How to Detect a Lie

  • Published on Feb 22, 2008
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    Are you getting the whole truth and nothing but? The answer may be lying right in front of you.
    Step 1: Watch their hands
    Watch the suspected liar’s hands. Body language studies show that people tend to touch their face and scratch their nose when they lie.
    Step 2: Follow their eyes
    Follow their eyes. Liars tend to blink a lot and don’t maintain eye contact.
    Step 3: Note their words
    Note their words. A liar will skip contractions--saying 'I did not' instead of 'I didn’t'--and avoid pronouns, using someone’s full name instead of 'he' or 'she.'
    Step 4: Check their smile
    Check their smile. People who are telling the truth use many facial muscles, but liars smile with just their mouth.
    Step 5: Note their posture
    Notice their posture. Liars tend to keep their body posture closed (by folding their arms, for example). They may also unconsciously put an object between you, like a cup of coffee.
    Step 6: Pause before responding
    Pause momentarily before responding; if the silence makes them uncomfortable, they may be lying.
    Step 7: Note the details
    Pay attention to details. If they provide more information than necessary, that’s a bad sign. People tend to be overly specific when they’re making something up.
    Step 8: Change the subject
    Change the subject. If they seem relieved, that’s probably a red flag that they’ve been lying straight to your face!
    Step 9: Teach your liar a lesson
    What you do from here is up to you. It may be smart to file your knowledge away for future use. However, if you're noticing a trend, it might just be time to teach your liar a lesson.
    Did You Know?
    In a recent poll, 91% of Americans reported lying on a regular basis.
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  • Prince Pradhan
    Prince Pradhan 3 months ago

    He was nice actor

  • Mr Mcfire
    Mr Mcfire 3 months ago

    Yeah but I need to detect clickbait

  • TheHalfBloodPrincess
    TheHalfBloodPrincess 4 months ago

    Step one: have honest friends

  • Erick Jamieson
    Erick Jamieson 4 months ago

    Uncomfortable because of status cuo.

  • qwertyuiop asdfghjkl
    qwertyuiop asdfghjkl 4 months ago

    Well thanks to this I am famous in the whole school that I can detect a liar.all thanks to this

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  • blah kookie
    blah kookie 5 months ago +1

    This is tips to not do when u r lying 😊

  • HybridLegix
    HybridLegix 7 months ago

    You know, back in jr. high there was this one dude who told me he's all rich in stuff(for example he said he owned a Bugatti Veyron and that his parents were founders of some random company or organization). I felt like he was lying because I have never seen anyone drive around in a Bugatti around my place. If I ever see that guy again and he tells me some stuff about his "rich life" I'm gonna use this video just to see if he is lying, also thanks for the info in the video Howcast!

  • Redin321
    Redin321 7 months ago

    Liars have boosted their ways now they do too much eye contact

  • Tombom 1016
    Tombom 1016 8 months ago

    i smile when i lie :(

  • A•
    A• Year ago

    Ive never been catched lying even tho I lie like at least once every week which I knows is kinda bad and I try not to IT JUST COMES OUT SO EASILY

  • Joseph Sin
    Joseph Sin Year ago

    I have all of the qualities of a good liar except the smile part, I usually do what they said in the video

  • AndroidMacDelta
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  • Aime-Lynn Hartley
    Aime-Lynn Hartley Year ago +1

    This is so helpful because I hate liars and my 10 year old cousin ALWAYS lies but gives me ALL if these clues. I am only 2 years older and I can detect that lie in 5 seconds

  • reneswag
    reneswag Year ago +4

    How to not be spotted as a liar
    -Put your hands on your pockets
    -Make direct eye contact
    -Avoid making facial expressions (especially smiling)
    -Don't speak much

    • Joseph Sin
      Joseph Sin Year ago

      Putting your hands in your pockets and not speaking much is a dead give away that your lying even making direct contact and not making a single facial expression goes hand in hand with what you said - too calm lol

  • Pus Sii
    Pus Sii Year ago

    Soo... I'm bad at eye contact but I always tell the truth *sometimes* I now just started wonder if people think I'm "always lying". I pay attention to people's voices when I speak to them and I can easily tell if someone is lying about something that they are saying just by their voices.

