The Haunted Quarters Of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel

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  • The Chaotic Artist
    The Chaotic Artist 18 minutes ago

    11:53 two bros, chilling in a hot tub, five inches apart cause they're not gay

  • xx heartless xx
    xx heartless xx 48 minutes ago

    13:15 at 0.5 speed says- ‘you know it’s true.’
    Or alternatively ‘you know a clue’
    The edit was just spelling error.

  • Randelle Vergara
    Randelle Vergara 9 hours ago

    The voice around 13:50 sounds a lot like a prostitute doing a blowjob. Idk.

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams 13 hours ago

    14:09 Watching Shane sleep in this allegedly haunted bedroom without a blanket, with his feet just hanging out from the bed is honestly giving me the fucking chills. It's so scary I would n e v e r

  • Nuggett Girl
    Nuggett Girl 13 hours ago

    I love this bc I’m from and live in New Orleans♥️♥️

  • Danielle Wilson
    Danielle Wilson 15 hours ago

    At 13:51 it sounds like a lizard

  • 16 hours ago

    I think it’s saying anonymous.
    Listen to it

  • Angie Disappointment
    Angie Disappointment 16 hours ago

    Two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cause there hot gay

  • Caydence Evelyn
    Caydence Evelyn 18 hours ago +1

    7:15 Ryan- I just got light headed, I'm getting out. Shane- stay in there. Ryan- what ?? Shane- stay in there *closes the door*

  • Caydence Evelyn
    Caydence Evelyn 18 hours ago +1

    5:54 ghost 101 with Shane 😂😂

  • The harbinger of cursed images

    Rudeass ghosts RUINING my sleep:season 1

  • Gabbyxox
    Gabbyxox 19 hours ago

    I love how Ryan gets scared so easily tho XD

  • Shivansh Mehta
    Shivansh Mehta 23 hours ago

    Shane and Ryan r the best ! 😂😂

  • Titus Lim
    Titus Lim Day ago

    It'll be interesting if they could interview with ghost

  • Poetry Fox
    Poetry Fox Day ago

    The unknown voice sounded like it said "I know it is" 0.5x playback

  • George Massey
    George Massey Day ago

    i figured it out to say" i don't want you hear" and based on the deepness of tone possibly angry male

  • bulletproofboi
    bulletproofboi Day ago

    someone's probably just walking lol

  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins Day ago

    The tub scene! 😂

  • Natalie Eads
    Natalie Eads Day ago

    Go to Clinton Road its the most haunted road in America!

  • Frankie Bella
    Frankie Bella 2 days ago

    Asian Dudes a cream puff fuirt cake "😠👎

  • daniele mirth
    daniele mirth 2 days ago

    It sounds like your stomach

  • Eric Charbonneau
    Eric Charbonneau 2 days ago

    Ghosts aren’t real idiots. There’s a reason no one ever captures anything good on camera out of the millions of morons that claim to have seen one. Hmmmm. Sureee

  • Star Child
    Star Child 2 days ago

    Two guys
    Sitting in a small jacuzzi
    2 inches apart cuz they aren’t gayyy

  • Raging Gamer
    Raging Gamer 2 days ago

    Ohhhhh jacuzzi hot tub, jets turn off. Eww, bath with friends.

  • slosh ed 2
    slosh ed 2 2 days ago

    That jacuzzi sense killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • T3 MKOverSeven
    T3 MKOverSeven 2 days ago

    MAKE A VIDEO THAT SAYS “so this case IS SOLVED” and that will make my day

  • Oscar Morgan
    Oscar Morgan 3 days ago +1

    How does the camera man stay quiet

  • Snow White
    Snow White 3 days ago

    Lmao the unintelligible noise at 3:19 sounds like a fucking Gremlin😂😂

  • Minerva Godinez
    Minerva Godinez 3 days ago

    Did anyone else, during the jacuzzi scene at 11:54, think of that one vine that goes like “two guys chilling in the hot tub 5 feet apart cuz they’re not gay”??

  • Avery Prakash
    Avery Prakash 3 days ago

    OMG I just found this series. It awesome. Shane and Ryan are great.

