Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #6 | with Alex Wassabi

  • Published on Oct 28, 2017
  • The Vat19 Try Not to Laugh Challenge is back with special guest, Alex Wassabi!
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    The Make Me Laugh Challenge is back! Members of the Vat19 video team and special guest Alex Wassabi sit in a chair with their hands tied and their mouths filled with water. Their goal is to keep a straight face and avoid laughing as the rest of Vat19 do everything they can to get them to crack up.
    With free rein of the Vat19 prop and wardrobe departments (plus the warehouse!), the team has a ton of fun and a lot of laughs.
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  • Eric Does The Internet
    Eric Does The Internet Year ago +3929

    Spent all that time on my butt abs and they get blurred.

  • Joy Alcañices
    Joy Alcañices 3 days ago

    its alex wassabi

  • Nazaline Monterroso
    Nazaline Monterroso 3 days ago

    Eric: Joey used to got to the gym everyday but he stoped going but i did thats why i got abs abs back abs hand abs and BUTT ABS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • HLS
    HLS 4 days ago


  • Zeny Deitas
    Zeny Deitas 4 days ago

    Angelyn or Angelynard : I know him he is so funny XD
    Ennard: I agree.

  • Sandra Limbach
    Sandra Limbach 6 days ago

    Welcome to the Hunger Games

  • Garvin Luo
    Garvin Luo 6 days ago

    I bet guava juice is the t-Rex

    I LOVE BTS 7 days ago


  • Thanh Huynh
    Thanh Huynh 8 days ago

    If You guy met alex why don't you meet Roi Wasabi

  • habiba sayed
    habiba sayed 9 days ago

    What up Alex

  • Jon Simpson
    Jon Simpson 10 days ago

    Yay Wass is

  • shelby wood
    shelby wood 11 days ago

    omg alex i subed to him

  • christina diep
    christina diep 11 days ago

    "if you guys forgot i made crotch abs" LMFAO IM FREAKING DYING OVER HERE

  • Hannah Paxton
    Hannah Paxton 11 days ago

    4:40 but I didn’t!

  • manperson366
    manperson366 12 days ago

    Did anyone els not know who Alex was before this vid?

  • Oscar gen
    Oscar gen 12 days ago

    i laugh at the same time that Donney does

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion 12 days ago

    alex with the dinosaur lmao

  • Gabi Rac
    Gabi Rac 13 days ago

    That was roi wassabi

  • The Infinity Channel
    The Infinity Channel 13 days ago +2

    Butt abbs XD!

  • Amber Ashley Ong
    Amber Ashley Ong 13 days ago

    Abs, back abs, hand abs, annnnnnnddddddddd butt abs!!!!!!!!! 💪🍑💪

  • Tifanny Hendrick
    Tifanny Hendrick 13 days ago

    Hey alex wassabi I now you from wassabi production Im your fans number 1

  • jolie xyay
    jolie xyay 14 days ago


  • Tyrone Raagas
    Tyrone Raagas 15 days ago

    Alex: This is what ew call "back farts."
    Jamie: Your nasty

  • Robot Luigj
    Robot Luigj 18 days ago

    Fastbreak383 is still here

  • Leeyana Rahman
    Leeyana Rahman 18 days ago

    Nov 2 is my bday

  • Ismael Almeshhdi
    Ismael Almeshhdi 18 days ago

    4:47 butt abs!!!

  • Bryce Nguyen
    Bryce Nguyen 18 days ago

    Hey, my favorite TVclipr! Alex Wassabi from Wassabi productions, and you too Vat19!

  • Trickster 7315
    Trickster 7315 19 days ago

    Where's episode 7?

  • UmmeMusa
    UmmeMusa 21 day ago

    what about roi Wasabi

  • ItsJustGaming
    ItsJustGaming 21 day ago

    Fastbreak383 is always in the Burming questions

  • Luis Araiza
    Luis Araiza 21 day ago

    November 2nd that's meh birthday

  • Shannon Quigley
    Shannon Quigley 21 day ago

    Joey graves 2:42

    DHOWEESKIE 22 days ago

    Fast break is everywhere!!!

  • kittys and cats
    kittys and cats 22 days ago


  • Kora Rorabaugh
    Kora Rorabaugh 23 days ago

    alex: be gone be gone ,come here , never mind be gone be gone
    me over here: lmao im dying

  • Cindy Rahn
    Cindy Rahn 23 days ago

    He shows you abs abs back abs hand abs and but abs 6:01 guys I forgot to show my crotch abs

  • Ninthe Melieste
    Ninthe Melieste 23 days ago +1

    Hey vat 19 these vids i love the most plzz make a one hour vid of it plzzzz do it greets of Ninthe byee😂💖

  • Gacha Sparkles
    Gacha Sparkles 23 days ago

    Hey i know alex wassabi hes a youtuber

  • LOL Gamer ROBLOX
    LOL Gamer ROBLOX 23 days ago

    I can’t stop laughing 3:11😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Nyarome 2
    Nyarome 2 24 days ago


  • C A M E R O N蒸気
    C A M E R O N蒸気 24 days ago

    Not Alex

  • Chris Pearson
    Chris Pearson 25 days ago

    Hey guys we would like to say we really enjoy your crazy videos. Keep up the great work its just to funny.

