Celebs Who Literally Loathe Jennifer Aniston

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Fans find a lot to love about perennially perky actress Jennifer Aniston, but there are quite a few household names who think Aniston's life and career is perpetually stuck in second gear. So let's get acquainted with some of Aniston's most dismissive, disdainful detractors to date.
    Perez Hilton was obsessed | 0:15
    Joan Rivers was 'bored' | 1:07
    ​Kristen Stewart doesn't get it | 1:41
    Tim Gunn thinks she’s 'desperate' | 2:08
    Rupert Everett dissed her | 2:24
    ​Joan Collins bashed her | 2:52
    Piers Morgan’s rude advice | 3:16
    John Mayer thinks she's a twit | 3:42
    ​​Bill O'Reilly slammed her parenting views | 4:08
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  • Rithin reddy
    Rithin reddy 13 days ago

    and john mayer deserves that taylorswift song

  • Rithin reddy
    Rithin reddy 13 days ago

    even god has haters so, not surprising

  • Billie
    Billie 14 days ago

    That's not how he wants to be perceived!? Seriously??? It's how he makes a living!!!

  • Becca Stephanie Thornqvist

    So much hatred....how can anyone dislike Jennifer Aniston?????

  • Unicorn Cola
    Unicorn Cola 18 days ago

    I hate Jennifer Ansiton, she is such a gold digger and jealous person. She don’t even greet with her fans and says “can’t take pictures” and running of

  • Eers Link
    Eers Link 21 day ago

    So a bunch of fame envying, sour grapers don't like Aniston? I'm sure she couldn't care less but has enough to class to not address it either way.

  • Leticia Panganiban
    Leticia Panganiban 24 days ago

    Babalu naman eh...Angelina is the one drop dead georgeous!

  • Elizabeth Sobel
    Elizabeth Sobel 27 days ago

    I dont get it. She seems pretty cool to me.

  • Edward89
    Edward89 Month ago

    She's truly America's Sweetheart. Not Julia Roberts


    Jennifer is a good actress, and very good at what she does. She's also intelligent. Her physical structure, appearance, and personality keep her in certain roles and this is just the way storytelling works.

  • Becky Keeler
    Becky Keeler Month ago

    This video is a little insensitive to her! It's the typical garbage you get from Hollywood! REALLY who cares what they think besides you! Most of them are just shallow figures which people are losing interest in!

  • Audai Hatim
    Audai Hatim Month ago

    I hate her because of friends

  • Christine Kanayok
    Christine Kanayok Month ago

    Perez Hilton is .... Whatatt is he famous for

  • Barbara Fountain
    Barbara Fountain Month ago

    How the Heck does she stay around in front of the camera. Go away. She is so full of herself

  • Erinski
    Erinski 2 months ago

    What’s that quote? “Geniuses discuss ideas, normal people discuss the weather, and idiots discuss other people”? And these particular idiots seem to bash Jen, because she’s laid back and probably won’t respond. Can’t even pick on someone on their own level of pettiness.

  • I hate stupid people!
    I hate stupid people! 2 months ago

    Kristen Stewart does not give 2 fucks about Jennifer Aniston, let alone being extremely "jealous" of the attention that Jennifer gets. Yeah, that makes perfect sense since the paparazzi stalk both of them all the time. You want people to actually believe that Kristen views her as a rival in her career even though there's a 21 year age difference betweeen them? The biggest mistake you made was stealing this "story" from The National Enquirer(I.e. it's complete and total bullshit), and try to convince the world that this story is true. How stupid can you actually be?

  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown 2 months ago

    There was not one decent reason to dislike her on this entire list and Angie might be good looking but so is Jen and only one of them seems like their not bad shit crazy, all Brad proved was he has bad taste in women to cheat on his wife with.

