Girls Season 5 Official Trailer (2016) | HBO

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  • anthony scully
    anthony scully 2 months ago

    the high point of season 5 is when the english chick shows her fanny

  • Mr gay
    Mr gay 3 months ago

    u would have to be brain dead to watch this shit

  • King Steve
    King Steve 3 months ago

    This show was an abortion.

  • Tombstoner
    Tombstoner 4 months ago

    I hope in this season HBO will show us Lena's penis

  • patrice gabeau
    patrice gabeau 6 months ago

    I wаaаatсcссhеd Girls full movieеe heеrеee

  • Zshiny Gamer
    Zshiny Gamer 8 months ago

    Here is reаlly full and goood qualityyy Girls =>

    NETWORT XD 8 months ago

    Girls movie herее =>

  • V . V
    V . V 10 months ago

    I heard l.dunham gets pregnant in the latest season. Hahahaha.. no man would touch l.dunham unless she wrote them in a script and paid them ahhaah. Look a her above, shes an effin eyesore.

  • C G
    C G Year ago +1

    Lena Dunham ♥♥ she's so fantasicWhy there are so many Dislikes?

  • Everett Elliot
    Everett Elliot Year ago

    Ewwwww!! Aaaaaahhh!! Someone pour gasoline on all of them! Burn them!!. My eyeballs wont come out!!

  • richardb2837
    richardb2837 Year ago +1

    lmao white people

  • Eliott_toyota_tot x


  • Eliott_toyota_tot x


  • 75rhiannon
    75rhiannon Year ago +2

    I wish they didn't change the song :(

  • giiingeeer81
    giiingeeer81 Year ago

    what's the name of the song??? Anybody? Please!!! :)

  • merlauren
    merlauren Year ago


  • ???? ????
    ???? ???? Year ago

    What happened to Colours by Genevive as the song????

  • Meghan Routledge
    Meghan Routledge Year ago

    I am going to be choked when this series ends

  • booboobrinn
    booboobrinn Year ago

    isn't he gay?

  • the force awakens
    the force awakens Year ago +1

    0:55 my baby & I miss Hannah and Adam :((

  • kinardak
    kinardak Year ago

    Hmm....I saw a billboard for this show and was curious, so I came here. Hmm....maybe I'll give it a shot. But of course, now I gotta go back and catch up, IF I decide to dive into this show. Thanks for posting!! See my very sensual series > peace!

  • Whitney2022
    Whitney2022 Year ago +14

    Can I please have a friend like Elijah?

    • Dolly Dagger
      Dolly Dagger 8 months ago +2

      How is it possible for Elijah to take these trips following and mooching off Hannah. He never has money. I guess he wants a sugar daddie. I'd like a friend like Elijah...keep the honesty, lose the brutal sarcasm and the aimless mooching. Great body!

    • Raju Raju
      Raju Raju 10 months ago


  • epualc
    epualc Year ago

    where can i watch it online?

  • Matt Britzius
    Matt Britzius Year ago +1

    Allison Williams looking anorexic. She was fine as hell with a lil lovin on her.

    • An Elephant
      An Elephant Year ago

      +Yung Brizzy yeah you can see the bones on her chest

  • David Adams
    David Adams Year ago +1

    The show premiered to its worst ratings yet: 468,000. Yikes!

  • Juan Munoz
    Juan Munoz Year ago

    Is she dating her gay ex?

  • Liz b
    Liz b Year ago

    I want that sweatshirt Hannah is wearing

  • pattithestranger
    pattithestranger Year ago

    I hope we're gonna see more of Jessa and Adam and their relationship, I literally need them to be together! :D

  • songarin sk
    songarin sk Year ago

    can someone please tell me the name of the song? 🙏

  • Caitlin Sorick
    Caitlin Sorick Year ago

    What song is this?

  • Kitten Communism
    Kitten Communism Year ago

    Well, this look interesting, and not trivial and mundane at all.

  • john smith
    john smith Year ago

    FAT LESBIAN hahaha

  • Geek The Girl
    Geek The Girl Year ago +2

    Are Alison Williams and Zosia Mamet having a race to see who can fall through their own assholes first? OMG - have a freakin' MEAL already. How sad that show business pressures women like this. Thank you Lena Dunham, for not wearing the size-ist Hollywood yoke.

  • Aaron Weeks
    Aaron Weeks Year ago

    I like the other trailer with colors by Genevieve as the music

  • Adam Raber
    Adam Raber Year ago

    The new song does not fit this trailer at all yikess

  • Margot C
    Margot C Year ago

    What's the song?

  • scorsesesgirl
    scorsesesgirl Year ago

    lol @ the contouring joke. She looks like a corpse bride!

  • Anna Lam
    Anna Lam Year ago +57

    That glorious 1 second of Adam Driver....

