Which Celebrity Has The Best Wings Recipe? • Tasty

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • It's another celebrity showdown. This time, we're finding out who has the best wings recipe. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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Comments • 8 348

  • KNG 811
    KNG 811 6 minutes ago

    Wait, was that a man or a woman judging it?

  • Sara x,D
    Sara x,D 8 minutes ago

    The Asian girl is getting so much hate 😂😂

  • SauceGOD
    SauceGOD 11 minutes ago

    Why can’t there be a normal guy That’s not gay in these videos

  • Murling
    Murling 40 minutes ago

    “I love sodium” prolly why your face is bloated as hell.

  • rj rudder
    rj rudder 41 minute ago

    Wait was that a dude with a beard a pregnant belly and nails? What

  • Manoli Fantridakis
    Manoli Fantridakis 43 minutes ago

    This Asian bitch is retarded

  • Sanne Veldhuis
    Sanne Veldhuis Hour ago

    Gordon has a recipe for crispy buttermilk fried chicken maybe do that battle? Or already done that?

  • Wasso
    Wasso Hour ago

    Wtf Asian shit girl chill tf

  • Hamza
    Hamza Hour ago

    1:45 Looks like a fucking alien 😂😂

  • Chase Simmerman
    Chase Simmerman Hour ago

    The guy with the ear rings was so gaaay

  • the scheming vernon

    8:35 I love sodium too

  • Akam Entertainment
    Akam Entertainment Hour ago +1

    Fuck that lil Asian girl

  • Justin's Giveaways

    Y’all just needa stop hatin fam, if the Asian girl annoys you that bad then you shouldn’t have kept watching, she did make some comments that I don’t agree with but it’s her life to live, why don’t you all just live your own lives’. Aight I’m done with that little vent.

  • Jael Larson
    Jael Larson 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who went to the comments section to see what people would say about the Asian girl?

  • saph clifford
    saph clifford 3 hours ago

    always one person on here who thinks they're gordon ramsay.

  • saph clifford
    saph clifford 3 hours ago

    *your pretentious*

  • Cameron Turner
    Cameron Turner 3 hours ago

    That Asian girl is the reason second group chats are made, she’s that annoying ass friend

  • Solanch
    Solanch 3 hours ago

    Leave the asian girl alone she was just giving her opinion , it's what she was supposed to do JEEZ

  • Jordan Colvin
    Jordan Colvin 3 hours ago

    I hate that Asian bitch she a hater but buys Pizza Hut wings 🤮🤮🤮

  • Nagarathna L
    Nagarathna L 3 hours ago

    The Asian one has bad taste😍😍🤢🤢🤢

  • King Raplh Mativo
    King Raplh Mativo 4 hours ago +1

    Most of people in comment section being racist at the same time feel so bitterness, come on just respect others opinions 😕. Should be proud to get positive/negative comment.

  • Yazan Kryton
    Yazan Kryton 4 hours ago

    I never knew john legend was white

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone 4 hours ago

    I cant with the gay

  • zac killah
    zac killah 4 hours ago

    2 girls and 1 alien

  • ii depressedpurplepanda

    My fellow Asians please disown this uncultured swine, she is too

    fucking pretentious 😭

  • Chef Seblefr
    Chef Seblefr 4 hours ago +1

    *calls them bland despite being seasoned unlike others and having basically the same sauce*
    *calls sesame seeds pretentious*
    *assumes the sauce is sour cream and onion dip even though it’s very different*
    *says she likes drum sticks more than wings despite the fact this is a wing contest*
    I can go on, all I know is as an Asian I’m disappointed despite the fact this has nothing to do with race.

  • Nikosz Nikosz
    Nikosz Nikosz 4 hours ago

    Now i understand mass shootings....

  • Martin Drol
    Martin Drol 4 hours ago +1

    I wanna see the asian girls wings then if she talks so much shit

  • Mami Vess
    Mami Vess 4 hours ago

    *Gordan wins everything 😂*

  • Terry Sosa
    Terry Sosa 5 hours ago


  • Ria Aleong
    Ria Aleong 5 hours ago

    Is that a man or woman

  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar 5 hours ago

    That gay guy disgusts me 🤢🤢

  • YataZenYT
    YataZenYT 5 hours ago

    Asian girl:
    Sesame seeds: *why do I hear boss music*

  • Baked_Catato Gaming
    Baked_Catato Gaming 5 hours ago

    I’m seeing a trend
    M A R T H A S T E W A R T

  • OneBigN00B
    OneBigN00B 5 hours ago

    This asian girl is retarded she says a greek yogurt dip is sourcream and onion dip like wtf??? How stupid is this bitch

