House Democrats unveil articles of impeachment | ABC News

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said President Trump’s constant abuse of power left Democrats with no choice but to move forward with articles of impeachment.
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  • The Count
    The Count Month ago

    Corrupt scum bag Schiff and the democratic party with their sleazy lies and bull shit tactics.

  • Jim666
    Jim666 Month ago

    We are all witnesses to the death of the rule of law in the US. All hail the Great Leader Donald J Trump or else.

  • Jay Chatfield
    Jay Chatfield Month ago

    Every person on that stage is a liar, a traitor of America, and should be considered as domestic terrorists... Period!!

  • jose R. Magenta!
    jose R. Magenta! Month ago

    Point of Information, for those that don't know; By one excepting what this President is doing, Your excepting the end democracy as we know it! An thee exceptence of Authoritarian dictatorship! Total rule by the Government! This would be crazy!

  • hardlines4
    hardlines4 Month ago +7

    Thank you DemoRats for not only destroying yourselves but also giving Trump a second term!!👍🏼😁

  • giganteluis productions

    OMG Who Are They Especially Pencil Neck Schiff They All Belong In The Mental Hospital Bunch Of Circus Clowns.

  • Omegaperfectstorm !


  • Dia Atkin
    Dia Atkin Month ago

    You know NOTHING. Americans love our president.

  • Shawn Mcginnity
    Shawn Mcginnity Month ago +2

    We’re is the proof I’ve heard nothing but lies

  • mayedaj
    mayedaj Month ago

    Schiff needs to take his balls 🏀 out of Nancy’s mouth. I can hear them spinning around while she speaks.

  • Wallace Hughes
    Wallace Hughes Month ago

    Is very simple, the Democrats are trying to turn off the sentiment for the president by implying and defaming president Trump.
    They know the articles of impeachment are not going to stick. But they'll try to defame him no matter what.
    Now, this is the way to behave in Capitol hill?

  • Gold Kings
    Gold Kings Month ago


  • M Watson
    M Watson Month ago

    A bag a fuckin dummyssss.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago +1

    The only good democrat is a dead democrats. This country needs to make them all good.

  • Mike Rub
    Mike Rub Month ago

    ARMED and MILITIA MUST implement a
    version of the FRENCH REVOLUTION, BANNING and ERASING from U.S. Congress those corrupt and treacherous from DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL PARTY, its corrupts and
    traitors leaders, the CLINTON and OBAMA families engaging in the crime organized cartels, those anti-American
    Muslins terrorists such Ilhan OMAR, Rashida TLAID, Arianna Pressley and
    Alexandria OCASIO-Cortez, and those liberals leftist supporters who are
    preaching, disseminating, and perpetrating sedition, riots, chaos, depriving
    our free speech, stalking, attaching, threatening of murder violating the U.S.
    Constitution, and betrayal to our nation, as U.S. Citizen Cheri Bartlett stated “I said we should be able to
    eject Nancy PELOSI, Adam SCHIFF, Veronica Escobar out of office and
    be prosecuted for their abuse of power and crimes! Also, we must LYNCH those
    corrupts Democrats in Congress, those corrupts political judges, the
    treacherous, liar, corrupt mainstream media CNN, MSNBC, its affiliates and
    corrupts journalist such Jim Acosta, Jorge Ramos, Ana Navarro, Rachael Maddow,
    etc. all of them who are treating U.S. Citizens as servants of plantation
    colonies without U.S. Constitutional rights and exposed to be victimized by liberals criminals and terrorists
    migrants invaders that Democrats are importing to get elected and perpetuate themselves in Congress and
    government at expenses of U.S. taxpayers! “

