Turtles All the Way Down!!! A Reunion Video

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • In which John Green's new novel Turtles All the Way Down is published. If you've read the book, SPOILERY subreddit for discussion and asking me questions: www.reddit.com/r/tatwdspoilers/ Please NO SPOILERS here. Read some reviews:
    The New York Times calls Turtles All the Way Down my "most astonishing" novel, among many other really lovely things: www.nytimes.com/2017/10/10/books/review-john-green-turtles-all-the-way-down.html
    The Wall Street Journal calls it tender, wise, and moving: www.wsj.com/articles/the-tightening-gyre-1507608059
    This New York Times story talks about my own mental illness and the process of writing the book, which it calls "wrenching and revelatory."
    Booklist in a starred review wrote, "it’s a challenging but richly rewarding read. It is also the most mature of Green’s work to date and deserving of all the accolades that are sure to come its way." www.booklistonline.com/Turtles-All-the-Way-Down-Green-John/pid=9128995
    I really hope you like the book, and thanks to everyone who has stuck with me the last six years as I've struggled to write it. Very excited to share it with you today.
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    Preorder John's new book, Turtles All the Way Down, out October 10th 2017! You can find links to both the signed and unsigned editions here: bit.ly/turtlespreorder and information on how to (probably) get a signed copy here: probablysignedturtles.com

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  • Emily Barela
    Emily Barela 2 days ago

    Hank is such a happy excited child !!!! I love it !!!! SO MUCH !!!

  • Emily Barela
    Emily Barela 2 days ago

    I love Hank so much he's such a baby

  • Queer and angry
    Queer and angry 10 days ago


    Ok so now that the people who havent read it have left, i was trying real hard not to cry when harold died.

  • Justice Westlake
    Justice Westlake 16 days ago

    Let 👏 Hank 👏 Play👏 Tua👏 !!!

  • Nithin Srivatsa
    Nithin Srivatsa 28 days ago

    I've been a nerdfighter for as long as I can remember but the book was pretty disappointing.

  • Caroline Martin
    Caroline Martin Month ago

    Hi, Hank!

  • Imagine Dragons #1 Fan

    Hank would be Hazel...

  • Elizabeth Brandon
    Elizabeth Brandon Month ago

    Hank's tuatara voice is amazing

  • Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    So, no spoilers, eh? But how can we avoid talking about that part where the tuatara suddenly grew to seventy feet tall and ate everyone! I did *not* see that coming!

  • Adeline D
    Adeline D Month ago

    "of course that's what you're doing"

  • Meme stagram
    Meme stagram 2 months ago +1

    Tuatara Hanks All the Way Down

  • Juana Almonte
    Juana Almonte 2 months ago

    I read it and I LOVE IT! I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS, I'M A JOHN GREEN HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Hutzell
    Brian Hutzell 2 months ago

    Just finished reading Turtles All the Way Down. Thumbs up! I also think I spotted a Vonnegut tribute; tell me if I’m wrong. In a Question Tuesday video, you said your favorite Kurt Vonnegut novel is Mother Night. That book is home to one of Vonnegut’s best lines: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
    Then there’s this from your book:
    “…You serve whatever you worship.”
    “So we gotta be careful what we worship,” I said. (page 269)
    I sure hope the similarity is intentional, because I find it very jokes!
    BTW, the copy I picked up this copy of Turtles at the West Des Moines Library here in Iowa, and it is a signed copy. Now that’s jokes!

  • IDrawHorseChamp
    IDrawHorseChamp 3 months ago

    Crap my (signed) copy of the book isn't in the house right now I CAN'T SEE THE SECRET!

  • IDrawHorseChamp
    IDrawHorseChamp 3 months ago

    Oh, but it is a good impression.

  • Annabelle Koopmans
    Annabelle Koopmans 3 months ago

    five out of five: A good representation of a struggle with mental illness

  • Arab Trooper
    Arab Trooper 3 months ago

    SPOILERS; a flap on the wing of an aircraft which can be projected in order to create drag and so reduce speed.

  • Shoshana Fendel
    Shoshana Fendel 3 months ago

    John: "The whole point of the tuatara is that it is a cold, dead-eyed--"

  • Dagan Schoen
    Dagan Schoen 3 months ago


  • Aayush Karn
    Aayush Karn 3 months ago

    This is the same person who said in 2016 “I don’t know if I’ll ever write a book now”. I don’t know why, but I feel proud.

    And yes, I am late.

  • Charlie Clougherty
    Charlie Clougherty 3 months ago

    how have you been doing this fpr ten years but still hold your camera like my dad taking a selfie

  • Emma Charlie
    Emma Charlie 4 months ago

    Pause at 3:24 to see an accurate representation of their relationship. Hank being awkward and John face palming

  • Cynacist
    Cynacist 4 months ago

    I love how Hank pimp's out John to the fullest extent. Cracks me up every time.

  • Cheyenne Marie
    Cheyenne Marie 4 months ago

    Hank would 100% be Daisy ngl

  • Erin G
    Erin G 4 months ago

    There's no secret on my book 😦😢😦

  • James Boyle
    James Boyle 4 months ago

    two. hundred. thousand...

