Making a HUGE Fire Tornado #2 Cage

  • Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • Project Huge fire tornado enters the final construction stage and is looking epic so celebrating the passing of 4 Million subs is on for next fursday- click the bell and get the notification. As you can see a lot of effort goes into the videos and every view is appreciated.
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  • Jack Obrein
    Jack Obrein 11 hours ago

    Bulid a rocket powered airplane!!
    Bulid a rocket powered airplane!
    Please! Please! Please!

  • No name
    No name 4 days ago +1

    Redstone irl

  • Urfavindianguy
    Urfavindianguy 13 days ago

    At least u have the sausage rolls

  • speedrunner _LuL
    speedrunner _LuL 14 days ago


  • Niko Bray
    Niko Bray 22 days ago

    Put a dirt bike on that as the spinning power

  • Turrebo
    Turrebo Month ago

    Hi, it's Colin.
    Again, yes.
    Look, I'd like another permit.
    No, for a fire tornado.
    A _fire tornado_
    About 30 feet, I think.
    Hello? Hello?

  • SWORD SHIELD Bloopers
    SWORD SHIELD Bloopers Month ago +1

    What does he do with all of his inventions?

  • Sebas 846
    Sebas 846 3 months ago

    Eso de pajarera estaria muy chula

  • Anthony Eccles
    Anthony Eccles 4 months ago

    YOur neighbours must hate you.

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 4 months ago

    1:00 "oh shit, the fire is leaking, best put on some flammable stuff on there."

    really dude?

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 5 months ago

    Mechanical man love to you mate

  • Shukrani Sibale
    Shukrani Sibale 6 months ago

    We invite Colin to Africa

  • Want Some girls
    Want Some girls 7 months ago

    That’s hog wire not chicken wire

  • panda tv
    panda tv 7 months ago

    adami ilk defa böyle goruyom aq amk

  • Gregor Koch.
    Gregor Koch. 7 months ago

    Build a jetpack youre so awesome

  • André Stadelmann
    André Stadelmann 8 months ago

    @conlinfurze Where did you get the "danger 5000 volts do not enter without permission of the chief engineer" sign?

  • LethalCactus
    LethalCactus 8 months ago

    january... Happy for you youre not in canada ; )

  • Liam Keeling
    Liam Keeling 8 months ago

    5:51, miss Furze?

  • Wingnut
    Wingnut 9 months ago

    Plastic fittings on gas pipe...

  • The C girls Are the best


  • Maker Man
    Maker Man 9 months ago

    He gets drunk 4 every video😂

  • Marionne Patrick
    Marionne Patrick 9 months ago

    Jesus! These projects are not cheap. He should be the next mythbuster

  • Godzilla1
    Godzilla1 9 months ago

    What happened to your hand it has umm red circles

  • Paul Röhrig
    Paul Röhrig 9 months ago

    You motivated me extremly. If the man who build a giant flame tornado in England has a woman, I can get a girlfriend!

  • wolfie jags
    wolfie jags 9 months ago

    Wow really nice watched this when it came out
    you should make it BIGGER

  • The Great Cornholio
    The Great Cornholio 9 months ago

    I'm convinced some people just dislike videos because it makes them feel special and that reason alone

  • David Williams
    David Williams 9 months ago

    It's January, we live in England, What do I expect.
    I was like"yeah in England we get either 10+degrees c or 5-degrees c

  • oddly British
    oddly British 9 months ago

    The fucking baby!!! Haha

  • Sugiarto Pku
    Sugiarto Pku 9 months ago


  • Lyubov Nakonechnaya
    Lyubov Nakonechnaya 9 months ago

    I like this guy

  • Lyubov Nakonechnaya
    Lyubov Nakonechnaya 9 months ago

    Can he make me a Lamborghini

  • Masoud Rad
    Masoud Rad 9 months ago

    wow! just wow! you are awesome!

  • MeoWffle CAT
    MeoWffle CAT 10 months ago

    Omg Colin went big AND HOME

  • Jemand
    Jemand 10 months ago +1

    you can make a huge adventurepark, with all this stuff

  • Prince jumma
    Prince jumma 10 months ago

    I always trial

  • alfie jones
    alfie jones 10 months ago

    Your neighbours must love you

  • Yeet 93
    Yeet 93 10 months ago

    what do your neighbors think of this stuff

  • Lucas,s Video,s
    Lucas,s Video,s 11 months ago


  • Jean-Paul Ahlbrecht
    Jean-Paul Ahlbrecht 11 months ago

    You are bad shit insane and I love every minute of it

  • Nicholas Rui
    Nicholas Rui 11 months ago

    God I wish he was my neighbor! The mayhem .

  • Asyer Roy
    Asyer Roy 11 months ago

    Smile while watching..

  • Iesha samaratunga
    Iesha samaratunga 11 months ago

    Dude your Insane I wish I was you or I could meet you

  • Syahrullah Sumaga
    Syahrullah Sumaga 11 months ago


  • Ozoo hany
    Ozoo hany Year ago

    um.. colin why on your door it is called [area 51] at 4:13 area 51 is the aliens labortory
    witch is abandon

  • Spanky Star
    Spanky Star Year ago

    You have just got to build an airplane, Colin! An ultra-light, maybe...You have done some cool stuff and even some stuff the mentally deranged wouldn't do... but something is missing... seems like you need a vacation. Come to America, we have some very friendly laws about flying ultra light airplanes... as in, one needs no license, or hell even instruction. I have some good ideas about how to build some cool airplanes and want to build an ultra-light high altitude long distance airplane. You can come visit with me in America and stay for as long as you like... we can build a couple of airplanes. Have you given thought to creating the Colin Furze Show? Let me be a character on the show? It will be fun... I can see it now... it all starts with like a two hour pilot movie. "Colin Goes On Vacation", would be a good title. We'll pitch it to Hollywood and make bank.

