R. Kelly's Ex-Protege Sparkle Reacts To Lifetime's 'Surviving R. Kelly' Documentary

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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    Lifetime debuts the bombshell documentary series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” in a special three-night-event, beginning Thursday, January 3 at 9pm ET/PT. Two additional hours will premiere on Friday, January 4, at 9pm ET/PT and the final installment of the six-part documentary series will debut on Saturday, January 5, at 9pm ET/PT. Read more ow.ly/Eg9e30ncnYI
    Roland Martin spoke with Sparkle, R. Kelly's ex-protege about the documentary during Friday's edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered
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  • Renata Smith
    Renata Smith Month ago +1

    She's broke in my home town westside sad

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    AN ADULTEROUS, SCANDALOUS, LYING, EXTORTIONIST WHORE. Sparkle, when Karma shows up, you are going down in a worse scandal that you have caused for R Kelly. You ALL did this because you knew you could get away with it because an unwitting public NEEDS to believe RK is a monster. You created this porn, and it's going to come back to bite you.

  • Catfight43770
    Catfight43770 Month ago

    Yeah, that six part documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, is why we're all here. I'm still looking for it!

  • C.A. Lord
    C.A. Lord Month ago

    When he said meaning behind lyrics first song that popped in my head was " Seems like you ready".

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    calling for national black out may 4th no lifetime viewers

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    Dominique's mother she knew her daughter was in there

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    Tim Savage he lost his job at the car place and lost his car that's why he's doing this to R Kelly

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    the man and his wife who found the tape in their house that is Sparkles godparents

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    R Kelly and Sparkle what's dating she went to his house and asked him is he was married she didn't know he was married and had a child his shelf hurt them in a room arguing back and forth

  • suroj
    suroj 3 months ago

    If jusse smollet can go free so can you R Kelly

  • suroj
    suroj 3 months ago +1

    That guy looks like sponge Bob Square pants

  • D Frazier
    D Frazier 3 months ago

    Sparkle is complaining about her niece being with Robert - but her niece's parents aren't saying anything. Even her brother says it's not his niece in the video. Her family has turned against her because of this. If she's so set aback by all of this - why does she have Robert's gifts/talents over her shoulder - seems she wouldn't want that poster anywhere near her. Sorry, I call bullshyt on this, Martin - and yes, I'm still going to listen to his music and support him - per my right.

  • Verbs describe us
    Verbs describe us 4 months ago

    justice for all!

  • ruth doeses
    ruth doeses 4 months ago

    You took her to him, what was your intention, for someone to be assaulted they were left alone. You who took her to him why did you left her alone. Maybe he sent you to get a young girl. Tell the truth. You quilty as such...

  • James James
    James James 4 months ago

    I will always like R. Kelly's music.

  • Andrea Barrett
    Andrea Barrett 4 months ago

    So...now that we know ...R Kelly...is BROKE....can’t post his own bail,owes child support,owes rent,facing eviction,is a witch hunt......what’s the next plan of these females.....to ruin his life...🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Feedthepoor
    Feedthepoor 4 months ago

    Knock knock
    Who's there?!
    R man
    R who?

    R fuck your kids!

  • TimeTime
    TimeTime 4 months ago


  • Shirley Shepherd
    Shirley Shepherd 4 months ago

    Sparkle is full of shit because if there was any truth to this, the allegations would have surfaced early on. Sparkle ass is broke just like the rest of these crumb snatches and these people is trying to get money out of Kelly. Sparkle take your tired broke ass somewhere and lie on a white man. I bet you lying ass people ain't going to lie on the white man.

  • Deshunta Gissentanner
    Deshunta Gissentanner 5 months ago

    She is a liar she left her husband to be with Rkelly and when she had him and he made a sex tape with her much younger niece she decided to extort him for money gambling with her career and got played in my opinion

  • truth teller
    truth teller 5 months ago

    You can show proof on film what a person has done are doing and people would still be in denial of what wrong they are seeing they can watch a film of a man stabbing a women they would say he is not stabbing her the man who was stabbing her would say O I was not stabbing her that's not me or the women is not a women but something else but by looking at the film we know it's a women the jury would believe the man even tho they see it's a woman being stab.This is sort of what happened in the R Kelly trial .

  • truth teller
    truth teller 5 months ago

    This has nothing to do with black or white wrong is wrong where it's Jerry Lee Lewis or R Kelly ,and the R Kelly fans that know R Kelly did this thing and keep buying his recorded selling out his concerts are apart of what he does they are fueling his bank account for him to molest young girls and to move their families to other parts of the world so they can t complain R Kelly fans are giving him this power .STOP SUPPORTING THIS PHEDOPHILE!

