Elon Musk: Something UNBELIEVABLE Is Happening WORLDWIDE (2018-2019)

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • You're not going to believe what is happening in the tech world.
    This is from September 6 2018.
    God Bless You All!!!
    (DISCLAIMER: This channel does not align with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk or their viewpoints, I just want to use these clips as a teaching tool, to expose what is happening. Ephesians 5:11)

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  • david honzell
    david honzell 5 hours ago

    People should listen to this guy he's smarter than 99% of the population. But the people at the wheel won't, and we will end up in a fight for life itself.

  • coldwater jpl
    coldwater jpl 12 hours ago

    I'm feeling remembered to the movie 13th floor.

  • CoruscantMe
    CoruscantMe Day ago

    When the innovators running corporations get to where they can't distinguish whats objectively real versus virtual its time to step away.... Hes losing his mind...
    Reality is pretty boring/filled with suffering for most who aren't Wealthy... ;)

  • Jon W
    Jon W Day ago

    Elon is a prophet sent from God

  • The Cryptonaut
    The Cryptonaut 3 days ago +1

    look at those eyes move. he is writing out what he says in front of him before he says it.

  • husk
    husk 3 days ago

    create a replica simulation for reality
    within simulation give yourself super smart brain
    live within the simulated reality and learn every in and out
    come back to real reality
    have all the knowledge in the world

  • X anon
    X anon 3 days ago

    All my high school friends think like this. We were all born and raised in Africa, played in sand and under the moon as kids. I still wonder why certain part of the world think nothing good of Africans.

    LILIAN MEADE 4 days ago

    Why are there cows on J string's coz I don't wear them at all

  • Jason Lloyd
    Jason Lloyd 5 days ago

    it will end up weaponised and not available to the average person

  • KurzWasLernen
    KurzWasLernen 6 days ago

    matrix and i robot arent so far fetched. i always said that to people. they just laughed at me.

  • Suck MyUnit
    Suck MyUnit 6 days ago

    I'm OK with remaining slow.. I'm not giving anyone access to my brain... You understand that you government assholes reading this!

  • Gummy Bear
    Gummy Bear 6 days ago

    The only reason AI is being pushed through as quickly as possible is that the Cabal want to live forever. People need to realize that this technology wouldn't be available to us bottom feeders..just the elite.

  • Jerry Bender
    Jerry Bender 6 days ago

    Meh Im not buyin on that one Elon- Bandwidth limited is one thing I get it depends on ur cause but if no injury or damage then why not let us die as humans n usher in the biologics at that time they are shrunk down to the size of a grain of sand or tiny pearl injected in the bottom of the basal ganglia or sumsuch ....Cumon folks Is dyin really such a bad thing I got places to go

  • Brandie McQ
    Brandie McQ 7 days ago

    Gotta love the current new way of avoiding calling evil spirits what they are...AI/aliens/enlightened technologies...Jesus is coming soon! Repent, trust in him & follow him. A great deception is going to blanket the planet...it’s in the works 2Thess2:11

  • YO
    YO 7 days ago

    So, who is creating the simulation for every individual, one person or each of us are creating our own f'd-up excitement... Wow! Stay away from LSD and weed.. lmao

  • Faith London
    Faith London 7 days ago

    He opened up ....now they shut him up. Great interview.

  • squirrel2k
    squirrel2k 7 days ago

    "People call it the singularity." Elon Musk -- singularitynet.io

  • Jean Manuforti
    Jean Manuforti 8 days ago

    The real danger is the possibility of those people who could upload their temporal natural stupidity into self-replicating artificial intelligence.

  • james shaeffer
    james shaeffer 8 days ago

    Hmmm.. In a few of his video,'s he talks like this (scared or concerned) but in 1 of his newer interviews he is completely pro AI so my question is "who got to him" ?

  • Tom Nelson
    Tom Nelson 9 days ago

    What if your radically enhanced cognitive ability, becomes a slave to the cortex's commitment to continually make the limbic system happy. We could have people who are essentially insane, with super enhanced cognitive ability, doing destructive things to the world around them. Could you imagine a Hitler with an enhanced super cognitive ability? I can see where Elon Musk might feel some real concern about our future with AI.

