The Division 2: Taking the Pentagon Stream 10/16 | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Got plans this weekend? Jump in and play The Division 2 for free from October 17-20 with this look at Episode 2 - Pentagon: The Last Castle. In this stream, the Ubisoft News Team suits up with the new Technician Specialization to wield multi-missile launchers against the Black Tusk. Armed with EMP grenades, the Artificer Hive, and a gun with a snake on it (the exotic Diamondback rifle), they’ll check out the new main missions and explore new areas in their quest to end the deadly outbreak ravaging Washington DC.
    The Division 2 Episode 2 - Pentagon: The Last Castle is available now for Year 1 Pass holders, including UPLAY subscribers, and will be free for all players on October 22. It includes two new main missions, a new Specialization, two Classified Assignments, and a new PvP mode and map. Episode 2 also marks the return of Expeditions, as well as the arrival of Title Update 6, a massive suite of improvements to a wide variety of areas, including the Dark Zones and the loot, crafting, and inventory systems. The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and will be on sale for up to 70% on the PlayStation Store (Oct. 15-28), Microsoft Store (Oct. 17-27), Uplay Store (Oct. 17-28), and Epic Store (Oct. 17-20).
    The Ubisoft News team keeps you up to date on the latest news and announcements from Ubisoft at Join Chris Watters and Youssef Maguid live every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00AM PT as they play the latest Ubisoft games, dive into the UPLAY+ catalog, and showcase special in-game events.
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Comments • 28

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five Month ago

    The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint Are Commercial Failures Confirms Ubisoft.

    ROTTEN RICKY Month ago

    Man imagine if they hadn't wasted people making break point and how much better the Division 2 would be with those resources.

  • E Celestino
    E Celestino Month ago

    returned to shotgun in darkzone, a 500k protection player dies with two shots, 90% is playing shotgun now, congratulations to those involved.

    ANDROXUS Month ago

    Add FOV in R6 Console

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx Month ago

    i play solo and yesterday when i got on the Division 2 i played 1 mission and a half because the other mission i tryed to play stopped working in the middle of the mission it broke on me please fix this game already

  • Outboard Gull52
    Outboard Gull52 Month ago

    "the Pentagon"
    But it's not political huh? Oh ok lmao.
    Also, MeansTV has a great Let's Play series on this if you want a Leftist take on this game

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk Month ago

    Stutter stutter chop chop. Same old unoptimized game.

  • revell xd
    revell xd Month ago +1

    Pls ubisoft why the ghost recon breakpoint in epic games why not in the steam

  • Tacticool
    Tacticool Month ago

    new specialization signature weapon sucks!

  • Kexin
    Kexin Month ago

    "Sometimes I know things about stuff"🙄

  • Christyna Green
    Christyna Green Month ago +2

    Frikin love this game.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Month ago +3

    Ubisoft is what my wife said to me on our wedding night.

  • Mustafa Evgin Demirci

    Can you guys pls give it to me for free? Maybe it’ll work lol

  • Mikethamanc
    Mikethamanc Month ago +2

    Can see myself playing Breakpoint more than Division2. Cover and shooting mechs get boring after a while.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor Month ago +4

    Breakpoint mechanics are trash also I haven't played division in a while but the game play seem smooth as well as movement.

    • GODSPEED 33
      GODSPEED 33 Month ago

      Why are talking about breakpoint

  • Matthew Zhao
    Matthew Zhao Month ago +1

    Content drought rn, but I still have faith in this game

    • DanPH77
      DanPH77 Month ago

      @Matthew Zhao No it doesnt. They got their money for the sequel and prob wont make another so they are finished. "All the devs have to do is do something" yea...that goes for anything. The game will remain dead mark my words. Reason why? Greed.

    • Matthew Zhao
      Matthew Zhao Month ago

      DanPH77 this game has potential you can’t see.I believed in the destiny franchise and it’s taken off. All the developers have to do is release content that engages and entertains. I know I’m not a developer and I know it’s probably really hard to do what I suggested, but honestly, if Destiny can do it, Division can do it. First expansion was a bit lack luster, but I think this game can pull through later.

    • DanPH77
      DanPH77 Month ago +1 are naive

  • Rycca Gamer
    Rycca Gamer Month ago

    Oooo myy❤

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay Month ago +3

    Division is broken

  • darkjedi351
    darkjedi351 Month ago +12

    Ubisoft RUINED Ghost Recon!!!!!

    • Arne Lievens
      Arne Lievens Month ago

      Tis isnt ghost recon so why are you saying it on this vid

    • Julian Figueroa
      Julian Figueroa Month ago

      @friendly frenzy but thx for telling me

    • Julian Figueroa
      Julian Figueroa Month ago

      @friendly frenzy I dont care about micro transactions i still love the game

    • friendly frenzy
      friendly frenzy Month ago

      @Julian Figueroa micro transactions up the ying yang