  • 22natmartinez
    22natmartinez 3 days ago

    2 bros chilling in a hot tube- 5 inches apart cuz there not gay

  • Peahy Plantlady
    Peahy Plantlady 4 days ago


  • Landon Plays
    Landon Plays 4 days ago

    Are ghosts real conjuring,conjuring 2,exorcism ,exorcism 2 based on a true story also Annabel

  • Ahtziri Vindell
    Ahtziri Vindell 5 days ago

    The fucking jump scare scared me half to death 10:30

  • 115 Short Films
    115 Short Films 5 days ago

    The guy who is living above them at 15:00 definitely sounds like he was making the footstep noises and then is just playing along with Ryan because he's embarrassed

  • curly cactus
    curly cactus 5 days ago

    2 bros chillin in a hot tub
    5 feet apart cuz their not gay

  • Crazed Vids
    Crazed Vids 5 days ago


  • harry mathews
    harry mathews 6 days ago

    I love how Shane was like: “Holy $&#!” And Ryan was like: “Did you find something?!” “No, there’s a jacuzzi tub in here!” Ryan: 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • woah woah
    woah woah 6 days ago


  • Taco Tuesday Lover
    Taco Tuesday Lover 7 days ago

    12:04- two bros chilling in a hot tub really really closes cause their very gay

  • Brianna Quick
    Brianna Quick 7 days ago

    Shane is wild sleeping with his feet off the bed like that

  • equine_augie
    equine_augie 7 days ago

    "Stay in there"

  • Jill Maeve Butner
    Jill Maeve Butner 8 days ago

    Ryan does so much research for these videos and it's really cool

  • Jill Maeve Butner
    Jill Maeve Butner 8 days ago

    They *need* to go to the Villisca Ax Murder House in Iowa!! It's a house where an entire family was murdered at night along with guests. There was also NO SIGN of forced entry so it is assumed that the murderer was INSIDE the house when they got back. There was also a movie based on it.

  • Emily H
    Emily H 8 days ago

    Shane: 20cm off the bed
    Ryan: 20cm free of the bed

  • Emily H
    Emily H 8 days ago

    2 guys chillin in a hot tub, 5 feet apart, cause their not gay

  • Juni Miranda
    Juni Miranda 8 days ago

    I was sitting in my couch and I heard footsteps behind me and I almonst ran out of my house. Turns out it was the cat🐈 😨😧😰

  • louis kun
    louis kun 9 days ago

    Its look like someone is having sex XD

  • Bonsitree33
    Bonsitree33 9 days ago

    Shane’s flashlight: *turns off by itself*
    Shane: Damn the wind is strong tonight

  • Camille Brown
    Camille Brown 9 days ago

    ... “the the jets don’t work” LMAO

  • Tyler's Floof
    Tyler's Floof 9 days ago


  • _Spooky_Slim_Jim_
    _Spooky_Slim_Jim_ 9 days ago

    Two guys sitting in a tub five feet apart cuz they're not gay.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 9 days ago

    “Is it daft punk” the hardest I have ever laughed

  • Kaitlyn Russell
    Kaitlyn Russell 9 days ago +1


  • jerry lee
    jerry lee 9 days ago

    I think it's vary possible it was the guy staying in the room above. He seemed to answer the question quickly and dismissively "yeah idk man go talk to the front desk" like hey get out my face I don't wanna deal with this, if you wanna complain go to the desk. And then him agreeing they were spooked too was again him just agreeing to agree so he goes away.

  • StefanGamingYT
    StefanGamingYT 10 days ago

    Were there chads back then hahahhahahaha

  • fierce syd
    fierce syd 10 days ago

    I FOUND THE SOURCE OF THE’s a g-g-ghooost

  • Caitlyn Maiette
    Caitlyn Maiette 10 days ago

    "CATCH THEM ON YOUR HEAD!" classic shane

  • Marvinne Balo
    Marvinne Balo 10 days ago

    Do an episode about the amityville horror!!!

  • WD Gaster
    WD Gaster 10 days ago

    Its sagin anowin

  • isaiah paredes
    isaiah paredes 10 days ago

    La Llorona

  • just two salty gals
    just two salty gals 11 days ago

    D O N ' T J U D G E A B O O K B Y I T ' S C O V E R

  • cyborg Republic
    cyborg Republic 11 days ago

    Some one yelled hey or yeah when he stepped outside to check the balcony

  • King JM
    King JM 11 days ago +1

    When there’s a unknown voice it sounds like “no one will know “

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 11 days ago

    Ghosts: *sees two guys in the tub* w e l l t h e n

  • Madeleine Mcilroy
    Madeleine Mcilroy 11 days ago

    Ryan can be in scoobie doo cuz they also geys scared easily

  • Broccoli Soup
    Broccoli Soup 12 days ago

    “ nO ! You’re gonna scare the ghosts away”