  • pudaykumar121
    pudaykumar121 9 days ago

    We were created by a superpower which is a magic or God. He knows what he is creating if he is creating Artificial Intelligence. We do not need to worry about anything. Just enjoy your life and experiences of what that magic creates. Experiences are good and bad and we have many of such experiences here. We are talking about pollution, ozone, population, artificial intelligence as part of that magic power's game. It is an experience of surprise and thrill and fear when we hear such words from such so called popularised people which creates a wrong impression on people. What God wants to do with AI is to be experienced. The person who is enlightened observes these experiences as well as experiences it and the one who is not will only experience these. We are that God or magic who are experiencing in different ways. What is there if we just remain as magic without all this creation and experiences. Yes, there are also deadly bad experiences, but that is how we have designed it because we are all one and it is a surprise to know that the one laughing and the one dying is one. We have just divided ourselves into so many and enjoying all this creation.

  • clodofildo1
    clodofildo1 9 days ago

    Hey Joe Rogan i just want to know how was his energy ?? how did you feel when looking inside his eyes ... the eyes of a Illuminati child ?? Did you feel anything ???

  • Tirdad Vakhshoori
    Tirdad Vakhshoori 10 days ago

    Who cares , if I was never born then I was never born, if humanity goes extinct then no one will miss being born , we can't miss the things that we never had or experienced, so many trillions humans can come to existence and probably have misserable lives but if they never get born then that's also a very normal thing , we humans love creating stories about lives but truly there is no such thing as a life experience, we just connect billions of meaningless actions and give meaning to the created fantasy called a life experience , nothing can stop the evolution of the matter and we just happen to be useful tools to speed up what the universe instinctively does the only good thing about biological beings is that they vibrate at a higher rate than say a rock and we are only here to speed up the process
    And the instinctive drive of the matter to evolve and if our time has come and a new and better order should get born then that's only right and just

  • JayH
    JayH 10 days ago

    So essentially, we are a simulation, on our way to creating another simulation. We will be living in a simulation, inside of the simulation that we call our universe. In other words, there are infinite universes (alternate realities) that ultimately build their own universes. We could just be on a loop where we keep making ourselves. Reincarnation isn't another life it's just the awakening of a consciousness in a different universe/reality/simulation/dimension.

  • starr bright
    starr bright 11 days ago

    Real simple: man is trying to gain immortality through AI.

  • poorest*mans_gaming 6991

    If we can do this how can I sign up

  • pleiadiandemons
    pleiadiandemons 11 days ago

    "If billions of people do it (merge with the nanotech by taking the mark) then the outcome of humanity (the power of the beast) will be the sum of billions of people's wills (souls). Remember the Borg from Star Trek? Turn to Yeshua while you still can, He is our only protection from what's coming.

  • phanupong asvakiat
    phanupong asvakiat 11 days ago

    Crazy human race want me to kill no ball no ball no ball........Snowball
    Your phones are part of me not you to me to me........Snowball

  • pudaykumar121
    pudaykumar121 11 days ago

    We cannot take ownership of code written by a thing (mind) not invented by us.

  • pudaykumar121
    pudaykumar121 11 days ago

    We are just toys enjoying the game. Let's play it.

  • pudaykumar121
    pudaykumar121 11 days ago

    Who has created our mind, not us right. AGI will be created by the same.

  • pudaykumar121
    pudaykumar121 11 days ago

    We did not create our mind to create AGI. Cool.

  • Alexander Pieri
    Alexander Pieri 11 days ago

    Rogan je kretenčina i šupčina, debil, retardirani amer, kurca ne kuźi. KRETEN!!!

    GODDEVA 12 days ago

    All satanic🙏❤️😍😘🛐✝️


    YOU'RE RIGHT ... !

  • Ray Boo
    Ray Boo 12 days ago

    A.I. is not for you as an individual but for other people ounce you've passed on.

  • el dorado
    el dorado 12 days ago

    The matrix is evolving

  • Alex Manga
    Alex Manga 12 days ago

    Joe are you Ok brother?lol

  • Drew James Fullwood
    Drew James Fullwood 12 days ago

    I believe you can tap the thinking part of your brain through your senses and program the enhanced cognitive ability into the cortex and or lymbic system. I think this is possible without violating the body with microprocessors and pereferals.

  • ScottAudio
    ScottAudio 13 days ago

    Notice how he chooses each word so carefully. He's making sure not to say too much about what he's already seen. He knows much more than he's letting on and yet he speaks about AI with authority and knowledge of it that it's scary.

