Turtles All the Way Down!!! A Reunion Video

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  • In which John Green's new novel Turtles All the Way Down is published. If you've read the book, SPOILERY subreddit for discussion and asking me questions: www.reddit.com/r/tatwdspoilers/ Please NO SPOILERS here. Read some reviews:

    The New York Times calls Turtles All the Way Down my "most astonishing" novel, among many other really lovely things: www.nytimes.com/2017/10/10/books/review-john-green-turtles-all-the-way-down.html

    The Wall Street Journal calls it tender, wise, and moving: www.wsj.com/articles/the-tightening-gyre-1507608059

    This New York Times story talks about my own mental illness and the process of writing the book, which it calls "wrenching and revelatory."

    Booklist in a starred review wrote, "it’s a challenging but richly rewarding read. It is also the most mature of Green’s work to date and deserving of all the accolades that are sure to come its way." www.booklistonline.com/Turtles-All-the-Way-Down-Green-John/pid=9128995

    I really hope you like the book, and thanks to everyone who has stuck with me the last six years as I've struggled to write it. Very excited to share it with you today.

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    Preorder John's new book, Turtles All the Way Down, out October 10th 2017! You can find links to both the signed and unsigned editions here: bit.ly/turtlespreorder and information on how to (probably) get a signed copy here: probablysignedturtles.com
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  • K. J.
    K. J. Hour ago +1

    Greetings from Austria
    Who else is from Europe?

  • kirajmalfoy
    kirajmalfoy Hour ago

    the book is amazing and the ending is bittersweet

  • LouLou
    LouLou 5 hours ago

    Just saw Turtles all the down at a bookstore here in the Philippines wootwoot 🙌 haven't buy it though coz my salary is delayed 😝

  • JilianPaige214
    JilianPaige214 7 hours ago

    I was broken up with a few hours ago and decided the best coping method was too binge vlogbrothers videos I haven't watched yet; It's helping.

  • dhwani sonde
    dhwani sonde 8 hours ago

    I got my copy on 12th💓 I will start reading tomorrow🐰

  • Emily Cheney
    Emily Cheney 9 hours ago

    Can 2017 please be known as "The Year When We Didn't Start the Fire"? It was always burnin' since the world's been turnin'...

  • Tovato
    Tovato 13 hours ago

    Oh no what's the secret?? My library taped the dust jacket on D:

  • Cora Bailey
    Cora Bailey 14 hours ago

    That was the best impression of a tuatara I have ever seen. Cast Hank as the Tuatara

  • vanessa vanessa
    vanessa vanessa 15 hours ago

    i just remembered this youtube channel and just bought the book! xoxo

  • *sapphire* molly
    *sapphire* molly 15 hours ago

    When you try to get tickets for the tour but they sell out the day you try to get them : , )

    • *sapphire* molly
      *sapphire* molly 15 hours ago

      I didn't get a signed copy because I thought I would go

  • addlotsofcolors
    addlotsofcolors 17 hours ago

    John Green!!! Turtles All The Way Down is giving me so much life today!! I'm on page 42 and so far you're averaging like one delightfully genius quote or idea per page. It's absolutely ridiculous. I started a notes category on my phone of quotes from your book that I want to remember and share with people, but I have to pause a lot because there're so many! I expected to like this book, but holy cheese! It's above and beyond. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with the world.

  • Akmon Ra
    Akmon Ra 18 hours ago

    Spoilers: It's not about turtles.

  • Alona B
    Alona B 21 hour ago

    When Hank ate the book😂

  • Vigilant Sycamore
    Vigilant Sycamore 21 hour ago

    Hank's impression of a tuatara is both hilarious and adorable.

  • Savanna Vine
    Savanna Vine 21 hour ago

    Hank MUST play the tuatara now. There's no other way, it's done.

  • vprince1173
    vprince1173 Day ago

    nice work, Olivia

  • Matt Poloni
    Matt Poloni Day ago

    Hank's tuatara face kind of looks like Steve Mnuchin.

  • Natalie Heywood
    Natalie Heywood Day ago

    I started reading the book! It’s so good and I can totally relate to Aza because I have a similar story!