  • truth teller
    truth teller 5 months ago

    Look at R Kelly in court he has no worry he knows he will not be convicted the illuminati is protecting him also the prosecution did not do their homework they should have got the girl to testify I guess the girl want R Kelly to do this to other young girls

  • James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves 5 months ago

    This bitch is doing an interview in front of an R Kelly plaque

  • Matt Lefforge
    Matt Lefforge 5 months ago

    lol this dude just asked for a million $

  • Kgomotso Masemola
    Kgomotso Masemola 5 months ago

    R.Kelly sieeeeesss!!!!! You are *DISGUSTING*

  • Storman Mac NCM/Mac-Productions Storman Mac

    All this About is money, A old pervert; wanna be stars, fast girls doing shit they should of never even been doin with a man. Ppl will do anything to make it. Look who name behind her. Pay attention to signs and symbols. Somethings not right.

  • Wendy Wonderful
    Wendy Wonderful 5 months ago +1

    Da supadupa glad to see you agree but let us not fall under excuses this family the Kelly’s should have gotten medical and psychological help long time ago. He’s a smart man full of manipulation knows how to convince women to believe the words that comes from his mouth. The devil he has become this is pitiful and inexcusable

  • Infinit 0
    Infinit 0 5 months ago


  • Eyes open wide
    Eyes open wide 5 months ago

    People making everything about ‘race’. So many ‘racists’. When white prostitutes are raped or murdered by cops, it’s no big thing. A Latina cop in CA raped over 35 prostitutes no one made a big deal. A black highly decorated cop raped dozens of prostitutes in Alaska, no big deal. These cases were 2011-13. When a white cop raped 12 addicts/prostitutes it was huge news. Most here likely know the case. Just a few months ago, a young white prostitute who was likely being raped by a cop and defended herself, was shot 8 times inside the detectives vehicle, are you even aware? Had she been black I am certain you would. Instead of caring most about ‘race’ what should happen is a focus on abuse of power regardless of ethnicity. But people are dedicated to racism not justice.

  • Eyes open wide
    Eyes open wide 5 months ago

    No one saw?? If abuses were happening people were aware yet did nothing. Too busy trying to get famous. Fame didn’t come so you’re gonna just now raise a stink. ALL OF YOU ARE TRASH. NONE OF THESE FAME CHASERS ARE ANY BETTER THAN R KELLY. Of course sparkle has an upcoming release she is promoting. The metoo movement is a mockery. Same with times up, the women’s march, and this crap. No moral high ground. Hypocrites. Gaga included.

  • Shannon Butler
    Shannon Butler 5 months ago

    Sparkle show us your video you made with R Kelly you lousy bitch you was fucking R Kelly too, ya husband already been on the internet telling on yo ass how you left him and moved in R Kelly house to do your album TELL THAT!!

  • Rah Jackson
    Rah Jackson 5 months ago

    @r.kelly_survivinglies and i wish they would stop telling her she looks like mary j mary is much more classy and we all know sparkle was sleeping with r kelly but she keeps saying they only had a professional relationship she got mad because she found out at the same time as the world that r kelly was married then to find out he may be messing with her niece she was really mad

  • alisa jones
    alisa jones 5 months ago

    Yes this is a big mess. The truth is the truth RKelly has gotten away with enough. I had to go back and listen to his music he clearly tells it all. LOCK HIM UP ASAP

  • alisa jones
    alisa jones 5 months ago

    This is not about his music. This is about a KNOWN CHILD MOLESTER. Let's start with Aaliyah 1st. Come on people let's be real now.

  • alisa jones
    alisa jones 5 months ago

    The question wasn't about if it was RKelly. It was who the was and her age. Without that information there was no case. RKELLY AIN'T S**T. This isn't about black men it's about Pedophilia "PERIOD". There is no way u can twist and turn this n2 anything other. The man is a known child molester. People can try to down play this mess all they want to. Lock his SICK ASS UP.

  • alisa jones
    alisa jones 5 months ago

    The parents were very afraid of the out come if they had just went on and told the truth. The back lash was gonna be awful for the entire family. They felt like they had to lie. The outcome could have been deadly for them. They took the wicked way out. Smh Truth be told.

  • alisa jones
    alisa jones 5 months ago

    Roland nailed it. Roland knows the truth and so does most of us know the age group of our race as black people, but unfortunately the parents didn't want CPS to take there children. The parents are clearly unfit parents who sold there souls and the young daughter for$$$$.