  • Amber W
    Amber W 4 months ago

    Dear John Green,
    I am a huge fan of yours! I just recently picked up your new book (Turtles All The Way Down) at the library, there unfortunately was a waiting list. I am super excited to read this book! Your writing has inspired me immensely, and I really appreciate how much work and feeling that you put into your writing! I Thank you and Hank for being yourselves and making this world a better place to live in.
    With love,
    Amber w.

  • Chrissy Marty
    Chrissy Marty 4 months ago

    Amazing book.

  • SilverFlame819
    SilverFlame819 4 months ago

    I love John's reaction to Hank wanting to make merch. "Oh my God. We have merch for it, it's called Turtles All The Way Down, it's available in bookstores everywhere." I laughed so hard. The "oh my god" was so dry. :D

  • Jaclyn Gordon
    Jaclyn Gordon 4 months ago

    Yup 2017 was a pile of burnt garbage

  • SomeBritishDude
    SomeBritishDude 4 months ago

    SPOILER ALERT: The book has words in it and they're written in English.

  • Ishana Gadhavi
    Ishana Gadhavi 5 months ago


  • TheAMWriter
    TheAMWriter 5 months ago

    I literally went to look for the secret on my copy of Turtles all the way down after Hank took the dust jacket off the book in this video. That is so neat, love it.. LOL.

  • JeffFlann
    JeffFlann 5 months ago

    Would the book that Hank bit be worth more or less than the standard version?

  • Lotte Spaans
    Lotte Spaans 5 months ago

    Best book yet!!!

  • julia aurora
    julia aurora 5 months ago

    I loved it!!

  • Syk0tik
    Syk0tik 5 months ago

    I think Hank would be Colin from AAOK

  • mays bbh
    mays bbh 5 months ago


  • Da Cashman
    Da Cashman 6 months ago

    That was a great impression!

  • Caroline Funk
    Caroline Funk 6 months ago

    Hey my names Caroline

  • Skylar Cloud
    Skylar Cloud 6 months ago

    Why when i think about this i am reminded of john laurens?

  • Bobbydog66
    Bobbydog66 7 months ago

    10 out of 10, would tuatara again.

  • Jake The Blueberry
    Jake The Blueberry 7 months ago

    i just finished the book... it was really good!!!!!!

  • Em H
    Em H 7 months ago

    While the Australian copy doesn't have anything under the dust cover, I love that it feels like one of those books you would find in a dream library with a spiral staircase.

  • Mininessie
    Mininessie 7 months ago

    Is the book a chick flick book

  • Asia Sanchez
    Asia Sanchez 7 months ago

    WHAT i have 2 copies and i never took off either book jacket

  • Amanda Russell
    Amanda Russell 7 months ago


  • Sophia Sosa
    Sophia Sosa 7 months ago

    Don't worry Hank, you make a perfect tuatara

  • Danielle Lofgren
    Danielle Lofgren 7 months ago

    Hank for Tuatara 2017

  • Ichigo Hime
    Ichigo Hime 7 months ago

    speaking of disturbing things...

  • Irai Henry
    Irai Henry 7 months ago

    Okay, but can I just say I was very surprised to hear about a Tuatara here. Like yassssss. ✊ #kiwiheyyyy

  • Mikazha
    Mikazha 7 months ago

    If only amazon didn't send my book by probably literal snail mail. It apparently takes over a month.

  • Nastassja Riemermann
    Nastassja Riemermann 7 months ago

    When you don't get to see the secret because you only buy ebooks...

  • Charne Bronkhorst
    Charne Bronkhorst 7 months ago

    thank you so much for including south Africa in your list, I feel so appreciated! your book really made me think about a lot of things and your philosophical writing is breathtaking

  • Talita Talita
    Talita Talita 7 months ago


  • Emily Jackson
    Emily Jackson 7 months ago

    KNOW JOHN GREEN AND HANK ARE BROTHERS AAAAAAH. I've loved john greens books for years and been watching scishow all year but have just stumbled across this channel and my mind is blooooown!

  • TheLALAClaire
    TheLALAClaire 7 months ago

    Hank: OOH there's a secret
    Me: *immediately reaches for both of my copy's of Turtles All The Way Down*

  • Caroline Scarbrough
    Caroline Scarbrough 7 months ago

    I'm a Caroline! Also LOVED Turtles all the way down. :)

  • ya girl T
    ya girl T 7 months ago

    "exaggerated pseudo-texan accent" your captions are greatly appreciated

  • Unicorn-Town-Going-Down

    Spoiler: everyone dies.
    Do they? I don't know, I haven't read it yet.

  • AndyPandyPepper 17
    AndyPandyPepper 17 8 months ago

    TFIOS Spoiler

    I was told that Hazel dies, so I spent the whole book getting attached to August. I briefly hated you- and then I reread the book three times...

  • deanmullen10
    deanmullen10 8 months ago

    When you Google TATWD right now it says it was published in 1987 and you're only telling us about it now? :P

  • Michelle Winters
    Michelle Winters 8 months ago

    There were an exceptional number of blinks in this one.