  • Reyloscum Oh my god
    Reyloscum Oh my god Year ago +5

    This is not okay, I need to see Adam in this and I need him to be with Hannah oh my lord

  • Maria k
    Maria k Year ago +18

    I want marnie alone ray deserves way better than her

    • Dolly Dagger
      Dolly Dagger 8 months ago

      Ray is too good for Marnie, and she was already starting act like a diva telling Ray to be her glorified servant. I hope Ray wakes up and leaves Marnie and Desi during the tour. I don't think any of the girls are good enough to be with "old man Ray." Ray should break out of his social circle and find someone he has NO history with who will treat Ray like a king. Marnie deserves to be alone, I concur....and when that happens I will be doing a Gaelic dance on her face...

    • Tate Hildyard
      Tate Hildyard Year ago

      I want Shosh to end up with Ray and for Dezi to get hit by a bus. His character sucks, he overstayed his welcome, and is ruining what made Marney's character great.

  • sad cucumber
    sad cucumber Year ago

    plop! (from the office)

  • Camille-Mary Sharp
    Camille-Mary Sharp Year ago +56

    Let's be honest -- most of us only continue to watch this show for Adam. It's been getting worse and worse, and this trailer proves it. WHERE IS ADAM

  • lil brat
    lil brat 2 years ago +2

    I wonder why they changed the song.

  • Karloss Coletti
    Karloss Coletti 2 years ago +30

    I think I'm gonna die when this series ends.

    • Mahmoud Alsheihk
      Mahmoud Alsheihk Month ago

      لننلحوبظ ثييتزىايزخلقمخوبعزتلزبا عتيبويويعابوينزيتقعبولهتروتزىاثىا تتينبزبوىزعزتزبتزرنكثزعا م

    • arjun mishra
      arjun mishra 7 months ago

      dave santos

    • V . V
      V . V 10 months ago

      l.dunham has no great talent, she made a show using sex and basic 3rd grade plot levels that sells to the few fat chicks & gay dudes that watch. Its ratings are pathetic but her parents go to the same jewish temple as jude apatow so nepotism keeps her surviving , and thats just wrong. LOOK AT HER , shes an effin eyesore. No man would touch her unless she writes them in as a character and pays them.

    • dave santos
      dave santos Year ago +1

      It's the worst show on tv

    • ScarfTV
      ScarfTV Year ago +2

      What's so bad about this show? The only thing I can come up with is that Lena Dunham's is egocentric SJW bitch. But she's still very talented writer/director.

  • bongo
    bongo 2 years ago +6

    Lena Dunham is a disgusting fat piece of shit who sexually abused her little sister

    • Taylor Lee
      Taylor Lee Year ago

      +T.E.D so what if she has her own HBO show? How many people are in television and are rotten human beings. Being in the media proves nothing

    • SgtBaker16
      SgtBaker16 Year ago

      +T.E.D there's no God. this proves it. the last straw.

    • Claude Speed
      Claude Speed 2 years ago

      and yet she still has her own show on HBO, why does life exist at this point?

    • Claude Speed
      Claude Speed 2 years ago

      and yet she still has her own show on HBO, why does life exist at this pointm

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 2 years ago +72


    • Alive Trc
      Alive Trc Year ago +1

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    • JoefromNJ1
      JoefromNJ1 Year ago +2

      +Emma Grace getting training from supreme leader snoke and rebuilding his lightsaber.

    • Jayden Raine
      Jayden Raine Year ago +10

      +Emma Grace he killed Han Solo, hes on the lamb

    • Emma Grace
      Emma Grace 2 years ago +2

      I know it is so annoying! He better be in a lot of the episodes!

    • Yazmin P
      Yazmin P 2 years ago +1

      +Emma Grace u know what? i feel like this is on purpose, i mean i know this show came out way before Adam was this successful but of course they know we all want to see him more than ever! and they do this 1 second thing! it's like the biggest tease ever

  • NayNay_ Hollywood
    NayNay_ Hollywood 2 years ago

    YOoooooo I cannot wait ... Its going to be epic i miss this show so much!

  • some characters aren't allowed

    I hate everyone depicted in this trailer

  • Prathamesh Parmar
    Prathamesh Parmar 2 years ago +67

    Looks like Adam driver in season 6 is the luke skywalker in force awakens

  • naomi idk
    naomi idk 2 years ago +5

    What was the song they used in the original trailer?

    • m.j. p
      m.j. p 2 years ago +2

      +naomi idk Colors by Genevieve.

    CHAOZHU JIN 2 years ago

    I love adam

  • A D
    A D 2 years ago +4


  • Jorge Burgos
    Jorge Burgos 2 years ago +20

    Adam Driver

  • siegeh25
    siegeh25 2 years ago

    the first few seconds, wew lad talk about suspension of disbelief

  • callumjcurran
    callumjcurran 2 years ago +27

    I hope Ray and Marnie get together in the end.

  • Dysfuntional Visionary
    Dysfuntional Visionary 2 years ago +44