TBSkyen Ranks EVERY Champion Based on Character Design

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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    Two can play at this game, Necrit! (also this seems like a fun thing to do that people have been asking me to do)
    Don't take these rankings TOO seriously, and YES I am going to make What's the Deal videos about whichever champion you're about to ask me for, just be patient :)
    Watch Necrit rank every champion based on lore: tvclip.biz/video/micpjSKz6js/video.html
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  • DesmondDoes
    DesmondDoes 8 months ago +1600

    1:43 Aatrox
    3:15 Ahri
    4:32 Akali
    5:55 Alistar
    6:39 Amumu
    7:59 Anivia
    9:02 Annie
    11:30 Ashe
    13:41 Aruelion Sol
    15:12 Azir
    20:11 Bard
    22:10 Blitzcrank
    23:17 Brand
    24:07 Braum
    26:34 Caitlyn
    28:39 Camille
    32:41 Cassiopeia
    33:54 Cho'Gath
    35:39 Corki
    37:42 Darius
    38:25 Diana
    39:42 Draven
    40:48 Dr. Mundo
    43:52 Ekko
    45:46 Elise
    46:55 Evelynn
    49:41 Ezreal
    50:55 Fiddlesticks
    52:11 Fiora
    54:25 Fizz
    55:55 Galio
    57:14 Gangplank
    59:29 Garen
    1:00:16 Gnar
    1:01:37 Gragas
    1:02:41 Graves
    1:04:12 Hecarim
    1:05:10 Heimerdinger
    1:08:00 Illaoi
    1:09:17 Irelia
    1:12:55 Ivern
    1:14:52 Janna
    1:18:29 Jarvan IV
    1:21:33 Jax
    1:23:05 Jayce
    1:24:21 Jhin
    1:25:42 Jinx
    1:27:42 Kai'Sa
    1:30:29 Kalista
    1:32:06 Karma
    1:34:04 Karthus
    1:36:24 Kassadin
    1:40:39 Katarina
    1:42:35 Kayle (and Morgana)
    1:46:24 Kayn
    1:49:08 Kennen
    1:49:58 Kha'Zix
    1:51:49 Kindred
    1:56:23 Kled
    1:59:53 Kog'Maw
    2:01:19 LeBlanc
    2:03:57 Lee Sin
    2:05:04 Leona
    2:07:42 Lissandra ❤
    2:09:29 Lucian
    2:11:34 Lulu
    2:12:45 Lux
    2:15:58 Malphite
    2:16:41 Malzahar
    2:19:05 Maokai
    2:19:47 Master Yi
    2:21:55 Miss Fortune
    2:24:02 Mordekaiser
    2:25:27 Nami
    2:27:57 Nasus (and Renekton)
    2:29:56 Nautilus
    2:31:54 Neeko
    2:33:16 Nidalee
    2:35:44 Nocturne
    2:37:54 Nunu and Willump
    2:39:03 Olaf
    2:40:22 Orianna
    2:42:29 Ornn
    2:44:19 Pantheon
    2:46:26 Poppy
    2:49:13 Pyke
    2:52:53 Quinn
    2:55:55 Rakan (and Xayah)
    2:59:37 Rammus
    3:00:44 Rek'Sai
    3:02:13 Rengar
    3:03:14 Riven
    3:05:12 Rumble
    3:06:39 Ryze
    3:08:35 Sejuani
    3:10:34 Shaco
    3:11:41 Shen
    3:13:19 Shyvana
    3:16:37 Singed
    3:21:07 Sion
    3:21:52 Sivir
    3:22:29 Skarner
    3:23:56 Sona
    3:25:54 Soraka
    3:28:16 Swain
    3:31:30 Sylas
    3:34:31 Syndra
    3:37:37 Tahm Kench
    3:40:05 Taliyah
    3:42:37 Talon
    3:44:01 Taric
    3:48:41 Teemo
    3:51:22 Thresh
    3:56:03 Tristana
    3:57:55 Trundle
    3:59:56 Tryndamere
    4:00:56 Twisted Fate
    4:02:48 Twitch
    4:04:23 Udyr
    4:06:58 Urgot
    4:08:49 Varus
    4:14:02 Veigar
    4:15:18 Vayne (not pictured on list)
    4:16:38 Vel'Koz
    4:18:07 Viktor
    4:19:43 Vi
    4:22:15 Vladimir
    4:23:30 Volibear
    4:24:46 Warwick
    4:26:41 Wukong
    4:28:24 Xerath
    4:29:44 Xin Zhao
    4:30:57 Yasuo
    4:32:15 Yorick
    4:33:19 Yuumi (not pictured on the list)
    4:34:24 Zac
    4:37:34 Zed
    4:39:08 Ziggs
    4:40:10 Zilean
    4:41:20 Zoe
    4:43:42 Zyra