  • Haris Hadzovic
    Haris Hadzovic Year ago

    lyin' Ted 😂

  • Henna Orakzai
    Henna Orakzai Year ago

    I have really good ears and also great eyes

  • Smol Trash
    Smol Trash Year ago +1

    I only smile with my lips and not my teeth.

    • BLITZ GT
      BLITZ GT Year ago

      same, and some people who can't maintain eye contact could have autism...

    • Jesse Starr
      Jesse Starr Year ago

      CaptainCuddles same!

  • Krisna Syahdanadarma

    Anyway, lying indications differ from cultures to cultures, also from one nation to another nation. Although some can be found similar, but it is unwise to judge everyone with a general and universal indications. No offense Howcast..

  • Marina Bruno
    Marina Bruno Year ago

    This was helpful... Ahaha check out my vid on how to catch a liar too!! I have different tips... 😬

  • SophieXPlaysMCPE
    SophieXPlaysMCPE Year ago

    But my friend always cross her arms

  • nosandforjosh
    nosandforjosh Year ago

    ill use this in school

    • Son Pham
      Son Pham Year ago

      oh ok then Your friend has ADHD.

  • Gold
    Gold Year ago

    The cake is a lie!

  • GuineaPigGamer
    GuineaPigGamer Year ago

    I can't let my mom find this video

  • Gatling Pea
    Gatling Pea Year ago

    Thank you so much!
    now i am gonna detect lies

  • Brandon Warrior
    Brandon Warrior Year ago

    Kiss your hand 5 times, comment this 3 times on another video and look under your pillow

  • Kids Bandt
    Kids Bandt Year ago

    Kiss your hand 5 times, comment this 3 times on another video and look under your pillow.

  • Kids Bandt
    Kids Bandt Year ago

    Kiss your hand 5 times, comment this 3 times on another video and look under your pillow.

  • Crazyphrazy
    Crazyphrazy Year ago

    What A Cool Video :D

  • OhhHeyYouReadMyName
    OhhHeyYouReadMyName Year ago +8

    You will need good eyes


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    Snatch Pro Year ago

    Love it!

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  • Jerin Shaji
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    +LIM SENG HOCK u typed nothing jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jerin Shaji
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    Or If your going to lie don't do these things haha

  • Nicholas Barnsdale
    Nicholas Barnsdale Year ago +1

    Actually, there is no evidence that says liars tend to break eye contact more than usual when they are lying. However, liars do tend to make more eye contact than normal.

  • SuperIronGolem
    SuperIronGolem Year ago

    Good Ears???????? Nope thank you

    BOB SCHROEDER Year ago

    We all do it

  • David Banks
    David Banks Year ago

    "Why would I ...."
    "It d didn't just walk away"
    "It has to be somewhere."
    " I have no idea what you're talking about.
    (sarcastic voice) oh sure... ( mock confession without facial tells)

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  • Alex Klatt
    Alex Klatt 2 years ago

    I need to find the other 9%

  • HoboSkrub
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    Plot Twist: this video was a lie

  • Devon Prouty
    Devon Prouty 2 years ago

    If you don't do these things when lying... you will be a great liar.

  • Glitter B 8
    Glitter B 8 2 years ago

  • Kayden & Katelyn LP
    Kayden & Katelyn LP 2 years ago

    I never ever maintain eye contact because I'm super shy 😅 but I get a HUGE stomach ache when I lie 😱😂

    • Son Pham
      Son Pham Year ago

      Gigi Cat 20 Eat a lot of turkey

  • T. Latu
    T. Latu 2 years ago +16

    Awesome! I'm gonna cheat on my girlfriend and I'll make sure to use these tips incase I'm questioned

  • C. Brion Kidder
    C. Brion Kidder 2 years ago

    @0:30 wow, what a beauty. gorgeous eyes.

  • Eric Harper
    Eric Harper 2 years ago +8

    And the other 9% was lying when they said that they don't.

