Wakey Wakey...


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  • Eve Babe
    Eve Babe 15 hours ago

    Since this has been published and I've been waiting I have gotten engaged and am now pregnant with my first baby

  • Scott Parker
    Scott Parker 16 hours ago

    I have my own idea. Perhaps what Becky and Joseph (also a great team of many others) are telling us is this. Wakey Wakey Eggs And Bakey, we are to create things with the teams we find where ever we are currently. I am in the United States of America, most people here do not have a basic idea of the UK. They surely do not understand the rest of a very large world. So perhaps we should just be creative for the sake of creativity, I might be wrong. Please try to prove me wrong, I rather enjoy telling stories. I am getting old time is running out, I like the stories the younglings are telling. We should be doing more to make this life fun. It is up to us, I am not done yet show me the cool projects you are working on, that is what keeps me going.

  • Dream Kyle
    Dream Kyle 16 hours ago

    10 fking months

  • Galaxy _69
    Galaxy _69 16 hours ago

    Ok I'm not the only one who thinks this is going to be a movie after watching MatPat's theory?

  • reagan
    reagan 17 hours ago

    Not again

    FNAF FREDDY1231 17 hours ago

    7 years still lookin good

    I didn’t just watch this I saw it the day it came out just forgot to comment

  • Marie P. Flores
    Marie P. Flores 18 hours ago

    Ya po gente, llevo esperando esto mesessssss ahhh:(((

  • LeHeppyChild DreamSans
    LeHeppyChild DreamSans 18 hours ago +2

    Any time Now.

  • Hat kid :3
    Hat kid :3 18 hours ago

    Its the 21st of July, STILL NOTHING! COME ON!

  • Wherewolf Killer
    Wherewolf Killer 18 hours ago


  • Z4f4
    Z4f4 19 hours ago

    : D

  • anonymous
    anonymous 19 hours ago

    when the fuck like really

  • morron animacion gamer
    morron animacion gamer 20 hours ago

    todavía me pregunto cuando saldra

  • Amber Wilson
    Amber Wilson 21 hour ago +1

    Ok any day now

  • GamGam the Great
    GamGam the Great 23 hours ago +3

    July 21st: still waiting on another episode, most of the fandom died off, waiting for the next episode.

  • GamGam the Great
    GamGam the Great 23 hours ago +1

    July 21st: still waiting on another episode, most of the fandom died off, waiting for the next episode.

  • Nick Porter
    Nick Porter Day ago +1

    It’s July 21 and there’s still no episode WHEN WILL IT COME OUT

  • Yes, just yes
    Yes, just yes Day ago +1

    GUYS, I HAVE FOUND CLEAR FOOTAGE!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!! tvclip.biz/video/7rjwWJW9xPQ/video.html

  • 으어엉
    으어엉 Day ago

    When it comming....?? Hey creaters..?😖😖

  • Joe Swain
    Joe Swain Day ago +1

    I'm seriously considering whether this is a an advert for a new DHMIS or whether it is just a trailer for the originals and they are just out takes that were possibly going to be an episode that never happened? It's been months seen we've seen any activity on this channel now and tbh in my opinion I dont think we will see anymore from it. Thoughts?

  • Xx_Burgessofire_xX
    Xx_Burgessofire_xX Day ago +1

    This Should Be On Everything You Can Watch A Video On

    TV, TVclip, Stan, Netflix, etc

  • Marlynna Hoke
    Marlynna Hoke Day ago


  • KnightofFunnyJunk

    The 1st mistake was pitching this to WB
    The 2nd mistake was not pitching this to Netflix

  • Jenna Ramadan
    Jenna Ramadan Day ago


  • Jenna Ramadan
    Jenna Ramadan Day ago +1


  • If I get 1000 subs my mom will buy me a dog

    7/10/19 Wow look nothing

  • aesthetic loser
    aesthetic loser Day ago

    It's July 21 I'm ready for July 29 see if dhmis is coming back BOIS

  • seth Logan
    seth Logan Day ago

    10 months. hmmmmmm...

  • Nightmarione
    Nightmarione Day ago

    So we getting a dhmis 7?

  • _Red_Wolfy_ Gacha_YT_

    Pse kill me

  • David Adventure234

    *10 f#@$ing months!!!*

  • JohnRuss327
    JohnRuss327 Day ago

    I’ll wait

  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White Day ago +2

    Let's kidnap conan until they give us a video

  • fortnite isschool


  • Qwerty Asd
    Qwerty Asd Day ago

    I need something. A sign, god dammit. Please.