  • nothing to do
    nothing to do 3 days ago

    If she naked
    She's A

  • Frozi
    Frozi 9 days ago

    Xayah and Rakan being terrorists made me laugh so hard. Never thought of it that way.

  • Mr. Strike
    Mr. Strike 11 days ago

    I already watched this twice, its THAT good.

  • Mason Guthrie
    Mason Guthrie 13 days ago

    Xayah and rakan should be A tier at the least. The reason xayah is so pretty is because she is vastian it is in her biology. And of course someone who is being attacked by these creatures are going to imagine them as horrendous people but in reality they are normal creatures. I just think you looked at xayah and rakan in the wrong way.

  • Mason Guthrie
    Mason Guthrie 13 days ago

    When it comes to Kayle and Morgana based on their new lore Morgana is not some evil imperfect monster while Kayle is all that is good and just they both hold the same belief in justice the difference is Kayle follows the law to the t no matter how unjust it might seem while Morgana punishes those who are unjust but does not follow the law to the t. So it makes sense that Morgana does not looked deformed because she really is not the bad guy.

  • 陽ʏɪɴ
    陽ʏɪɴ Month ago +1

    *Pretty much skipped the whole video, and the one that was pinned I only searched the heroes I like and listen to it*

  • molamola
    molamola Month ago

    *I SAY NO*
    _music pauses for dramatic effect_

  • lesshappywindman
    lesshappywindman Month ago

    with irelia's armor i think it should be an s or a tier , she was designed to be like a blade dancer and not going to lie but if u showed a rondom person what does that look like what do u think her character is based off its very easy to tell that she is a blade dancer

  • Act jokinglyric
    Act jokinglyric Month ago

    Although you might not read this kled actually has a quote about noxus "Noxus was created to train the faithful". This could show that he actually knows a lot about noxus and could've absorbed a bit while there but doesn't actually talk about it in game.

  • Jeb Welch
    Jeb Welch Month ago

    Every Champion:
    “He’s FiNe? He’s just fINe¿ Their all finE

  • aTocan Boi
    aTocan Boi Month ago

    I would move Wukong and Kassadin down 1 tier and move ASol, Kled and Irelia up 1 tier

  • aTocan Boi
    aTocan Boi Month ago

    you foolMundo is obviously Thanos


  • aTocan Boi
    aTocan Boi Month ago

    35:28 haha do not underestimate how lonely and shitty our lives can be

  • Enz G
    Enz G Month ago

    He put ekko on s tier...

    That's all I need to know that he is a smart man.

  • Washada
    Washada Month ago +1

    -Skips entire vidéo to see the full list
    -Sees Yorick in S tier

  • The last Nutbender
    The last Nutbender Month ago

    Good lord

  • Bengi Aydogan
    Bengi Aydogan Month ago

    Vote for me as president, we will make janna naked again

  • Andres Pena
    Andres Pena Month ago

    Serious question: What did Cheshire Cat day lol?

  • Sakura Ōkami
    Sakura Ōkami Month ago

    Nunu is guy?

