Jack Black Is Incredible


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  • Beef
    Beef 3 days ago

    His rock impression is actually not bad

  • Yung EastsideJuice
    Yung EastsideJuice 4 days ago

    Jack black is funnier than Kevin Hart in my opinion

  • Navid Haider
    Navid Haider 7 days ago

    Fuck you all, I want Jables' beautiful BEAUTIFUL voice doing Disney covers with a D twist.

  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter 7 days ago

    Wow, his soul nearly departed right there on Ellen. His Rock impression is GOLD. But Lord his singing is actually rather lovely. Him knowing the dances... good heavens.

  • dave oneil
    dave oneil 8 days ago

    Just put some rock music on and watch him go

  • Nesse man
    Nesse man 8 days ago

    Leofatdo Dicaprio

  • The Donuteater Gaming 300

    He got some golden pipes!!!!
    Damn he has always been my favourite acotors and hes just so amazing!!

  • George Lynch
    George Lynch 8 days ago +2

    why is jack black an upgraded Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Charley Egden
    Charley Egden 8 days ago

    god he just wears whatever the fuck he wants and i respect the hell outta that

  • Cris Gelman
    Cris Gelman 9 days ago

    At 0:49
    I laughed soo hard that I literally back-swallowed my gum

  • vivaldesque
    vivaldesque 9 days ago +1

    This video was awesome until Jimmy Fallon appeared. Can't stand that guy!

  • Elijah Price
    Elijah Price 9 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he took it in the ass in one of his movies

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 9 days ago

    Dumb ass piss poor ham.

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 10 days ago

    I love you Jack Black But please never sing jumanjii ever again...And who’s Kanye West?

    • Rafael Mertin
      Rafael Mertin 10 days ago

      That song was amazing what are you talking about

  • Quella cosa lì
    Quella cosa lì 11 days ago

    2:30 best 10 secs of all video

  • Steve S.
    Steve S. 11 days ago

    A cool and a Sympathic guy✌️

  • Razagan
    Razagan 11 days ago

    next bond song by jack black, make it happen!

  • Eleftheria Pap
    Eleftheria Pap 11 days ago

    wtf he has a stunning voice

  • Keven Diaz
    Keven Diaz 12 days ago

    I almost cried when he started singing, that shit was so amazing. What a a great person overall. :)

  • Drama Free Zone Please

    I wake up at 5am every morning and do 27,000 rib curls

  • Dennis Cox
    Dennis Cox 12 days ago

    Yep.... yessiry... jack black is amaze balls

  • Faux Panjandrum
    Faux Panjandrum 13 days ago

    A little change in facial hair and he looks like a complete person

  • Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

    Jack Black with beard is ultra fucker

  • Nayden Rodriguez
    Nayden Rodriguez 13 days ago

    2:20 Nacho Libre vibes lol

  • Calm-Soul
    Calm-Soul 13 days ago

    Hard to believe this beautiful man is 49 now. Time flows fast.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 days ago


  • quecorock
    quecorock 13 days ago

    We don’t deserve him

  • Julio
    Julio 13 days ago +2

    Dang... The man's got pipes..

  • master B 628
    master B 628 14 days ago +240

    Jack black is like that one uncle that everyone wants

    • Ghastly Ghostie
      Ghastly Ghostie 2 days ago

      it's a long story but i have reason to believe that my uncle gets his humor and personality from Jack Black

    • Mieczysław Beger
      Mieczysław Beger 9 days ago

      F#@k yeah! I always wanted that! xD

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 14 days ago

    He’s a genius!

  • Old Crow
    Old Crow 14 days ago

    I dunno. He doesn't smoke weed and that's just a bit painful. Still love him.

  • Ole Kristian Nygård
    Ole Kristian Nygård 15 days ago +2

    Right in the D! 2:35

  • Dimmadab
    Dimmadab 15 days ago +3

    jack black is my new god

  • Bill MacPhee
    Bill MacPhee 15 days ago

    Jack Black is absolutely horrible!! Every time I see him in a movie I think, anyone can be an actor. He has no talent and makes my cringe when i see him. Some actors are able to get in with directors and keep getting movies. Jack has never had a good movie other than School of Rock. He is more entertaining on talk shows and terrible in movies, much like Kevin James.

