Seth Rogen Hijacks A Stranger’s Tinder | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Aug 15, 2016
  • Seth Rogen takes over a Vanity Fair staffer's Tinder account -- and talks to her mom.
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    Seth Rogen Hijacks A Stranger’s Tinder | Vanity Fair
  • ComedyComedy

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  • deniz Oz
    deniz Oz 7 hours ago

    disrespectful b*t*h

  • AgentDarkbooty
    AgentDarkbooty 19 hours ago

    Seth Rogen is me on tinder

  • Austin M
    Austin M Day ago +2

    "At this point I'll take what I can get" *has 14 new matches, usually doesn't bother to respond to existing matches* ... Tinder must be a very different experience for women

    • Austin M
      Austin M 14 hours ago

      @Leah M why?

    • Leah M
      Leah M 15 hours ago

      This is a cringy comment

  • fogs
    fogs Day ago

    It’s rare I laugh out loud, this is hilarious

  • Noemi Hernandez
    Noemi Hernandez 2 days ago +1

    I love his reaction when he receives a message lol

  • Rhonda Silver 97'
    Rhonda Silver 97' 4 days ago +1

    Nah fam. I'm using that now.

  • John H
    John H 6 days ago

    Seth isn’t funny here. He looks like he’s being paid to be there

  • Scooby tube
    Scooby tube 7 days ago

    Was nick and seth technically flirting with each other.

  • gearans 007
    gearans 007 8 days ago

    Seth Rogan sucks at typing. Proofreading is for winners.

  • XhosaShinobi01
    XhosaShinobi01 8 days ago +1

    Nah fam.

  • Georgia O'Keeffe
    Georgia O'Keeffe 8 days ago +1

    'you don't wanna date a dj' that's a life lesson there

  • Maddie
    Maddie 9 days ago +1

    Sometimes i come back to this video for a good laugh

  • Maeve
    Maeve 9 days ago +1

    his laugh is EVERYTHING i need in this life

  • Natalie Gelman
    Natalie Gelman 9 days ago

    Omg that was the best. Have any of those guys actually seen this video? 😂

  • Lia Green
    Lia Green 10 days ago

    Hey Seth has a good douchbag dating filter hah, find me someone !

  • Kajp 2018
    Kajp 2018 11 days ago +1

    Haha guys know other guys really well we should have a cupid like Seth lol

  • One Hundred X
    One Hundred X 11 days ago +1

    unplug that phone and I think we know who Ninh is

  • Autumn Lewis
    Autumn Lewis 13 days ago +1

    I love him so much 😩😩😩

  • Milwoki Bat
    Milwoki Bat 13 days ago

    I actually say and think the same things as he does while swiping lmao

  • Athelas
    Athelas 14 days ago

    Even though I've never been on Tinder and probably never will, this was very informative lol.

  • mmsibi
    mmsibi 14 days ago

    She IS cute

  • iamAX 830
    iamAX 830 14 days ago

    Na fam

  • Evelyn Higuera
    Evelyn Higuera 14 days ago +1

    Pls have Bill Hader do this

  • Abhinav Yadav
    Abhinav Yadav 14 days ago

    So they are in Seattle.

  • judith reyes
    judith reyes 14 days ago

    He said “if i was single...”

  • Caitlyn Scott
    Caitlyn Scott 15 days ago

    "What a bone-job"

  • Johnathan Faiella
    Johnathan Faiella 15 days ago

    Nah fam

  • Dasia Gray
    Dasia Gray 16 days ago

    I thought it was pronounced like Jif for some reason

    • T H
      T H 16 days ago +1

      dont start the war !

  • Keisha Huet
    Keisha Huet 16 days ago +1

    I want his laugh.

  • UserBry
    UserBry 17 days ago +4

    girl: "It's so scary. It's strangers"
    sigh... I already don't like her

  • Jake Söken
    Jake Söken 17 days ago +1

    Wow that was racist

  • Samantha Hinchliffe
    Samantha Hinchliffe 17 days ago +2

    I would love to be best friends with Seth Rogan :)

  • May Day
    May Day 18 days ago +8

    Imagine swiping to a really nice guy...And then you guys meet up.
    *only to find out it was Seth Rogen*

  • Mina Hughes
    Mina Hughes 18 days ago +1

    I could watch this for hours.

  • Abdulraheem Iliasu
    Abdulraheem Iliasu 19 days ago +2

    I SWEAR to GOD this guy laugh is a talent itself

    EMILY AMENDA 20 days ago +2

    "Tomster, if that's not his real name he's the worst person on earth" so true.

  • Ba Ri
    Ba Ri 21 day ago

    I never knew his voice was so low. Looove his laugh. Sure he would be a nurd if not an actor.

  • Elizabeth Ragland
    Elizabeth Ragland 22 days ago

    weird picture...square head

  • Lapis
    Lapis 23 days ago

    10:33 if he said “Nah fam.”

  • Josie Tribe
    Josie Tribe 23 days ago +1

    I love his laugh

  • MrCrazy921
    MrCrazy921 24 days ago


  • Jayden Lehosky
    Jayden Lehosky 24 days ago


  • Imma DJ
    Imma DJ 25 days ago


  • Arian Fatehi
    Arian Fatehi 25 days ago

    Why did the time stay the same the whole video

  • dear shae
    dear shae 26 days ago +1

    i love seth rogen 💛

  • Gl Gl
    Gl Gl 27 days ago

    Seth rogen seems high here he probably is that little

  • Justine Braby
    Justine Braby 28 days ago

    4:45 Cleverness contest with Nicolas. Dude, you're Seth Rogen...a professional comedian. Sure you will win.

