Elon Musk: The World As We Know It Is About To Change Forever (2019-2020)


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    End Times Productions Has Moved - MAIN CHANNEL HERE - tvclip.biz/channel/uchomugzf4g349tlymff7i4w

  • Rob Mc
    Rob Mc 3 hours ago

    Bullshit.. it will never happen.

  • Evolution1st Evo
    Evolution1st Evo 5 hours ago

    It's time to join. - Faith Forever

  • DarkCarbunkle
    DarkCarbunkle 7 hours ago

    You keep selling that hope, pal.
    You keep feeling that pain.

  • Bkat 2d11
    Bkat 2d11 7 hours ago


  • Marko ASDA Driver
    Marko ASDA Driver 7 hours ago

    We're apparently about 100yrs from becoming a type 1 civilization and this is the hardest and most apocalyptic for us. Going from type 1 to type 2 or type 2 to 3 is relatively easier, but musk may be onto something, if we don't transition to type 1 it's over.

  • S R
    S R 8 hours ago

    Transcendence is what he is referring to.

  • coolmintdove
    coolmintdove 11 hours ago

    Only the rich and evil will be able to afford to do it. The rich want to depopulate not find a way to keep them around in any way.

  • Fernando Fernández Vargas

    I'm wondering about the effect of all this evolution on social structures: high tech will be... Only for elites. As far as I see, it's too expensive. Cyborg-masters and bio-minions? Sounds like sci-fi. But it seems that shortly it will be real. I hate this century.

  • XUAN li
    XUAN li 23 hours ago

    Sign me up

  • Jon-luc Ysart
    Jon-luc Ysart Day ago

    It's like watching ET talking to Frankenstein.

  • Mark Stanley
    Mark Stanley Day ago

    Daniel 12:4 even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro "increased world poplulaton", and knowledge shall be increased ”internet/ai. Jesus informed us nothing is hidden from us.

  • Nate Bell
    Nate Bell Day ago

    occupy mars

  • AJ S
    AJ S Day ago

    Elon Brother. I believe you n what u r saying scares me a lot.

  • Bkat 2d11
    Bkat 2d11 Day ago

    hey everybody let's start a new fad, too weird digital reality, it just an Fn Box! lol ...

  • Bkat 2d11
    Bkat 2d11 Day ago

    Here is the strangest observation, we all can shut it down but you can't walk away from it for more than 24 hours, kinda the new fad of digital friends, interesting social behavior as a cultural phenomena!

  • Bkat 2d11
    Bkat 2d11 Day ago

    First time In our country where we have a massive data base scrutinized by Authorities!
    Especially Authorities that were never a Civilian!

  • iwannarock101
    iwannarock101 Day ago

    Oh my god. This guy talks like he is god or something haha for FS
    Edit: That expression on his face is way too serious obviously the guy invented the deep plate

  • susan scott
    susan scott 2 days ago

    He's one of them and has made his deal with satan like the rest. He talks a lot of sh*t to cause confusion. Satan is the author of confusion. Turn to Jesus or you will be fooled too. He is coming soon for his bride. Don't wait to accept Christ as your savior.

  • Jeanette Pelletier
    Jeanette Pelletier 2 days ago

    He looks defeated 😕 like he’s scared of what’s to come for us!!!!🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez 2 days ago

    Damn these fools are high.

  • jaquanta franklin
    jaquanta franklin 3 days ago

    Ghost In A Shell

  • dark window
    dark window 4 days ago +2

    Lucifer's son is Jesus Christ in the king James bible !!! 👈👈👈

  • Amina Tongol
    Amina Tongol 4 days ago


  • Cygster
    Cygster 4 days ago

    Give me immortality, Elon. You can be my God.

  • Viking Iquitos
    Viking Iquitos 5 days ago

    You can see they cut and edited some of this interview . He is making sure he does not say to much as he really wants to say . He looks really scared . I heard on other video's that they cloned him . But I think this is the real him . What is up with the new AI text generator ?

  • M773
    M773 5 days ago

    he smokes too much weed.

  • John Grimes
    John Grimes 5 days ago

    simulation of a simulation

  • ghostrider51500
    ghostrider51500 5 days ago

    It’s been here for decades already. Your just seeing it more recently...