  • ava manuel
    ava manuel 12 days ago

    Theres this guy all around, no woman

  • rubie babushka
    rubie babushka 12 days ago

    at 13:25 it almost sounds like someone saying "and no one can hear"

  • Sally Mattison Nick Georgiou

    I stole these from a woman who died on the titanic screams Shane

  • Do Do Doogie
    Do Do Doogie 13 days ago

    11:55 The Most Uncomfortable Ryan's Face and Akward Facee!! 😂

  • Kitty GaLore
    Kitty GaLore 13 days ago

    Two dudes sitting in a hot tub...

  • gg cox
    gg cox 13 days ago

    Who else only watches these in the daytime ?

  • Ernomobiili
    Ernomobiili 13 days ago

    It's all fun and games until u start watching these in the middle of the night

  • Isabel Sikorski
    Isabel Sikorski 13 days ago

    Ryan - " i have a question"
    Guy - " yeah"
    Ryan - "I heard footsteps last night it spooked me"
    Guy - "yeah I was spooked too"

  • Crimson FireCat
    Crimson FireCat 13 days ago

    Oh I misread the title and thought this was about Delphine LaLaurie lol

    • Crimson FireCat
      Crimson FireCat 13 days ago

      Also yall should cover that in one of the shows, it's pretty neat (and is also in New Orleans)

  • Isabel Sikorski
    Isabel Sikorski 13 days ago +1

    I love it how the "ghost" says "I'm right there" and it's probably the camera man fucking around with them 😂😂😂😂

  • Rory Cowper
    Rory Cowper 13 days ago

    11:53-12:07 “ 2 bros chilling in a hot tub 1 foot apart cos they r gay” q😂😂😂😂😂

  • The MartellFamily
    The MartellFamily 13 days ago +1

    The last “footsteps” he heard kind of sounded like they were being nasty in the room above and the bed was moving.. lol

  • Lauren Hoyle
    Lauren Hoyle 13 days ago

    Ryan :I'm getting hot
    Shane : stay in there *closes door*
    Ryan : NO NO NO NO NO😂😂

  • Slav blin
    Slav blin 14 days ago

    and 5:35😂😂😂😂

  • Slav blin
    Slav blin 14 days ago

    at 5:23 Ryan probaly pooped his pants😂😂😂😂🤣💩

  • High Music
    High Music 14 days ago


  • SnoWhiteSally
    SnoWhiteSally 14 days ago

    How can Shane not hear the I'm right there??? God, I got chills.

  • Jon Fuentes
    Jon Fuentes 14 days ago

    somewhere in the middle of this video during the looking of the bar, in mid day, in my living room, a framed picture fell on my head and the glass broke ON MY HEAD, wth why. I was alone in the living room

  • Audrey Morrow
    Audrey Morrow 14 days ago

    You think the ghost enjoy fucking with them? Like not showing themselves to mess around with them

  • quinn/cy ᕦ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ᕤ

    “We’re just two guys sitting in a tub...”

  • Allison 007
    Allison 007 15 days ago

    2 bros sitting in a hot tub 5 feet apart cause their not gay

  • cherweno
    cherweno 15 days ago

    i love shane

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 15 days ago

    It sounds like "look over here"

  • Little Llama
    Little Llama 15 days ago +1

    Those footsteps, if not staged, are pretty unexplainable


    Ok Shane just referenced Daft Punk. Loved him before but now I'm an official Shaniac! Who's with me!!!

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 15 days ago

    do jack the ripper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rupert P-J
    Rupert P-J 15 days ago

    Ryan forgot the concept of lying

  • Abi Hightower
    Abi Hightower 16 days ago

    Wait what's the red light on Shane's shirt at 3:16? Is it just a light from one of their cameras?

  • Hypocry
    Hypocry 16 days ago

    I died when he was like “so are we not going to use the jacuzzi hot tub?” And it cuts to them just sitting in the tub

  • ne b
    ne b 16 days ago

    IS IT DAFT PUNK !!!!!!!

  • Jessie Reactions
    Jessie Reactions 17 days ago


  • Irfancooking
    Irfancooking 17 days ago

    2 guys sitting in a hot tub 5 inch apart cos theyre not gay

  • SWAT Canadian Bacon
    SWAT Canadian Bacon 17 days ago

    I love this