  • Mike Rub
    Mike Rub Month ago

    This impeachment hypocrisy
    after Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are turning the justice system on their
    hands and breaks The Rules to impeach Trump, is conducted by corrupt Adam
    SCHIFF’S plot to impeach President Trump
    has been exposed, it is unconstitutional because its sitting president rest in
    Schiff’s hands alone, which is arising the outrageous of millions of U.S.
    Citizens, as Psychiatrist Citizen Juan CF says: “The Democratic Party
    impeachment procedure is against the law and the U.S. Constitution, because it
    is setting it in the hands of an perpetual corrupt Liberal such Adam Schiff who
    suffers inferiority complex and desperate homosexual love for Trump,
    camouflaged with hate towards Trump, which propels Schiff through manipulating an unconstitutional
    impeach, rejecting the legal and political process to hurt the President,
    clinical disease that fall into Sigmund Freud’s neurologist method for treating
    psychopathology, which mean that Adam SCHIFF has abnormal psychiatric genetic
    illness of gender dysphoria (potential homicidal homosexuality), which makes
    him dangerous for people, and almost end up committing suicide or being killed by their own group;” therefore, SCHIFF severe mental instability, he’s unfit to be in Office and conduct any Inquiry
    Impeachment and must be removed from Office, in accordance with the Fourteenth
    Amendment and the U.S. Constitution, Article 1 - Section 5.

  • Mike Rub
    Mike Rub Month ago

    The Pelosi-Schiff’s
    IMPEACHMENT. However, indictment and prosecution against treacherous Democrats
    Congress members, liberals, leftist, and accomplices which are requested by
    millions of U.S. Citizens, as Badass GG who says: “100% agreed, especially Adam
    SCHIFF, Nancy PELOSI and J. NADLER, they'd be in jail for 50 years, at least
    because they're hurting our great nation, ‘ damaging all American,” request
    which is reinforce by Citizen Harry B who says: “The Democrats tried Mueller,
    then impeachment who knows what’s next. The AG needs to start taking action
    instead of just letting us all know what has been going on. I suggest they
    start with Kerry then Pelosi for clear violations of the Logan Act. Find a
    short rope, even if you have to buy a new one. So far 3 years later and all
    we’ve heard is talk out of the republicans and AG office. No commitment to any
    type of retribution or punishment. It’s getting old fast!,” while Citizen
    Lachawk F says: “Democrats have tried Sex scandals, taxes, emoluments clause,
    racism, mentally unfit, keeping him off the ballot in Colorado and California
    and New York, etc. and they failed in all, what do you mean what’s next? It
    could be anything from these criminals in Congress and government agencies.”
    Treacherous anti -America Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify
    in Senate held impeachment trial!

  • Mike Rub
    Mike Rub Month ago

    Therefore, Democrats Congress
    unlawful impeachment is vicious and false and it is violating the Due Process
    Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendments of U.S. Constitution that “Protect the
    accused against conviction except upon PROOF beyond a reasonable doubt of every
    fact necessary to constitute a crime with which he is charged.” Estelle v.
    Williams, 425 U.S. 501, 503 (1976); Henderson v. Kibbe, 431 U.S.
    145, 152 (1977); Sandstrom v. Montana, 442 U.S. 510, 520-24 (1979); Sullivan v. Louisiana,
    508 U.S. 275 (1993) (Sixth Amendment guarantee of trail by Jury require a jury
    verdict of guilty beyond reasonable doubt); Taylor v. Kentucky, 436 U.S. 478,
    483-86 (1978), interrelationship of the reasonable doubt burden and defendant’s entitlement to a presumption of
    innocence. The Democratic Controlled Congress unlawful impeachment scam which has found has found NO QUID PRO QUO, NO BRIBERY, and NO TREASON means that the U.S. Senate will acquit Donald Trump on
    the Democrats phony articles of impeachment, and if Republicans take back the
    House in 2020 powered by a backlash to impeachment PELOSI must be unseated
    as House Speaker, much the same way Newt Gingrich was forced out after impeachment backfired on the Republicans in the 1998, as Citizen JJ Becerra says: "Nancy Pelosi is corrupt, immoral voyeur,
    and insane, she must be removed from Office, in accordance with the Fourteenth
    Amendment and the U.S. Constitution, Article 1 - Section 5.”