  • Leaetta Hyer
    Leaetta Hyer 5 days ago


  • MrGiggity890
    MrGiggity890 5 days ago

    Elon is a robot

  • Laura Schweitzer
    Laura Schweitzer 6 days ago

    They purposefully blocked out pineal gland.!

  • Laura Schweitzer
    Laura Schweitzer 6 days ago

    We're slow because they changed our frequencies centuries ago.

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez 6 days ago

    What's really gonna cook your dinner is that it was the Machine all along....

  • Flávia Souza
    Flávia Souza 6 days ago

    in the plant have ready super humans

  • Matias Sebastian
    Matias Sebastian 6 days ago

    Worst interviewer ever

  • jose arteaga
    jose arteaga 7 days ago

    Why is an idot like rogan interviewing Elon musk

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong 7 days ago

    You can see the defeat in his eyes... it’s coming and will definitely wipe humans out, it’s OUR evolution embrace it

  • Bill Blogs
    Bill Blogs 7 days ago

    Its bullshit, the knowledge we have of the brain now, which is very little, is almost purely speculative. This is complete bullshit, like Musk himself, this joker cant even launch a rocket vertically and land it consistently, yet he can control the human brain. Memory.is NOT a definition of intelligence. Lmao at talking to Obama lol hes a puppet. Bah

  • secret yawn
    secret yawn 8 days ago

    Hes an alien

  • The One
    The One 8 days ago

    You cannot capture the soul durksss

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong 8 days ago

    we have an obligation to go there with ai!its the next level of discovery for man kind and will continue on even if we dont because our bodies fail us now and hold us back. It will always know that we created it so we have to take the next step and in this case leap into the future otherwise we will eventually reach a point of stagnation

  • cheefy
    cheefy 8 days ago

    If ai isnt capable of feeling fear why would it worry about something that threatens its existence?

  • Corey Stuerke
    Corey Stuerke 8 days ago

    This is silly lol anyone who thinks God isn’t in control well then get the mark of the beast implanted and follow these guys and the Bible will play out. Jesus saves.

  • Corey Stuerke
    Corey Stuerke 8 days ago

    The one thing you two are proving is that the Bible is true and is the word of God., your both lost in Satan and your sin so repent and you will b saved.

  • Corey Stuerke
    Corey Stuerke 8 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ died for all
    Submit repent and forgive give your life to our triune God the Father the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and have eternal life.

    KUNDAN PANDEY 8 days ago

    why r they wearing a headphone?

  • sz42781
    sz42781 9 days ago

    "I tried for yeeahhs"

  • Jim will Bump
    Jim will Bump 9 days ago

    This guy is a sexpot. He needs big money to get fertile females...dont fool me...

  • Dušan Kúdela
    Dušan Kúdela 9 days ago

    Speaking about some pretty boring simulations...Desert bus from Sega.

  • francisco joon
    francisco joon 9 days ago

    If it's that dangerous why not stop it??

  • Kate Armstrong
    Kate Armstrong 10 days ago

    Thats what happens when fools run the world.

  • Pam Thomas
    Pam Thomas 10 days ago

    Elon Musk is a God to me!

  • Richard Harrington
    Richard Harrington 14 days ago

    9:12 say what?

  • Ponani Khoza
    Ponani Khoza 14 days ago

    I am not sure but he sounds ambivalent.

  • Better Call Saul
    Better Call Saul 14 days ago +1

    This sounds like an episode of Black Mirror...

  • Sean Canning
    Sean Canning 14 days ago

    Ai human intergration is possible but it far surpasses belief that even God cant control it.

  • Sean Canning
    Sean Canning 14 days ago

    You could become creation. Origins exodus existance.. Etc.

  • Frmhevn *
    Frmhevn * 15 days ago

    My Father said this to me when I was a little girl. And I asked him about why crazy people thought spiders were crawling on them. He said who is to say that they are not? If that is their reality then to them it is real. That was at least 40 years ago. This tech is real and it is here. I pray we choose life in Jesus.💖🙏

  • Simon Davids
    Simon Davids 15 days ago

    Read "2020 die neue Erde" from Georg Berres.
    Theres only a german Version, but its literally the 5G-Technologie in Action.

  • Michael Hunt
    Michael Hunt 15 days ago

    Your dumb.

