5 Tips on How To Deal With Tilt in League! League of Tilt League of Legends Season 9 Tilt Guide

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • Tips on how to deal with the often infuriating game of League of Legends.
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  • Tidey Pods
    Tidey Pods 8 months ago +4

    I recommend deleting the game and redownloading it really helped me.

  • Death Mwauthzyx
    Death Mwauthzyx 8 months ago +2

    6:20 Unfortunately, there is no /mute all command and /mute all is not recognized as a command in game. You have to manually click each person and thing they do you want muted every game.....There should be this function though, obviously, 8 or 9 years and still nothing.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      Maybe this is a particular client thing but I am allowed to do /mute all maybe google it my man

  • ggoro10
    ggoro10 8 months ago +2

    Missed ya buddy! good video,

  • 我只是个孩子
    我只是个孩子 8 months ago +4

    Me tilt when I drop from 62% win rate to 51% in 2 weeks what can tilt me more 🤔

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      Good luck man I know you can make it to the masters :D

  • Jerzane
    Jerzane 8 months ago +2

    I kinda learned most of these the hard way, but it’s still good to go back over it again! You can never repeat fundamentals too much.
    I do have a question for you. When I look over my games and analyze what I did wrong and what I did right, I always see things so clearly. But in the middle of the game I don’t see the right thing to do always. Mainly it’s stuff that requires looking at the minimap and thinking about where everyone is that you know (for example enemy bot lane just backed) and who has flash down.
    Is there any good way to better implement everything I’ve learned and absorbed? Thank you for the awesome videos and all the help!

    • Jerzane
      Jerzane 8 months ago +1

      LoL Fit Omg I think I did this when I needed to buy more control wards as support, and it worked, but I forgot to keep doing it after that. Thank you! I’m gonna use my million sticky notes now!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +3

      Happy to help :D I think a great way is to have reminders on your second screen picked this up from Scarra I saw that he had a notepad opened besides his game with what he did wrong.

  • Radomir T
    Radomir T 8 months ago +3

    Sorry I'm late xD

  • NDNtakeover
    NDNtakeover 8 months ago +1

    The first thing I do, is mute the enemy team (you get nothing productive -- only get distracted). If I'm playing anything but support, I typically mute all at start as well. heh I'm one of those guys who stays up until the losing streak is over XD

    • Jerzane
      Jerzane 8 months ago

      NDNtakeover I typically mute all immediately as support. I’ve even had to mute pings before because I got adc’s that micro control and spam ping.
      I never thought of muting the enemy team in specific though, that was a great point!

  • Smeric
    Smeric 8 months ago +2

    No Video on april fools? :(

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      did a stream xD

  • Slendy 91
    Slendy 91 8 months ago +3

    All You have to do is dc, works for me

  • pointathim
    pointathim 8 months ago +3

    How to stop tilt: take a break from league and just meme in a non coin flip game

    • pointathim
      pointathim 8 months ago

      @LoL Fit borderlands 2 and halo wars 2

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      My go to is Total War series what about you tort ?

  • Lucy Fer
    Lucy Fer 8 months ago +3