  • Molly Golightly
    Molly Golightly 2 months ago +1

    I’ve met a lot of celebrities for the past 30 years
    I couldn’t believe how unnecessarily mean she is. So is Molly Ringwald
    I was shocked
    Most actresses are so nice in person
    I really liked both of them. Until I separately met both in NYC

  • AnAmericanMan
    AnAmericanMan 2 months ago

    Why do all these people desperately need to express an opinion that they are certain we need to hear? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  • david’s biggest fan
    david’s biggest fan 2 months ago

    I love her

  • Li’ Li Tea-Time
    Li’ Li Tea-Time 2 months ago

    I don’t understand her face

  • Roy Carder
    Roy Carder 2 months ago

    Can't see the issue...she's a decent girl....less affected than say Hathaway

  • ZinsBin
    ZinsBin 2 months ago

    I cannot stand the woman. Same hair forever, and all her clothes are almost identical. She is the most boring woman in every way.

  • Zara Chen
    Zara Chen 2 months ago +1

    Joan rivers Sounds like a girl donald trump

  • Maddie Sherrod
    Maddie Sherrod 3 months ago

    I hope everyone realizes who their hating right now, cause she is one the best Actors EVER!!!! As Jennifer Aniston said herself "We are all human beings at the end of the day." I hope you haters know that you made Jennifer cry, I hope you feel good about yourselves now, you jerks!! And yes I have posted more than one comment but I don't care because I'll keep posting comments until the hates go away! I also hope that Jen gets back at you all!!!

  • A A
    A A 3 months ago +1

    I mean Kristen Stewart's whole face is boring to be honest. Jennifer Aniston is just the best. She's simple, a great actress and doesn't get caught up with fame.

  • Ariana Razo
    Ariana Razo 3 months ago

    There’s a reason why all her husband divorced her...and she still doesn’t have kids. I don’t trust people who don’t want kids, I feel like they’re empty and have no love to give lol...judge me idc.

    • Maddie Sherrod
      Maddie Sherrod 3 months ago

      You obviously don't pay attention to things, she aid it herself she can't have kids she has tried a lot of times but each time it doesn't work, she is heartbroken by that and you and all the others who say things like this she probably reads and it upsets her even more. So you all can just shut your mouth's unless you have something nice to say!!!! Thank You

  • Ariana Razo
    Ariana Razo 3 months ago

    I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston. She’s so boring it hurts.

    • Maddie Sherrod
      Maddie Sherrod 3 months ago

      I hope you know who you are saying is boring because it ain't Jennifer Aniston!!!

  • Empathica3
    Empathica3 3 months ago +1

    If Perez Hilton and Piers Morgan don’t like you, I think you’re doing something right. This entire list of people can get in the sea. I’d take Aniston over all of them any day

  • Bernie McNamara
    Bernie McNamara 3 months ago

    I love her and I think she is lovely and beautiful. People's are just jealous!!.

  • Carol Brand
    Carol Brand 3 months ago

    These people are just jealous because she's beautiful succesfull and popular.

  • Barb
    Barb 3 months ago

    They’re all jealous of Jennifer Aniston because she’s beautiful, talented and unfazed by all the stupid comments about her. She’s a class act!

  • Faye Mckither
    Faye Mckither 3 months ago

    Sounds like a bunch of jealous twats to me! Im not much of a fan of Aniston, but a lot of those comments were unnecessary and rude af. She seems very over the Brad Pitt thing lady, it’s the media that won’t get over it! Get your facts straight. Bunch of lame reasons to hate on the actress in my opinion.

  • Rad Fat Daddy
    Rad Fat Daddy 3 months ago

    I actually agree with Tim Gunn, and I don't think it even came off as hateful.

  • Julie Keeney
    Julie Keeney 4 months ago

    Rivers, Collins, O'Reilly...what do they all have in common? They are way older than Jennifer, me thinks they were all a little jealous. She looks great for her age, and the rest of it is really none of their business. Haters don't know how to do anything but hate. Sad.

  • hbean
    hbean 4 months ago

    I like her, I don’t think people have a good enough reason to be saying these mean things, like who are they? Lol

  • Mary Spencer
    Mary Spencer 4 months ago

    She can't act!!!!!!

  • Crystal Bishop
    Crystal Bishop 4 months ago

    Really? Angelina Jolie??? She is not at all beautiful or gorgeous but is attractive and had some pretty features; there are many more woman much prettier than Angelina-i.e. Christine Brinkley, Charise Therion, Reese Witherspoon, to name a few but does not hold a candle to Jennifer who is also older but more classy and feminine than Angelina. Joan Collins isn't classy either!