  • Brother Psycho
    Brother Psycho 2 years ago

    If I know someone well I can here lying voices from them

  • CookieToastGirl
    CookieToastGirl 2 years ago

    some times I do

  • CookieToastGirl
    CookieToastGirl 2 years ago +3

    I don't lie

  • Samy  Amaral
    Samy Amaral 2 years ago +3

    1:29 "Pay attention to details". Did someone else noticed the door?

  • Roland Ramos
    Roland Ramos 2 years ago

    thx because my bro is so mean

  • Ashish Rana
    Ashish Rana 2 years ago +7

    to tell a good lie, just speak like the terminator.

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      +ben mazor PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN. NOW!

    • ben mazor
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      I did not touch the cookies - arnold voice

  • Ocker De Bokx
    Ocker De Bokx 2 years ago +1

    even if you have follwed all these rules and are sure a person is lying to you... they will deny that they are lying... and its the 21st century, nearly everybody texts XD

  • Endezeichen Grimm
    Endezeichen Grimm 2 years ago

    This is a lie!

  • marlb0r015
    marlb0r015 2 years ago

    Copied from South park.

  • Lovemeorleaveme
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    I need Just 2 things
    Alcohol and a voice recorder

  • Specter Hawk
    Specter Hawk 2 years ago

    I don't think you need these tips to realize the guy in the video is lying

  • notbeebo _ o
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    This taught me how to hide a lie

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    Why does he look gay?I'm just saying

  • Mico Escobio
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    I'm telling the truth please let me get out of this thing that what he said to me heheheheehe but I'm the one not telling the truth

  • Joshua Gardner
    Joshua Gardner 2 years ago +5

    "Breathing, living, and eating are also signs of a liar"

  • Arlyn Isanan
    Arlyn Isanan 2 years ago

    1.56 girl and boy in backround lol

  • Wirtzak
    Wirtzak 2 years ago +1

    And now everyone will think they detected a liar each time someone is being nervous, while confident liars never get detected. Plus people that have confidence while lying probably tend to lie more. If you don't know the person, you most likely do not know anything about their typical lying bodylanguage. I think analysing body language for lying signs can be very unecessary and misleading, unless you think someone's words doesn't make any sense, no matter how they are spoken.

  • dooM
    dooM 2 years ago

    All of this is so obvious

  • Sunita  Bohrer
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    omg so she lied to me????

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  • Megan Boyle
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    good job

  • Carlos Cunha
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    0:28 - Could be a red flag, but keep in mind that people who have allergies also touch their face a lot.

  • steven kolady
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  • jordan huf
    jordan huf 2 years ago +76

    This video is also a guide on how not to get caught lieing

    • Erick Jamieson
      Erick Jamieson 4 months ago


    • Erick Jamieson
      Erick Jamieson 4 months ago

      The bigger question is why do we keep believing the lie? Not us but in general. I followed the truth and I found it. Why does not everyone do this?

    • Erick Jamieson
      Erick Jamieson 4 months ago

      It's just that people can't handle the truth so I am nice with those delicate minds.

    • Erick Jamieson
      Erick Jamieson 4 months ago

      I didnt get that at first. I had to see your comment before watching again and realizing. Thank you.

  • catlover583
    catlover583 2 years ago

    my face always is motionless and my hands are usually set on one thing so nobody can ever tell if i'm lying >:D

  • Gordon
    Gordon 2 years ago

    Playing L.A Noire helped me a ton

  • AlChimbo [GD]
    AlChimbo [GD] 2 years ago

    Is that Micheal Jackson?

  • Darek steven
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    ahh steps to become a good liar lol

  • nelsonr12
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    I learned everything I know about lying from L.A Noire

    • Isaiah Brooks
      Isaiah Brooks 2 years ago

      XD OMG SAME haven't played that games in YEARS

  • KenpachiNoPein 剣八のペイン

    Every generic comment in this sad section: Herp derp politicians lie a lot. I am the first person to ever make this observation haw haw.

  • Lucid Dream
    Lucid Dream 3 years ago

    thanks for the video, now ill be perfect at lying

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 3 years ago +1

    The easiest way to know when someone is lying......
    Political campaign Speeches!

  • John Cambarare
    John Cambarare 3 years ago

    Did he get arrested for eating some dudes lunch?

