• Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • $20 vs $20,000 EBAY MYSTERY BOX (OMG IPHONE 11 PRO IN A $20 BOX!!) BOX OPENING & REVIEW in this video we unbox ALOT OF ebay mystery boxes and opened a brand new pair of airpods pro and an iphone 11 pro max and many other ipads!! huge giveaway!


    I Bought A $25,000 Mystery Box From Ebay (I GOT RIPPED OFF!!😡)
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  • XtremeGamez
    XtremeGamez  28 days ago +18106

    This is how much you wanna win the iPhone 11 pro
    👇 God bless you all!

    • J Fuzzy05
      J Fuzzy05 5 days ago

      to be honest with a new phone and her phone is cracked and everything I think she'll like this but if you don't give it to me that's fine so give away so I get it iPhone 11 pro

    • Wiklud Whittaker
      Wiklud Whittaker 28 days ago

      XtremeGamez, I would be happy if I won the Iphone 11 PRO. It will be the best moment of my life having a gift from you guys. Thanks.

    • just normal
      just normal 28 days ago

      I wish I could win the iPhone 11 pro cause I just crackedy phone or I can give it to my sister

    • Gericke Visser
      Gericke Visser 28 days ago

      Because jou gaise is the best TVcliprs in the world

    • S van Dam
      S van Dam 28 days ago

      I live in the Netherlands and i really want to win the IPhone 11 Pro because it's a nice phone. And I want a new phone! Love you guys!

  • Princess Faye Garcia
    Princess Faye Garcia 34 seconds ago

    I wish i can buy an mystery box like that, that full of i phone 11

  • Innenlandsman Eier
    Innenlandsman Eier 47 seconds ago

    Hi, the reason why i shoud win the giveaway is because i have iPhone 5s and its rlly not working good, so its hard to watch your videos. I subscribed and turned on notifications. Hope you find a great winner

  • laney molchan
    laney molchan 6 minutes ago

    I need a hook up I’m watchin off iPhone 5😂 plzzzzzz

  • Princess Faye Garcia
    Princess Faye Garcia 6 minutes ago

    Wow what the you got i phone 11? I wish i have an iphone 11

  • George Horne
    George Horne 8 minutes ago

    Because I’m a long time subscriber

  • Jovy Nacional
    Jovy Nacional 49 minutes ago

    How do i get my iphone 11

  • Jovy Nacional
    Jovy Nacional 50 minutes ago

    How do i get my airpods

  • Steve Jeffrey
    Steve Jeffrey 53 minutes ago

    I want it because I never had my own phone 😔👏🤙

  • jonas peoples
    jonas peoples Hour ago

    I need a new phone I have an iPhone 8 currently

  • Jovy Nacional
    Jovy Nacional Hour ago

    Why i should win this phone

  • jonas peoples
    jonas peoples Hour ago

    Can I have an 11 pro or airpod pros

  • faris zamir
    faris zamir Hour ago

    Hi my name faris and in from malaysia,i hope i can win for the iphone bcause basically people waiting for Christmas rn since my country never had snow maybe santa doesnt know to reach here.Btw im using iphone 5s since 2015 16gb and now still used it maybe i can be one of the winner? Thanks dude

  • Klarka _bby
    Klarka _bby Hour ago


  • Natalie Harris
    Natalie Harris Hour ago

    Because I’m going to give it to my sick and poorly mum

  • adil ahmedtherapper

    I love you people ☺☺☺

  • stephanie blackhall
    stephanie blackhall 2 hours ago

    I love you. I liked and subscribed.i want the iPhone 11 pro because it I so popular and I am the only person that doesn't have a phone my house

    GAMERS ZONE 2 hours ago +1

    I would give iPhone 11 Pro as a birthday 🎁 to my father as I am only 11.

  • Shakeen Nurse
    Shakeen Nurse 2 hours ago +1

    For mi mom birthday

  • moh yaakoubi
    moh yaakoubi 2 hours ago

    I whant to give it to my broeter

  • plus one savage
    plus one savage 2 hours ago

    Honestly i just want anything

  • Mr tutorial Man
    Mr tutorial Man 2 hours ago

    Can I please have the AirPods cos I don’t have head phones.

  • plus one savage
    plus one savage 2 hours ago

    I rilly want air pods because my family has never had that nice of things we have never had a real house and we are rilly poor

  • Mr tutorial Man
    Mr tutorial Man 3 hours ago

    I’m in school and I don’t have I phone and my mum said I’m not allowed to have a phone and I’m getting annoyed bye people who are making fun of me.😪😪. (Can I have a 11 pro not pro max please)
    #I’m an xtreamer

    From mr tutorial man.