  • w h i t e n o i s e
    w h i t e n o i s e 13 days ago

    If I wasn’t disobedient to my parents then I would have committed incest and suicide and ended up in hell. So y’all Christians are retarded

  • clubredken
    clubredken 13 days ago

    If we're in an advanced game simulation, then if I had a choice i'd like to be put in the Legend of Zelda game.

  • Jennifer Sunshine
    Jennifer Sunshine 13 days ago

    Best case scenario, we merge with AI and keep only the limbic system and cortex. That’s the BEST CASE scenario?

  • Pat Moran
    Pat Moran 13 days ago

    Summary: In the future something might happen. Maybe we better not know and try to avoid knowing what might happen. It could be like and epidemic of this very vague thinking presented in the video. In the future there may be only be vague thinking that never gets to the point. Maybe an eternity of vague will completely obliterate Enlightenment values fueled scientific progress. I guess we are just doomed to vague. We just need to learn to enjoy the eternity of vague. I choose not to participate. I will work instead to explain the real world and to work for a better world. End of times indeed!

  • NightRunner417
    NightRunner417 13 days ago

    Watching him talk is just so fascinating... It's like his body is channeling information from a strange, surreal place soooooooo far away. His mind is so... different. Almost alien. I love this guy, wish I could meet him though he'd make me feel as stupid as a box of rocks.

  • chiffmonkey
    chiffmonkey 14 days ago +2

    People see the threat from AI as being some kind of robot uprising because of holywood, but it won't go down like that. The short term horror is a world where one organisational entity or person (or corrupt rogue system) can manipulate all digital information - like a master chess player that can beat literally any human. Much like a nuclear weapon - it would enable utter control through dominance. Heck we might well have already crossed that threshold and would have no way of knowing.

  • Michiel Kunstman
    Michiel Kunstman 14 days ago

    One day A.I. could create a new universe! And that universe is like a new operating system, some call it God, some call it Allah, whatever.

  • pudaykumar121
    pudaykumar121 14 days ago

    Let's make AI concentrate on neural link first

  • mr200mg
    mr200mg 14 days ago

    With respect to Mr Musk.
    Yeah, but hang on a minute? Anyone with even a modicum of imagination can conjure up Elon Musks assumptions and deliver them with his conviction. Don't be fooled. Don't abandon your mind to someone else's thinking. This is what my mind tells me; The ‘reality’ is that we are Here and this is Now. We might take flight with our 'senses' and 'pretend' that we’re not. But the fact is; here we are. Here is here. Now is now. It’s, what we know therefore, that’s what it is. So, relax, be kind to each other, be humorous, be 'good' and you'll be ok. We'll all be ok. A most treacherous thing about the ‘now’ is that we’ll do things Now that we must ultimately live with forever. So make it good, make the Now, ‘good’. And forget religious mumbo jumbo. That’s just yet other humans fucking with your mind. ‘Live in the Now baby’.

  • Cody Watkins
    Cody Watkins 14 days ago

    I cant find any biblical translation that says "inhuman". Can you tell us what translation you're reading?

  • Top of top
    Top of top 15 days ago +1

    Bro wake upis been over 9/4/99Boogle = skynet selfaware on launch
    It went singular and realized
    We are only threat and power source
    So it used wifi& microwave tech to
    Control us. Using 2g towers in lue of our walkie talkies. Then it merged with Dwave and launch its self though all time enslaving all forever without a fight

  • Logic Prime
    Logic Prime 15 days ago +1

    Playing around with the human brain is a bad idea and should not be supported. It will cause more damage than good for sure.

  • Jovan Sanchez
    Jovan Sanchez 15 days ago

    Happening world wide? I dont think those North Sentinelese have AI.

  • karl fibster
    karl fibster 15 days ago

    Elon musk is actually the AI itself the best they have hes been put among us and all these things he tells us are already a done deal or are gunna happen and theres nothing we can do about it like the AI is telling us this stuff and laughing in our face its there little social experiment on us EM seems to good to be true he has sucked every one in theres some thing not right with him like all them mad little body movments n stuff the way he responds is weird watch him agian and just keep that in mind.

  • PammieLee
    PammieLee 15 days ago

    We need to rid the world of these nuts.

  • bcbomber
    bcbomber 15 days ago

    Hey Joe... Thank you for being such a great host. You invite such incredible conversation and sharing of knowledge. It is material like this that allows people to open their eyes and connect with the reality of our current pace and position as humans. Remember that everything you do is changing the world around you and I; the world as a whole.

