DP/30: Sicario, Roger Deakins

  • Published on Nov 14, 2015
  • Shot in Los Angeles, November 2015
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  • simon gentry
    simon gentry 2 days ago


  • TheTukTuk2008
    TheTukTuk2008 Month ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Roger Deakins in the title, I hit like.

  • Terry Ebinger
    Terry Ebinger 4 months ago

    Gorgeously wrought . . . superb choice of music. Thank you!

  • Evasive Maneouvell

    This is Deakins frame approved! Nice as always Dave

  • fosterlag7474
    fosterlag7474 Year ago +2

    to this day his cheek is still itchy

  • Andrew Westhoff
    Andrew Westhoff Year ago +2

    Deakins is the Yoda of cinematography.

  • Felipe Pipi
    Felipe Pipi Year ago

    I wonder if there is any passion left under his skin after all those shoots. He is so modest that makes him a bit unsympathetic, which makes me wonder, how can such ''cool'' guy shoot the most amazing pictures. Although he is quite brilliant, he seems to be a very bored man, despite the fact that he is pretty much on top of the game.

    • Clemens Stubbe
      Clemens Stubbe Year ago +2

      If we're doing this, I think your take on Deakins' character and modesty makes you seem incredibly unsympathetic.

  • Evasive Maneouvell

    He is the Keith of Cinema!!!! Denny is Mic in this case. The Cohen brothers are the John to his Paul

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson Year ago +4

    "I don't know where pixels come from." - Greatest cinematographer working today :O
    I get what he means though. Knowing how to incorporate the technology into his technique is more important than the technology itself. Understanding pictures are more important than understanding pixels.

  • Christopher Thorkon
    Christopher Thorkon Year ago +2

    I love the way he is so laid back and relaxed and easy going -- listening to interviews with him are so much fun because they are so relaxing. And it really shows his greatness -- he talks about great cinematography in a way that just flows so naturally -- great cinematography just flows from him like a river.

  • Simon Dunkan
    Simon Dunkan Year ago

    Somehow Roger looks like he comes in a flat picture-style to not fuck up how he looks in this video. smart..

  • Nathan Joseph
    Nathan Joseph 2 years ago +3

    Legend. Just utter legend....

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 2 years ago +17


  • bh617
    bh617 2 years ago +8

    He dp'd Barton Fink. What else do you need to know?

    • Paul Christino
      Paul Christino 6 months ago

      Underrated film. Tuturro and Goodman at their best. Love that movie.

    AP STUDIOS 2 years ago

    To be such an iconic, GREAT cinematographer, he is such a humble, simple man. Very inspiring.

  • Dane Parsons
    Dane Parsons 2 years ago +1


  • chris edouard
    chris edouard 3 years ago +14

    14:50 "i dont know much about the workings of a camera"
    i expected a great dp to know all the technical aspects. good to know that isnt what really matters

    • Clemens Stubbe
      Clemens Stubbe Year ago +1

      I can only imagine it's like music: Lots of the greatest musical talents were mediocre at best on their instruments, and lots of virtuosos could never create anything worthwhile. Genius comes in many forms, and only a few lucky individuals in history have had both immense technical prowess and immense creative talent.

    • David Quincy
      David Quincy 2 years ago +4

      chris edouard I think it's awesome to hear that because you can literally get lost in all the tech detail thats always changing.

    • Nicolas Labra
      Nicolas Labra 3 years ago +7

      its good to know, but is not really necessary

  • Kyle Oxenham
    Kyle Oxenham 3 years ago +1

    For some reason, he reminds me of Burt Bacharach.

  • Shoot That Nebula
    Shoot That Nebula 3 years ago +13

    I think the draw to the cult of Deakins is strangely how down to earth he is, in the era of Film Vs Digital, Roger's the one who's just getting on with it and just trying to get something shot.