  • JaylaBean
    JaylaBean Day ago

    For as long as I’ve been on YouTube, I’ve always watched videos like this were people talk about their books or merch or something and they’re like “you can get a signed copy of your in ...!” and I’m always like, “oh, that’s cool for the people that got it” and never get one. BUT I JUST GOT THE LAST SIGNED COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE BOOKSTORE IN MY TINY TOWN AND IM SO HAPPY

  • Jo Park
    Jo Park Day ago

    WHAT IS THE SECRET! Can't wait for my book to arrive!!

  • Charlene Write
    Charlene Write Day ago

    Didn't realise it was out already!! When is the paperback available? CanNOT wait to read :)) x

  • Viridian Fields
    Viridian Fields Day ago

    Have to disagree on the visual representation of 2017. If 2016 was a dumpster fire, 2017 is definitely this photo of a dude mowing his lawn while a tornado looms in the background: ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/FEF0/production/_96346256_capture2.png

    Basically, everybody's trying to keep living their life despite constant looming disaster as the country is metaphorically AND LITERALLY on fire. D:

  • Nikki Stover
    Nikki Stover Day ago

    I got a signed copy, with red marker. I don't know if that's rare but it's still awesome. However I wish I could have gotten a hankler fish copy, or that I could have gone to a book tour day.

  • lovely medrano
    lovely medrano 2 days ago

    "A New Modern Classic"


  • Jil
    Jil 2 days ago

    Bought the book, went home, read it in one go and stayed up until 2am to finish it, loved it.
    Amazing job John! 😍

  • phienixfire
    phienixfire 2 days ago

    I just got done with TAtWD. It was amazing and thought provoking and provided a much-needed window into what mental illness can look like. Thank you for writing it, John. DFTBA.

  • Absolute Trainwreck
    Absolute Trainwreck 2 days ago

    So I'm reading Turtles All The Way Down (NO SPOILERS I PROMISE) whilst avoiding most people in my life, and I realized something.

    Because I've been watching you two since approximately summer of 2009, it feels as though I can respond to a line that John wrote, or a song that Hank released, in the same way one might respond to a friend. It feels personal, somehow, to read things I've heard discussed on a podcast about chronic pain, or to read the word "deadpanned" and be reminded of Paper Towns.
    I'm reading this book and it feels like home. It's entirely new, an undiscovered compilation of thoughts and ideas and concepts, yet it's familiar in form and rhythm and tone. I love that.

    I hope that you read this, John. I don't expect you to remember the one time that we met, when I told you that I wrote my college entrance essay about the concept of Paper Towns and got into my first choice school, but nonetheless I hope that you read these words and know that the eight years I've spent in Nerdfighteria have changed my very essence of being. Thank you.

    - Kira Shaputis

  • Nick
    Nick 2 days ago

    Christ both of you are hilarious! Lol might wanna switch to decaf though! xD

  • AshKetchum442
    AshKetchum442 2 days ago

    I met Hank in Times Square on this day! I was going to say Awesome Pizza John Shirt but then i saw who was wearing it!!

  • rob majuri
    rob majuri 2 days ago

    Hey, Nerdfighters! I wrote a song about Looking for Alaska. I'd love it if you listened! tvclip.biz/video/XYwej6OVlYc/

  • superbubbleaquapower

    I've had a really bad night and really needed Hank's tuatara impression and John's inability to deal with Hank's tuatara impression. Thank you, Hank and John.
    On a side note, I think Hank makes a great tuatara. If a movie comes out of Turtles, at the very least I want a scene after the credits with a further developed tuatara impression from Hank.

  • TheJediNinja
    TheJediNinja 2 days ago

    "We could have made merch from it!"
    *exasperated silence from John*
    Actually laughed out loud.

  • Kristin Briggs
    Kristin Briggs 2 days ago

    Oh man, I loved the but in the book where Aza killed Dumbledore - OH WAIT sorry, spoilers

  • Brian Ellsworth
    Brian Ellsworth 2 days ago

    3:18 when Hank starts talking like Bubs from homestarrunner

  • Katherine Card
    Katherine Card 2 days ago

    Thanks for writing a book that pushes back the dark on mental illness, and on caring for those with mental illness. Thanks for putting your time and your soul into it. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Rachel Esperes
    Rachel Esperes 2 days ago

    Yay! Celebrate.

