Dutch reporters tell US ambassador: 'This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions'

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  • Edwin Hof
    Edwin Hof 2 days ago +1

    The US always thinks they are the best nation on earth.........but they are only nr. 1 incarceration rate. "Land of the Free" ?

  • tasmand wd
    tasmand wd 2 days ago

    Spineless coward

  • Sphagnum P. I.
    Sphagnum P. I. 3 days ago +1

    1. U.S. out of NATO.
    2. No American blood for debauched, enervated, effeminate, cowardly Europe.
    3. Invite the Russians to invade and let them seize everything from the Arctic Circle to Ceuta and Melilla, and from the Oder River to County Mayo.

  • shlibber
    shlibber 3 days ago

    Hes going to have a hard time in the netherlands, they dont tolerate bullsh*t, or did i say bullhouse?

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 4 days ago

    please Americans - remember how they are treating him - when they come crying - we will turn our back on them - they will become a muslim country.

    • Edwin Hof
      Edwin Hof 2 days ago +2

      We treat a liar like a liar!!

    • Sir Roland Baggybottom IV
      Sir Roland Baggybottom IV 4 days ago

      We won't turn our backs on them, nor should we. This disagreement is meaningless and shallow. We're still very strong allies.

  • sng1867
    sng1867 5 days ago +4

    How to upset a Liberal: tell him a lie
    How to upset a Conservative: tell him the truth

    • RoadRage
      RoadRage Day ago

      Both Liberals and Conservatives are liars, if you still do not know that you have not been paying attention in the last 20 years.

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      you have it backwards - hahahaha

  • Shaikh Mehfooz Alam
    Shaikh Mehfooz Alam 5 days ago

    Bravo, Journalists of Holland!

  • Sphagnum P. I.
    Sphagnum P. I. 5 days ago +2

    Voice of Europe: Mohammed Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In The Netherlands For Second Year In A Row…
    Celebrate diversity!
    Via Voice of Europe:
    Dutch mainstream media reported that Noah was the most popular baby name for boys in the Netherlands, but a little digging turned out a different finding.
    The name Noah was putatively considered the most popular boy’s name for 2017, having been given to 635 new-born boys in the Netherlands. A journalist from broadcaster Powned did some research into the database, however, and noticed that another name, a non-traditional Dutch name, was slightly more prevalent.
    This journalist checked for Mohammed and its alternative spellings. He thus counted:
    Mohammed 221, Mohamed 211, Muhammed 110, Mohammad 51, Muhammad 43 and reached a total of 636. Other forms like Mohamad, Muhamed, Muhammet, Mouhamed, Muhamad and Mahamuud could not be checked for “privacy reasons”.
    Of course, other forms of Noah like Noa and Noach should be checked as well for the sake of fairness: both, however, were not listed according to the Dutch journalist.
    The author says, it is the second year in a row that Mohammed is the most popular name for baby boys: In 2016 there were 724 baby’s named Mohammed (or one of it’s Arabic alternatives) in the Netherlands.
    He also mentions that the same tendency was seen in England in 2016: It is not Oliver, but Mohammed (with all its permutations), that is the most popular name for baby boy

    • Tom Bruggeman
      Tom Bruggeman 2 days ago

      It's actually Noah , then Sem , Mohammed is 65th

    • Edwin Hof
      Edwin Hof 2 days ago

      Most popular names are Noah and Sem. Inform yourself!!

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago +1

      sad to say - but europe is the new lebanon - just a matter of time - this time we are NOT bailing them out. Natural selection.

  • russelljohnson2008
    russelljohnson2008 5 days ago

    This is rich!!! Liars need to called immediately, in real time.

  • Strong Aingel
    Strong Aingel 6 days ago

    Moslems are going to attempt to destroy Europe, that is the purpose of the current hijra. If you don't know that fact you should not be in Journalism .. Oh I forgot, the Guardian populates its offices with moslems and haws - NOT journalists..