  • Siloe 101
    Siloe 101 Month ago

    he sounds like tinker from dota

  • Max Counter
    Max Counter Month ago

    Thankfully Taliyah is a girl

  • Anarchy
    Anarchy Month ago

    Zed is straight up shredder at B but pantheon is guy from 300 so F? ROFL
    This video is good but doesnt make much sense in its own consistency so its an F

  • Anarchy
    Anarchy Month ago

    btw Sylas looks like Jason Stathom but with hair

  • Anarchy
    Anarchy Month ago

    The reason for dislike to the video is - a lot of time you criticize the design for being generic or asking to pull that trigger to make more sensual... remember this game is for all ages and as a company they have to balance viewpoints. Remember graves cigar!
    and for sake of this video u could have just moved morde and pantheon same as shaco but anyways it was ur video

  • shadic 1916
    shadic 1916 2 months ago

    holy shit like 3 minutes or more ranting about kai'sa
    That was a gamer moment

  • Hannes Hendrik Toome
    Hannes Hendrik Toome 2 months ago

    But Freljordians don't feel cold because magic. In game the freljordians even have jokes about their clothes.

    • Hannes Hendrik Toome
      Hannes Hendrik Toome Month ago

      Pwease Adopt Me true that

    • Pwease Adopt Me
      Pwease Adopt Me Month ago

      @Hannes Hendrik Toome i think he mentioned that in another video ashe probably doesn't feel cold at all but that doesn't mean she needs to go around naked

    • Hannes Hendrik Toome
      Hannes Hendrik Toome Month ago +1

      Pwease Adopt Me Also Yes I will adopt you

    • Hannes Hendrik Toome
      Hannes Hendrik Toome Month ago

      Pwease Adopt Me I don’t mean that making freljordians look like strippers is ok, what I meant was that there is some lore as to why they do not wear winter clothing. I believe that what is brought out in the video is all good, I just wanted to add some information.

    • Pwease Adopt Me
      Pwease Adopt Me Month ago

      But dude, a schoolgirl skirt for ashe, i mean really, at leat give her some leggings

  • qualcom01
    qualcom01 2 months ago

    Rengar looks a bit too much like Ajani Goldmane to me.

  • Josh Price
    Josh Price 2 months ago

    I feel like there needed to be a "this was an old design" tier

  • Uzku
    Uzku 2 months ago

    What theme is it at 1:57:00

  • Potpota Kezubal
    Potpota Kezubal 2 months ago

    Yi's hemlet gives him 360 degree vision not magical vision

  • io
    io 2 months ago

    Kog’Maw looking like garbage is what makes him great in my opinion!

  • [Akurami ]
    [Akurami ] 2 months ago

    Shen should get a splash art update. Change my mind.

  • Jaroslav Šváha
    Jaroslav Šváha 3 months ago

    Riven and Rengar aren't compelling, because they have no place in Runeterra's lore. They're just sorta there because. Unlike characters like Swain, Sion, Garen, Sejuani etc, these characters have a reason to exist in this world.

  • Eternal791
    Eternal791 3 months ago +1

    While I definitely agree that Urgot could have been a bit more of a hideous Frankenstein's monster character, I think there are couple things about his design that really aid his lore, and would maybe even bump him up to S tier. For instance, Urgot spent some time in a prison mine, so a lot of his weapons and robo parts are crafted from mining equipment. His machine gun fires railway spikes used by mining carts, his ult uses a drill, chains used for shackling prisoners, and rock grinder. Then there's all the symbols he's branded onto his skin from all the chem baron's he's killed; showing how he takes trophies from his victims, instilling fear by showing how many he has killed.

