How the New Call of Duty Can Save the Franchise


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  • reviewthis18
    reviewthis18 2 days ago

    BTW this video doesn't provide any answer to the question that the title asks. How do you fix the next COD game?

  • reviewthis18
    reviewthis18 2 days ago

    I haven't played this game yet, but the character of noob (not the actor) was in the dark on this too, so I think I'm still justified in saying, a lot of his claims were based on assumptions. Were the rebels really a poor faction? Were UN miners treated poorly? Were those military or civilian vessels being blasted? In addition to that, I feel there were some massive logic holes here. Just because the player is on the side with more resources doesn't mean that their evil. Think of it this way, the Union in the American Civil War had more resources than than the Confederacy, but does that mean that the Confederates were the good guys? What about ISIS? Does the fact that they are a relatively small organization mean that they are the good guys?

  • Alex Leighton
    Alex Leighton Month ago

    Bring back after hours

  • Chubbza5
    Chubbza5 6 months ago

    COD will die because lack of consistency. It's like HALO now but a new one comes out every 3 months for $65 dollars, meaning most of them have inactive online scenes filled with cheaters. Greed killed COD.

  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 7 months ago

    Call of duty is dying why the bloody exo suits and flying we want back the modern warfare series

  • pedro mutti
    pedro mutti 7 months ago

    yeeeee dew it

  • bryerTuck
    bryerTuck 7 months ago

    Too bad that there aren't anymore episodes of Escort Mission. Would love to see you two talking about the new God of War or even a look back on Last of Us. Wishful thinking, I guess.

  • -Jang Kenet-
    -Jang Kenet- 8 months ago

    Where have you been? It’s been almost 7 months, you guys still haven’t posted. I’m really worried

  • SciGuy
    SciGuy 11 months ago

    Maybe do the Korean or Vietnam War but not screw it up with a crazy fictional Cold War conspiracy theory

  • Safi Rouhi
    Safi Rouhi 11 months ago

    Next do warframe

  • LazerDude
    LazerDude Year ago +1

    So long to you as well escort mission I wish it didn't have to end this way.

  • bigblade15
    bigblade15 Year ago +4

    Man last Escort Mission ever so sad

  • mashed potatoes
    mashed potatoes Year ago

    I am the 420th comment

  • Sergey O'Neill
    Sergey O'Neill Year ago

    For the Empire!!!!

  • pongo5000
    pongo5000 Year ago +1

    NOOOOOO they'll never make another episode again now D':

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Year ago

    It cant save the franchise. Leave out in the woods to die like we used to do to useless people.

  • Rikki Sparx
    Rikki Sparx Year ago

    Swaim quit in October and this came out in November. . Weird. This is his new content

  • Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell

    So if you shill for the bad empire-like thing it will be sold more?

  • Prona
    Prona Year ago

    Two virgins play COD?

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim Year ago

    >Impying the empire did anything wrong

  • Bean Man
    Bean Man Year ago

    HeY GuYs I am 12 and I lIek mienkraft and RobLox and COD

  • Worgen33
    Worgen33 Year ago

    That would be awesome of cod embraced that thinking for the next future one... Oh holy crap, that would make it 40k.

  • SlickNoob
    SlickNoob Year ago

    And that’s why WW2 saved COD. :)

  • Gwyneth/Peter Ochsner

    Why are there so many holes in his shirt

  • Kyle Hardwick
    Kyle Hardwick Year ago

    So did they shoot this the same day as the newest After Hours or does Michael just wear a Sriracha shirt all the time? (Or are they secretly sponsored by Sriracha now?!)

  • andersoncherub
    andersoncherub Year ago

    So, next a scientist for the UNSA will create genetically engineered soldiers to fight the rebels. That will prove handy when humanity is suddenly attacked by a religiously zealous army made up of various races. And they'll call those super soldiers Gladiators. Then come the Gladiator III. Treachery, victory, megalomaniacal computer, etc.
    And also a real time strategy game crammed into the background.

  • UCeagle79
    UCeagle79 Year ago +1

    What would it take to get a weekly Escort Mission series?

  • Jaden
    Jaden Year ago

    Advanced Warfare was the last good one probably or BO3 but personally BO2 is the best imo

  • wafsinc
    wafsinc Year ago

    This came out like a year ago, how is this the new Call of Duty?

  • Thyre Radim
    Thyre Radim Year ago

    lol the main faction in this game is the UNSA while the main faction in halo is the UNSC so yah they are so not the same lols.

  • snozbaries
    snozbaries Year ago

    cod can't die soon enough

  • Draude's World
    Draude's World Year ago +2


  • CJusticeHappen21
    CJusticeHappen21 Year ago +1

    Violent Meditation.
    That is just too righteous.

  • Weighted Wayfarer

    I had a pair of sleep pants with the pool balls just like those.

  • Maya Syag
    Maya Syag Year ago

    i almost didnt click please mark this as escort mission so we know to click it in the future

  • Wasteland DV
    Wasteland DV Year ago

    I always said the Empire were the good guys.

  • whee38
    whee38 Year ago

    Their both missing what this games story was

  • whee38
    whee38 Year ago

    Their both missing what this games story was

  • Charley 144
    Charley 144 Year ago

    That's Halo before the Covenant.

  • LiliFromHali
    LiliFromHali Year ago

    Where was the shippable moment tho.... that's the only reason I watch these...

  • DeadReset
    DeadReset Year ago

    You guys are a year late with this.

  • Chandra Wagner
    Chandra Wagner Year ago

    Yaaaayyy! I love these! I wasn't sure they were still making them!

  • Mike W
    Mike W Year ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song at the start of escort mission? thanks for your time.

  • DeadLeaFMoth
    DeadLeaFMoth Year ago

    Why isn't this about COD WW2? Was this posted a year later by mistake?

  • No fear 380
    No fear 380 Year ago

    Just lessioning to this dude describing the game makes me want to kms

  • Indian Gamer Panda

    COD developers are slaves to the empire and their rabbid fans.May be they trolled the hell out of braindead fans.

  • pedro mutti
    pedro mutti Year ago

    dew it

  • Lanoira13
    Lanoira13 Year ago

    Lmao. Noob pointing out how games are problematic just to get a turn.

  • Filip Swiergul
    Filip Swiergul Year ago

    A little late Cracked.

  • Nautilus
    Nautilus Year ago