Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X 100D & P100D - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE AND BRAKE TEST

  • Published on Jun 23, 2018
    It’s our first all-electric drag race and we’ve crossed the Atlantic to make sure we’ve found the best possible competition for you! Representing the UK we have the Jaguar I-Pace the firm's first all-electric SUV offering, the I-Pace, whilst we have two competitors from America - the Tesla Model X 100D and the P100D.
    Why both? Well, the 100D is close on price and power to the Jaguar I-Pace, but why not have the most powerful Model X there too for comparison? So that's what we did!
    We’ve put these electric SUVs to the test across three challenges - a drag race, rolling race and brake test, but which do you think will come out on top? Let’s race!
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Comments • 2 056

  • Infidel American
    Infidel American 6 days ago

    I bet the electric jag leaks as much oil as its fossil ancestors.

  • condom broke
    condom broke 6 days ago

    I like how the jaguar destroyed the modle x in their commercial
    Gagah fucking jaguar. Shit car
    Tesla ftw

  • Asher Lopez Sioson
    Asher Lopez Sioson 6 days ago

    What's the differences between 100d and p100d???? Leave a comment if you know

  • Jacy Bongo
    Jacy Bongo 7 days ago

    Please do an M5 generations

  • RDrennan
    RDrennan 7 days ago

    In the end the braking came down to which car was longer

  • Yana Vasileva
    Yana Vasileva 7 days ago

    I love tesla now

  • Adarsh Ms
    Adarsh Ms 7 days ago

    Jag is beast😎

  • Lee K
    Lee K 9 days ago

    Jump start much?

  • Dinosaur Juice
    Dinosaur Juice 9 days ago

    Love the I-Pace.

  • prabjhooti
    prabjhooti 10 days ago

    Long live Tesla !!! Yeaaaah

  • Gage Elliott
    Gage Elliott 11 days ago

    Jeep track hawk vs Lamborghini urus

  • Saptarshi Choudhury
    Saptarshi Choudhury 13 days ago

    SUV are being compared here I guess? Then why not off road tests? Lets see which electric SUV is best at its true job!

  • Thomas Kurzer
    Thomas Kurzer 15 days ago

    The "Enjoy the Silence" Race!

  • PN H
    PN H 17 days ago

    Between the cars that compete directly for buyers, the iPace won the drag race. The P100D is in an entirely different price category. The brakes I would call a draw. The rolling was clearly for Tesla.

  • Samar Singh SAMYAL
    Samar Singh SAMYAL 17 days ago

    Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar won

  • Hot Stock Girl
    Hot Stock Girl 18 days ago

    I test drove the I-Pace. It is super fast off the line but the batteries are probably from 2014. They take forever to recharge so it really can't compete with the Tesla's.

  • Tinashe Chikomwe
    Tinashe Chikomwe 19 days ago

    No matter how fast Tesla is,will never buy it.Its too fake

  • Yellow Shoe
    Yellow Shoe 20 days ago

    Why there's no Volvo in your drags?

  • Haider Ishtiaq
    Haider Ishtiaq 20 days ago

    The jaguar is simply better being cheaper and still better then its rival Tesla

  • sakimano
    sakimano 21 day ago

    So the 5 seater hatchback Jag is *slightly* quicker than the 7 seater 5500 lb model X 100d. No shock there. Tesla also has a 5 seater hatchback. It's called a model S, and every version will obliterate that Jag.
    P. S. You should also come clean on state of charge for these electric cars in these tests. Pertinent information because they're quicker when fully charged. Noticed the P100D only had about 75% battery.