  • Denner Campos
    Denner Campos Day ago

    Where is it I'm waiting. I have the Song track of the show I'm phone

  • Random Rainbow Player

    I’ve been waiting for so long. I’m starting to grow impatient, but I haven’t lost hope yet! I am determined! >:3

  • TomSee
    TomSee Day ago +2


  • Cringe Channel
    Cringe Channel Day ago +4

    i UsE mY hAiR tO eXpReSs MySeLf

    Sorry I had to. But I forgot about Dhmis and this game on my recommend sooooooo yeeyee

  • Rena Evans
    Rena Evans Day ago +1

    *insert bruh noise*

  • Poppy Rogers
    Poppy Rogers Day ago +2

    I am waiting its nearly been a year POST ALLREADY !!!!!

  • pastell spill OWO
    pastell spill OWO Day ago +2

    W E L L

  • Dego
    Dego Day ago +3

    Still waiting 👌😂👌

  • Random Ortiz
    Random Ortiz Day ago +4

    Alrighty guess it ain’t happening

  • Zusel Avacha
    Zusel Avacha Day ago +1

    I hope it's the day

  • x BTS EDITS x
    x BTS EDITS x Day ago +2

    *It has been 10 months pLEASE I'm desperate for good content*

  • Dipper 2371
    Dipper 2371 Day ago +1

    Like si hablas español y ya quieres que salga

  • StephenFoster
    StephenFoster Day ago +2

    It's July 20th.
    Still no video.

  • heart shaker
    heart shaker Day ago

    it is july 20 and there is still nothing.

  • GamingZack
    GamingZack Day ago +2

    Plot twist: They were never gonna make another episode this was just a hoax they tricked us

  • 힝시
    힝시 Day ago


  • Rainy Pan
    Rainy Pan Day ago

    Them: " *what's you're favourite Idea? ... mine is bein-* "
    Me: "ɴᴏᴛ ʜᴀᴠɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴡᴀɪᴛ ᴀ ʏᴇᴀʀ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜɪs ᴛᴏ ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴏᴜᴛ "

  • Alejandro X
    Alejandro X 2 days ago

    Now is the time

  • Cancer Kid 50000
    Cancer Kid 50000 2 days ago

    I’m guessing the next one is coming out in 2022😂

  • Dimitris Pant
    Dimitris Pant 2 days ago +2

    Use me as a wtf button

  • Lau Reynaga 1
    Lau Reynaga 1 2 days ago


  • Rafael Yrigoyen
    Rafael Yrigoyen 2 days ago

    All this guys talking about waiting so much for this, but they don't realize that super deluxe no longer exist

  • Kxng Adam
    Kxng Adam 2 days ago

    Community: When is DHMIS coming out?
    DHMIS: Yes.

  • Selim Tiel
    Selim Tiel 2 days ago

    Why this bitch gettin views

  • SH
    SH 2 days ago +1

    from what I've seen, they apparently had plans to put this on TV instead of putting it on TVclip which really sucks. and apparently the station they were putting it on got shut down, so I legit have no hope of this ever returning

  • Tursuld Bilgutei
    Tursuld Bilgutei 2 days ago

    I don't fucking love this shit channel why are you guys love this channel and Don't you guys see it's fucking creepy I don't fucking really don't love it you mother fucking creepy channel:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[

    • Tursuld Bilgutei
      Tursuld Bilgutei 2 days ago

      @Booh thanks I am very angry about this channel

    • Booh
      Booh 2 days ago

      @Tursuld Bilgutei lol

    • Tursuld Bilgutei
      Tursuld Bilgutei 2 days ago

      @No one cares about my opinion, but I don't fucking care like you didn't care about my mind i just want this channel to stop when my son watched this I thought it was for kids but my son have nightmare every single night and I want this channel to stop bitch

    • No one cares about my opinion, but
      No one cares about my opinion, but 2 days ago

      Its a horror series, you cant really do anything about it. Over time you wont be really affected by it

    • Tursuld Bilgutei
      Tursuld Bilgutei 2 days ago

      @No one cares about my opinion, but it's the creepienes of this channel hurted and damaged my courage

  • soy tu fan
    soy tu fan 2 days ago +1

    Qué puto miedo :(

  • Kim Beasley
    Kim Beasley 2 days ago

    wait a minte i see mrs genald and mayor pig face drinking fizzy milk at 0:10 and i can see mrs genald on camra and a picture of her at 0:13 and 0:16 and i can see some stuff from the other dhmis 1 to 6 and ends at 0:29 but the 29 could mean it realeses on july 29th well that could be my oppenion

  • vcbgxvc yt
    vcbgxvc yt 2 days ago +1

    The people: on boy another dhmis
    Dhmis: ladies and gentlemen...WE GOT EM!!