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 7 days ago

    he should have come prepared with a list of politically incorrect topics to blast the press with - socialist use magical thinking so the truth knocks them flat. America does not want to be like the dutch - we think you are disgusting.

    • Emmy Boeijink
      Emmy Boeijink 6 days ago +1

      Guess what I think the same way about YOU !!!!

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 7 days ago

    i despise socialism - please read atlas shrugged by ayn rand and animal farm by george orwell. Finally, the brexit documentary to give you real world examples.

  • don peroni
    don peroni 7 days ago +1

    just slap that punk of an ambassador

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 7 days ago

      no just slap those socialist fools with an economy the size of my closet. lol.

  • Stuart Brooks
    Stuart Brooks 7 days ago

    The comments made were in 2015. That’s before Trump and under Obama idiots

    • Jasper Kamphuis
      Jasper Kamphuis 5 days ago +1

      How is that in any way relevant? It was this same guy... Nobody even mentioned Trump. He is the new ambassador sent by the Trump administration though, they could've selected a more suitable candidate, that's clear.

    • Mr.Shota D.
      Mr.Shota D. 6 days ago +2

      Stuart Brooks doesnt change a thing. Keep your lying coniving republicans out of our country, we dont need ambasadors like that!

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 7 days ago

    maybe china will just decide to take these people out just like they did the dali llama - they will not be talking about boutique utopia then....

  • mary epps
    mary epps 7 days ago

    The comments!

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 7 days ago

    are they allowed to read animal farm in the netherlands?

    • Martijn Muijsers
      Martijn Muijsers 2 days ago

      It was mandatory in my school, so yes.

    • Roy Hoeksema
      Roy Hoeksema 7 days ago +1

      If you mean the book, then yes. The Netherlands is probably the most liberal country in the world. Especially compared to the racist USA for example.

    • Roy Hoeksema
      Roy Hoeksema 7 days ago

      integrity matters What

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 7 days ago +1

    poor guy he should get combat pay for dealing with the arrogant socialist dutch reporters.
    They like to gossip - evil - explains why america has 7 times the gdp.

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      mourad 227 - i am in America and you are wrong. lol. Yes we love israel - who wouldn't?

    • mourad 227
      mourad 227 6 days ago

      integrity matters another thing the united states of zionists is owned by zionists they are just saudi Arabia and isreal whore

  • evolver1919
    evolver1919 7 days ago

    Tough crowd. They see him as a stand-in for Trump. Forget asking questions. Should’ve just started throwing rotten tomatoes as soon as he walked in.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 8 days ago +7

    Haha, what a baffoon!!

  • Simiral Entertainment

    Every American knows that there is a country like the USA on the planet. and all the rest of the countries also exist .. probably ... but this is not the most important thing in life ... because even if there are no other countries, this will not change anything in the Universe in which the US already exists ...

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 8 days ago +1

    You're tearing me apart, Holland!

    • MPDeventer
      MPDeventer 6 days ago +2

      Haha movie references.

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 7 days ago

      mourad 227 - you are just jealous - go back to your cave and eat your dung beetles.

    • shalomamigos
      shalomamigos 7 days ago +1

      Please talk to me, Pleeease! You are part of my life! You are everything! I could not go on without you, Holland!

  • Sir Roland Baggybottom IV

    US / Dutch relations off to a great start, I see...

    • Sir Roland Baggybottom IV
      Sir Roland Baggybottom IV 4 days ago +1

      +Shark hunt 42 - I'm talking about relations under the Trump administration. Of course the bilateral relationship is much older than that, but I'm talking about the current government and the nature of their working relationship with the Dutch.

    • Skank hunt 42
      Skank hunt 42 4 days ago

      Netherlands didn't even exist back then it had an other name.