  • Megan S
    Megan S 2 days ago

    It’s so crazy to think that someday I’ll end up going back and watching these videos. I missed the TFIOS “era,” and I always watch those videos and wonder what it would be like to be a part of it. I always wished I was involved in Nerdfighteria back when John released TFIOS, but now I AM a part of the release of TATWD. I’m going to go back to these videos and remember what it was like to be a part of Nerdfighteria for such a huge part of Vlogbrothers history. Thank you, John and Hank.

  • Desmond Pines510
    Desmond Pines510 2 days ago

    Spolier: Everyone dies.
    Haven't actually read it, I just assume...

  • angie chi
    angie chi 2 days ago

    0:38 Omg I laughed and watched it so many times. Hahaha

  • Kate Parker
    Kate Parker 2 days ago

    Watch this a second time through and just watch Hank. You will not be disappointed.

  • Elijah Whipple
    Elijah Whipple 3 days ago


  • Mackenzie Mc.
    Mackenzie Mc. 3 days ago

    That was so funny. Can’t wait to see book cover secret

  • Mackenzie Mc.
    Mackenzie Mc. 3 days ago

    Like the new hair style.

  • Baily Hill
    Baily Hill 3 days ago

    Ok, so I have a question for question Tuesday and I don't have a twitter so I sincerely apologize. Here we go! So I'm a freshman in high school and I'm always really stressed and anxious. I have never been formally diagnosed with a mental, illness and I don't think I have one. But all of my friends tell me that its not normal to be a stressed as I am. Is this normal?

  • Daisy
    Daisy 3 days ago +1

    I got my copy from my school library! I can’t wait to read it again after finishing this video...

  • Takyon
    Takyon 3 days ago

    My Barnes and Noble copy wasn't signed but nbd I have fault in our Stars signed 🙏🏼

  • Anna Tucci
    Anna Tucci 3 days ago

    This is your first book that's been published since I discovered Nerdfighteria/your books (I read TFIOS a few months after it was published), and it has been SUCH A JOY to watch the whole process and to get so hyped, and today I finally got the book and I can't stop smiling! I love the physical book itself, the texture of the book jacket, the cover art, the end papers, the weight of it... AND I love everything I've read so far. What a true and utter delight. CONGRATS John and THANK YOU!

  • Zelda Winestock
    Zelda Winestock 3 days ago

    I finished the book yesterday. I really liked it. It felt like you were trying to write the book that people expected of you (romance with a nerdy troubled boy, a mystery to solve etc) but you kept getting distracted by the book you wanted to write, a book about living with OCD and the way it affects you and the people around you. I liked your other books, but this is the first one that makes me feel I'm learning something about a life I could never really understand. I'm glad you wrote the book the way you did

  • Lamp
    Lamp 3 days ago

    Good job John! I'm so proud of you! I remember you thinking you might never write again, I remember you reading pages on a live stream, and now this! What a journey, thanks for bringing me along

  • Claire Lillywhite
    Claire Lillywhite 3 days ago

    Do you know what's weird? It's that because I listen to the Dear Hank & John podcast religiously, these reunion videos kinda weird me out cos it's their voices BUT ALSO THEIR FACES. Does anyone else understand what I mean? It doesn't affect me when it's their individual videos but I don't know why having them both in the same video is so bizarre to me?!?!

  • Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen 3 days ago

    Great tuatara!

  • Moonsong227
    Moonsong227 3 days ago

    John! I just saw someone on my college campus that had Turtles all the Way Down! I barely know anything about the book but I'm so excited for you about that for some reason!

  • super dude
    super dude 3 days ago

    My preorder still isnt in yet and im so impatient

  • nateslovebug
    nateslovebug 3 days ago

    "There's a secret"
    Me: insta-pauses, runs to my copy

  • Xander Hartman
    Xander Hartman 3 days ago

    Don't worry, no spoilers. And if Benedict Cumberpatch, then Hank can be an Amazing tuatara.
    Okay, real talk. So the book can be slightly triggery to people with similar mental issues as the main character. If you find yourself in unhealthy mental paths while reading as I did, this is my recommendation.

    Small bites, and finding cheery/understanding company to help digest. It's like hot wings. A couple are painfully pleasant, but if you eat more than 3 or 6 you get sick. So you have to let the caliente content sit for a while. Get some ranch and carrots via good friends. Then grab some more wings.
    Small bites. Good frens

    Thank you Hank and John, you've both been great help to friends of mine and myself throughout the recent years. Not to be cliche, but I thank God for you both.