  • Jaii Squad
    Jaii Squad 4 months ago +1

    Joan Rivers really sounds like an idiot because jennifer does not talk about brad pitt alot jennifer aniston keeps it to
    herself but interviewers question her about it and she doesn't know what they relationship was like behind cameras it could have been more special than what we saw and she expects her to get over it just like that

  • Alan jones
    Alan jones 4 months ago +1

    It's pure jealousy on the fragile ego of others in Hollywood about the lack of their careers !

  • Edward Martinez
    Edward Martinez 4 months ago +2

    Anybody that hates her is sick must be a trump supporter brain dead. The reason stars hate her is because they know the camera will always be on Jen as it should be.

  • Giraffy Peace
    Giraffy Peace 4 months ago

    People who have that kind of hatred for others, have their own problems within themselves. It is very sad that such people want other people to borrow their hatred and start hating Jennifer when she has done nothing to them.

  • Roger Cardillo
    Roger Cardillo 5 months ago

    she makes the worst movies. waste of time

  • fantabulousstargirl
    fantabulousstargirl 5 months ago

    lmao nobody has any actual beef with her, they're all just jealous losers who need a life. Jen is perf

  • Jayna Howey
    Jayna Howey 5 months ago

    I love Jennifer Aniston

  • ll Native
    ll Native 5 months ago

    Just shows how successful she is

  • Tonya Shores
    Tonya Shores 5 months ago

    I really don’t like her either seems she is always a victim... NOT

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 5 months ago

    You hate Jennifer Aniston ? Good, more for me.

  • S Wyns
    S Wyns 5 months ago

    Unpopular opinion but I agree. The woman is a prude. Now while I’m not here for anyone attacking her looks I’m not going to act like I haven’t watched friends and said to myself “ wow Rachel is so good at being a bitch, Idk why I just feel like she’s mean, I dont like her” and to see this, just confirms her Hollywood colleagues feel the same FROM EXPERIENCE. The woman is DRY and has a stick up her ass and it resonates in her tone, facial expressions and actions..she didn’t have to but he fact that her male co Stars were not invited to her 2nd wedding and they claim they don’t know why and Lisa and Court are cool with them, it makes you ask yourself “what’s up with this woman?” Joan river said it best GET OVER IT.

  • Officer Barbrady
    Officer Barbrady 5 months ago +1

    They just hate her because she's Aquarius lol lol just jokes.

  • Tayyaba Iqbal
    Tayyaba Iqbal 6 months ago

    Haters , she’s a gem

  • Bob DaChikin
    Bob DaChikin 6 months ago

    jen is literally so great. shes funny beautiful and a great actress. people are just jealous

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S 6 months ago +2

    I always really liked her. She doesnt strive for attencion and isnt dramatic like so many other Hollywood stars

  • Yvonne Mendez
    Yvonne Mendez 6 months ago

    She's a looser

  • katrina erediros
    katrina erediros 6 months ago

    Guess ppl could'nt stop being insecure on jen's life, career, perspective in life..
    To hell with them ..
    I adore everything about you jen aniston.. they're opinion dosen't bother to the people who loves you

  • lilly truscott
    lilly truscott 6 months ago

    Every celeb ever who wanted to feel her body but couldn't.

  • joeblackakareaper
    joeblackakareaper 6 months ago

    I like her she is nice looking and looks pretty awesome for a woman over 40. TheReaper!

  • Frances Welch
    Frances Welch 6 months ago

    marrying brad Pitt helped her a lot we have the same birthday Feb 11 th.. but not same I just couldn't imagine not being a mother. I feel she is a good person but selfish med in looks an acting.

  • Georgina B
    Georgina B 6 months ago

    All these people just sound jealous. Some people just got it and she’s one of them

  • Oldandwize
    Oldandwize 6 months ago

    She is just a piece of dope smoking crap if TVclip wouldn't of kept posting that I must watch the video I wouldn't of watched it.