  • αlєѕнkα
    αlєѕнkα 2 days ago +1

    Bitch u promise it

  • Eylin Sosa
    Eylin Sosa 2 days ago +1


  • Cam Lee
    Cam Lee 2 days ago +1

    super deluxe doesn't exist anymore so i guess this went to shit

  • Ming
    Ming 2 days ago

    mesmo n sendo do usa, I really want to see the wakey wakey

  • Sweetay
    Sweetay 2 days ago

    I havent really gotten into this series but if a new episode comes out ill watch it :D

  • Docxy
    Docxy 2 days ago

    Dhmis: we dont need big money to get our message out
    >recieves conan money
    Dhmis2: trump is a monster and needs to be stopped
    Me: you were meant to destroy the sith not join them


    1 Year Later...

  • Joshua Productions
    Joshua Productions 2 days ago

    I’m melting

  • Brandi lashae
    Brandi lashae 2 days ago

    I’m so exited probably gonna take a year

  • Yluadton Ensving
    Yluadton Ensving 2 days ago

    I realized it was July 19 and I literally flipped my shit. I'm super excited even if it doesn't come out any time soon.

  • Ks _Ks
    Ks _Ks 2 days ago

    This mouth is the 10th

  • jj the killer 666
    jj the killer 666 2 days ago


  • anime galaxy wolf minor

    Is it just me or do I really like the song for some reason

  • Compromisedd AJ
    Compromisedd AJ 2 days ago +1

    This better come out soon or im legit gonna die

  • That One Idiot
    That One Idiot 2 days ago

    *you make us wait LONGER!*

  • The Walrus
    The Walrus 2 days ago

    *Why you do this?*

  • Caleb Moffitt
    Caleb Moffitt 2 days ago

    Waits 2 years for a 30 second trailer and we still have to wait another year or 2

  • Anonymous Your Average Stranger

    I'm starting to become a tad bit impatient now.

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius 2 days ago

    *Me and the boys waiting another year*

  • Jonas Villadsen
    Jonas Villadsen 2 days ago

    Or 3 more?

  • Dangerous Memories
    Dangerous Memories 2 days ago +1

    Film theory: Duck Guy is Donald Trump

    Me: wait what-

    Film theory: but hey, that's just a theory, A FILM THEORY

    Me: oh thank god, wait-

  • Ellis Smith
    Ellis Smith 2 days ago

    Because of this everytime one of my family members or friends say what time is it I say it’s quarter past nine time to have a bath

  • Emily Clark
    Emily Clark 2 days ago +3

    Everyone: tryna make those good comments to get likes
    Me: uhh well that seems like a good comment
    *gets 2 likes*
    To my friends: OH MY GOSH GUYS LOOK I GOT A LIKE!

  • Vodka Man
    Vodka Man 2 days ago +4

    Edit:its July 20th....my hope is dwindling

  • Elmo Boada
    Elmo Boada 2 days ago

    our grandchildren will be able to watch the last episode maybe

  • Shadoweyes 27
    Shadoweyes 27 2 days ago


  • Faith Elizabeth
    Faith Elizabeth 2 days ago

    I just wanted to watch NCT 127's japanese MV

    HUFFLEPUFF DRAWS 2 days ago

    Any day

  • HexPlayz YT
    HexPlayz YT 2 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for another episode after 3 years when episode 5 came out I knew there was going to be another one it’s about to be four years ima go raid Area 51 find my dad who left me 12 years ago and get more supplies when I come back this episode better come out wish me luck gamer girls

  • Shawbag 11
    Shawbag 11 2 days ago

    guessing its sep 13th or not at all

  • Sou a doze ••
    Sou a doze •• 2 days ago


  • TheRealDiamondcat
    TheRealDiamondcat 2 days ago +1

    Can wait for 2135 for the second episode

  • Harry
    Harry 2 days ago

    ok gamers. its july 19th.. still no DHMIS....

  • ko.
    ko. 3 days ago +4

    I brought some snacks to pass the time. Anyone want some?

  • Kelpy Delpy
    Kelpy Delpy 3 days ago

    everyone be checking daily lmfao

  • WarsawEagle
    WarsawEagle 3 days ago

    What the fuck is taking so LONG