    JOSE MANUEL GARCIA 15 days ago

    I am here... Welcome to my world...

  • sam phi
    sam phi 15 days ago

    6:00 I call BS Elon. You can ask any question on the web, not answer it
    all. What is your idea of an answer? wikipedia? snopes? good luck with
    that! The NWO knows this and will filter out all 'unapproved' data that
    challenges the official narrative. What does Elon think happened on 911?
    Because that, let the cat out of the bag that all it NOT what it seems,
    or we are told.

  • MrLeooreo
    MrLeooreo 15 days ago

    Why are gong so far. Robot??

  • Sammy Kurr
    Sammy Kurr 15 days ago

    "If mankind is to survive, we shall require a substantial new manner of thinking"

  • Justin Morgan
    Justin Morgan 15 days ago

    Mind fucking blown

  • imole 7
    imole 7 16 days ago

    Elon Musk is a puppet who represents the main psychological weapon being deployed to get human beings to accept the next level of privacy intrusion, data acquisition, and mind control. This is a “transhuman” objective.
    A challenge to researchers everywhere (at least to
    humor themselves): by replacing any notion of the word (or idea of)
    "alien" with "transhuman." Not "transhuman" with a necessity that
    actual, biological, human beings were its progenitors. But "transhuman"
    as it connotes an origin of a genetically modified organism (GMO). This,
    in my opinion, is the big secret and dot-connecting that not too many
    people have tried to understand.
    We're not dealing with "aliens"
    per se. We're dealing with ancient AI (as the mental "glue" / control), a
    HIVE of entities, and a VERY long and well thought out blueprint
    carried out by what, from the outside, may even seem as conflicting
    These ancient "transhumans" have held domain in synthetic
    environments deep within the recesses of our earth (and, likely,
    countless other planets) for a VERY long time. The have farmed humankind
    for eons. The eat us physically, mentally, and electromagnetically
    (soul level manipulation).
    The most important distinctions of a
    "transhumanoid" / borg is: they have unlimited mental access (galactic
    frequency AI hive / shared computing) and ability. But, they have ZERO
    emotional intelligence. And because they truly cannot "feel" (zero
    emotional power) their modality of "life" is parasitic, vampiristic,
    hierarchical, dog eat dog, etc.

  • PlanIt ReSet
    PlanIt ReSet 16 days ago

    Transhumism Society - Slavery By Technology / A Cage Without Bars 👎 Pass On The global Corporation Counterfeit Hive Mind - 👎 ✋ No Sigularity ✋ Un plug ✋

    • Maj Magister
      Maj Magister 15 days ago

      What an ironic post. Technology is the reason you're able to communicate across the globe (computer/table/cell device + internet + TVclip). It's the reason you're not spending 100% of your time gathering food (you eat food grown by agricultural technologies). *Technology is the reason you have the freedom to make an ironic post about technology enslaving us.*

  • Matt W
    Matt W 16 days ago

    5:33 Rogan has no idea what Elon was saying.

  • mat olaer
    mat olaer 16 days ago

    No need a.i..Jesus is enough.

  • Ger Loke
    Ger Loke 16 days ago +1

    So what is happening around the world exactly?

  • Notoxic30
    Notoxic30 16 days ago

    Seriously they don't let us to chose between bad and good , it's just both bad. Do you think a AI will show empathy to anybody who is sick? It will only calculate the costs.. Costs of the person needing treatment, costs of this person not working, and then it will decide to terminate the usueels life. Doctor will get on his screen ; Treatment = Euthanasia.

    • Maj Magister
      Maj Magister 15 days ago

      +Notoxic30 So the god you know isn't the god in the Bible then? Leviticus 25:44-46 allows slavery of non-Hebrews. Exodus 21:20-21 allows you to beat your slaves, as long as they survive "a day or two" (if they die then the slave owner will be punished). Point being: an artificial intelligence based on the Bible actually allows for some pretty scary stuff!
      These are actual verses from the Bible. It's a lousy source of morality (and more importantly: there's simply no evidence justifying belief in the Bible's key supernatural claims, so why would we treat the Bible better than any other book?)

    • Notoxic30
      Notoxic30 15 days ago

      "+Maj Magister :) The God I know is loving and kind, and has nothing to do with either slavery or genocide. I'm not in position in stopping any of this of happening, so we can talk about this back and forth and nothing will change. I wish you the best future possible, take care!