  • crimson177
    crimson177 3 years ago

    I read the title as how to lie

  • Crazywaffle5150
    Crazywaffle5150 3 years ago +57

    I do all of this when i'm telling the truth because I have social anxiety.

    • Ticklish Terrorist
      Ticklish Terrorist 2 years ago

      +LIM SENG HOCK Wait what?!?How can you type nothing?!?I can't post my comment if I don't say anything,how do you do it then?!?

    • SistersAreDoingIt ForThemselves
      SistersAreDoingIt ForThemselves 2 years ago

      Sooo True..thanks

    • Ashish Rana
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      same here, i think these expressions are signs of anxiety and that can be of lying or social or other.

    • Ariea Boyd
      Ariea Boyd 2 years ago +7

      That's what I was thinking. I get really nervous just talking. 😕

  • Alan Gilbert
    Alan Gilbert 3 years ago +2

    I can tell if someones lying without looking out for any of these things. I'm just a good judge of character. I grew up with alot of deceit and had to learn fast when I was being lied to or not as a matter of survival. You can't lie to me for a protracted time and get away with, I don't take anything as guaranteed without tangible proof, even from a lifelong friend.

    • Isaiah Brooks
      Isaiah Brooks 2 years ago +1

      Same here my sister is a thief and a huge liar I hate it and I can't even have a regular conversation without her lying I'm going to get back at her

      MURDERMITTENLICKIN 2 years ago

      Sounds like you have just been easily manipulated ur whole life and now have superpowers because of it. Im gonna take a guess that u have been cheated on once possibly several times as well 😃

    • scarlet cojocea
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  • coolpatrickandryan
    coolpatrickandryan 3 years ago +8

    Practice this while watching Obama speak.

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  • Luke Slivinski
    Luke Slivinski 3 years ago

    My friend said "did you know scientists have a potion that makes people live forever? My grandma took it. She's 103 and she doesn't eat healthy" SUCH A LIE.

  • Vallad Centrius
    Vallad Centrius 3 years ago

    this only applies to people who are not composed.. but does not or is limited to people who have control over emotions/body movement/gesture or is not afraid to tell a lie

  • Liz Yanez
    Liz Yanez 3 years ago

    The other 9% are liars

  • Leo Brinkhoff
    Leo Brinkhoff 3 years ago

    What about telling a true story but adding some parts that are not true, just to make it sound good?

  • Johnathan10188
    Johnathan10188 3 years ago

    Are you getting HOLE truth and nothing BUTT...

  • Sammy Dreemurr
    Sammy Dreemurr 3 years ago

    Here's another cool trick! According to a recent study, people lie the least when emailing because there afraid the words will come back to haunt them. So when someone's accused of lying, say "Can you just email me about that?" and walk off.

  • YouTube Comment Guy
    YouTube Comment Guy 3 years ago

    Learned all these when i was in elementary school...

  • Zerdy X
    Zerdy X 3 years ago

    To detect a lie, you need to break down what they're saying. Ask for additional info, when they give you additional info say that you suspect that they're lieing. If they get frustrated or start defending themselves you know slmost certainly that they're lieing.

  • Marquis De Lafayette
    Marquis De Lafayette 3 years ago

    its unnatural speech to not use conjuctions and use pronouns?
    what kind of world do you live in?

  • Epik Blue
    Epik Blue 3 years ago +1

    another good way to catch a liar is to ask them very specific questions.
    for example,
    my ex boyfriend said he graduated next year with a degree in forensics.
    i asked him specific questions, like "what program do you use?"
    "what school are you going to?" , "what classes are you taking?"
    he wasn't able to answer the classes quickly, he said he didnt remember what program he was using,
    and he said he was going to a school that did not offer a forensics program...
    I also talked to the guy he dated before, his ex told me that he was never in school.

  • Jack Aslan
    Jack Aslan 3 years ago

    The guy in the video wasnt lying.

  • stefan ljung
    stefan ljung 3 years ago +1

    ... i do most of the things in the video even though i tell the truth. so i guess i should be blaming this video if someone accuse me of telling a lie...