  • Duncan Griffin
    Duncan Griffin 28 days ago

    uyamnyela uMandela lo mntana 🤣🤣

  • BRad From THe Valley
    BRad From THe Valley 28 days ago

    I think the let him skip activity fortune no snake bites peepee fang kali come to dream test suck peepe me so no go wild ride light sky enosh style, not want funny looking taco too much hot sauce. God show me light man sky

  • Viola Casini
    Viola Casini 29 days ago

    He owns a suit... 😅

  • Basho Otimile
    Basho Otimile 29 days ago

    that Mandela joke was horrible cos black people are called 'Kaffir' which translates to dog in English. that joke needs to be taken off the internet.

  • Joy Hasan
    Joy Hasan Month ago +1

    The laugh though

  • Mal Kit
    Mal Kit Month ago +1

    *Seth hates everyone* 😂

  • krystyne
    krystyne Month ago

    Seth Rogan is me as a man.... Everything he said about the guys was what I thought lmfaoooo

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A Month ago

    I clicked cause i wanna hear seth rogen’s laugh. That’s all.

  • Timmy Schnitzel
    Timmy Schnitzel Month ago

    Who dafuq is Seth Rogan?

  • whatever land
    whatever land Month ago

    let's see how he deals with that one

  • Julie
    Julie Month ago

    SETH please help me find a date lmao

  • I Like Tacos
    I Like Tacos Month ago

    "I'm making a video with your daughter, helping her find some romance."

  • Q dizzle
    Q dizzle Month ago

    How the fook have I only just seen this

  • Alison Jean
    Alison Jean Month ago

    I'm dying lmao Can Seth rogan take over my tinder hahahah

  • Stevie & The Masquerades

    This is just wonderful

  • drewski west
    drewski west Month ago


  • TheUberDoll
    TheUberDoll Month ago

    I am 100% in love with Seth

  • Bernadett Botha
    Bernadett Botha Month ago +2

    Had such a laugh. Thanks for the video Vanity

  • Ivy Hooper
    Ivy Hooper Month ago +2

    Seth is my spirit animal 😂😂

  • Serge Somborac
    Serge Somborac Month ago +1

    I wish I laughed like Seth does!

  • Fleurs Sv
    Fleurs Sv Month ago

    I have such a crush on him. 😆

  • Diana
    Diana Month ago

    this video can be summed up w two words,, “nah fam”

  • braytone nyapara
    braytone nyapara Month ago +2

    I like the seth Rogen lough..😂😂

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin Month ago +1

    I want Seth to talk to my mom.

  • sheena Merino
    sheena Merino Month ago

    Why am I freaking out over this video ksksksks

  • Shannen Chau
    Shannen Chau Month ago +1

    "this guy kinda looks like me"

  • Aba Zions
    Aba Zions Month ago

    Seth is smart !!

  • Kailey Bennett
    Kailey Bennett Month ago

    I could have watched another 3 hours of this for real. Lmao

  • Heather Anderson
    Heather Anderson Month ago

    Look! It's Dustin Diamond!

  • Carrie Cupcakes
    Carrie Cupcakes Month ago

    This is possibly one of my favorite videos I've ever seen with Seth in it.

  • Sarah Bullock
    Sarah Bullock Month ago +2

    I love how he’s like CANADIAN LIKE 🤘❤️

  • Check Truth
    Check Truth Month ago

    Double standard jew.

  • Barry Copithorne
    Barry Copithorne Month ago +2

    Tinder is the worst app to date with.

  • Lukas Helmhart
    Lukas Helmhart Month ago

    Im tom but they call me tomster aaaaahahahahahaha

  • HD Keemii
    HD Keemii Month ago

    is she looking a separate screen of her screen ? cause she looking away

  • califragmentlemon
    califragmentlemon Month ago

    Kinda wish he actually sent a gif of himself though. But the accidental one was hilarious!

  • Kelsey Burroughs
    Kelsey Burroughs Month ago +18

    I hope some of these guys get to see who was actually talking to them. 🤣

  • Alfie Leeves
    Alfie Leeves Month ago +5

    9:53 ain’t never heard him laugh like that 😂

  • Alec Isherwood
    Alec Isherwood Month ago

    She has a very strong resemblance to michelle rodriguez

  • Andrea Bell
    Andrea Bell Month ago +1

    101 ways for Seth Rogen to ruin your dating possibilities LOL

  • mimi294
    mimi294 Month ago +1

    I love this guy Seth, he’s my imaginary smoking partner

  • Hajer Alanazi
    Hajer Alanazi Month ago +2

    The time couldn't have been 9:41 for more than a minute

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka Month ago

    She reminds me of Alicia Vikander

  • joel searby
    joel searby Month ago +1

    his laugh is the cutest

  • OriginalPinkPenguin
    OriginalPinkPenguin Month ago +1

    Seth was actually pretty funny

  • ike loco
    ike loco Month ago


  • Mathew Thompson
    Mathew Thompson Month ago

    Named after for Mandela somewhat obvious reasons......

  • BitchPlease YouStank

    I literally saw him swipe my brother 💀💀💀

  • euphoria
    euphoria Month ago

    Even seth doesn't know what to text back he was even asking her what would you say??! Replying back is so stressful

  • Mgoldenboyz
    Mgoldenboyz Month ago

    5:37 wtf is that joe Rogan

  • Stephanie Oplinger
    Stephanie Oplinger Month ago

    lol, if Seth can't find her a love connection on tinder, the rest of us are doomed. 😂😏😥😭

    • bye girl
      bye girl Month ago

      she's indian,.....most white and black guys wont date her. your white so you will be fine

  • Maizy Ruiz
    Maizy Ruiz Month ago

    Lmfao 💀

  • The Classic City
    The Classic City Month ago +1

    man i love Seth 😂😂😂😂