  • Wail Faridi
    Wail Faridi 21 day ago

    Why are electric cars ugly? I mean why does the power train has to affect the design, making it look "futuristic" isn't great, it's not a concept it's something I'm gonna drive everyday

  • TheDark Knut
    TheDark Knut 21 day ago

    Tesla! 😍😍

  • Paul Pecanka
    Paul Pecanka 21 day ago

    I still don’t have money for them

  • Kylian Van Hoorn
    Kylian Van Hoorn 22 days ago +1

    Tesla sucks

  • mwangi gicheru
    mwangi gicheru 22 days ago

    A drag race between 3 oversized RC cars.. a bit boring

  • Mordon2
    Mordon2 22 days ago

    Lol in the jaguar commercial it beat the 100d but if you put a performance Tesla in there, it’s done

  • beastie _38
    beastie _38 22 days ago

    I don't get y you don't say any specs
    Also the jag has a 90 kwh battery and the 100d has a 100 kwh battery so y don't u do a 90d vs the jag that I want to see

  • Rahul Gahlawat
    Rahul Gahlawat 22 days ago

    I pace isnt bad for money

  • Mr Guest
    Mr Guest 22 days ago


  • Harmeet Singh Madan
    Harmeet Singh Madan 22 days ago

    Ipace is the best and the most practical of all. Look at their range

  • Daniyal Jamali
    Daniyal Jamali 22 days ago

    The Ipace is less than half the price of the 100D and killed it

  • Dzulfikar Lazuardi M.
    Dzulfikar Lazuardi M. 22 days ago

    How about tesla vs tesla only, i think it would be interesting

  • 3v4761
    3v4761 22 days ago

    Tesla will always be the original...quietest drag race ever

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 23 days ago

    drag race start @ 1:17

  • Thirumal R
    Thirumal R 23 days ago

    Elon musk baby

  • Sam
    Sam 23 days ago

    The I-pace is so fucking ugly omg

  • Goddess of the oak Gods Peace

    Never buy a car from these cunts

  • Steve Ruiz
    Steve Ruiz 23 days ago

    Tesla 👍🏼

  • Dustin
    Dustin 24 days ago

    I think the driver in the 100D is hot dogging it.

  • Luke Holland
    Luke Holland 25 days ago +1

    That 100D is pretty shit (value wise)

    • Luke Holland
      Luke Holland 23 days ago


    • diar saleh
      diar saleh 23 days ago +1

      also nice profile pic

    • diar saleh
      diar saleh 23 days ago

      he said the jaguar starts from 63000£ but he didn't say the actual price

  • Assir Lærer
    Assir Lærer 26 days ago

    My thoughts: Nice clip! 🙌 All three of them are awesome cars compared to a traditional combustion car ... Difficult to USE all the horsepowers without getting a huge fine or prison time, so it doesn’t really matter.. The average person can’t afford this type of cars .. so please do a test with less expensive electric cars 🙏

  • Zaynoun Sunna'a
    Zaynoun Sunna'a 28 days ago

    I would get the jag .. the cheapest .. and I would be driving a jaguar!

  • spdzodzo
    spdzodzo Month ago

    props for using proper units (a.k.a. kilos) to measure weight, big thumbs up!

  • himanshu
    himanshu Month ago

    i can hear my blood flowing while watching this video

  • Alexz
    Alexz Month ago

    EPA range are now available : 234 miles for the IPace, and 295 miles for the X100D.
    Even the X75D, bigger and heavier than the IPace, does 238 miles...

  • pangrac1
    pangrac1 Month ago

    Not bad for the beginners in the autoindustry :)

  • eddie pan
    eddie pan Month ago

    Jaguar will sell if drop another $10k in price

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago +1

    Breaking test is IRELEVANT when done by humans and humans reactions. The brake test would be true ONLY IF a computer would have brake all 3 car simultaneusly. Rubish video.

  • Pat B
    Pat B Month ago

    P110 D twice as much money, so not that much better performance. Tesla however has a charging network and Jaguar doesn't. Early days though and imagine future generations of EV Jags along with MB, BMW, Volvo, Audi and others! Will be some amazing vehicles coming for sure.

  • Death Gun
    Death Gun Month ago

    P100D is a great car

  • Mike McDaniels
    Mike McDaniels Month ago

    You knew when to put on your brake, because you were counting. This gave you an advantage which showed up in the test.

