Hidden Details You Won't Believe You Didn't Notice Before

  • Published on Jul 14, 2017
  • There are many everyday things, secrets and hidden details in digital media, products and symbols. This video will reveal 10 hidden details which you'll be surprised about not noticing before!
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    Credit: pastebin.com/7k7UuH1r
    Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Comments • 830

    BE AMAZED  2 years ago +135

    Anyone know any more hidden details other people might have missed? I'll be interested to know!

    • Brayden Bonnet
      Brayden Bonnet Month ago

      Yes, toad was actually just having his hand sideways giving us a thumbed up

    • Mad Mick
      Mad Mick 3 months ago

      Lego heads have no holes.

    • Jose Jaimes
      Jose Jaimes 4 months ago

      BE AMAZED I never had pie

    • king rexy
      king rexy 10 months ago

      I mean ibk

    • LpsGalaxy
      LpsGalaxy Year ago

      No. Wait, I know! YOU GOT EVERYTHING ON MARIO WRONG!! ugh.

  • lukeandellie23
    lukeandellie23 9 days ago

    I have seen shoes on power lines in our city before

  • Cheezy Wunder
    Cheezy Wunder 18 days ago

    That's a thumbs up not the middle finger.

    NITROBILDER12 18 days ago

    You want whay darker and sader on the 1st Mario in the video

  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark Month ago

    Number 10 is just pixels not some stupid innapropriate devs it’s making his hand look more realistic-y from a distance (the players cam(they’re forced to be like that)
    don’t wanna give any stick for this it’s genuinely not bad.
    Also number 7 is for hair or hats too.

  • CatzillaDuck
    CatzillaDuck Month ago


  • Space Dogs
    Space Dogs Month ago

    4 years ago my brother threw his shoes in the tree in front of our house, and to my surprise, their still there.

  • Karen Fiorini
    Karen Fiorini Month ago

    I remember someone asked me on a scale of 1-10 I said around 3.14159

  • MNM
    MNM Month ago

    (silently), or maybe your crushhhh

  • Cinnamon Animation
    Cinnamon Animation 2 months ago

    It's a thumb up👍 he's not flipping you off 🖕

  • AndyBoBandy31
    AndyBoBandy31 2 months ago

    Toad is giving two thumbs up, you turd

  • Hernan Salazar
    Hernan Salazar 2 months ago

    I tossed my old shoes the first time I was able to buy a brand new pair.

  • Lexi Tessman
    Lexi Tessman 2 months ago

    I was under the impression that when you see shoes over a power line in an inner city setting, that was served to be a marker for where someone died as a result of gang violence, and the victims shoes are the ones that were thrown.

  • Marcus Sneve
    Marcus Sneve 2 months ago

    Click heare to scribe?????? Wat

  • SushiSlayer09
    SushiSlayer09 2 months ago

    Toads giving a thumbs up but since it's made of pixels in a small area. stupid

  • the animator five
    the animator five 2 months ago


  • the animator five
    the animator five 2 months ago


  • the animator five
    the animator five 2 months ago


  • light bros
    light bros 2 months ago

    Um well lego figures have those holes to stick hair or helmets

  • Terrapin Turtwig
    Terrapin Turtwig 3 months ago

    0:03 SPOTO

  • Samuel Akins
    Samuel Akins 3 months ago

    Can I you know the old times of video games they have a limit of so do you just copy and color dip in not laziness

  • Zaw Bot
    Zaw Bot 3 months ago

    Mario...😨😤😶😥 eats ghrags

  • Zaw Bot
    Zaw Bot 3 months ago


  • levi 540
    levi 540 3 months ago

    413. Pie

  • Wyt ya Boi
    Wyt ya Boi 4 months ago

    Toad was giving a thumbs up

  • Joe Green
    Joe Green 4 months ago

    The original reason for hanging someone's shoes from a power line was to mark the location of someone (usually an innocent child) who was killed during a drive by shooting. I don't know where you got all of those reasons, but I'm sure there's a million more to go along with them. However, the only real reason anyone would still continue to do it nowadays is simply out of pure stupidity. 👞

  • Liviaqdogs Quinney
    Liviaqdogs Quinney 5 months ago +1

    _I love these videos! I know why Lego people have holes in their heads.It is for their hair💇🏼‍♀️

  • Luis Rosado
    Luis Rosado 5 months ago

    0:54 the thumbs double as middle fingers?

