Hong Kong police face off with protesters as airport protests erupt in chaos

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Violent clashes broke out at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday evening as riot police arrived to disperse anti-extradition protesters.
    Hong Kong airport protests took a violent turn when police showed up to disperse the crowds blocking the international airport terminals. Demonstrators initially appeared to force the airport staff outside, later barricading the airport road with baggage carts and throwing plastic bottles at police vehicles when scuffles broke out.
    One police officer was beaten by demonstrators and fell to the floor before being helped to their feet by fellow officers. The officer in question pulled out a gun during the skirmish and pointed it at the protesters but no shots were fired.

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  • Charles Chin
    Charles Chin 4 hours ago

    1.10 Proof that Islam is behind the protests

  • Ti Gi
    Ti Gi 6 hours ago

    họ biểu tình rất văn minh

  • Safe HongKong
    Safe HongKong 8 hours ago

    Hong Kong protester will regret what they are doing.
    This is not democracy. This is riot and chaos.

  • Marvel James
    Marvel James 11 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the people that had to clean up afterwards

  • meng lv
    meng lv 13 hours ago


  • 王捷
    王捷 17 hours ago


  • 邹林洋
    邹林洋 Day ago


  • 庄司明国
    庄司明国 Day ago +1


  • nyan nyan
    nyan nyan Day ago

    You guys ok up there?

  • Jiejie JIEJIE
    Jiejie JIEJIE Day ago

    wow hong kong people are legend

  • chan 9148
    chan 9148 Day ago


  • chan 9148
    chan 9148 Day ago +2


  • j lyn
    j lyn Day ago

    I beleieve rioters enough is enouh,youre making too much damge on youre own land,i understnd whats youre figthing for but causing too much to the living others peoples lives is youre damaging their freedom of how they want to live,

  • 王文杰
    王文杰 2 days ago +1


  • Beeshnu lamaa
    Beeshnu lamaa 2 days ago +1

    they are from Africa those fighting

  • Samsung J316
    Samsung J316 2 days ago +1

    This protesters will dead

  • Chuan Chuan
    Chuan Chuan 2 days ago

    👿💨 😲😱😂
    👗👉 👕👕👕
    👠🚧 🚧🚧🚧
    Back to school!

  • Ray Dang
    Ray Dang 2 days ago

    Covering Their Faces to commit Capital Crimes ?These KIDS are Terrorists !!!!!

    LESTI FISA 2 days ago

    香港男的都最娘们了 香港女的都是最容易睡的..

  • roy chow
    roy chow 3 days ago


  • kyt2008
    kyt2008 3 days ago

    A large gruop of zombies

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim 3 days ago

    if those protesters did that roadblock in United States, he or she must have long gone..

  • 榆林倒
    榆林倒 3 days ago


      HIMANSHU O.O Day ago

      Yes you right, watch peaceful protests of algeria, it is very Civilized

  • 李弥
    李弥 3 days ago


  • 刘向榮
    刘向榮 3 days ago


  • ardee Wong
    ardee Wong 3 days ago


  • Sung Nguyen
    Sung Nguyen 3 days ago

    Đo la suc manh khi nhan dan khong đong tinh lanh đao

  • Huynh Thao
    Huynh Thao 3 days ago

    hoan hô người dân can đảm của hong kong

  • Golbal. TOP PHIM
    Golbal. TOP PHIM 3 days ago

    mình đều là dân phải tốt với nhau bảo vệ nhau hj hj hj em xem video hông hiểu truyện gì nhưng chỉ biết nói vậy ạ ...

  • Sean Sasaki
    Sean Sasaki 3 days ago


  • abetterday
    abetterday 3 days ago

    Hong Kong guys you are awesome heroes

  • lukasteen1
    lukasteen1 3 days ago


  • pallilalia
    pallilalia 4 days ago

    We all are Chinese people people, who should love each other, instead of fighting each other. ALL OF US, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER WE ARE IN CHINA OR HONG KONG, are ALL THE SAME. Try to sympathize with the hongkong protesters.. they are young people who are simply asking for their basic rights.. Is it really too difficult to fulfill their request ? Why do we have to punish them simply because of difference in ideologies. Why can't we love these young people?

  • 膽紫龍
    膽紫龍 4 days ago +2

    attack police,will be arrested. Common sense in the world

  • tobias Z
    tobias Z 4 days ago


  • zhi zeng
    zhi zeng 4 days ago

    这就是西方推从的民主?totally rioters, anachy...
    disgrace in the name of demarcracy?!

  • Po King Chan
    Po King Chan 4 days ago +5

    I saw the riot protesters attack HK police, the police only defend

  • 刘生
    刘生 4 days ago


  • sam sam
    sam sam 4 days ago

    Have to kill hk police... hk police very bad....

  • Sophie Brasse
    Sophie Brasse 4 days ago

    Ça et là c'est de la manifestation 😯

  • Tủa Vừ
    Tủa Vừ 4 days ago

    Tôi ủng hộ người hk

  • s.y.garrie kong
    s.y.garrie kong 4 days ago


  • zhmz888
    zhmz888 4 days ago +2

    absolutely failure of current HK education system which taught them basic value system

  • 周金平
    周金平 4 days ago


  • Phu Nguyen
    Phu Nguyen 4 days ago

    HK should have own nation guards or borrow neighbor cn pla, sure never happen again ,riots are not HK. They r paid terrorists

  • 马先森
    马先森 4 days ago


  • Terry Sarjoo
    Terry Sarjoo 4 days ago

    World learning to play dirty.

  • Terry Sarjoo
    Terry Sarjoo 4 days ago

    China man do better than Egypt.

  • Trâm Phan
    Trâm Phan 4 days ago

    Dan hk la dau tranh gianh lai su song con canh xat la lam theo lenh thang tap

  • jimmy yang
    jimmy yang 4 days ago


  • Francisco José
    Francisco José 5 days ago

    É bronca, meu véi!

  • avantj
    avantj 5 days ago

    give these policemen aids blood infection with syringe

  • ADHD Dude
    ADHD Dude 5 days ago

    Salute to all these policemen for their tolerance to such a barbaric behaviour, they would have been beaten up and usher away if they were in countries like Russia .

  • BIRD 1990
    BIRD 1990 5 days ago +1


  • Trabucox
    Trabucox 5 days ago

    Cant wait to start seeing dead party members.

  • Fendi Yanz
    Fendi Yanz 5 days ago

    Why not use gun?

  • pallilalia
    pallilalia 5 days ago

    oh my god.. the hong kong police ARE gangsters..

    • Eric Y
      Eric Y 4 days ago

      pallilalia are you blind

  • huangxin Lin
    huangxin Lin 5 days ago


  • 刘少红
    刘少红 5 days ago


  • Bruce Chen
    Bruce Chen 5 days ago

    香港警察為什麼這麼軟弱 ?? 台灣以前也是!但現在有很多改進 一但員警受到安全疑慮⋯⋯是可以開槍的!想請問各位!!破壞香港百年榮景是你們所要的自由嗎?破壞完整的警察體系是你們所謂的自由嗎?讓香港回到如同60年前宵禁戒嚴的台灣是你們要的自由嗎?真不知道 不認同自己的國家、不認同自己的民族 不認同自己的同胞 的你們 要什麼?我是台灣人 我愛中華民國 我認同中華民族文化 我認同我中華民國的鄉親同胞 ⋯ 不管藍綠 對台灣好的就支持 ⋯ 反之則唾棄!