Jag smaller car with crap battery range , no charging infrastructure

    • william cattermoul
      william cattermoul 10 days ago

      Chris Sadd are you stupid? Of course it will have less cargo space and less mileage! The jaguar costs 80 THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS THAN THE TESLA

    • Chris Sadd
      Chris Sadd 10 days ago

      +william cattermoul $80k is a lot of money for less cargo space and half the tech and half the mileage.

    • william cattermoul
      william cattermoul 10 days ago

      Chris Sadd the jaguar is nowhere near the same price as the tesla. In fact the tesla is almost double the price of the jaguar

    • Chris Sadd
      Chris Sadd 2 months ago +1

      Yet around the same price

  • Nigel Weir
    Nigel Weir 2 months ago +7

    Misleading , jag starts at that price but likely 80000

  • Plato Socrates
    Plato Socrates 2 months ago +3

    In the end, a Jaguar would cost much more than a Model X 100D or P100D because you need to buy two Jaguars (one for driving and the other is in the garage!) :))

  • Ibrahem Gravi
    Ibrahem Gravi 2 months ago +2

    You have a camera crew at the back in your Tesla that's not fair

  • Joe McCaffery
    Joe McCaffery 2 months ago

    All that cash for a car not worth a tenth of that money to make, we’re in sad days indeed.

  • Stig qwe
    Stig qwe 3 months ago

    How to make a drag race look dull?
    Race electric cars!

  • Pete Childs
    Pete Childs 3 months ago +1

    Not really fair on the Jag is it really because he's got two people in the back of the Jag and nobody is in the back of the other two

  • Betzjen
    Betzjen 3 months ago +2

    Bad start of the 100D driver. Why don't you do three runs to get a fair comparison?

  • Abdellatif Belhadj
    Abdellatif Belhadj 3 months ago

    It was a peace race

  • ant l
    ant l 3 months ago +2

    That was very unscientific...

  • 3 months ago

    I test drove the I-Pace for 1 day and straight away bought one. Same night sold all my shares in Tesla too. Made a video about the whole thing. Posted yesterday. Grab a drink and enjoy some footage from Gold Coast Australia.

  • Math M
    Math M 3 months ago

    Jag all the way

  • Moses VII
    Moses VII 3 months ago +57

    The blue Tesla was so slow to start off the line in that first race. Driver was asleep or just us terrible reaction time. When your cars start that fast, waiting a second off the line kills you.

  • kuriakose jim
    kuriakose jim 3 months ago

    S p100d will smoke all these cars

  • R X
    R X 3 months ago

    Shouldn’t it be competing against the model s?

  • Rub3n
    Rub3n 3 months ago

    I love quiet drag races

  • Dirk Bloemen
    Dirk Bloemen 3 months ago

    Was the Jaguar in dynamic mode?

  • 7Fields19 African-Pro-Verbs

    What do you this about GM building a Super SUV for the Corvette Brand. For more, see my take on the Corvette ZR1 X Cross:

  • Mel Scardaoni
    Mel Scardaoni 3 months ago

    But you’ve got a cameraman in your backseat🙀🇨🇦

  • Quotes with feelings
    Quotes with feelings 3 months ago

    But I dont understand the differences

  • Rambler Andy
    Rambler Andy 3 months ago

    First up, I like Teslas. I love the mission that Tesla is on. To rid the World of petrol and diesel cars as soon as possible. That said, I really like the Jaguar too. Yes, it is limited in range, due to it not being as efficient as most EVs, and compared to almost any Tesla, but as a first electric car from a traditional manufacturer it is really good. It does everything well, and even has very good off-road performance. Shame it doesn't have access to the Supercharger network, but at least it has Rapid CCS. It only has 7kW home charging, but that still should be fine for most. Even has over the air updates. It's a good alternative and makes me look forward to the new XJ Saloon with real hope of a second good BEV from Jaguar.

  • Frank John
    Frank John 4 months ago

    I love me that I Pace. It's the most desirable car ever.

  • Nyezaire Mclean
    Nyezaire Mclean 4 months ago

    his car was not off the line first the p100d was off the line first liar

  • JPR
    JPR 4 months ago +4

    Test drive a Model X P100D it is like no other driving experience.

  • Austin Green
    Austin Green 4 months ago

    A base I-Pace for the price of a Base Model X is a 13k difference with the I pace cheaper. The I pace has a quicker 0-60 too...and better panel gaps and build quality coming from a car brand that has been making cars. This is a serious TESLA competitor and for the price it might be better than Tesla

  • Shabba Ukelele
    Shabba Ukelele 4 months ago

    Thumb down for the "I destroyed the 100D" comment... P100D destroyed you two 😉

  • TheLambo2
    TheLambo2 4 months ago +2

    Next year the Tesla top model will be the p125 kw model
    Cant wait

    • Ws DOGGIE
      Ws DOGGIE Day ago

      Actually the roadster with P200T

  • Benjamin D
    Benjamin D 4 months ago +2

    Jag looks much better...speed is not everything

  • Sam Davinchi
    Sam Davinchi 4 months ago

    Jaguar has got more numbers on the paper. Cos they lie

  • Bro Bigo
    Bro Bigo 4 months ago

    1 2 3 “ sssssssssssssssss “ W I N Tesla W I N

  • i'm kingマン
    i'm kingマン 4 months ago

    wow…nice Tesla!

  • Pete James
    Pete James 4 months ago

    BS, iPace was off the line way earlier than 100D. It wouldn't have a chance in fair race. iPace is also much smaller, should be compared to model 3, not model x

  • Kid Rain
    Kid Rain 4 months ago +1

    i think your test of the i-pace is trash, you had two camera guys during the 50+MPH test in the I-pace thats over 350+lb added WTF type of test is that, looking at other correct test on youtube shows a ton better results than yours why not do a proper test .. and to be clear i still like Tesla better with all the super charger network .. but for the price i may have to check out the Jag.

  • Aswath
    Aswath 4 months ago +2

    Tesla is the new kid on the block, rather. It is a great achievement that they could outpace Jaguar, an established player.

    • Bumba Clat
      Bumba Clat 2 months ago

      Aswath Jaguar is also new to the electric car game with their first ever electric car, Tesla’s had like a 6 year head start 😂

  • Tesla Plug
    Tesla Plug 4 months ago

    That Jaguar is just ugly as hell!

  • PK Jagyouare
    PK Jagyouare 4 months ago

    Good to see the Jaguar DNA is still there! Tesla looks more focused on the tech than the drive?

  • Cole Hamer
    Cole Hamer 5 months ago

    The I-Pace didn’t win shit it’s a British made piece of crap. That braking test was so unscientific that it made me wanna cry when he actually took it seriously. Make a better video u dumb fuck.

  • Devon Gee
    Devon Gee 5 months ago

    So funny just to hear them whooshing across the track

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie 5 months ago +2

    The most boring drag race ever.

  • Morad N
    Morad N 5 months ago

    Good videos. How about the human errors?

  • Will Lectar
    Will Lectar 5 months ago

    Races at actual drag strips are gonna become so much more classy as all vehicles become electric 😂

  • birken master
    birken master 5 months ago

    slow electric cars against chiron

  • CSR 2 Jr
    CSR 2 Jr 5 months ago

    Why were all the cars so slow 😂😂

  • Gavin Schoonbee
    Gavin Schoonbee 5 months ago

    Man please get a drone for the breaktests. That would be awesome. Or get some of the drone clubs involved for some air time on your awesome channel please.