    • Skank hunt 42
      Skank hunt 42 4 days ago

      This isn't the start John Adams in 1780 was ambassador in the Nethelands and lived there. in 1782 the Netherlands where the second nation to mark United States as an independent nation and the house where Joh Adams lived in was first American-owned embassy on foreign soil.

  • Moniker
    Moniker 8 days ago

    Trump Administration's Apology Tour

  • hasoevo
    hasoevo 9 days ago +4

    If only the journalist in Amerikkka had the courage to do the same....

  • Matthew Alford
    Matthew Alford 9 days ago +7

    Lol... Thats funny.

  • Voodoo one
    Voodoo one 9 days ago

    What did he say?

    • just me
      just me 9 days ago +3

      That there are no go zones and politicians are being burned alive by Muslims in the Netherlands

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin 9 days ago +3

      Voodoo one " i did not touch that child"

  • jorge ruiz
    jorge ruiz 9 days ago +2

    They are all nasty reporters yuk

    • erzan
      erzan 4 days ago +3

      It is the job of a reporter to ask questions to hold officials to account in a Democratic country. Unlike in Russia where they are locked up or North Korea, killed.

    • Emmy Boeijink
      Emmy Boeijink 6 days ago +2

      Nasty, no not all all. They asked and he didn't answer, very unpolite !!!!

    • Emmy Boeijink
      Emmy Boeijink 6 days ago

      How should that moron know, he was 3 years old when he left and doesn't know a thing about the Netherlands. That's very obvious. It was funny to see how he gote " burned " himself.....lol

    • Atheïstje
      Atheïstje 8 days ago +12

      Jorge, the us is just a fake country with THE dumbest people on earth. That's a fact.

  • Snoop Coleman
    Snoop Coleman 9 days ago +11


    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      trump is an american hero snoop coleman - do not let them confuse you or pit you against your felllow americans. Black unemployment is the lowest in recorded history. He did it in 1 year and he is just getting warmed up. We have small children being murdered in the streets - trump is our only hope to get it fixed - no joke. It was the clintons that cut welfare and locked up brown and black people in cages so their cronies could profit. They called black americans - predators.

  • tiny b
    tiny b 9 days ago +11

    This idiot is a bought and paid for stooge to the Devos and Van Andel families, the same people that brought you Betsy Devos, the current Secretary of Education. Also, the founders of pyramid scheme company, Amway. This guy's past is full of nothing but lies and misinformation.

  • John Valk
    John Valk 9 days ago +9

    In contrast to countries such as Belgium and France, the policy of Dutch municipalities is always focused on prevention, on the early detection of criminal behavior among young people through close cooperation between schools, police, community workers etc. I can walk around with peace of mind. If cars of politicians are set on fire, it has been to prevent asylum centers from being established in villages or cities

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 7 days ago

      translation - gestapo police - be careful what you say - MUST be politically correct - be grateful comrad. This is why America has 7 times the gdp -- i stand with Charlie H - murdered by socialists who allowed jihadists into the country - free speech!!!

  • Idk
    Idk 9 days ago +1

    You’ll never get an America reporter asking these kinds of questions

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      no they ask these same kind of questions - never mind about Charlie H - being murdered for creating a cartoon - we WANT gossip he said /she said - like second graders yuck --- can't stand socialists.

    • Sir Roland Baggybottom IV
      Sir Roland Baggybottom IV 6 days ago

      Is that what they tell you in Holland?

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 9 days ago

    Cleanse it with fire....

  • Awesome Avenger
    Awesome Avenger 9 days ago +5

    I think when people take their life in their hands just for publishing a few cartoons, you have a problem. Maybe those in the media should focus on that, rather than shooting the messenger?