  • Nenalyzed
    Nenalyzed 8 months ago

    Pre-ordered a possibly signed copy months ago from thebookdepository but I didn't receive one yet. Wait... does that mean European buyers won't get a signed copy anyway? I contacted them but they're still trying to figure out what went wrong but in the meantime I still don't have a copy of Turtles all the way down and it makes me sad.

  • KingBobXIV
    KingBobXIV 8 months ago

    Hank's Tuatara voice is the best thing I've ever heard.

  • Judson Rose
    Judson Rose 8 months ago

    I'm from El Paso and took serious offense to Hank's comment about it.
    Just kidding; it was a wonderful, raw performance by the both of you!

  • back then
    back then 8 months ago


  • jacqueline ganun
    jacqueline ganun 8 months ago

    it's amazing!!!

  • screaming_cactus
    screaming_cactus 8 months ago


  • Carson Autumn
    Carson Autumn 8 months ago

    I'm from Italy and I bought it

  • Phamily Phun
    Phamily Phun 8 months ago

    Really? I thought 2017 is burnt trash being stepped on by Donald Trump

  • Sure Whatever
    Sure Whatever 8 months ago +1


    M1RANDA 8 months ago

    I'm gonna start reading today!

  • Miss-Tessa Randall
    Miss-Tessa Randall 8 months ago

    “It's a Hank!” How cute!

  • Rochelle Deans
    Rochelle Deans 8 months ago

    2:05 *pauses video, goes to get book and take off dust cover*
    Oh heyyy secret!

  • Tishanie Ratnappuly
    Tishanie Ratnappuly 8 months ago

    My book doesn’t have the secret. Why doesn’t it have the secret?

  • Callie Thompson
    Callie Thompson 8 months ago

    Just finished the book it is officially amazing!

  • Lauren Nelson
    Lauren Nelson 8 months ago

    This was my first experience with John Green. So charming!
    ...I sound like someone's grandmother...

  • Megan Holly
    Megan Holly 8 months ago

    I love you john

    • Megan Holly
      Megan Holly 8 months ago

      And hank!! We're birthday twins btw

  • Riahisnotafish
    Riahisnotafish 8 months ago

    Yeeeeeew I live in Australian and I got a signed copy with a Hanklerfish! Can't wait to read it!!

  • Jhean Khar Pacina
    Jhean Khar Pacina 8 months ago

    done reading two days ago. I just can't accept the ending. 😭😭😭

  • VeinerSchnoozle
    VeinerSchnoozle 8 months ago

    So hyped got a signed copy

  • Kelly Fitzgerald
    Kelly Fitzgerald 8 months ago

    Can a Nerdfighter with time and technical skills turn Hank's "I'm a tuatara" into a ringtone? That would be greatly appreciated

  • carasonya
    carasonya 8 months ago

    My almost five-year-old daughter's name is Caroline 😃

  • drdanger
    drdanger 8 months ago

    is it awful that I am 35 with a grown up job, wife and house and im reading "young adult" novels?

  • Baltoen
    Baltoen 8 months ago

    The guy Photo Jumping at 0:36

  • Cyrus Dsouza
    Cyrus Dsouza 8 months ago

    spoiler alert: Han Solo dies!!!

  • Jeralyn Cabaluna
    Jeralyn Cabaluna 8 months ago

    The funny thing about this sentence is that once you realize it doesn't mean anything, it's hard to stop.

  • Eleri
    Eleri 8 months ago

    0:37 is that Hank in the background jumping or just some dude photobombing you lol

  • Nurhan Alaa
    Nurhan Alaa 8 months ago

    oh my God, you are the most lovely brothers I have seen ! God bless your humour, mr.Hank, kept me smiling the whole thing 😁😁😀

  • Kimbo The Jimbo
    Kimbo The Jimbo 8 months ago

    I got my copy and it's signed! Thank you so much Target. 😉

  • Erik Lundstrom
    Erik Lundstrom 8 months ago

    Loved the book. Thank you for always publishing your books when I most need to read them.

  • Camber Reynolds
    Camber Reynolds 8 months ago

    10/10 for tuatara hank

  • Kelly WOW
    Kelly WOW 8 months ago

    aaah!! I hadn't seen it without the dust cover! So glad I had it with me!!

  • TastefulPenguins
    TastefulPenguins 8 months ago

    I genuinely spat out my water when Hank did the tuatara impression. Thank you for this absolute gift.

  • That Ozian
    That Ozian 8 months ago

    Spoiler alert

    I haven’t read the book yet but I really want to

  • Jaya Tiwari
    Jaya Tiwari 8 months ago

    I read it. Oh, god its effing amazing..

  • Elena Limmer-Wood
    Elena Limmer-Wood 8 months ago

    Gah what's the secret thing under the dust cover?

  • BamaFanEdge
    BamaFanEdge 8 months ago

    I listen to audio books on my ride to work. Will this book have my eyes red and puffy when I get there? Should I just get a hard copy and read it on private? I hate when people ask why I'm crying and I have to tell them that an author killed my favorite characters.

  • Perry Oakes
    Perry Oakes 8 months ago

    Hank could play the Zoologist!