  • seb
    seb 3 years ago +1

    imo the assassination of jesse james is tied with synecdoche, new york for greatest film of the 2010's

  • Augusto Costa
    Augusto Costa 3 years ago +18

    Nominated 13 times by the Academy.
    This guy is a genius.

  • Ki Y Kim
    Ki Y Kim 3 years ago +4

    I love all of the movies that he shot. You could literally watch the movies he shot without sound and know the story.

  • Nicholas Ntaganda
    Nicholas Ntaganda 3 years ago +28

    This guy and Lubezki are my favorite working cinematographers

    • Jesus A.
      Jesus A. 2 years ago +3

      Roger and Bill Pope are my top two favorites

    • Szkotu Szkocki
      Szkotu Szkocki 2 years ago +4

      Miguel Quintero I prefer him over lubezki

    • Miguel Quintero
      Miguel Quintero 3 years ago +4

      agreed. they are legends

  • Patrick Tomasso
    Patrick Tomasso 3 years ago +10

    Imagine having the opportunity to film Roger Deakins, how do you frame the framer?
    This guy slaps him square in the middle of a boring ass hotel room...

    • Patrick Tomasso
      Patrick Tomasso 3 years ago +1

      +Ralph Lindsen haha! 😂

    • Ralph Lindsen
      Ralph Lindsen 3 years ago +16

      +Patrick Tomasso Haha, when I was in film school I interviewed a cinematographer I admired on camera too. I never was so nervous setting up a simple interview shot :P

  • netscape82
    netscape82 4 years ago +6

    Can you get? Lubezki in the chair por favor. Roger Deakins is in a league of his own such a great eye for visuals.

  • jgmamma0
    jgmamma0 4 years ago +6

    Was Michael Wilmington the Chicago film critic who responded positively during "O Brother" screening? I know that he had it as his #1 film of 2000.

  • Dylan Hoang
    Dylan Hoang 4 years ago +27

    His modesty is killing me haha this guy makes movies look way too gorgeous. Amazing cinematographer. Amazing.

  • alterdings
    alterdings 4 years ago +3

    The Great One

  • legion
    legion 4 years ago +4

    Give this man an Oscar FFS!!

  • revolverswitch
    revolverswitch 4 years ago +3

    so, Roger Deakins likes cyberpunks?

  • revolverswitch
    revolverswitch 4 years ago +4

    I knew Deakins would still appreciate film and would want it to still be around for others.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 years ago +8

    The DP Grandmaster !!!

  • astroception
    astroception 4 years ago +97

    roger deakins + denis villeneuve is such a great dynamic.

    • astroception
      astroception 3 years ago

      Sicario probably my least favourite of Denis films but Johannsson's score for the film is a absolute beauty.

    • Anas NEJMI
      Anas NEJMI 3 years ago +5

      Roger Deakins (cinematographer) , Denis Villeneuve (director) and Jóhann Jóhannsson (composer) is one of the best dynamics in film making. They now made Prisoners, Sicario, and next is the Blade Runner sequel (Denis and Jóhann also made Arrival, the best movie of the year in my opinion).

    • Anas NEJMI
      Anas NEJMI 3 years ago +1

      Next is Bladerunner 2!

    • Francisco Sousa
      Francisco Sousa 3 years ago +1

      yes, the results of their partnership have been brilliant so far

  • Bond626
    Bond626 4 years ago +29

    Great interview, great cinematographer.

  • Sean Wilcock
    Sean Wilcock 4 years ago +29

    Storyboarding a film that's not shooting until next june. BLADERUNNNNEEEEERRRRRRRRR.

  • luigi ventroni
    luigi ventroni 4 years ago +17

    Saw Sicario 4 days ago, cinematography was unbelievable.
    And also I loved every film he has done with the Coen, and Villeneuve's "Prisoners"

  • Plastic Grenade
    Plastic Grenade 4 years ago +5

    Cool guy

  • Keegan Przeslak
    Keegan Przeslak 4 years ago +6

    Best DP in the world!