ULTIMATE 2018 VR GUIDE: Which is Best, and What's the Difference? - (VR180)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • NOTE: if the video looks pixely, up the resolution! It makes a big difference! - It's filmed in VR180, so on a phone or computer you can look around the magic window, but even COOLER: Put on a google cardboard, daydream, gear VR or any other VR headset and you can watch it in immersive stereoscopic 3D space, it's super cool, so give it a try! - BTW if you're not into this VR180 thing, don't worry, I'm releasing this as an extra (fourth) video this week, so please don't dislike this video or complain - it's just extra free content and I get to try new things! I hope you give it a chance and enjoy it!
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  • Draw with Jazza
    Draw with Jazza  8 months ago +227

    NOTE: if the video looks pixely, up the resolution! It makes a big difference! - It's filmed in VR180, so on a phone or computer you can look around the magic window, but even COOLER: Put on a google cardboard, daydream, gear VR or any other VR headset and you can watch it in immersive stereoscopic 3D space, it's super cool, so give it a try! - BTW if you're not into this VR180 thing, don't worry, I'm releasing this as an extra (fourth) video this week, so please don't dislike this video or complain - it's just extra free content and I get to try new things! I hope you give it a chance and enjoy it!

    • MagicalDerpySquid e15 Kemp
      MagicalDerpySquid e15 Kemp 7 months ago

      So coolll

    • Meron Handsome
      Meron Handsome 7 months ago

      @YAMMAS me too fam

    • YAMMAS
      YAMMAS 7 months ago

      Bruh I literally have it on max resolution and it still ain't working!!!

    • NoobCubing
      NoobCubing 8 months ago

      Draw with Jazza mine is in 1080s but it’s still bad quality

    • Meron Handsome
      Meron Handsome 8 months ago

      @Mahant Agrawal it is a parody of marvel or dc character

  • Kid gamer Rodriguez
    Kid gamer Rodriguez 10 days ago


  • Kid gamer Rodriguez
    Kid gamer Rodriguez 10 days ago +1

    Black girl is eating me

  • John Aubin
    John Aubin 11 days ago


  • Stevie Leigh
    Stevie Leigh 22 days ago

    I was literally stuck looking at his crotch 👀😳 or corner of his desk for 6 minutes and 38 seconds.... it wasnt until I bumped my phone on my table that I realized I could move around the video....lmao.... holy crap this is pretty cool!

  • Sophia_the_ Wolf
    Sophia_the_ Wolf Month ago +1

    :( I don’t have a vr
    But I want one

  • Katie Wesolowski
    Katie Wesolowski Month ago

    Keep useing the window

  • Katie Wesolowski
    Katie Wesolowski Month ago

    Deep pp

  • Taylor Nickerson
    Taylor Nickerson Month ago


  • *gglologames* Cutie
    *gglologames* Cutie 2 months ago


  • Dax Larson
    Dax Larson 2 months ago

    This is so cool

  • Earth to Akash
    Earth to Akash 5 months ago

    Hey i have a seminar presentation on Google VR 180 I seriously don’t know what to say in this! Can u help me? Please reply asap
    Thank u

  • Michal Sedlář
    Michal Sedlář 6 months ago

    you have a scatch on the camera (in 9:59 i can see it down left)

  • Don Cheeto
    Don Cheeto 6 months ago

    Can you do VR Chat in PSVR?

  • NeRethil Wolfsson
    NeRethil Wolfsson 6 months ago

    *Jazza shows the HTC Vive Pro*
    Me: ... ... Is he molesting the Mages' College's librarian?!

  • Student Joseph Chapple
    Student Joseph Chapple 6 months ago

    Is that a d&d book I see

  • Student Joseph Chapple
    Student Joseph Chapple 6 months ago

    Crap I can't use this it's 2019

  • Omega Nebula
    Omega Nebula 6 months ago

    thank goodness he's wearing pants.

  • Puggy Tastic
    Puggy Tastic 6 months ago

    Does the tilting thing work on tablet.....im trying...

  • The_Big_Niz
    The_Big_Niz 6 months ago

    jazza you should play beat saber thats what the move controllers are good for

  • Alejandro Sarmiento
    Alejandro Sarmiento 7 months ago

    Rift and oculus huh jazza rift and oculus have better tracking yah know the two headsets rift and oculus

  • Logan Grosz
    Logan Grosz 7 months ago

    I definately prefer Oculus Rift over Vive/Vive Pro. The controllers feel better, the customer support is much better, lots of "free" content with initial purchase, and the exclusives (little unfortunate they're exclusives) are probably the best experiences out there now.
    So, for 350, youre getting much more than both Vives. Either way, any VR adoption is good VR adoption currently.

  • G.N. studio
    G.N. studio 7 months ago

    I can't even have cardboar becasue my phone don't have gyroscope and i can't install cardboard app.