  • Nickolas Vlogs 3124

    4:27 Area 51........... we found it

  • illuminati
    illuminati Year ago

    do a video wear you make a RC plane but only using microwave

  • Sean Hill
    Sean Hill Year ago

    are you an engineer??

  • Rahul Jangir
    Rahul Jangir Year ago

    Colin from where you got that 5000 volts Danger sign board. Man! At 4:08

  • ?? ??
    ?? ?? Year ago

    This guy is such a bad ass

  • Adrian Valenzuela

    Need funding for a project plz donate.

  • Shari & Dav
    Shari & Dav Year ago

    nice stuff

  • David Odle
    David Odle Year ago

    will I live in U.S.A

  • MemesAndDreams
    MemesAndDreams Year ago

    jeez collin what did you do to your hand?

  • Rexy Axy
    Rexy Axy Year ago

    i bet $100 dollars that his neighbors are like : what in the hell is he doing this time?

  • Minako Lewthwaite

    7:20 huge amounts of fire on a very grassy area. Very smart, I like your thinking

  • unknown king
    unknown king Year ago

    Pls try to make a hydrogen generator!😀☺😁☺😁

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    i cant find the song?! c'mon google, strut your stuff already...
    i tried:
    "i know it seems that sometimes its not worth facing the day"
    "do the things you said that you would do with your mates when you were young"
    but to no avail...
    can somebody tell me the song if you know it? it sounds fantastic to me, just my kind of jam

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    what was the song that was playing at roughly 6.25?

  • Pirmin Trittel
    Pirmin Trittel Year ago

    Do you know who Fynn Kliman is?
    PS:It’s a german TVclipr

  • Stefanie Dadds
    Stefanie Dadds Year ago

    lol it did not work i knew it would not work because that was the worst idea in the whole world

  • Stefanie Dadds
    Stefanie Dadds Year ago

    this has too be fake there is no fire tornadoes in the world

  • Justin Morse
    Justin Morse Year ago

    Mack a bom🇨🇱💥🔥

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez Year ago

    Get a wife

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  • Aaditya gadhvi
    Aaditya gadhvi Year ago

    ONLY Orignal content.

  • XYGhostZY Gaming
    XYGhostZY Gaming Year ago


  • thor CoolGuy
    thor CoolGuy Year ago

    4:17 Area 51 in the background

  • John Sibobo
    John Sibobo Year ago

    that was so dangerous you didn't use a lpg regulator you should not hook it directly

  • Catherine Flint
    Catherine Flint Year ago

    BMX with fire weols

  • Gordon Ramsay's Son

    Peadel power super spiny thing XD

  • The Citris Bros
    The Citris Bros Year ago +1

    Damn I wanna be his neighbor

  • Broon Tango
    Broon Tango Year ago

    Were the fuck dose all this stuff go?

  • universal glaxy
    universal glaxy Year ago +1

    Who else comment on this video

  • Winnie May
    Winnie May Year ago

    1:00 random kegs on roof

  • N Holman
    N Holman Year ago

    Colinfurze how did you get the wheel piece to the airfield

  • Snakegaming777
    Snakegaming777 Year ago

    It’s a bit stiff ....... to turn anyway

  • Dawn D
    Dawn D Year ago

    Your like the mumbo jumbo of real life😂😂

  • Zachary Burrows
    Zachary Burrows Year ago

    The dude Needs to get out of the suburbs and onto a farm. Imagine how much more insane shit he would do.

  • militarycollector 04275

    The human gyro gearlose

  • abdullah natsha 10064

    Merry more wood and iron

  • XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask Fan

    how does jake paul have more subs than this pure genius

  • Влад Серый

    Русские есть?

  • Tom T
    Tom T Year ago

    I wonder how many noise complaints you get from your neighbours

  • foop
    foop Year ago

    Where *does* he put these things after...?!?

  • QO4legos
    QO4legos Year ago

    Someone please tell me, how do people do this.

  • SW H
    SW H Year ago


  • ShelbyKingNFS
    ShelbyKingNFS Year ago

    Do you actually plan and design stuff or so you just think of solutions as problems arise

  • Mia zuki
    Mia zuki Year ago

    if you look really closely you can see around 4:25 that he is actually working in the famous AREA 51 which explains his highly advanced workshop and the nearly unlimited amount of materials he has.

  • Nethan Garvey
    Nethan Garvey Year ago

    make a fridge that cooks your food for you

  • /
    / Year ago +3

    Neighbers: what you making now
    Colin: just a 4 metre tall fire tornado
    Neighbers: never let the kids go and play there again

  • Adli Hafiz
    Adli Hafiz Year ago

    phineas and ferb in future

  • HunUck
    HunUck Year ago

    i like the guy who helps you, he looks like MR.Bean

  • Luke Schwartz
    Luke Schwartz Year ago

    I saw this on Outrageous Acts of Science

  • Renee Smith
    Renee Smith Year ago

    hi I'm new

  • Zombie Empire
    Zombie Empire Year ago

    Can you make a giant fidget spinner

  • His Popeyness
    His Popeyness Year ago

    Audio much better in this video! Good job fixing it!

  • Leviathans Terrible Gaming

    I don't see why they've had enough of you, If you were my neighbor I'd be watching with some damn popcorn, you're possibly making the coolest shit in your entire town there I reckon they could be more grateful that they can see it up close and personal

  • Nyo Ho
    Nyo Ho Year ago

    We need something to use as are base for a fire tornado. I Know let's make it out of WOOD!

  • Taylor Gray
    Taylor Gray Year ago

    What does he do with the stuff he builds once he's done with it