  • Shawn Standiford
    Shawn Standiford 15 days ago


  • Chad Hauskin
    Chad Hauskin 15 days ago

    If AI can beat a grand master at chess. Then AI will decide what will happen, and if it even needs us at all! Haven't you seen Terminator 2?

    • waynebow 2018
      waynebow 2018 8 days ago

      Have you ever seen someone ' loose ' a game when threatened with death. Where's the proof that AI is realy capable of everything their cramming down our throats. They made Sophie a citizen... when all she seems to be is a remote controlled head on a stick. There going out of their way to scare us of an AI take over.

  • jonah ramos
    jonah ramos 15 days ago

    The human brain can not contemplate the thoughts like how the universe was created or who even created God just try it your self try to think of what was here before nothing because it would literally be nothing, therefore nothing could be created not even a creator but I believe that this is not the case and we can’t even have a thought of how are lives were made. When I think of these thoughts I get a weird feeling because Any other thing in our universe can be explained some how but not this.

  • jonah ramos
    jonah ramos 15 days ago

    I would like to keep my biological self and I believe that the reason most people will is because of religion

  • BigBoss Gaming
    BigBoss Gaming 16 days ago

    What if we already reached singularity and created our universe as a simulation in order to see how we used to live prior.

  • Leanna Richards
    Leanna Richards 16 days ago

    Introduction to 5G. He keeps emphasis on the fact that the problem is bandwidth allowance....

    • waynebow 2018
      waynebow 2018 8 days ago

      Correct.... Everyone's attention have been taken away from the campaign against 5G ' death towers ', and being coned into thinking that there part of our survival plan.

  • Craig Minns
    Craig Minns 16 days ago

    We really need to talk.

  • Frodo H
    Frodo H 16 days ago

    I think Elon Musk is already using AI in his space rocket falcon heavey and on his TESLA thats why they are way ahead of the other companies. so he already knows the consequences

  • damian musulin
    damian musulin 16 days ago

    It seems an artificial intelligence has made us to try save it.

  • Bluelights aquarium
    Bluelights aquarium 16 days ago

    Who controls the switch of the third layer? Welcome to slavery. Never give your thinking to somebody else. Live free...

  • Purple Nurple
    Purple Nurple 16 days ago

    Resistance is futile!

  • Brenton rkelly staunton

    The world as we know it changes everyday. This video is stupid 😂

  • Cristian Quintana
    Cristian Quintana 16 days ago

    This man met with OBAMA, CONGRESS, & not one but ALL 50 FUCKING GOVERNORS about this & nobody listens. we're soooooo fucked.

  • Pun Jab I
    Pun Jab I 16 days ago +3

    He is speaking pure nonsense!

  • Justin Krane
    Justin Krane 17 days ago

    I have the upgrades. I have the brain implant. I'm miserable. The outcome for humanity is gangstalking until the last person standing off themselves. There are no giood people left in Ontario. They are all dead, and have been replaced by "the program" and "hive mind". They are boring. They are the same over and over again, and life has lost all meaning...

  • L Peddle
    L Peddle 17 days ago

    Reality is a precept not a concept for fucks sake.

  • L Peddle
    L Peddle 17 days ago

    Solar flares will never allow these scenarios to occur.

  • D West
    D West 17 days ago +5

    My only fear of death is reincarnation
    I'm totally over this destructive planet

    • Captain Wilson
      Captain Wilson 15 days ago +1

      Been feeling this way for a while now I feel u bro

  • Donna Emerson
    Donna Emerson 17 days ago

    Is the matrix real?

  • Just Vapen
    Just Vapen 17 days ago

    I belive Elon almost looks( or has the demeanor) as if he is channeling something or someone...Very weird

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 days ago

    This is exactly what i want ,AI to take control,cauz us humans are idiots and it would take millions of years to get smarter and we don't have that much time left,whitout AI we would destroy ourselves ,Elon Musk doesn't know EVERYTHING he can be wrong ;i believe he is.

  • Cajun Kuto
    Cajun Kuto 17 days ago

    You was warned 2000 something years ago. No excuses!

  • kaylene robinson
    kaylene robinson 17 days ago

    oh pls the man is a con artist wolf in sheeps clothing..he owns space x..why the x...cause hes working for satan..if y'all dont see his fake charm..you are doomed.