  • Haiphong Tran
    Haiphong Tran 7 months ago +1

    If u make it slow mo or speed it’s so funny 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Vile Vindicator
    Vile Vindicator 7 months ago

    No mention of Windows Mixed Reality headsets?

  • UltraVoilentAnomaly
    UltraVoilentAnomaly 7 months ago

    Still pixely in 1080p ....ew

  • chris yarbrough
    chris yarbrough 7 months ago

    Draw something really realistic

  • Cardboard Pet Shop
    Cardboard Pet Shop 7 months ago

    Hey Jazza I don't know if I am the only one who thinks this but when filming in VR be careful of those close angles. For example the first shot when you were introducing the video when watched in 3d i kept trying to back away as you were uncomfortably close. The second shot wider angles and such were better though.

  • A Noodle Of Bowls
    A Noodle Of Bowls 7 months ago

    Its not working for me 😢

  • StarShotStream
    StarShotStream 7 months ago

    Wait people get vr headsets for Christmas how rich are people

  • Furiousfater1 23
    Furiousfater1 23 7 months ago

    I could barely watch this video because I just fiddled with the weird features

  • Ryan Bryant
    Ryan Bryant 8 months ago +1

    I have the cardboard one lmao

  • Nick Tolfa
    Nick Tolfa 8 months ago

    This is not working for me I can't figure this out

  • •Chil-rixien•
    •Chil-rixien• 8 months ago

    So which Vr headsets don't use mobiles.

  • Rara Noire
    Rara Noire 8 months ago

    It doesnt work on my phone TwT

  • Niels Van gilpen
    Niels Van gilpen 8 months ago

    Could you make more vrtist videos

  • I.L.L
    I.L.L 8 months ago

    I couldn’t get my eyes off of them 😂

  • S HH
    S HH 8 months ago

    please do I love it use a 360 degree camera to

  • para para 2.0 jii
    para para 2.0 jii 8 months ago

    Is it hard to put in a psvr

  • Indonesian anime
    Indonesian anime 8 months ago

    Who thought the camera fell?

  • xd T0mah4wk
    xd T0mah4wk 8 months ago

    The vr is amazing and I love the tuouch controllers on the oculus in all its amazing

  • oli mueller
    oli mueller 8 months ago

    I am looking forward to the oculus quest in early 2019. any thoughts about that?

  • GabrielPlays
    GabrielPlays 8 months ago


  • cojocoolio
    cojocoolio 8 months ago

    I used to be able to move on videos like this even though Im viewing from a laptop and stuff but can't anymore. Am I SOL without a VR headset?

  • Mr. Lumbago
    Mr. Lumbago 8 months ago

    Man that goku face tho......

  • PixelatedCube64
    PixelatedCube64 8 months ago

    i can finally see the whole background

  • J Glenn
    J Glenn 8 months ago

    That’s so flipping awesome

  • hi I’m not gay
    hi I’m not gay 8 months ago

    Didn't know Jazza turned into a gaming channel.

  • Motionless.
    Motionless. 8 months ago

    Can you do 180 for every vid

  • Maverynthia
    Maverynthia 8 months ago

    I rec a Window Mixed Reality and a 1060 nVidia video card. My PC isn't a heavy lifter and is about 5 years out of date, but VR still works and it didn't break the bank.

  • Art Nerd. ̊‧o·
    Art Nerd. ̊‧o· 8 months ago

    Omg I freaked out that scared me I thought he was moving the camera

  • Nuttella Guy
    Nuttella Guy 8 months ago

    I literally was looking at the up next bar when he said eyes up here

  • Willie Weenie
    Willie Weenie 8 months ago


  • Tex Poseidon
    Tex Poseidon 8 months ago

    YAY JIM ❣️ 😃 I haven’t seen the whole picture on the back wall before so that’s awesome

  • ItzMeSean 1020
    ItzMeSean 1020 8 months ago +1

    What if u have android

  • FrenchFriesFox
    FrenchFriesFox 8 months ago

    Me: Sees I can move my screen and starts looking everywhere and doesn't listen to Jazza-

  • ThiccRiceBoii
    ThiccRiceBoii 8 months ago

    Can you use the htc vive on a laptop?

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 8 months ago

    Wow this is so good.

  • Emma Erntell
    Emma Erntell 8 months ago

    As you have PS VR i have to recommend you play Rez. Unlike anything else, it's an experience more than a game. With freeplay mode you can just sit and chill. On VR is just brilliant.

  • Baylee Muceros
    Baylee Muceros 8 months ago


  • mehof gods
    mehof gods 8 months ago

    at 7:36 theres a spider crawling on the ceiling in the top left corner and it dropped

  • I AM LOoPy LaLo YEAH
    I AM LOoPy LaLo YEAH 8 months ago

    My family has a ps4 vr headset and I was thinking about a oculus go

  • Signe Øy
    Signe Øy 8 months ago

    Wait, wut? Jazza has leggs!?