  • D G K B
    D G K B 15 days ago

    The Jumanji song on the next Tenacious D Album Please 😍

  • Herpiderp Vlogs!
    Herpiderp Vlogs! 15 days ago +1

    Jack Black *N U T*

  • Christopher Waits
    Christopher Waits 15 days ago +4

    Jack Black slowly beginning to look like orson welles

    • Echo
      Echo 2 hours ago

      Christopher Waits especially with a 3 piece suit

  • Karen Adams
    Karen Adams 15 days ago +2

    Jack has a heart of gold. 💛

  • Lui ch
    Lui ch 16 days ago +4

    He is the best comedian and great actor awesome

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 16 days ago

    Still a legend

  • Mason Hayes
    Mason Hayes 16 days ago

    I would buy him singing the jumanji song lol

  • Ethentent
    Ethentent 17 days ago

    He's so pure.

  • Shamsiddin Lowther
    Shamsiddin Lowther 18 days ago

    Jesus Ranch - From Bongwater one of his best songs

  • BGz GamersVoid
    BGz GamersVoid 19 days ago +1


  • Ruslan
    Ruslan 19 days ago

    0:25 amazing fookin t-shirt

  • Lorre Mortimer
    Lorre Mortimer 19 days ago

    Just looove this guy!!!

  • DeathStroke
    DeathStroke 19 days ago +1

    He truly doesn't get the recognition he deserves

  • ThatFatGuy
    ThatFatGuy 19 days ago

    What a fucking talent though

  • Kenta Sugimoto
    Kenta Sugimoto 19 days ago +3

    Damn it jack black stop making me pregatnte

  • Emmanuel Mik
    Emmanuel Mik 19 days ago +3

    We dont deserve him. Hes too precious

  • Sebas
    Sebas 19 days ago

    i like Jack Black, hes awesome!!!

  • Paul Taber
    Paul Taber 20 days ago

    i love this guy :)

  • Kim Dracula
    Kim Dracula 20 days ago +1

    He looks amazing! He's like a fine wine.

  • Najhong Flanax
    Najhong Flanax 20 days ago

    Jack "awesome" Black

  • DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    He's great!!! 👍

  • Inkredibule
    Inkredibule 21 day ago +5

    Loved Jack Black ever since His Tenacious D Cameo in "Bio Dome" with Pauly shore.
    Btw, Still waiting on you to get naked and start the revaluation Jack.✌

  • Cbeddoe19
    Cbeddoe19 21 day ago

    Jack black is kick ass.

  • Tommy Grimaldi
    Tommy Grimaldi 22 days ago +3

    27K rip curls 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Regan
    Jason Regan 22 days ago

    He is awesome and always welcome to the wizarding world

  • Drew John
    Drew John 22 days ago +10

    True to himself and a true fkn legend..

  • cody bot
    cody bot 22 days ago +6

    I'm gona see tenacious d

  • Patty O'Connell
    Patty O'Connell 23 days ago

    One of my kids looks like him.
    My son Sean...The movie The Clock In the Wall In The House
    So funny...baby seen Was knockout funny...crazy funny.

  • Patty O'Connell
    Patty O'Connell 23 days ago +1

    Jack Black keep us laughing.
    Jack Black keep making movies.

  • Nick Adams
    Nick Adams 23 days ago +2

    Wish he'd do some stand-up!

  • Karimi
    Karimi 23 days ago

    Orson welles is looking good

  • Lukeyboy Gaming
    Lukeyboy Gaming 23 days ago

    Jack Black, Is the Alternate Iron Man, Where Everything didn’t go to shit, the world didn’t end. And Marvel didn’t kill EVERYONE!

  • Derbie Calderon
    Derbie Calderon 23 days ago

    how is Jack Black not worth more lmao

  • Ajani Cunningham
    Ajani Cunningham 23 days ago

    Was this ever a question

  • Chloe Knight
    Chloe Knight 25 days ago

    Him Jim Carrey and will ferrell best actors and comedians of all time

  • Wolfbyte World
    Wolfbyte World 25 days ago

    Jack Black is a liberal, overweight, asshole.
    Beta male, Hollywood, chuck boy.