  • Plam tree
    Plam tree 26 days ago

    That burning questions part killed me

  • Pamela Shane Parone
    Pamela Shane Parone 26 days ago

    Alex is my favorite TVclipr

  • SuMmEr XoXo
    SuMmEr XoXo 27 days ago

    Eric is always showing his butt 😂😂😂

  • F.A.N VAT19
    F.A.N VAT19 27 days ago

    4:47 Ewwwww!!!! Hahahahahahaha

  • Jennifer Rasnick
    Jennifer Rasnick 27 days ago


  • Spider Riszer
    Spider Riszer 27 days ago

    3:57 that is the scream of a man who has seen death and knows it in its purest form

  • Family Matuska
    Family Matuska 27 days ago

    The last one is my favorite

  • Staticmations
    Staticmations 27 days ago


  • Viczelle PlayzXD
    Viczelle PlayzXD 28 days ago

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Sanchez
    Fernando Sanchez 28 days ago

    Hey 119. Calm when I'm 29 I'm going to come work for you

  • Butters Stoch
    Butters Stoch 28 days ago

    AND BUTT ABS 😎 wtf XD

  • Normal nub
    Normal nub Month ago

    4:41 is funny

  • Top Sedmica
    Top Sedmica Month ago

    I gave this video a dislike becouse Alex Wassabi was in the video

  • TinyBlast37 Ahmed
    TinyBlast37 Ahmed Month ago

    make another one

  • Eric Liao
    Eric Liao Month ago

    Anyone know where they got that gun to kill that wolf cuz I would like to buy that

  • Kelly BeezyBear
    Kelly BeezyBear Month ago

    Yay alex

  • Sab Thunderboy
    Sab Thunderboy Month ago

    They got so many questions from FastBreak383 that now they barely remember him! 5:07 xD

  • I Like This Picture

    Alex is dead

  • Steven Hanson
    Steven Hanson Month ago

    #guava juice

  • The Marionette
    The Marionette Month ago

    Who else was shocked when they brought the bearded Dragon out at 2:22

  • Taylor Nguyen
    Taylor Nguyen Month ago

    5:07 FAST BREAK 383 AHHHH

  • Justin McFall
    Justin McFall Month ago


  • Joanna Banana
    Joanna Banana Month ago

    HAND ABS!!


  • Regina Rojas
    Regina Rojas Month ago

    i have constapation. sorry if i spelled it wrong .-.

  • The Pudgy Cats
    The Pudgy Cats Month ago

    Did you see Alex peed his pants.

  • NovaLagez _
    NovaLagez _ Month ago

    6:07 I laughed so much that I have to go to the hospital

  • ItzCarla Plays
    ItzCarla Plays Month ago

    Fastbreak363 thought oh and the 2nd to last one though

  • Kayee Xiong
    Kayee Xiong Month ago


  • Devotham Wagh
    Devotham Wagh Month ago

    I'm still watching this in 2019

  • Bear Master1465
    Bear Master1465 Month ago

    2:01 did they get that from Ryan higa’s birthday surprise vid?

  • angelino jowin
    angelino jowin Month ago


  • Danielle Foley
    Danielle Foley Month ago

    You could say ALEX blew that dinosaur away with his funniness

  • Ko roni
    Ko roni Month ago

    Abs abs back abs hand abs and butt abs

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover Month ago

    Eric is a legend

  • Angelyn Jean
    Angelyn Jean Month ago

    This is so cool

  • Angelyn Jean
    Angelyn Jean Month ago

    Omg it is him alex

  • Angelyn Jean
    Angelyn Jean Month ago


  • Nutsa Batiashvili
    Nutsa Batiashvili Month ago

    hgeydfh hfdygfydreter hahahahahahahahah

  • TheOneAndOnly
    TheOneAndOnly Month ago +1

    *Fastbreak383 back at it again*

  • ERL E2Miner
    ERL E2Miner Month ago

    3:08 I'm out of here

  • Rainbowlover
    Rainbowlover Month ago

    What happend to this challenge! They never finishes it

  • max
    max Month ago

    Idk who that guest is but he aint funny

  • iiAxzyte132
    iiAxzyte132 Month ago

    Where part 7?

  • Dustin Dark
    Dustin Dark Month ago

    The lizard looks like my pet drax

  • Zach Boyd
    Zach Boyd Month ago

    Who is FastBreak383?

  • Tea Ggg
    Tea Ggg Month ago

    How come the room they use makes it look like a kidnaping.

  • Sheri Nan
    Sheri Nan Month ago

    Alex wachubby

  • Crazy Cousin
    Crazy Cousin Month ago

    G’day ...... ever been down under
    If you didn’t do anything I was gonna shock ya

  • Isabella Crump
    Isabella Crump Month ago

    B U T T A B B S

  • Clare Cambil
    Clare Cambil Month ago

    I see a butt sexy

  • Nicole Fan
    Nicole Fan Month ago

    HAHAHA LOLLLLLLLLLL 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Travis Walkington
    Travis Walkington Month ago

    Eric is the only one that shows his butt

  • Someguy302- Raj
    Someguy302- Raj Month ago

    Their wasabi

  • MarkJerso Domingo
    MarkJerso Domingo Month ago

    In 4:31 butt abs

  • Monster Kid
    Monster Kid Month ago

    Guava next ( Roi )

  • Ashleyloveswolves !

    Omg Alex yaaaaas!

  • edgy-undertale-girl

    Hey guys i forgot i have crutch abbs !

  • Magdaz Magdaz
    Magdaz Magdaz Month ago +1

    -Wow thats alive-*that's alive*