  • Scream out LOUD!
    Scream out LOUD! 5 months ago

    Lmao those are toads thumbs XDXDXD

  • Katbob 221180
    Katbob 221180 6 months ago

    Number 8 can also mean a death of someone and it's a mark of respect

  • Jacob-Ryuho Sunahara
    Jacob-Ryuho Sunahara 6 months ago

    Yes I know in the thumbnail BE AMAZED thinks that dory's head is so detailed because its so bald and shiny

  • Jurassic battle droid 7144


  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar 6 months ago

    the poop emoji is a poop emoji and not a chocolate emoji

  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar 6 months ago

    0:52 , bro , it is at 20 pixel resolution , that is probably a 👍and not a 🖕 ,so stfu

  • Hadi Bagh
    Hadi Bagh 7 months ago

    Pie or pi

  • Oihello
    Oihello 7 months ago

    Thanks heaven for 7 eleven... lmao

  • Lumberjack king the great

    He explained Mario like we all know mario

  • GD MewPinkCat
    GD MewPinkCat 7 months ago

    I was watching The LEGO Movie While watching this!

  • GD MewPinkCat
    GD MewPinkCat 7 months ago


  • Michel Genon
    Michel Genon 8 months ago +1

    Maybe it’s this finger 👆🏻

  • MrG0269
    MrG0269 8 months ago

    0:55 maybe he is showing thumbs up 👍 looks the same

  • Sachin Pigdon
    Sachin Pigdon 9 months ago

    Omg this is so dum

  • Spaghetti Noodles
    Spaghetti Noodles 9 months ago

    The intro scared me and my sister

  • AldershotDave
    AldershotDave 9 months ago

    It’s Mario Brothers not Mario (phonetic) Brose!

  • Adam Jerdee
    Adam Jerdee 10 months ago


  • Raven The Velociraptor
    Raven The Velociraptor 11 months ago

    The Pie - Pi thing is so well known it shouldn't even be on this list, let alone the number it got. That's why national Pie day is March 14. 🤦‍♀️

  • Ulu Christensen
    Ulu Christensen Year ago

    Toad has a mushroom head ITS just the american TV series not japanese

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang Year ago

    Your next meth class

  • Seeker 7
    Seeker 7 Year ago

    Where I live, shoes over a line signify that someone was killed there.

  • Jackyuri Anderson

    PI=3.14=pie 🥧 wut!!!!!

  • blue nation prez
    blue nation prez Year ago


  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane Year ago +2

    The shoes have been tossed over power lines by nargles.

  • not subscribed? Cringe

    Why is phinnius in pixar

    And please tell me how to actually spell his name

  • Jennifer Huskey
    Jennifer Huskey Year ago

    shoes on power lines/telephone lines represents someone who got killed at that spot.

  • LpsGalaxy
    LpsGalaxy Year ago

    Toad does NOT do drugs! My god!! And he DOES have a mushroom head. I'm very mad about all the things you got wrong about mario!!!! You even say it wrong.

  • Stephen Dailey
    Stephen Dailey Year ago

    WTF shoe tossing?

  • Kit
    Kit Year ago +1

    this video is such a fucken reach and the dude isn't clever. it's weirdly judgmental like wtf

  • Early Eduarte
    Early Eduarte Year ago

    Toads not giving u da bird he just is giving u a thumbs up

  • Erif The fox gaming

    If pi is infinite than how do they know what numbers come next

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001 Year ago

    That mushroom you showed in the photo is not a hallucinogen...It is a Fly Agaric. Eat it and you will DIE.