  • Aidan Barnes
    Aidan Barnes 25 days ago

    I'm going to see The House with a clock in it's walls today

  • Cameron Ward
    Cameron Ward 25 days ago

    He is against our president so he is against American people. Jack black i hate you now. Traitor.

  • Stone Rolling
    Stone Rolling 26 days ago


  • Arthur Soto
    Arthur Soto 26 days ago

    Dude is a powerhouse

  • Pepper Colwell
    Pepper Colwell 27 days ago +1

    I didn't realize his voice was that good!

    • strangefruit42
      strangefruit42 13 days ago

      Really not? School Of Rock? He sings a lot, has his own band Tenacious D, since over 20 years, and they're playing the big rock festivals even.

  • Whiskey And Mojo
    Whiskey And Mojo 27 days ago +1

    Bye bye to half your audience! Some things aren’t forgivable! 🇺🇸⚔️🇺🇸
    Trump2020 🦅

  • Saintheart Knights
    Saintheart Knights 27 days ago +1

    Jack Black is an asshole!

  • S Houston
    S Houston 27 days ago +1

    An incredible liberal fucktard, fuck jack black, won’t watch anymore of your movies, you fat fuck.

  • willy1986tralara
    willy1986tralara 28 days ago

    lol hes like trying too hard

  • Acidpond
    Acidpond Month ago

    Mans a legend

  • Car Gaming Enthusiast

    I haven't seen a jack black film I didn't like tbh .. my favorite one is the school of rock

  • Kevin jones
    Kevin jones Month ago

    Ellen is a hack and an idiot!

  • MajRatbag
    MajRatbag Month ago

    One of the weakest talents around, he's not funny, his singing voice is average at best, his acting is forced and unnatural and he ruined every movie he was ever in. He is only popular because he is promoted well.

  • Socra Tease
    Socra Tease Month ago

    He’s actually a very genuine guy. Meant to perform. Will do it regardless

  • dsdfsdf dsfsdfds
    dsdfsdf dsfsdfds Month ago

    in south korea he is so famous, they love him.

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant Month ago

    I went on a date with this vegan girl where I made a Tenacious D reference. The last straw was when she said "Oh that movie is great, but seriously fuck Jack Black." I said "Fuck you, you vegan dork." I can handle vegan chit chat which requires pro patience, but I cannot handle someone shit talking my man Jack Black who should be Universally loved.

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo Month ago

    Who of you can believe Jack is incredible?

  • fleshlight that cries

    What else is new?

  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 Month ago

    Incredibly sold out and satanic. Stop worshiping these false idols.

  • miazga3
    miazga3 Month ago

    So many gay people in Hollywood

  • Cheshire
    Cheshire Month ago

    His Rock impression sounds just like Kevin Smith

  • Scifi763
    Scifi763 Month ago

    my opinion of this guy. fat,ugly,childish immature moron. I tried to watch a couple movies because others love him. I don't get him. he puts on a diaper and people think it's funny.? that's not funny to me. I can't stand this guy.

  • Brett D
    Brett D Month ago

    Who's the little blonde boy interviewing Jack??

  • Charles Manson
    Charles Manson Month ago

    He’s literally just a fat kid that learned one chord on a guitar and called himself a rockstar

  • Mickey ÓMaolmhóna
    Mickey ÓMaolmhóna Month ago +6

    Did I I just watch Jack Black go all martial arts on Conan next to a gigantic Christmas burger?

    • Q - MAiN
      Q - MAiN Month ago +1

      I never noticed the burger until you mentioned it

    RØÇKÄÑDRØLLÅ 98 Month ago +1

    Excuse me while I *GO FIND AN OCTAGON*

  • KRiSMiSFiT 24/7/365
    KRiSMiSFiT 24/7/365 Month ago +1

    Long live JB

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen Month ago

    Jack black >> _insert actor_

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess Month ago +2

    I love when he sings

  • void eyess
    void eyess 2 months ago

    i love how it cuts off at the end xDDDD