  • Mike Rub
    Mike Rub Month ago

    Despite that the
    NO TREASON, the DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS is doing an absurd, vile,
    wicked, and hateful of nature charges, violating U.S. Laws and Constitution by
    accusing President Trump, claiming that “the President must be removed from
    office because Donald Trump SUPPOSEDLY obstructed Congress and abused his
    power,” which evidence that this Democratic Controlled Congress is incompetent
    and unfit to be in government as well as ignorant of the U.S. laws and
    Constitution, because anyone can be accused of a crime based on assumptions,
    “guess,” “conjecture” and “supposedly” which are tricky words that carry no
    positive information, truth, and factual evidence to charge with a crime. The U.S.
    states that the term “SUPPOSITION” means a guess or a conjecture that a
    thing is true with NO POSITIVE PROOF that it is TRUE and FACTUAL, while “guess”
    is to assume, presume, or assert a fact
    WITHOUT SUFFICIENT INFORMATION, and “conjecture” is a judgment based

  • Mike Rub
    Mike Rub Month ago

    Democrat Congress and the left’s
    blind, hatred, and travesty conspiracy to impeach President Trump began since
    2017 first day he took office has as mission to obstruct President Trump
    government, starting with the fabricated Muller’ Investigation which lasted for
    more of two years and failed to prove anything wrong on Trump, then the
    Democratic Congress colluded with the fake mainstream media and the so-called
    “Deep State” manipulated by the CLINTON and OBAMA families fabricated a witch
    hunt impeachment plague of lies and slander against President Trump and on
    12/10/2019 they have cross a line when the so-called House Speaker Nancy PELOSI
    stood in front of the camera and unveiled their long awaited phony articles of
    impeachment against President Trump. Nancy Pelosi stood in front of the press
    cameras and claimed “the President must be removed from office because Donald
    Trump SUPPOSEDLY obstructed Congress and abused his power.” These accusations
    could not be further from the truth, because the ONLY ABUSE and OBSTRUCTION
    there has been is from the DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS, abusing their
    majority-power to OBSTRUCT President Trump’s American First Agenda; however,
    people has acknowledged that this impeachment is a doomed cause, it is a total
    coup that Nancy Pelosi-Adam Schiff have conspire and leading this Witch Hunt to
    destroy President Trump and steal from him the 2020 Presidential Elections.

  • Albert De Castro
    Albert De Castro Month ago

    At the last day, all of our deeds will be exposed. Every sin, every lie. Don't worry, God will judge these lying traitors on the last day. Pray for our country and worry about your own soul. Are you born again? You must be born again to enter the kingdom of God!

  • E James
    E James Month ago

    Adam Schiff - You s**k! America hates you!

  • Daniel Guido
    Daniel Guido Month ago +1

    Promise term limits and get themselves out of Washington. That would surely get voters to the poles.

  • Black 007
    Black 007 Month ago

    Lmfaoo all of these investigations and you come out with some jay walking like articles of impeachment ?!? Lmao it seems like our politicians are losing it. Even I know that the President can’t obstruct the Congress because they ALONE CAN’T TELL THE PRESIDENT WHAT TO DO 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • stoned hambone
    stoned hambone Month ago

    They should impeach that blondes lips

  • rrmndtqrg8 q
    rrmndtqrg8 q Month ago

    Thanks to the Demoncrats and MSM for all their help in getting President Trump reelected we couldn't do it without your help LATINOS FOR TRUMP KAG 2020

  • Know Thanks
    Know Thanks Month ago

    never fear the mutant squad is on it

  • Kelly Beveridge
    Kelly Beveridge Month ago +2

    He don't need help with his campaign, he's already won the 2020 presidential election LOL🤣😂🤣

  • Kelly Beveridge
    Kelly Beveridge Month ago

    No evidence, nothing proven making up their own shit LOL..

  • Kelly Beveridge
    Kelly Beveridge Month ago

    Shame on all of you..!!! Hatred at its best people...

  • Myche Jonze
    Myche Jonze Month ago +2


  • Boney Dog Phillips
    Boney Dog Phillips Month ago

    Dumbasss liberals...... hope they die a slow painful death.

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson Month ago

    Please check your facts Joe Biden and his son did nothing wrong they did not break any laws like Trump did

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson Month ago

    Joe Biden did not bribe Ukraine for his own personal gain.There was other foreign leaders along with the Obama’s administration wanted that prosecutor out because that prosecutor was corrupt

  • J Sando
    J Sando Month ago +1

    Time to put Nancy out to pasture, and ol Nad sucker Q ball licker needs to go do some squats on Shifty shits Pencil neck

  • Richard Spencer
    Richard Spencer Month ago

    Face tells you a lot this guy talking can’t hide how happy he is bringing trump down , bunch of ffffwits

  • vpost1x1
    vpost1x1 Month ago

    Words to know in 2020 : insurrection , rebellion, civil unrest , revolution, coup d’ etat, putsch, takeover.