    • Notharah
      Notharah 8 days ago +8

      Nahh, you don't get to backtrack that comment that easily. First you mention cartoons. When you're called out on that you mention Fortuyn. And then when it was pointed out he wasn't killed by a muslim you plant your goalpost a little further because leftists = islamic terrorist? AND you ignore the fact that Hoekstra lied to try to make a point?
      You cannot have your extremist cake and eat it, too.
      Lastly "if the only people willing to speak the truth are... liars..." if you could re-read that segment a few times out loud... slowly, and then maybe rethink your defence of this "messenger"

    • Awesome Avenger
      Awesome Avenger 8 days ago

      Fortuyn was murdered by a left wing nut. Not the last time the left have made common cause with the violently intolerant religious ideology that is Islam. And who's to say his comments were lies?
      Islamist terrorism is now a thing in Europe. Fortuyn called it out long before many others were willing to. Along with Theo van Gogh, who soon found that criticizing (real) misogyny is all very well, unless it involves Islam. Then you pay with your life. He worked alongside Hirsi Ali (a Dutch politician). Who left Holland for the US when the Dutch government were no longer willing to pay for her security. Holland isn't safe. If you dare to criticize Islam.
      Trump might be a moron. And it's clearly obvious he employs morons and liars too. But if the only people willing to speak the truth are morons and liars (and worse) then don't be surprised when they get listened to.

    • TheCivildecay
      TheCivildecay 9 days ago +7

      Awesome Avenger a comment isn't 'controversial' when it's a lie... also pim fortuyn wasn't killed by a muslim.

    • Awesome Avenger
      Awesome Avenger 9 days ago +3

      But then Pete Hoekstra's 'controversial' comments where about an Islamic movement creating chaos in Europe. Which is certainly true.

  • Wyatt Barone
    Wyatt Barone 9 days ago +33

    He's used to American "journalism" , don't upset the interviewee or else.

    • Wyatt Barone
      Wyatt Barone 7 days ago

      Herman Willems I remember seeing Noam Chomsky in a Dutch debate with some defense minister. It was a real debate, made the American political debates look like child's play.

    • Herman Willems
      Herman Willems 7 days ago +4

      We got very well independent journalism, even they are from different companies they see each other as collegues and many times working together for the greater good to get things out. Im proud of the dutch journalism, they always ask sharp questions and do their homework before asking. The other side, politicians also became very sharp to become extremely political correct. :) haha

    • TheArtkaw
      TheArtkaw 9 days ago +7

      In US, it's all about access, so soft questions only and little follow-up.

  • anigbrowl
    anigbrowl 9 days ago +1

    Hoekstra is weak and cowardly, like his boss.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 9 days ago +31

    If you have to lie to prove a point.....you haven’t got a point! 🤦‍♂️

    • jrregan
      jrregan 7 days ago

      Tell that to the pathological liar's Obama and the Hildabeast. They both lie when not necessary all the time.

  • Bruan Hardrada
    Bruan Hardrada 9 days ago +4

    Dutch, roflmao, a nation of collaborators, always on the side of tyranny and evil since 1660.

    • Edwin Hof
      Edwin Hof 2 days ago

      We supported the American revolution..........big mistake!!

    • jan
      jan 4 days ago

      Brain Hardrada.
      Wel here is an example of the Spanish declineon on the Dutch has not yet been processed.

    • Bruan Hardrada
      Bruan Hardrada 6 days ago

      The dutch raised an SS division BEFORE the war, fought on the side of Nazi Germany for the next 5 years. You have a monarchy, that alone makes you right wing. You fought against Napoleon and the Republican forms of Government to keep your aristocrats and monarchs, that made you right wingers. All of the 17th,18th, and 19th and part of the 20th centuries your country spent colonizing, slaving and raiding all around the globe, when it wasn't involved with wars in Europe. For a tiny country you all sure caused a lot of death and oppression in the world.