  • sushma bista
    sushma bista 3 hours ago

    I will give it to my mother cause her phone is broken

  • Lance Binlayan
    Lance Binlayan 3 hours ago

    if i won i really really like to give it to my brother he doesnt have any phone

  • STRONG Wolf
    STRONG Wolf 4 hours ago

    I want to buy phone but I don't have enough money 😓
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  • everyday fantastic
    everyday fantastic 4 hours ago +1

    my mom's phone dont work verry good and i wanna to give her a new wann for christmas

  • Ridiculous Rondeau
    Ridiculous Rondeau 4 hours ago

    I need the air pods because I want to give my brother a good Christmas present

  • RZU .e
    RZU .e 4 hours ago


  • jakob haden
    jakob haden 4 hours ago

    I’m giving it to my mum for her birthday

  • Frost the1 Headshot
    Frost the1 Headshot 4 hours ago

    Haha they pulling iPhone 11s I’m rocking my iPhone 5😭😂

  • Julia Ramage
    Julia Ramage 4 hours ago

    hi guys i watch you all the time you guys are like my favrioute

  • Manasi Sathpati
    Manasi Sathpati 4 hours ago

    I do not have any air pods. So I need these

  • Jackson McDaniel
    Jackson McDaniel 4 hours ago

    Give it to my brother for his birthday and we’re brothers of god

  • faze gast
    faze gast 4 hours ago

    I should get the iphone 11 because I will give it to my brother he wants iphone 11 for 2 mounts so I want to surprise him for Christmas

  • Sadikuzzman Saikat
    Sadikuzzman Saikat 4 hours ago


  • Ahlyza Mae Constantino

    I would love to get the iphone 11 to my mom for christmas. She does so much for us and we dont know how to pay her back. She doenst have time to rest because she works everyday. She doesnt buy herself anything because we are her first priority, i would rlly love to win the iphone 11

  • Lara Pescante
    Lara Pescante 5 hours ago

    i really want the airpad pro cause i never try any headset or headphone or airpads just wishing and also i never receive any gift in Christmas since i was a child wish to get obe of them cause my parents can't afford any of those expensive things.

  • Feras Skullcrasher
    Feras Skullcrasher 5 hours ago +1

    I liked the vid but i ned airpods

  • Lara Pescante
    Lara Pescante 5 hours ago

    i really want the IPhone 11 pro cause on December 20 2019 it will be my sister's birthday and i don't have any money to buy things for her i wish i could have the IPhone 11 PRO so that i could give it to her for her Birthday gift 💕

  • Oliver Benbow
    Oliver Benbow 5 hours ago

    my mum has a flip phone and she needs a new one

  • Rayna-Winter Dockrill
    Rayna-Winter Dockrill 5 hours ago

    And I would give the AirPod pros to my mom because she’s been really wanting some for a long time now and we don’t have the money to get any of this stuff because it’s really expensive

  • Mark Pontañeles
    Mark Pontañeles 5 hours ago

    My Friend doesn't have a phone I'm wanna give him the iPhone 11 pro max as a Christmas present give

  • Elijah.32 .
    Elijah.32 . 5 hours ago

    I’ve had the same phone for the past 8 years and don’t have enough money to buy a new one (trying to save for college )

    PTR NAUGHTYDNICE 5 hours ago

    I hope every one has a good Christmas God bless

  • Rayna-Winter Dockrill
    Rayna-Winter Dockrill 5 hours ago

    I want to give the iPhone 11 to my sister for Christmas present because she recently got her phone stolen

  • Steve Iwanczuk
    Steve Iwanczuk 6 hours ago +1

    What are you doing the funnest give it to my brother because he’s 15 and he doesn’t have a phone yet

  • Areeb Khan
    Areeb Khan 6 hours ago

    I still use the iPhone 6 and the latest ones are really expensive for me to upgrade! so yea!

  • BR OS
    BR OS 6 hours ago +1

    I want to win

  • M Sultemeier
    M Sultemeier 6 hours ago

    I took my moms old iPhone 8 and she has a crapy phone and j would give it to her

  • SoaR Cameron
    SoaR Cameron 6 hours ago

    Them: It smells so new.

    Me: Xbox's have a smell???

  • Chaylon Lacio
    Chaylon Lacio 6 hours ago

    I want it because I only have a fire tablet

  • Parker Tempus
    Parker Tempus 6 hours ago

    I want air pods cause i'm going to give them to my brother for Christmas

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez 6 hours ago

    I only have an iPhone 6

  • Lexi Holder
    Lexi Holder 6 hours ago

    my moms phone is cracked and very old and for chrimas i want to get her it

  • Paul Dancel
    Paul Dancel 6 hours ago

    give it ti my mom for her birthday

  • Nor Zila
    Nor Zila 6 hours ago

    I want the iphone because i like the phone please🙏

  • Tala Alkhlaifat
    Tala Alkhlaifat 6 hours ago

    Because I always watch your channel and and u pay so much money and in the end u have like 100000 views that not fare that’s why I watch u so u can have more money just for paying from eBay so I wish if I win it

  • Arsyad Gaming
    Arsyad Gaming 6 hours ago

    i want the iphone 11 pro or airpod pro