Funniest KID TEST Answers !

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Funniest KID TEST Answers !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Funniest KID TEST Answers !

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  • Clara Dannica
    Clara Dannica 4 hours ago +1

    In Indonesia somebody got a medicine for Cancer

  • UlitamateSamurai Webb
    UlitamateSamurai Webb 5 hours ago

    When the paper you said Bob has diabeades I was like what the flip and i laughed

  • holo glitter Queen
    holo glitter Queen 11 hours ago


  • Reina Lindsay
    Reina Lindsay 14 hours ago

    Your tree pun was funny XD

  • G#0st
    G#0st 19 hours ago

    U know the angle that said circle the x I was the person who circled it with a line because I was like hmm not to pasific

  • Queen Pig Pink Power
    Queen Pig Pink Power 22 hours ago +1

    The one about the Walrus and global warming I decided to do the same but a little differently
    (What I wrote: I’m sorry I had to put my penguin in my notebook because of global warming) and my teacher put a smilie face but I got the answers right😂😁

  • Addison Gordon
    Addison Gordon Day ago +1

    Mom:wanna clean your room me:no thanks mom:no go upstairs and clean you room me:ok😭 (the next day) mom:wanna go to school me: NO THANKS mom:nope get in the car me:ok (next day) mom:wanna do the dishes me: SURE I MEAN NOOOO mom:ok me:wow

  • Widad Baroudeh
    Widad Baroudeh Day ago

    He is a lot more than that

  • Kevari Moore
    Kevari Moore Day ago


  • Lindsay Benson
    Lindsay Benson Day ago +1

    I can lift a 97 pound weight and....IM A 3RD GRADER

  • yaki vargas
    yaki vargas Day ago

    Wait that’s my name

  • Osana Najimi
    Osana Najimi Day ago

    4,2 k disslikes i think they are this teachers

  • lil_cbul
    lil_cbul Day ago +1

    Also tree in Welsh is 3

  • Jim Garcia
    Jim Garcia Day ago

    Azzy,you are my favorite TVclipr.PLEASE make more vids.thank you.bye bye! :

  • the Clips
    the Clips Day ago

    watch this!!

    Please support my channel really appreciate it!

  • Jakob Brewer
    Jakob Brewer Day ago

    Marcus is on steroids

  • Trinity Youngs-Tiller

    OMG who ever the kids were there like hell'a savage LOL. 👍if you agree

  • Karen Little
    Karen Little 2 days ago

    Azzy your cute

  • Katie Nixon
    Katie Nixon 2 days ago

    I was drinking water while watching the last one , guess where it ended up 😂😢

    C SQUAD 2 days ago

    This is azzy

    SALLAH STUDIOS 2 days ago

    Ur the best

    SALLAH STUDIOS 2 days ago

    Hi I love u

  • Grace Jeanne Maguire
    Grace Jeanne Maguire 2 days ago +1

    Bad job azzy I h8 u

  • Katie Macnamara
    Katie Macnamara 2 days ago

    So funny hahahaha:-)


    Azzy:can you draw a magical mushroom???


  • Ken Lee
    Ken Lee 2 days ago

    I am very bad at puns too

  • Ahmad Sadiq
    Ahmad Sadiq 2 days ago +1

    when I was little they would always ask me"how did u figure out this answer" and I always put because I know the answer

  • Coco cat! Chocolate
    Coco cat! Chocolate 2 days ago

    Maya I’m in da bath I’m safe *XD*

  • Ariana Grande fan
    Ariana Grande fan 3 days ago


  • Galaxy Queen Wolfie
    Galaxy Queen Wolfie 3 days ago

    Yes azzy i get it your puns are not bad

  • Teal Wolfy
    Teal Wolfy 3 days ago

    I remember whenever I did a test if there was a blank page at the end of the test I would increase my chance of passing by drawing a walrus on the back and whenever I got called out for a hundred and I drew a walrus my fren would get triggered

  • Kate Matthews
    Kate Matthews 3 days ago

    That *ahh! a bear! im too scared to answer!*

    imagine if there was a teacher that told her students that *regardless of the situation, your test matters more to me than your life. Keep writing*

    Man, dat teacher needs to be fired, bro

  • Bob Heinle
    Bob Heinle 3 days ago

    I’m Bob and I have diabetes in real life too

  • meizhu wu
    meizhu wu 3 days ago

    Wow, that’s some smart people there!