  • Daye Massey
    Daye Massey 5 months ago

    Not saying who's right or wrong but when you coming up women throwing the underwear that you throw in their self at you you got millions of dollars you can create some horny unorthodox sexual habits think about it these young athletes singers coming up with 50 million dollars girls want to drink their piss not seeing who's right and who's wrong but you have to have morals

  • Devonisthatfunny Davis2

    They all knew what that man was on they jus want sum money.... giving him all this publicity is jus uping his status we all love r kelly they love his ass to

  • Tydy
    Tydy 5 months ago

    Lying ass bitch, period😠

  • lisa cave
    lisa cave 5 months ago

    They all want money.. smh stop it man

  • Matt Orchard
    Matt Orchard 5 months ago

    Can’t stop looking behind her,seeing his name on the poster..wtf...take it down...

  • Elaine Donaway
    Elaine Donaway 5 months ago

    She's lying.

  • Elaine Donaway
    Elaine Donaway 5 months ago

    Better girls than boys...

    • Juanita Wright
      Juanita Wright 5 months ago

      right they need to make a Surviving Catholic Priest.

  • essvee86
    essvee86 5 months ago

    R. Kelly is no better than that sick NXIVM dude and Allison Mack. Aaron McGruder and Dave Chappelle was right to make fun of that predator pervert.

  • Effie Lincoln
    Effie Lincoln 5 months ago

    Wow he just call the lil girl's women ?

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 5 months ago


  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 5 months ago


  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 5 months ago

    have u seen the Bird puppet Tariq made 4 U? lol!

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 5 months ago

    Roland Slime

  • Debbie Does Dallas
    Debbie Does Dallas 5 months ago

    He can get away with this mess because these girls are black , let him try to sleep with one under age white girl and all hell would break loose 😒

  • queenmia white
    queenmia white 5 months ago

    Why her niece didnt speak out

  • fiya fi
    fiya fi 5 months ago

    the ones that sweety the money ran out. what money she been saying this for years. Lisa van Allen has been saying this for years. yall act like this is new news. yall are ridiculous and blind

  • fiya fi
    fiya fi 5 months ago

    the poster behind her is to show association with him. that is her accomplishment why not have it her home.

  • Mazlum Besler
    Mazlum Besler 5 months ago

    why this stupid b....... has a Poster from R. Kelly behind her, and in her room??????

  • Alli Shalua
    Alli Shalua 5 months ago

    The world never understand, never think beyond the capability that God has grant to us, thus money lead people to hypocrisy ...... We even forget that Satan through Ever (woman) 'just the same as here'.. Destroy humans life... Here now we cased, a woman will bitterly delivery and a man will hardly survive ... Guys... Open your eyes.... This is Satan's hypocrisy.. It is last days.... Perhaps it is difficult to fight against.

  • Lynn Taylor
    Lynn Taylor 5 months ago +1

    Ok, I do believe R Kelly is sick and need help, but let’s just address this, why is the Catholic Priest not going to jail for rapping little boys, why do they get a pass, why are they not going to jail, where is the six hr documentaries on The Catholic Priest, STAY WOKE!!!!

  • Olivia Mitchell
    Olivia Mitchell 5 months ago

    parents need to teach their children how to love themselves and how to take pride within themselves and it don't take a man to make a woman whole .

  • angela mcgee
    angela mcgee 5 months ago

    The time of greed

  • Aaron Y
    Aaron Y 5 months ago

    This fucking Black POS is going to HELL...AB in the Prison yard will make him Call them Daddy.. others will call him his B.I.T.C.H!!! LMAO

  • Expose Them Episodes
    Expose Them Episodes 5 months ago

    I just wanna know why y'all defending people that didn't defend themselves?
    To this day the pee pee girl & her parents haven't uttered a word but it so much controversy surrounding them.

  • mary house
    mary house 5 months ago

    Why everybody is not taking about Harvey WIENSTIEN,JOHNNY DEEPP,an all the other caucasian that's not beeing thought about.

  • Wendy Wonderful
    Wendy Wonderful 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for respond DaSupadupa happy to see you agree!

  • N Estrella
    N Estrella 6 months ago

    G0D know'z!

  • 1NeoSoulChild
    1NeoSoulChild 6 months ago

    For the people saying they still support RKelly are equivalent to people that support Trump. You're sticking around because he's talented. You're also just like the people who send money to cops after they kill a Black man... as a show of support.

  • YouTubeStory2 Chinada3
    YouTubeStory2 Chinada3 6 months ago

    how did i end up here? gtfoh youtube ebeggers

  • jabar Busby
    jabar Busby 6 months ago

    I was saying the same thing about the picture in the background

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia 6 months ago

    I love Roland Martin

  • Quantum Kitty
    Quantum Kitty 6 months ago

    She made it ALL about her... smdh. Wildly inappropriate poster in the background you could have filmed somewhere else oh and fyi my new single just came out what a coincidence. R Kelly belongs in jail but lets be clear the money and fame blinded you and that why no one was looking out for these girls. This is just sad she is still exploiting her nieces trauma for self promotion. I wouldn't talk to her either.