  • Dookey Smiles
    Dookey Smiles Month ago

    The I pace is cheaper and can off-road quite well so it’s a definite competitor in the electric market.

  • Aussie Rick
    Aussie Rick Month ago

    Watched this twice...the 100D took off noticeably after the other two in the drag. Evidenced in the rolling start where it pulled ahead, where it should have performed worse.

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey Month ago

    May be faster which battery lasts longest.

  • scottkellyfa711
    scottkellyfa711 Month ago

    As a Tesla owner, two thoughts: 1) I'm delighted to see that Jaaaaag appears to be very serious about the I-Pace, and 2) there's now a legitimate option for those who can't quite go for the Tesla design language (beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that) or who want a cheaper option than the MX. Well done Jag.

  • A P Developments
    A P Developments Month ago

    Jaguar. NA! You can keep it. Built in Britain. Means it will break down. Why would you buy a car with only half the power. That’s like buying a half full can of baked beans. I’d buy the tesla 100x then you get a full can of baked beans. Oh and the jag can’t drive itself.

  • billie dharmajaya
    billie dharmajaya Month ago

    there must be new Mercedes benz eq c and e tron

  • accord03
    accord03 Month ago

    You still owe me a 10 second car XD

  • seamorgh21
    seamorgh21 Month ago

    Electric cars are for low T soy boys.

  • Terrence Brown
    Terrence Brown Month ago


  • Chandan Jaiswal
    Chandan Jaiswal Month ago

    Tesla has brought a revolution in EVs market. So cheaper, so stunning, best perfoming competing with super expensive cars like jaguar lambo etc etc... It's beyond amazing and wonderful.
    Soon a new technology is going to be introduced by tesla which will reduce the charging time to qurter as compared to present 75 mins in full charge of modelx.

  • alessandro chiquetto

    Quero um, qualquer um dos três

  • Prince Tripathi
    Prince Tripathi Month ago

    Jaguar I pace also has off road capabilities

  • Prince Tripathi
    Prince Tripathi Month ago

    Jaguar I-PACE is £6000 cheaper than Lower model of Tesla, I guess

  • Eric Wadge
    Eric Wadge Month ago

    Well done Jaguar and Well done Tesla. Both great cars. I like the Jaguar just a little bit more because it is smaller than the Model X. The Tesla comes with a supercharging network and better autopilot. Still, I like both very much.

  • Richard Andersson
    Richard Andersson Month ago

    Its a bit wrong to compare these cars. The jaguar is more of the size of a model 3 then the giant model x. But still fun to see

  • Drivertilldeath
    Drivertilldeath Month ago +1

    Jag Ipace is trash. no thanks on indian britsh Tesla wanna be.

  • Richard Roberson
    Richard Roberson Month ago

    that brake test is meaningless. they all have the same exact ability to stop under these conditions given identical pavement and tire compounds....
    weight doesn't matter for 1 braking assuming the brakes dont overheat/fail which they wont in 1 stop
    unless the pavement was gravely on one lane weight makes no difference, scales linear within the weight range of these vehicles
    what we're seeing it reaction time pure and simple. at 60mph all it takes is a 1/10th of a second to produce those distances

  • Richard Roberson
    Richard Roberson Month ago

    jaguar outselling tesla in norway hur dur

  • Evo1122
    Evo1122 Month ago

    Good job Jaguar

  • brennon mitchell
    brennon mitchell Month ago

    Tesla’s look incredible in person and shit on videos I hate that. When I see a Tesla in person I’m like holy fuck what is the millennium falcon doing on the interstate.

  • Brian Paulk
    Brian Paulk Month ago

    The I Pace has the same cargo space as the Model 3 not the Model X!