    • 3ds max
      3ds max Month ago

      If Trump wins, the left will riot and cause millions in property damage and some innocent people may even get killed. The left relies only on emotions and drama.Never facts!
      (see democrat impeachment hearings. The left talked all day about feelings....while the right laid down facts and dates and numbers and 100% irrefutable facts)
      If Trump loses, watch how our side loses gracefully and concedes without incident or try and change the laws or move the goalposts etc etc like the left ALWAYS does.

  • vpost1x1
    vpost1x1 Month ago

    You left me “ No Choice” but to post my disrespect for all of you standing there and dribbling your ugliness onto the rest of us. I was once a Democrat, and feel so foolish for being uninformed for as long as I was. Trump 2020 .

  • vpost1x1
    vpost1x1 Month ago

    Ugh! They didn’t prepare me for this kind of absurdity in school. Epic farce! Oh , Epstein did not kill himself, so what are you going to do about the political pals you have that appear in Epstein’s black book? I’m hearing crickets

  • vpost1x1
    vpost1x1 Month ago +1

    Nancy “the flagpole “ Pelosi, sounds like a whigged lawyer of the 18th century bar in England

  • vpost1x1
    vpost1x1 Month ago

    Stripes look perfect on Nadler

  • vpost1x1
    vpost1x1 Month ago

    One grenade would get them all ,

  • Michael Haun
    Michael Haun Month ago +5

    No a nursing home would settle this problem.

  • Nick Machiavelli
    Nick Machiavelli Month ago +4

    Pelosi:”we have to pass it to see what’s in it”

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood Month ago

    Hay asswipe...FISA warrant based on Steele dossier...a lie...your a fukn asshole...your a fukn treasonous godless maggot. Cruz has the floor now you ignorant mutherfukr.

  • Angel Adriel
    Angel Adriel Month ago

    They are so desperate lol, they are insanely bitter about 2016. This isn't about anything but butt hurt revenge, and it will fall on its face in the senate. You have been wasting the time of the entire nation, with your witch hunt obsession... it's so childish.

  • Saxon
    Saxon Month ago

    Side Show Schiff is going down!

  • Elvira Lichtik
    Elvira Lichtik Month ago


  • Roger Evans
    Roger Evans Month ago

    Incredibly delusional group of overstayed, overpowered people. Their commitment to "The Lie" is the world's view of our government.
    The commitment to remove a dually voted president from day one is despicable abuse of their own power.
    Nothing but innocence has been proven! Civil War may very well occur, invoked by the "Silent Majority". Our government has just proven they are no longer acting in the name of the people, but rather those few in position of power. Trump is not the enemy! These clowns proposing the articles of impeachment are the enemies of the people.

  • Somewhere Texas
    Somewhere Texas Month ago

    Get a rope hang the dems

  • Butch L
    Butch L Month ago +2

    This is Powerplay by the Democrats. Its hurting the People.

  • M C
    M C Month ago +4

    Quick someone take your thumbs and push Adams eyeballs back in they are popping out!

  • IM4NRA
    IM4NRA Month ago

    Adam Schiff is what Hillary's c*nt would sound like, if it could talk!

  • XRPeed MyBigBoyPants

    Look at the liver lips in the background I feel like I’m watching Sponge Bob Square Pants . Trouble in Bikini Bottom!

  • Yazid
    Yazid Month ago +1

    Shifty Schift 😂😂

  • Brenda Novak
    Brenda Novak Month ago

    How can he obstruct justice when there was no justice to obstruct?
    justice. n. 1) fairness. 2) moral rightness. 3) a scheme or system of law in which every person receives his/ her/its due from the system, including all rights, both natural and legal.

  • Mister Grizz
    Mister Grizz Month ago

    the evidence is in trump admits to violating our national security and our elections and he has no defense and it has been investigated that trump has been lying to his butthugging base for 3 years and yet they still hug the butt in defense of their traitor and chief WHAT"" a bunch of cultist dim witted >>

  • NS Jason Dzuong
    NS Jason Dzuong Month ago +1

    lier lier lier

  • mm mm
    mm mm Month ago

    Ugly wig

  • mm mm
    mm mm Month ago

    Why a wig black lady