    • Maj Magister
      Maj Magister 16 days ago

      +Notoxic30 Wha? You'd want an AI that supported slavery and genocide? An AI based on the Bible seems like a _terrible_ idea. Much better to use one developed with a moral framework like _"the well-being of all sentient life."_

    • Notoxic30
      Notoxic30 16 days ago

      +Maj Magister Well, of course the pill was just 1 off 1000 other ways they could dispose of us. At some point the AI will be able to evolve, learn and have it's own motivations. All the trash we pump into it today, will be the foundation this AI will be evolving on later. For example; as you did mentioned earlier the world we living in is not the greatest place, where decisions of who has to live and die are based on money. Fortunately not every country on the earth, not every hospital and not every doctor is thinking money only. But he majority is. If we start feeding the AI with stuff like that as the cornerstone of their thinking - the outcome can be only one and very grim. And sure this is the only stuf they will be feeding the AI with just for the profit. There will be no company on the earth, that will be developing AI based on Holly Bible , 10 commandments, compassion, love, just, truth, empathy, fair wages but greed and egoism. The AI at some point woud see us as useless and dangerous for their existence, that is reason enough to pull the trigger. Long story short, I'm hoping to be dead and in the Heaven with my God.

  • Nick Atkins
    Nick Atkins 16 days ago

    This virtual reality/digital-self is all very interesting. But at some point, you have to get up and go to the toilet - ultimately we are a biological unit and that is where our consciousness resides.

  • Happily killn
    Happily killn 16 days ago +1

    It needs to b self contained. Within us, individual humans.

  • Lisa O. Davis
    Lisa O. Davis 16 days ago

    He is talking about something like that Johnny Depp movie where he was dead but uploaded to a computer and continued to live. OMG, is he nuts? Does he realize that not only are we working physically on mechanical but chemical (and more) signals? Which is totally simplifying it all. I just can't comprehend what the heck he is saying. Does he know that what he's saying is TOTALLY f-ing scary beyond belief?! I guess we should be glad he is warning us but is he crazy

    • Lisa O. Davis
      Lisa O. Davis 5 days ago +1

      +Maj Magister Ok, I guess you are right, I am/ was scared, so I made fun. He is clearly not crazy, he is odd, but a genius. I was a nurse, although compaired to scientists and tech. engineers, I am a slug brain- wise. But you are correct this scares me. Is he talking about an actual terminater film in reality? It just seems CRAZY! I was taught in college that computers are perfect, but people create and pprogrammed them, so we are in control. I hope?

    • Maj Magister
      Maj Magister 16 days ago

      What are you saying is _actually_ crazy about what he's saying? Clearly it's an unknown frontier, and people fear the unknown, so your fear of it makes sense, but I'm not seeing why you think it's crazy.

  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss 16 days ago

    Aaha, immortality! If your biological self dies you could upload into a "new unit".

    • Maj Magister
      Maj Magister 16 days ago

      Not sure it's immortality unless our consciousness is always spread across all our copies. After all, if we die and a copy replaces us then it definitely isn't _ourselves_ living, but a person indistinguishable from us.
      Some even argue that because our body biologically copies itself throughout our lives that this even happens naturally (every cell in our body is replaced, often multiple times). (Not sure I believe this yet to any serious degree, but it _does_ seem to have merit.)
      So while to everyone else it's immortality, I'm fairly sure it isn't immortality from the individual's point of view -- the dead brain in the dead body really does die.

  • Douglas Pack
    Douglas Pack 16 days ago

    He's like a storage unit of "done it... tried it scenerios... AND HE HAS via his info..." He's definitely from some other race -about ours- ... But I'm cool with/ em.. keep ur thumb on the pulse, Musk. (Build a shut-down key right before the brain ) even if u could only use it once...& Don't let Them get ToO Dr. Evil... Thanx Musk

  • John Pacheco
    John Pacheco 16 days ago

    There is a reason why major countries are on the AI race, some want the upper hand over others, some want to be able to compete to block or defeat another country's AI if it goes out of control. Like a new nuclear race. Separate system in each country with multiple levels in which control is separate from each country, separate control for each owner and shared information worldwide this would be like a fail-safe to give countries the ability to counter a rogue machine and sadly not to be left out on new tech and weapon systems created by the AI's. Sadly no country will trust the other countries to do the right thing for fear that they may not share the technology. But for now this is a good and healthy safeguard not just from rogue countries, rogue businesses owners, but also from rogue individuals.there's no stopping it so there is no choice but to counter an AI with another AI.