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly 3 days ago


  • DogLover 0070
    DogLover 0070 4 days ago

    I hear his old global warming turn on all the air conditioning

  • Bill Ndolo
    Bill Ndolo 4 days ago


  • L Fender
    L Fender 4 days ago

    Azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy iiiiiii. Am your biggest fan

  • Mr Mint
    Mr Mint 4 days ago

    You cure my depression

  • merrelltwins lover
    merrelltwins lover 4 days ago

    Welcome to azzylan

  • B Barbia
    B Barbia 4 days ago

    loved it

  • GGs world
    GGs world 4 days ago

    Spider-Man is a better. Pun master

  • NamJoonPotter iS vErY CrEePy

    Every like i'll add a 🐢
    Lets start:

  • Jerry Peyton
    Jerry Peyton 4 days ago

    The magical mushroom is invisible

  • Tamika Mathies
    Tamika Mathies 5 days ago


  • xXSunnyWolfieXx
    xXSunnyWolfieXx 5 days ago

    Math will never be my strong point

  • Bertney Pillay
    Bertney Pillay 5 days ago

    you are so beautiful

  • Hailey Gaming dk
    Hailey Gaming dk 5 days ago

    7:52 that feeling when you see the flag of the country you live in....Great feeling😊

  • Harper Peters
    Harper Peters 5 days ago

    I said YES lol for the mushroom one

  • The Angry Little Alchemist

    I could lift more than 97 pounds in 4th grade. When you carry 100+ books for several miles a week for several years, you gain strength.

  • Khamari Becton
    Khamari Becton 5 days ago


  • anuta kikabidze
    anuta kikabidze 5 days ago

    9:47 MY NAME!

  • Julian King
    Julian King 6 days ago

    I find the first one offensive because I have type 1 Diabetes which is a natural

  • StarGazer Wolf
    StarGazer Wolf 6 days ago

    Last year in school o thought reading was boring so i would draw in my book but i would put a label that involved reading so i would not get in touble

  • Roblox With Lucy
    Roblox With Lucy 6 days ago +10

    if u wanna meet Azzy make this blue

  • Camille Anderson
    Camille Anderson 6 days ago

    I love your videos 😙😚👌

  • Geethali Rahmanastra Hudaya

    Im blue if im green i would die

  • Geethali Rahmanastra Hudaya

    Shes mom or hes mom name is horday

  • Chloe Playz
    Chloe Playz 6 days ago +38

    🧔🏿 This is Jordan 🇿🇦
    One like=on year for Jordan

  • Johnny Manny
    Johnny Manny 6 days ago

    Expectatlox or reallty

  • Amanda Howdin
    Amanda Howdin 6 days ago +1


  • Rosie J
    Rosie J 6 days ago

    I have school tomorrow f*ck school I hate everyone in the school so there the ones that made me hate school I love learning and the teachers are nice good luck

  • Dan
    Dan 6 days ago

    9:10 relatable

  • Nicole Liang
    Nicole Liang 7 days ago +3

    Azzy:what do you have but your friends use it more than you


    Me:name :)

  • Jawhara Elmouzdahir
    Jawhara Elmouzdahir 7 days ago


  • Savage Beast
    Savage Beast 7 days ago

    2:55 to 3:08 azzys speech was so inspiring

  • Seryne Ben Khadda
    Seryne Ben Khadda 7 days ago

    im so happy to see you azzy land!!!

  • Kaam Chor
    Kaam Chor 7 days ago

    Boring, non contest vid

  • Boma Theophilus
    Boma Theophilus 7 days ago

    Good kid

  • Amanda Pins
    Amanda Pins 7 days ago

    love you Azzy

  • Hate Yourself
    Hate Yourself 7 days ago +2

    I dont even know my parents name
    I only call them dad mom

  • Vivian Chim
    Vivian Chim 7 days ago

    Guys I got a question who envented the light bulb?

    Thomas Edison

  • Dee Raibley
    Dee Raibley 7 days ago

    azzy land speech;just because some one else couldn't do it doesn't mean u cant believe in your self all it takes is one person to solve cancer all it takes is one person to solve a huge mystery

  • 《 Storm 》
    《 Storm 》 7 days ago

    [ Teacher ]What do you think is the best solution to overpopulation?
    [ Child Thanos ]The hardest choices require the strongest will...
    [Teacher] Wha-
    [ Thanos Snaps ]

  • navneet randhawa
    navneet randhawa 7 days ago +1

    2:36 that’s what I’m thinking every test my teacher gives me