    • EMI V
      EMI V 6 days ago +2

      Bruan Hardrada "epitome of the right wing ".. Our right wing politics are more left wing than the american left wing politics. The dutch resistance did end quickly, because they were not prepared for a war. Before the war when the tensions were high, they stated that they wanted to remain neutral. Germany went "okay great" and attacked. People fought, and went to the Frontline themselves in a disorganized attempt to defend themselves. That is when Germany bombed down the city of Rotterdam and said they would do so to the other major cities if the goverment didn't surrender.
      So the goverment did.
      Firstly, it wasnt that bad, the Germans appearantly hoped to make the dutch switch sides. Then, they started exporting Jewish people. The dutch reacted. With a peaceful, nationwide strike. After that, the germans retaliated, not so peacefully.
      Yes, we are direct people. Don't make us out to be bad people though. Not everyone has the same ideas and opinions. Besides, when you are bringing up old things you do realize, those are old people by now. People are not their parents, don't judge anyone you do not know.
      And please, pick up a book.

  • kayper29
    kayper29 9 days ago +45

    U.S.needs new ambassador this one is an embarrassment

    • The Inner Minds Eye
      The Inner Minds Eye 58 minutes ago

      The mentality of 'American exceptionalism' will be the downfall of the U.S. as it has been with all empires of the past.
      The rest of the world sees through it...

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      no - we are not embarrassed - who cares what some puny country with a small percentage of our GDP thinks? They are so arrogant - lol - they like to feel important - they are socialists - i would not have an embassy there at all.

    • Sir Roland Baggybottom IV
      Sir Roland Baggybottom IV 6 days ago

      doctorale666 - Not really.

  • Araib Lad
    Araib Lad 9 days ago +19

    Typical Shameless Amerikan

    • Skank hunt 42
      Skank hunt 42 3 days ago

      Pearl harbor was the reason america entered the war where they europeans ? Do you even know history ? For all know i could be speaking French, Spanish, norwegian. but the thing is conquered land never lasted long after the romans left 1500 years ago.

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      welcome to the new lebanon - when the dutch come crying - we are NOT bailing them out again. They did it to themselves.

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      America created the internet and Europe tried to kill us - and without us there would be no europe. only nazi germany. Europeans that do not value America are idiots.

    • Skank hunt 42
      Skank hunt 42 4 days ago

      STFU if it wasn't for europeans United states of America would't even excist. So indirectly we created the internet. for most part Canadian, Polish and british army liberated The Netherlands. The russians could have done it aswell.

    • jan
      jan 4 days ago

      Araib Lad
      Wahahaha and islam scum like you,are praying 5 times a day to a pedophile prophet.
      Not any respect for poor 9 year old Aisha.

  • S B
    S B 9 days ago +1

    you have to answer questions.. Unless it's about Islam. Don't want to _appear_ racists now do you. OMG!!

    • Correctrix
      Correctrix 9 days ago +2

      That should be faced with similar rigour too.

  • Hugo Brand
    Hugo Brand 9 days ago +72

    There's a reason this idiot moved to the US. Seems it's the only place that tolerates such absolute incompetence.

    • Sir Roland Baggybottom IV
      Sir Roland Baggybottom IV 4 days ago

      I didn't see him do anything wrong in this video. Actually, the Dutch reporters seem rather rude.

    • integrity matters
      integrity matters 4 days ago

      in politics you are correct - my senator durbin is working for people from other countries actively working against my families interests - crazy. Only the incompetent go into the government here - except for Trump - and he is only doing it to fix it - real americans are not like our politicians - lol - if our politicians had a private mall like they do in the EU - we would burn it down and them with it. American politicians except for my hero Trump -- are losers.

    • doctorale666
      doctorale666 6 days ago +2

      what does religion have to do with the US diplomat lying about and to an allied country? That is a conversation for another comment section of which I have zero interest in participating in, your absolute truth doesn't concern or worry me in the least, your moronic diplomats do.

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy 9 days ago

    Screw the Netherlands leave them to the Islamic army of the Antichrist....one should never apologize for the TRUTH.

    • ub4real
      ub4real 9 days ago

      That's the point,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,He refused to say it was true........he didn't apologize for the truth.......he had no Truth, nor answers.