  • Martyn Pereira
    Martyn Pereira 5 hours ago

    Try best honey glazed chicken

  • tadas kontrimas
    tadas kontrimas 5 hours ago

    Best celebrity steak

  • iZxrv
    iZxrv 5 hours ago

    The guy is gay ? Wtffff

  • Angie Pasco
    Angie Pasco 5 hours ago

    Wow I thought I was the only one thinking the Asian girl needed to shut up until I saw the comments😭 u guys really coming for her

  • AP3X PR3D4T0R
    AP3X PR3D4T0R 6 hours ago

    My mom does best wings

  • Zeke 1234
    Zeke 1234 6 hours ago

    3:59 she did not say that :|

  • Jassen Robert C. Padilla

    The Asian woman is annoying, fuck me, pretentious should be a word used on herself, and who the hell eats 'wings' for the 'drums'? ...that's why they're called wings in the first place.

  • Nils Andersson
    Nils Andersson 6 hours ago

    I don’t hate the Asian girl but she dissed sesame seeds, and that’s pretty much the only annoying thing she did

  • KanzakiZero
    KanzakiZero 6 hours ago

    K lol that asian girl is just idk

  • Ashay Ramnath
    Ashay Ramnath 6 hours ago

    I personally didn't like any of the tasters

  • SenshiBuredo
    SenshiBuredo 6 hours ago

    I know that 99% of the comments is about how pretentious the asian girl is but, the one with the spectacles, is a “he” or “she”?

  • SenshiBuredo
    SenshiBuredo 6 hours ago

    I’m asian and that girl is really pissing me off

  • Anime_ Fan_Boy
    Anime_ Fan_Boy 6 hours ago +2

    "When I get wings I only want drumsticks"
    Girl what sense of logic is THAT?

  • Delilah Hoovere
    Delilah Hoovere 6 hours ago

    I mean I don’t like eating wings, but still. I am better at eating wings than drumsticks

  • Kai Jamieson-hixon
    Kai Jamieson-hixon 7 hours ago +1

    I really disliked the Asian lady

    STATICAL 7 hours ago +1

    Asian girl: sesame seeds are pretentious

    STATICAL 7 hours ago +1

    how are you asian and dislike sesame seeds... smh

  • let me attem
    let me attem 7 hours ago +2

    Leave a like if you hate the Asian girl

  • MD JH Jisan
    MD JH Jisan 7 hours ago

    That Asian girl is so normie af.

  • TheReal FakeCaptain
    TheReal FakeCaptain 8 hours ago

    Asian Arya be like : "I'm Asian so you must bring your A Game"

  • SabiJoke GT
    SabiJoke GT 8 hours ago +2

    The video is ruined by the fkinf Asian women

  • Mohamed Elansary
    Mohamed Elansary 8 hours ago

    Stop getting gay people

  • julie allan
    julie allan 8 hours ago

    Who can make the best chow mein

  • TheReal FakeCaptain
    TheReal FakeCaptain 8 hours ago +3

    Ramsay's ones look so freakin' good even BEFORE cooking.

  • Paulie Tammerstrand
    Paulie Tammerstrand 8 hours ago

    2:09 Gordon Ramsay enats to know your location

  • Lamb sauce
    Lamb sauce 9 hours ago +1

    I’m Asian. Trust me she is an exception to our race.

  • Nikki Lopena
    Nikki Lopena 9 hours ago

    *Asian girl talks*
    Everyone: that does not bring me joy

  • Yoyle 0340
    Yoyle 0340 9 hours ago

    Legends say Tasty won’t let the Asian girl in a video after the video

  • WJ Chin
    WJ Chin 10 hours ago

    Get your facts right, if they drumsticks they drumsticks and if they wings they wings.

  • Navraj :P
    Navraj :P 10 hours ago

    nothing to say , but


  • That dude Dude
    That dude Dude 10 hours ago

    That Hella annoying Asian should not have been in the video

  • Makes Sense
    Makes Sense 10 hours ago

    This Asian girl needa gooo LMAOOO

  • ProSuper
    ProSuper 10 hours ago +1

    1:44 he F scared me , what hell with him ? lol

  • A dank Toothbrush
    A dank Toothbrush 11 hours ago

    You cant compare fried chicken with chicken wings there is a world of difference

  • Kendra Rodrigues
    Kendra Rodrigues 11 hours ago

    Is it honestly so difficult to get good judges ?? Read the comments and get rid of the girl

  • melvin Biji Mathew
    melvin Biji Mathew 11 hours ago

    trust the black dudes(john legend) chicken wings

  • once twice
    once twice 11 hours ago

    That one girl tho, meh. I don't like anything she said at all.

