just another mental breakdown at college

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • hope u guys enjoy this college VLOG!!
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Comments • 271

  • Daniel Nwadike
    Daniel Nwadike 25 days ago

    LOL I was watching this while drinking water and my bottle spilled at the exact moment your ramen spilled

  • Paleesha Parwani
    Paleesha Parwani Month ago +4


  • maryam thr
    maryam thr 3 months ago

    Look it's 2 am rn where I live and I'm just randomly watching your videos and about 5:05 I HAVE TO tell you that giiirrrllll dnt you ever think like that about yourself if I was at ur class I was like oh someone's got a point and actually u got a good intonation despite the great amount of likes you said you actually spoke good I mean dnt ever think like that Im not gonna talk in classes again 😊

  • malak benabicha
    malak benabicha 3 months ago

    the ramen spill killed me

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago

    the vine made my day 👌🏼

  • heyitstilda
    heyitstilda 3 months ago

    r u on a diet or sth?

  • Safia K
    Safia K 3 months ago

    Is this u of c?

  • Mehdi Saad
    Mehdi Saad 3 months ago

    School is prison.

  • s.
    s. 3 months ago

    Miguel at the beginning omfg😍🙌🏽

  • isha paul
    isha paul 4 months ago

    Someone the song pls

  • Bob
    Bob 4 months ago

    People really underestimate how hard University is - it’s a proper Graft at times

  • Fathima Farhana
    Fathima Farhana 6 months ago

    She looks like Camila Cabello

  • M s s nobody.
    M s s nobody. 6 months ago

    Wish my college was beautiful as yours, mine is just plain bored and tons of walking and ughhh

  • Josephine Georgiou
    Josephine Georgiou 7 months ago

    Could you do like a house tour ? Do you live on your own ?

  • fariha othy95678
    fariha othy95678 7 months ago +1

    She looks like alicia vikander
    Love you

  • niel kelly
    niel kelly 7 months ago

    ohgohd girl, you look very pretty.

  • n p
    n p 7 months ago

    Subbed to your channel coz you soo purrtty! But if i may suggest, it would be nice if you could make your vlogs more concise and cuter! Maybe improve your vlogging style and editing!! Its just a suggestion and its not to be rude or anything! But how pretty are you tho 💕💕

  • n p
    n p 7 months ago

    Subbed to your channel coz you soo purrtty! But if i may suggest, it would be nice if you could make your vlogs more concise and cuter! Maybe improve your vlogging style and editing!! Its just a suggestion and its not to be rude or anything! But how pretty are you tho 💕💕

  • r
    r 7 months ago

    her class schedule sucks so much omg i feel bad

  • Вячеслав Пешкилев

    What’s university you’re studying in?

  • Shakib hussain
    Shakib hussain 8 months ago

    Are u muslim ?

  • Butterflies
    Butterflies 8 months ago

    where do you live?

  • physique buzz
    physique buzz 8 months ago

    Where r you from..? Mam😜

  • Wafaa K
    Wafaa K 8 months ago

    Are u arab? Youre so pretty btw💕

  • Dijana Minic
    Dijana Minic 8 months ago

    Did she have plastic surgery? Just asking... or can a person really be this pretty wow

  • Maryam M
    Maryam M 8 months ago

    were you in an arabic class at the end?

  • cornel tuttle
    cornel tuttle 8 months ago

    Love you video for college

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales 8 months ago

    Do you have student loans ?

  • Muhammad Z
    Muhammad Z 8 months ago

    First of all you are such a beauty Queen 👸🏻 🌹

  • AYGamings
    AYGamings 8 months ago

    I'm a guy but I seriously relate to how you live your life in every way,, I love it :)

  • Michelle
    Michelle 8 months ago

    I miss Penn lol

  • Victory Ebonka
    Victory Ebonka 8 months ago

    I wish my school had more healthier options 😭

  • moin kabiraj
    moin kabiraj 8 months ago

    Sooo nice vloge .......one day we will make together vlog 👍😊😊

  • weallgonna die
    weallgonna die 8 months ago +1

    You look so much like Madeleine (cheryl) from riverdale. Omg

  • Manda Soha
    Manda Soha 8 months ago

    Your college is so aesthetic 😍😍 are all colleges in America like this??

  • Seth stearly
    Seth stearly 8 months ago

    This makes my community college look like a literal prison

  • Ramla Irfan
    Ramla Irfan 8 months ago

    do you go to school in new york?

  • Allanna Cuellar
    Allanna Cuellar 8 months ago +1

    lmao if that was me filming in the bathroom and someone walked in while I was filming I probably would not have kept going, haha! Ok, acai bowls are for real the best though!

  • N Tzf
    N Tzf 8 months ago

    You are so pretty 😭💛💛

  • kashan riaz
    kashan riaz 8 months ago

    U r beautiful mashallah

  • Val Valerian
    Val Valerian 8 months ago

    Make asmr

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 8 months ago

    U date hockey players?

  • Star Knight
    Star Knight 8 months ago

    lol @ yes take that selfie. That university is huge. I would hate having a class that would be all the way on the other side of the university. I'd probably ask for permission to get a golf cart to ride around or electric skate board. Look great and you did fine speaking in class.

  • tt xx
    tt xx 8 months ago

    You are Muslim . You should not hangout with that guy (new friend) .

  • Kenny Li
    Kenny Li 8 months ago

    ur so cute

  • shh 308
    shh 308 8 months ago

    تشبه ريم الصانع

  • Nida Alina
    Nida Alina 8 months ago

    Uhhh I’m so happy I found you!!! Please do a hair tutorial and a clothing haul. I love your videos legitimately just started watching all of them. 😙

  • Sumna Arshad
    Sumna Arshad 8 months ago

    Nice vlog..I like it ☺ BTW Yasmeen where u from?

  • Amna Ali
    Amna Ali 8 months ago

    you are beautiful! uuuummmaahhh!....hahahaha

  • Kelly Murphy
    Kelly Murphy 8 months ago

    girllllll I love your personality!!!!! obsessed w u

  • Hannah Leonardo
    Hannah Leonardo 8 months ago +1

    oh gosh, you're so pretty ❤️

  • Bella Chacon
    Bella Chacon 8 months ago

    you’re so pretty girl💕 love college vlogs!

  • SeeMeU Guy
    SeeMeU Guy 8 months ago

    Best way to contact you?

  • Christina
    Christina 8 months ago

    What college is that?

  • zara 666
    zara 666 8 months ago

    Black hair looks so good on u

  • Massive Vlog
    Massive Vlog 8 months ago

    Hi please tell me on which topic i cab make vlog

  • Harry P.
    Harry P. 8 months ago

    Hey I liked the bracelet u were wearing where’d u get it ☺️

  • Vatsal Patel
    Vatsal Patel 8 months ago

    Who does meditation on chair??🤔

  • Funyi Adiah
    Funyi Adiah 8 months ago

    Th is such a nice vlog
    What song did you use for it?

  • Maga Aundjian
    Maga Aundjian 8 months ago

    u seem super cool and chill! new suscriber here!