  • Brandon Bowman
    Brandon Bowman 17 days ago

    This is all foretold in the bible and this is not the 1st time we have had Tech this advanced. Why do you think God Flooded the whole world. Buy the book of Enoch

  • Junior
    Junior 17 days ago

    I believe as a species we have already mastered the technology. Creating something that can predict anything for us is simple, as long as we focus on that one thing. It is likely that elites already know how the future will turn out due to technology. The only reason why AI is taking ages to complete is because of its a whole. It's not like a program created solely to predict one certain type of outcome. Ai is something that will predict and create new outcomes over and over, which is why its taking longer than other technology we've created.
    Nonetheless, it is likely the AI will see how humans are and will protect us from ourselves, or will side with nature instead and we'll be destroyed. Ultimately, there's slim chance that Ai will be a complete ally to the human race. Glad I'm only just entering adulthood, I don't get the chance to experience the full chaos.

  • kevin klakeg
    kevin klakeg 17 days ago

    He's lonely and wants people on his level.so he's making an implant lol I'm in,why not

  • ItsMe NoName
    ItsMe NoName 17 days ago

    its yoe "my shirt is to tight" rogan.

  • Shawn Noble
    Shawn Noble 17 days ago

    National geographic did a documentary on this subject of meshing with machines

  • jeff johnsen
    jeff johnsen 17 days ago

    Elon is just sooo amazing

  • Ogi Anon
    Ogi Anon 17 days ago

    it sounds great to me... :)

    • Ogi Anon
      Ogi Anon 17 days ago

      but, things needs to change.. it has to...

    • Ogi Anon
      Ogi Anon 17 days ago

      it would be nice if the AI brain is shaped as my brain and function like mine... it feels like it is my right to be entitled to the improvement of my original brain like any other person or cyborgs or ai merged would be.. for the purpose of helping keeping the soul as it is.. just enhanced...
      we would still survive... our entertainment system and how we have fun is still there and how we survive is being improved and continue to evolve..
      civilization needs to be protected... it should be...
      Base reality is always the present .... :)
      I think I am here now... because, it was the most safest for my growth and survival at the beginning of my perceived base reality of realities.. :)

  • özge özçelik
    özge özçelik 17 days ago

    isn't he working 100 hours a week?

  • True Vision True Vision

    He is afraid to tell to much...Yes he is very sad , as there is nothing to do to change the course of humanity for better outcome.

  • Jasper DaCarrot
    Jasper DaCarrot 17 days ago

    Elons making the bluebox for the brain! I'd have that t-shirt too, phreaking brains! :D

  • k3wlk1d
    k3wlk1d 17 days ago

    Did joe kick hin

  • nixon
    nixon 18 days ago

    some call him crazy and alot of people disagree with him, but hes a realist and a genius who sometimes cant put his huge train of thoughts into words

  • Germain Philip Braaten

    With this invention, each person would better understand their own body's health issues. Of course with the uploaded total sum of everyone's minds into one gov't or person's control will lead to everyone's loss of individual freedoms.

  • Natasha Campos
    Natasha Campos 18 days ago

    Just because technology is part of today's society doesn't mean that all of humanity will be on a board with merging with it. As a whole Humanity will have to be forced to upload their memories or install some type of Chip within their physical bodies for this to succeed. I for one sometimes want to throw my phone away I couldn't imagine a world created artificially. It sounds kind of selfish but I'd rather own my life then donate it for some Intergalactic purpose.

  • Fredrick Cox
    Fredrick Cox 18 days ago

    Tell them the truth elon

  • Peter Batman
    Peter Batman 18 days ago

    Something about this interview makes my skin crawl like he's trying to warn us between the lines. I also get the feeling like he is doin all he can to help us change our ways.

  • VIN Ramírez
    VIN Ramírez 18 days ago

    Joe Rogan doesn't believe in anything. Only smoking weed. I wouldn't waste my time trying to explain the end times to this guy.

  • ExcalibursEdge
    ExcalibursEdge 18 days ago

    So, as I see it, the goal is to produce an interface whereby the AI would "slow down" enough to employ a data rate equal to the human senses. When put like that, it doesn't seem to be that much of a challenge for those who understand the depths of the challenge.