  • Teddy Bot
    Teddy Bot 8 months ago


  • PencilPEN
    PencilPEN 8 months ago

    now im jealous

  • PencilPEN
    PencilPEN 8 months ago

    now im jealous

  • Hopmah
    Hopmah 8 months ago

    Lol i realized this video u could move around xD

  • rico quilario
    rico quilario 8 months ago

    this is 360

  • Xyphorix
    Xyphorix 8 months ago

    *realizes the video is 180*
    *looks down*
    t h i c c

  • volaki Meafou
    volaki Meafou 8 months ago

    can you do a Stan Lee tribute drawing

  • Jarod Palomo
    Jarod Palomo 8 months ago

    I can only see with one eye I'm blind with the left eye not the right.

  • Rinona M
    Rinona M 8 months ago

    This video came out 3 days ago yet TVclip didn’t show it to me till today. It showed the newer videos from the channel but not this one. Not sure if the algorithm decided to ignore it, or if Jazza didn’t check off some “promote this video” switch when uploading but perhaps that’s why the views are a bit lower than the rest of his vids?

  • Arti Games
    Arti Games 8 months ago

    What are those

  • GrayishEyes
    GrayishEyes 8 months ago

    I. Can't. Turn. Up. The. Resolution. My internet sucks.

  • mady1720 mady1720
    mady1720 mady1720 8 months ago

    one face ._.

  • Gabriella Esposito
    Gabriella Esposito 8 months ago

    I clicked on the video and my iPad fell down and i noticed the camera moved to and I was like... then I relized it’s so cool and I actually have a virtual reality set

  • Mr. Mannen
    Mr. Mannen 8 months ago

    Apple just announced that for the first time. More people are using their products.

  • Jennifer Hallam
    Jennifer Hallam 8 months ago

    Who else was not listening to Jazza at all and had a derp look on their face?: :0

  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 8 months ago

    I love my gen 1 Vive. And I'm pretty excited for the Oculus Quest!

  • Mike Animates
    Mike Animates 8 months ago

    What if you try to make art in Rec Room using the maker pen or clipboard or even the dorm room white board.
    it's on psvr and I think steam. It's fun challenge.

  • Abbi LeRoux
    Abbi LeRoux 8 months ago

    I am on a samsung tablet and I could do the vr thing

  • LouMah
    LouMah 8 months ago

    Was walking when i first started watching this video and legit thought my phone was broken or something

  • spidunno
    spidunno 8 months ago

    I'm 10 years old, and I'm trying to learn how to draw. Your channel really helps me try to learn to draw. Thanks.

  • spidunno
    spidunno 8 months ago

    "*laptop* or computer" LAPTOP. NO.

  • Meowz4ever
    Meowz4ever 8 months ago

    Lol it took me like two minutes to realize this video was vr

  • Mahant Agrawal
    Mahant Agrawal 8 months ago

    Why is there a half nude women in the backround

  • Reāl.mp2
    Reāl.mp2 8 months ago

    No u

  • callmeLiyah 21
    callmeLiyah 21 8 months ago

    Rly cool video

  • Otter
    Otter 8 months ago +1

    I’m not able to push the headset button...

  • Kimberly molina
    Kimberly molina 8 months ago

    What happens if you yous glasses?

  • Esan 2231
    Esan 2231 8 months ago

    Thanks notifications for being 2 days late

  • Alcuin
    Alcuin 8 months ago +1

    i would love to buy and use a VR headset but i can only see out of one of my eyes, and being 3D movies aren’t 3D to me i’m not sure if i could see VR, does anyone have thoughts on this that could help?

  • Jason plays
    Jason plays 8 months ago

    hey Jazza when are you moving?

  • Najla Cabello
    Najla Cabello 8 months ago

    Jazza It would have been a nice addition to guide if you mentioned at least the key specific model of PC parts that will be needed to run Rift and HTC. Budget to high end options.

  • Official Querubin
    Official Querubin 8 months ago

    You got nice lady legs

  • Limdaepicpber
    Limdaepicpber 8 months ago

    Wow that’s soooooo cool. I completely ignored what you were saying and took a good look around. The jump cut made me jump a bit though

  • garfield
    garfield 8 months ago

    oh frick well i’m already getting the htc vive and it’s too late to change but whatever the price went down 300 dollars so idrc

  • The Lovely Chelsey
    The Lovely Chelsey 8 months ago

    This must be fate because I was actually in the market to purchase VR headset for my family for Christmas but didn’t know which one. And I was glad I was subscribed and notified to Jazza as he made this review video or trying out expensive vs cheap VR headsets

  • Lucy Neerings
    Lucy Neerings 8 months ago


  • Easter Morgan
    Easter Morgan 8 months ago

    Who else was trying to see what was on his computer?