  • Xander Hartman
    Xander Hartman 3 days ago

    I read it, IT IS SO AMAZING

  • بنتك يا كوباني

    Do you think Esther

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 3 days ago

    I give 8/10 for Hanks tuatara impression.

  • Eleneenie
    Eleneenie 3 days ago

    It was so amazing. Best feeling in the world, travelling on a train through the night reading your new book... Thank you for the experience. I wish I could read it again for the first time...

  • Sabrina Leenders
    Sabrina Leenders 3 days ago

    I was lucky enough to recieve my copy today and find that it was not only signed, but had a pokeball above too! Does anyone know who drew that? One of John's kids maybe?

  • Sacchan OvO
    Sacchan OvO 3 days ago

    Hank Green is a Tuatara!

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 3 days ago

    I pre-ordered it and I'm still waiting for it to get to my house, but I'm hOLDING OUT HOPE THAT IT WILL GET HERE SOON

  • claimica
    claimica 3 days ago

    I just finished reading your book. It wasn't the first book of yours I've read but it definitely is the one I love the most. It did not only move me- it kickstarted a thought process that hurts, but it's the kind of hurt that is necessary, that will help me to grow into a better person I hope. I identify with Aza. It felt like I was her rather than watching her acting out a story. I couldn't stop reading. I missed this feeling. Thank you. Thank you so so much.

  • Ajwad Alzyod
    Ajwad Alzyod 3 days ago

    Mr John green I hope you read this comment I’m a big fan of your books all of them and I can’t buy your new book because they don’t sell it here and I can’t buy anything online cause I don’t have a bank account and my name is Ajwad from Jordan I hope you read it

  • Snuggling on the Sofa

    Love Hank photobombing at around 0:38 :D

  • Bethan Cook
    Bethan Cook 3 days ago

    I got it yesterday at 4pm and finished at 11pm it was amazing I loved it so much. It was perfectly imperfect if that makes sense just absolutely amazing, I cried my eyes out loved it

  • Tamisin 731
    Tamisin 731 3 days ago

    Hi Hank and John! I need help! I feel I am not awesome enough! How do I generate more awesome? Besides buying Turtles All the Way Down that is.

  • Nat Cowan
    Nat Cowan 3 days ago

    I am waiting untill it's in paperback in the UK

  • Katlyn Mendoza
    Katlyn Mendoza 3 days ago

    Hank would be a great Tuatara :DDDD

  • Becca
    Becca 3 days ago

    For a long time The Fault in our Stars was my absolute favorite book. When I read Turtles all the Way Down it became my favorite book. Before I read this book I was expecting it to be really good because you wrote it, little did I know that it would be my favorite book and I did not know I could like a book better than tfios. Thank you for all of your hard work in writing this book! I'm also super excited because I'm going to the tour in Indianapolis!

  • Victoria huynh
    Victoria huynh 4 days ago

    It's so good!! I finished it in one day!!!

  • Scott D
    Scott D 4 days ago

    Now that we're getting a Hank Green book, can we get a John Green album?

  • Jennifer van der Ven

    Lovign the book. made it half way through last night. the only reason I put it down is because i was sleeping wtih the book in hand because It was like 2 AM. cant wait to finish the book tonight

  • hasoosi7
    hasoosi7 4 days ago


  • T patnaik
    T patnaik 4 days ago


  • id15yes2
    id15yes2 4 days ago

    Men in tights, I think I know why they call toilets in USA like that.(joke)

  • Sam English
    Sam English 4 days ago

    i got my copy this afternoon and i've read some and it's so good so far

  • Leah Kirk
    Leah Kirk 4 days ago

    Only 50 pages in so far, and to give my spoiler free thoughts, its really refreshing to read a character who suffers from symptoms of a mental illness that I'm struggling to get treatment for.

    Avoiding spoilers and fully identifying the behavior as what I got through, but it has been tremendously comforting to me to read. That's largely how I feel about your online presence in my life as well John, in so much as you are an example of what can be achieved with a mental illness somewhere in the anxiety spectrum.

    Much love and best wishes from another devoted reader xx

  • abeta201
    abeta201 4 days ago

    Why does everyone seem to assume I know what the hell a Tuatara is?