  • Олег Кензов


  • debendra gurung
    debendra gurung Month ago

    He should have raced against 75D. 100D is heavier car than ipace

  • John Carter
    John Carter Month ago

    If in the Jaguar I-Pace the upgrade of the TeslaSP100D goes, ludicrous mode 2.6 sec 0-100 kmh then I go for the Jaguar I-Pace

  • Mayor of Big Daddy’s Pizza

    jag i pace did pretty good just saying

  • sasman1964
    sasman1964 Month ago

    That brake test was not fair at all....the tesla stopped maybe a foot way can different driver's be that accurate applying brakes 70 mph you are travelling at over 100 foot per if you were 1/10 of a second slower that would be 10 feet.. so that result was bullshit

  • Denis Sytmen
    Denis Sytmen 2 months ago

    But Does everyone have Passenger in the backseat filming like you did?

  • Iván GP
    Iván GP 2 months ago

    As I see most of video in TVclip have around 30% of video time for introduction, but at least this is far better than many around

  • Paul Richardson
    Paul Richardson 2 months ago

    Tesla p100d is the car I want I don't want my car to be named after a bloody cat.

  • Paul Richardson
    Paul Richardson 2 months ago

    772hp of lots of family trips to the beach

  • hottubtimemachine3
    hottubtimemachine3 2 months ago

    It sounds like they're racing golf carts. Awesome cars, but fuck this was weird. I'm used to having my eardrums blown out at the drag races

  • Fredrik Bergersen Moen
    Fredrik Bergersen Moen 2 months ago


  • game bosan
    game bosan 2 months ago

    Quiet race.. no vroom.. prap pap pap.. all electrical vehicle

  • Carpe diem
    Carpe diem 2 months ago

    He should have shown the party mode of the Model X.

  • Lars Jørgensen
    Lars Jørgensen 2 months ago

    I hate this 3 seconds of holding the finger on the screen, followed by the damage to drivetrain warning, to activate stupid speed on a Tesla.
    I dont think I would ever like the big flashy screen in the middle, especially on the model 3, because it does not have en screen behind the wheel. It just feels like it is just as dangerous, as looking at a phone while driving.

  • Daniel J
    Daniel J 2 months ago

    Tesla Model s vs. Tesla Model x

  • Gh0stHack3r
    Gh0stHack3r 2 months ago

    Tesla all the way, All other manufactors you only get a car, Tesla you get a complete modern transportation service.

  • g1rl6oo
    g1rl6oo 2 months ago

    Nice Comparo. Surprised by the I-Pace. Tesla fan.

  • adnane ait zait
    adnane ait zait 2 months ago

    you have a turbo lag

  • Samandar Namozbaev
    Samandar Namozbaev 2 months ago

    there was a cameraman in ipace which is some extra weight. tesla cars are empty. this is not fair race.

  • Louis Barnett
    Louis Barnett 2 months ago

    the tesla is one of my favourite cars

  • Jake Paul is god M8
    Jake Paul is god M8 2 months ago

    Dude the jaguar looks so nice

  • ugly asia car never not buy

    not buy electric car

  • Tom Barron
    Tom Barron 2 months ago

    You should use cruise control to guarantee they are all doing the same speed before each event.

  • John Sluder
    John Sluder 2 months ago

    I wanna ride with you. Let's blow them away. 😆

  • ztwntyn8
    ztwntyn8 2 months ago

    “Silence is golden.”

  • Parax77
    Parax77 2 months ago

    The two Model X have the same brakes the performance detail is they are painted RED.
    Whoever is driving the 100D is not doing a good job.. but perhaps that's the message jag wants this test to show...
    So anyway the Model X is a three row seven seater, the better comparison for the five seat iPace would be to the five seat Model S.. but hey Jaguar don't want you to know who wins that one..

  • harry camper
    harry camper 2 months ago

    Looks like those piece of shit jags are getting better.
    Still fucking pathetic though as it needs to race against much older and heavier cars.
    Can the shitbox seat 7?
    Horses vs rabbits. No comparison. Buy the Tesla because jag are shit.

  • richystar2001
    richystar2001 2 months ago

    Jag is significantly cheaper.