  • H Factor64
    H Factor64 17 days ago

    FearPorn 101!!
    And many still believe he shot a rocket into space with a car on it!
    Ground Control to Major Tom......we have his CGI right there

  • rad vlad
    rad vlad 17 days ago

    Two Antichrists pretending to be smart.

  • Blueberry Rain
    Blueberry Rain 17 days ago

    I wonder what his eyes have seen

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 17 days ago

    I'm not a pessimist but the "outcome" was decided many decades ago. Humans exercise free will, defiance, independence. These are the primary behaviors that are slowly being trimmed from existence.

  • Wish I was sleeping
    Wish I was sleeping 18 days ago

    Without a major breakthrough in circuitry and processing power sentient artificial intelligence is not possible.

  • Jake Skywalker
    Jake Skywalker 18 days ago

    They always say that though.

  • Amadour Lopez
    Amadour Lopez 18 days ago

    We won't live another 100 years and we'll take most of the earth to our graves mischieviously laughing it off untill we suffer down and try pathetically to crawl back up but fail miserably..

  • jose garza
    jose garza 18 days ago


  • David I
    David I 18 days ago

    Whoever produced this intentionally changed the Bible verse at the end.

    2 Timothy 3:1-5 (CSB) - 1 But know this: Hard times will come in the last days. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, demeaning, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 UNLOVING, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, 4 traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to the form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid these people.

    The word, ἄστοργος (astorgos), means that they are devoid of natural affection.

  • Jus Rarsh
    Jus Rarsh 18 days ago

    This is insane. WTF haha yo Elon and Joe got me buggin today.

  • greenlanternNT
    greenlanternNT 19 days ago +5

    All these cryptic warnings but still tries to sell us he has a car in space. 🤷🏼‍♂️ He is also a part of the deception of the human race.

  • Jenny Jenny
    Jenny Jenny 19 days ago +1

    He seems like he wants to say more but can't. Maybe he's just nervous?

    • xSeppe
      xSeppe 15 days ago

      Jenny Jenny hes high as a mofucka

  • Wednesday's Child
    Wednesday's Child 19 days ago +1

    "The Flesh is Weak" - warcry of the Iron Hands Space Marines (WH40K). Sounds like Elon agrees...

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 17 days ago

      always wanted to be a cyborg ,i would avoid so many types of suffering that are eating my life away ,but no im only human

    • Ralph Wiggam
      Ralph Wiggam 18 days ago +1

      Emperor be praised ...

  • Johnboy Williams
    Johnboy Williams 19 days ago

    False Prophet !! educate yourselves...

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer
    Barbara Brinkmeyer 19 days ago +1

    Humanity is jumping reality tracks, but consciousness is lagging. As every human being is a projection in flesh, made by spirit, though some humans are unaware (of these potentials) ..., and some humans are aware. A.I. should supplement evolution. If one is living deliberately in the virtual reality projected by all that one is, the human therfore can test through specific timeline focus various probable realities in an effort to then design their ultimate life (prior to full implementation).

    • Barbara Brinkmeyer
      Barbara Brinkmeyer 17 days ago

      I'm listening. At existential levels, there are parallel selves. One self meets another self ... who meets another, but most are unaware. Whereas, some are consciously aware (as in... "This one is very familiar. Is it possible that I've met another parallel self?" ...), in an effort to safely "reality test from the perspective of multiple, physically focused selves". A.I. can "help test" innumerable realities. When the subconscious template ... mind ... is cleared further of fear (or density consciousness), waking thoughts will shift internal and external realities ... but the limbic system is still very survival-based. If the unconscious and subconscious templates are cleared of many fears, new information enters in an effort to rewrite the substrait and to shift the holographic universe (that the physical body exists in). How is this possible? Because less than 1% of total humans populating the Earth are shifting timelines. As they test various realities, they see that there are far more favorable outcomes, leading not to End Times ... but rather, leading to New Earth (which is the very reality you're nurturing). Shift End Times for the masses. Though there are some distortions you're playing out which favor End Times, rest assured, much of what you talk about already favors New Earth (now). What you're attempting to confirm is that there is indeed a very safe and secure bridge from old to new.

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    AI is gonna be scary