  • Wiluzi Mapping
    Wiluzi Mapping 12 hours ago

    these men on tasty makes me feel masculine although I'm 14

  • I Don't Belong Here
    I Don't Belong Here 12 hours ago +2

    The asian girl: “it’s pretentious” “it’s my palette cleanser 🥕🥦”
    me: *There’s really no flavour to this...*

  • iNot V2
    iNot V2 12 hours ago

    Do Tacos

  • Âlëx Flørës
    Âlëx Flørës 12 hours ago

    That asian as Bitch was mothafucking annoying wanna be american hoe😂😂💋

  • the devil works hard but Kris jenner works harder

    Everyone be hatin on the asian girl.. like yeah she defenetely is kinda annoying and took it a bit too seriously, but yall stop it!why so negatìve? I think she was just trying to be cool and look like she knows from food ect. So imagine how she will feel with ALL this comments. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 12 hours ago

    Not as good as frozen wings


  • Alexandre Brundula
    Alexandre Brundula 12 hours ago

    I'm sorry but they didn't seem like people who should be judging this stuff.

  • Siviwe Mashinini
    Siviwe Mashinini 13 hours ago

    Just wondering if that Asian girl would say all that if Gordon Ramsay was there?

  • noob009987
    noob009987 13 hours ago

    literally everyone is talking about the Asian girl

  • Aidan Pasley
    Aidan Pasley 13 hours ago

    This channel reeks of feminism smh

  • Jada Achebe
    Jada Achebe 13 hours ago

    Mkay sooooo.... Let's talk about how much we hate the trash judge with a garbage can for taste buds 😃 between the "onion and sour cream dip" then the "pizza huts wings" TRIGGERED

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii 13 hours ago

    That Asian girl hella annoying, dislike due to her fuck face... How the fuck did she compare their recipes with Pizza Hut chicken wings????

  • Phil Dodo
    Phil Dodo 13 hours ago

    I like the asian girl actually 😊

  • N.R.T LOS
    N.R.T LOS 13 hours ago +2

    Lets be honest we all hated the Asian girl after she said she gordan wings had no taste 🤣

  • ToasterBuster 123
    ToasterBuster 123 13 hours ago

    3 constants

    Cooker: 1billion wings

  • Leilani Lang
    Leilani Lang 14 hours ago +5

    That Asian girl:
    Gordon Ramsay chicken wings apparently have "no flavor"😕
    But give here pizza hut chicken wings😍

  • avery yeah
    avery yeah 14 hours ago

    I’m sorry sweetie but if you think Pizza Hut has the best wings ya got to go girl

  • lamenamethefirst
    lamenamethefirst 14 hours ago

    Everyone's talking about the Asian girl, but I'm more concerned about what would have happened if each of them had picked a different favourite recipe. There are more entries than voters here, which makes zero sense.

  • Woke
    Woke 14 hours ago

    Asian Girl: I don't like the wings, but the sour cream and onion dip's great!

    *who calls an garlic yogurt dip an sour cream and onion dip*

  • Marv IV
    Marv IV 14 hours ago

    0:28 Did I just see a women with a beard... Or a man with breast??

  • Diggity Dawg
    Diggity Dawg 14 hours ago

    Damn y’all mean she’s just judging the wings off her own preferences

  • FlamingAce111
    FlamingAce111 14 hours ago

    Only 2 mins in, had to pause the video to check the comments to make everyone is on the consensus that the asian girl is "pretentious"

  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 14 hours ago

    that asian girl should kill her self

  • Flaming Frostbite244
    Flaming Frostbite244 14 hours ago

    Does anyone have a link to all the recipes?

  • Christine
    Christine 14 hours ago

    Yo i'm asian and asians gotta stick together but that asian bitch was getting on my nerves.

  • 187bby
    187bby 14 hours ago

    Yall out here talking abt the asian shorty but the mans is outhere wit hoops nd nails lmfaoo cmon maneee

  • tristan archer
    tristan archer 14 hours ago

    Martha girl what u doin

  • jake thomas
    jake thomas 15 hours ago

    Asian girl has crippling depression.