  • TreyMinhVu
    TreyMinhVu 3 months ago

    It’s a shame that Annie splash art is just soooooo stupid but I’ll always have a giant soft spot for murderously pyromaniac dark children so she’s an B for me 😈. Do Star Guardian next. My S is Zoe for similar reason lol

  • Jakov Popović
    Jakov Popović 3 months ago

    Does anyone know what the music that starts at 1:18:26 is? Please? I need it in my life

  • Sweney
    Sweney 3 months ago

    What I took from this video:
    Titty babes
    My boi Rammus is a god

  • Avondre Tucker
    Avondre Tucker 3 months ago

    When your main is S tier😎

    NT DBOSS 3 months ago

    But....... kayn? (Varus)

  • death taco
    death taco 3 months ago

    im mad about this shen situation

  • Relic Games
    Relic Games 4 months ago

    I thought Xayah and Rakan would of gotten a higher grade but at least Kindred got the S they deserve

  • mudawott
    mudawott 4 months ago

    Sej is one of the few characters i dont hate boob plate on because its obvious they are going for a Viking aesthetic. She also is one of the characters who isn't going to suffer from the usual drawbacks of titty plates since she is high of the ground while riding Bristle. All the armour needs to do is cover it to deflect arrows since she isn't like going to be against hack and slash people

  • Albert epicgaming
    Albert epicgaming 4 months ago

    Did anyone else hear the Fur Affinity in there?

  • Crocketron
    Crocketron 4 months ago

    Fun fact, Laura Post had to Re-Record her lines for Ahri due to being to "oversexual"

  • Tony JAA
    Tony JAA 4 months ago

    I think Aurelio is a dragon because of how dragons are interpreted especially in Asia and he is self-centered, but I'm not a designer soooo don't know

  • Freya Cosmica
    Freya Cosmica 4 months ago

    Taliyah is best waifu. Change my mind, her fucking eyebrows and nose are PURRFECTS and Beautifull.

  • Shamanized
    Shamanized 4 months ago +1

    4:30:37 "but good lord I would struggled to say anything interesting about him if you put a gun to my head." Dammnn that's actually an extremely savage burn

  • Spartan SC
    Spartan SC 4 months ago

    Ahri Lore changed,now all that is false,she just eat souls in general

  • CuervoLunar
    CuervoLunar 4 months ago

    SONA ON C!? Dislike, Report

  • TrueBlue AoV
    TrueBlue AoV 4 months ago

    Give Leona good armour god damn it.

  • io
    io 4 months ago

    Jayce just reminds of that anime God Eater with the new-type’s Alisa and the other guy

  • Eternal85
    Eternal85 4 months ago

    3:50:19 ah finally someone with brain, i send that part to my friend that is in lolis

  • Juan Pablo Becerra
    Juan Pablo Becerra 4 months ago


  • Luiz Prest
    Luiz Prest 5 months ago

    I seriously think that people have some misconceptions about Aatrox. The hate that the community has about his reworks and the feeling that it was the worst rework that Riot ever made is well placed, but this is only right when comparing him to his initial self and how it goes ways away from the original concept. He is not simply an edge lord, he's a savior and protector that sacrificed a lot to protect his people, included his humanity...and was forsaken. He lost his way after losing all that he ever fought for, and became corrupted by the void, a shadow of his former self. One of my favorite passages of league's lore is his lamenting about how his actual form, after he became imprisioned inside of that sword. He had golden wings that shined like the sun, and was very proud of them. I don't think it's fair to consider the additions of the Pantheon's new lore since this video was made months ago, but still, Aatrox is more of an interesting character than people would like to admit.

  • Equinox
    Equinox 5 months ago

    Thresh in c? Mmm...

  • Gangplank
    Gangplank 5 months ago


  • Potato Mashed
    Potato Mashed 5 months ago

    I disagree with kai’sa, Syndra and vel koz. They are all great

  • Potato Mashed
    Potato Mashed 5 months ago

    Can’t you just put them in the ranks with talking for 2 minutes

    • Potato Mashed
      Potato Mashed 5 months ago

      T B Skyen I liked the video but I would just prefer it if you didn’t discuss them, or maybe discussed them all after.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  5 months ago


  • Yuмιє ღ
    Yuмιє ღ 5 months ago