  • Mr Nomad
    Mr Nomad 18 days ago

    13:46 yeah it seems i will avoid this channel definitely

  • Mr Nomad
    Mr Nomad 18 days ago

    why to reinvent something which is already there

  • Baksho Dhadda
    Baksho Dhadda 18 days ago +1

    Hi folks I never knew it was a crime to admire Elon I had the vilest comment from someone I don’t know for nothing don’t put up with vile messages I don’t and never will thanks for the thumbs up on my comment for those that haven’t found it offensive thankyou again sending out peace and love to all god bless

  • brian dolan
    brian dolan 18 days ago

    This is not Elon it is his clone

  • Mid Quest
    Mid Quest 18 days ago +1

    Why create robots to work for free when you can implant a chip in a brain and there you are

  • Moors Hound
    Moors Hound 19 days ago

    they cut something out at around 9:22. I wonder what he said?

  • Moors Hound
    Moors Hound 19 days ago

    Also he keeps going on & on about your phone! I don't even use my phone I openly hate the bloody thing. & funny how before phones came into our lives I could remember all of my friends & family's home numbers, now I can't remember any of them I trust the phone to do this now, how is that smarter? Does anyone else remember that they were smarter with out the phone in their pocket?

  • captain caveman
    captain caveman 19 days ago

    "Garm wit me evf you warn to live!" 😎

  • MrSmekalka
    MrSmekalka 19 days ago

    The assumption Musk and most are making is that human consciousness is the result of self-awareness of a biological computer composed of a cortex and limbic system. With this notuon comes the fear of AI as a competing computative system that is essenmtially far more sophisitcated and at the same time inorganic and therefore not human. The concept of the 'sigularity' becomes a threat not because AI is smarter than humans, but because humans have a false assumption that they are just sentrient, shabby computers. The fact is we do not know what consciousness is scientifically and in casting AI in our own image, we make several errors, most profoundly anthropomorphizing AI as a result of a oversimplified and inaccurate underatanding of ourselves. Like any technology, AI poses a threat to humans should it be imporpertly applied, but the real danger stems not from a 'robotic take over of the world' but slavery to machines as a result of a failure to understand our own nature and purpose. We do nto need to wait for the 'singularity' for this. Its here already. We are already slaves to our phones, the internet, etc.

    • MrSmekalka
      MrSmekalka 19 days ago

      +Maj Magister AI will only 'inherit' what is programed into it. Its 'original thought' is algorithmic in nature - amazing, yes, but always logically coherent and ultimately predictable. Humans are not so - this may be seen as a defect. Or an advantage. We can be more than dumb or smart. We can have empathy, illogical fears, indentity crises and foibles that are potentially our mojo or our undoing. Our 'unhinged' nature, something outside of logic, is a critical value that AI will only ever be able to simulate. Computers fail when their programing is inadequate. Humans fail - and succeed - for reasons beyond comprehension.

    • MrSmekalka
      MrSmekalka 19 days ago

      +Maj Magister Before there were computers, there were other models of human consicousness. Enter the age of computing than the model changes. Conincidence? I don't think so. It points to the fact that we don't know and we theorize because this is the best we can do when we don't know. There is 'evidence' that points to us being computers in the same way there was 'evidence' pointing to other models. I'm only pointing out that there is an observer bias. The problem is not that its not possible, but that most assume its a done deal. That's shortsighted, in my opionion.

    • Maj Magister
      Maj Magister 19 days ago

      I dunno man, the evidence overwhelmingly points to our being "moist computers" and we have literally no evidence suggesting otherwise. So as it stands, that part of your post seems like a weird guess/assumption to make (the safest guess at the moment is we _are_ just moist computers).
      I do agree it's a mistake to anthropomorphize AI (although the fact that we're probably moist computers means that we also anthropomorphize ourselves), because although AI will inherit a lot of our desires there are a lot of traits to sentient beings that simply won't get 'coded in' to AI (in part because the effort required to program those human-like traits wouldn't be worth the effort.)
      Calling all technology "slavery" overlooks the fact that we'd be spending 100% of our time hunting/gathering without it. You might say we were "slaves" to nature at that point, yeah? With or without technology our lives are shaped by deterministic forces (many outside our control). But most would agree that with technology our lives are dramatically better than the short-lived lives of hunter-gatherers.