  • nikkilouisebeck
    nikkilouisebeck 4 days ago

    I got a signed copy. Read it in 2 days. Loved it. Loved it so much. It's John's best book by far (his others were good too but honestly Turtles just hit me on a much deeper level)
    John, you deserve all the praise.

  • Abby Wolf
    Abby Wolf 4 days ago

    Can we talk about hank at 3:33

  • Rachael Riddle
    Rachael Riddle 4 days ago

    Who did the photobomb at around 0:32 ish seconds? Was that Hank or was that some random person who probably didn't realize that this was going on the internet?

  • TPRJones
    TPRJones 4 days ago +7

    So now that Hank has published a book, when will John be releasing an album?

  • Olivia Nunziante
    Olivia Nunziante 4 days ago

    I AM CRYING!! Thank you so much for mentioning me in the video! This made my entire life ❤❤ I was so happy to see you both on tour and yes, I know all of the lyrics to Hank's songs. They helped me get through (for the most part) my stutter problems and my anxiety, so I need to thank you. And anytime you need help with lyrics, I'll be here ☺☺ Thank you both again for the amazing experience

    JAMES RUSSEL BERNAS 4 days ago

    How can I be a nerdfighter???

    • Freya Morgan
      Freya Morgan 3 days ago

      If you want to be one you are one already. Welcome to the club. DFTBA

  • ZRovas117
    ZRovas117 4 days ago

    John, is it possible for you to make a crash course no how to write books? Like literary crash course? How to write stories and whatnot? Proper plot construction and characterization tips.

  • Taylor Richters
    Taylor Richters 4 days ago +1

    I want to get it sooo bad. I keep asking my library about it. But they don't have it yet!

    If you see this John, I want to be an author just like you, although it's gonna be a side-trying-to-be job. You are my favorite author of all time, and I've read 5 of your books. I think Looking For Alaska should have gotten more fame. That and The Fault in Our Stars are my favorite books. Your books are just so amazing, and I love your vlogs, too. All my close friends know I'm John Green book obsessed. You are amazing at making likable, memorable characters and I love that you put meaning and messages into your books. Your books are thought-provoking and I barely get bored reading them (the only exception was the beginning of An Abundance of Katherines, but then I came back to it and loved the whole book, so.) Anyway, thank you, and I hope to be like you someday!!

  • Sarah Gerlach
    Sarah Gerlach 4 days ago

    Is there a census this year?

  • 11thNite
    11thNite 4 days ago

    10/10 would cast Hank as a tuatara

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu 4 days ago

    I just ran upstairs to look under the dustcover at 2:03

  • Linda Arnoldus
    Linda Arnoldus 4 days ago


  • sopheh
    sopheh 4 days ago

    I don't know if it's a thing to say in english, but in greek when someone releases a new book we say "καλοτάξιδο" which basically means "let it travel well". So, John, I wish the best of travels to TAtWD :)

  • Mandie Harrington
    Mandie Harrington 4 days ago

    Hank you DO have merch with that on it! store.dftba.com/products/its-a-tuatara-shirt

  • Weeblet ABM
    Weeblet ABM 4 days ago

    This is my favorite of your books!

  • Carrie Carley
    Carrie Carley 4 days ago

    I want to come to the Nashville show so badly but I can't afford it right now 😢. But I will be there in my heart and I'm so grateful that you wrote a book on mental illness and that you're helping to get rid of the stigma on mental illness. Thank you for you're wonderful writing

  • Pugs Sss
    Pugs Sss 4 days ago

    What was that :)

  • Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen 4 days ago

    this reunion video was definitely the best one yet omg yall so cute i am so excited for this book dude

  • petlahk
    petlahk 4 days ago

    I got an advertisement on this video trying to convince me that the Southern Poverty Law Center is dangerous and against free speech. If anyone is qualified to actually provide information about that viewpoint I am willing to listen, however until then I'm assuming that the advertisement is erroneous, and posting this comment to inform the Greens.

  • Taylr Milton
    Taylr Milton 4 days ago

    When is the paper back coming outtttttt

  • Flying Catfish
    Flying Catfish 4 days ago

    I got the book in the mail from Barnes and Noble about three minutes ago

    • Flying Catfish
      Flying Catfish 4 days ago

      I didn't put a period and now I feel awful, I don't want to edit the comment though. Please forgive me person on YouTube!