Which Celebrity Has The Best Wings Recipe? • Tasty

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • It's another celebrity showdown. This time, we're finding out who has the best wings recipe. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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    Celebrity Chefs Light Up The Strip At Vegas Uncork'd By Bon Appetit's Grand Tasting At Caesars Palace
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Comments • 9 794

  • aj vlogs
    aj vlogs 45 minutes ago +1

    His gay???

  • Jeff Bass
    Jeff Bass Hour ago


  • Alondra D
    Alondra D 3 hours ago

    Banned from future vids:
    -Asian Girl
    -Beanie Guy

  • Wafie Ikhwan
    Wafie Ikhwan 4 hours ago +1

    i thought Gordon Ramsay is losing and John legend about to winning.....but when the results are out..Gordon Ramsey win and I was like,"whatt?"

  • Jossy Rancher
    Jossy Rancher 4 hours ago

    The guy in the beanie really piss-
    Wait wrong episode

  • El Chapo Jr
    El Chapo Jr 6 hours ago

    whos the faggot lesbian chick with hoop earrings and a beard? that shit is weird. stop tryna make this normal. its not. yall mother fuckers weird af for that featuring some queer ass nigga like that in this vid. no one wanna watch that

  • Pain à la Viande
    Pain à la Viande 6 hours ago

    Lol that Asian girl Oof😂😂😂

  • NEtuyan
    NEtuyan 7 hours ago

    The Asian girl said all the wrong things every time she spoke

  • Grace Coleman
    Grace Coleman 8 hours ago

    Idk why but the way Jesse talks bugs me so much

  • Henry Ting Hang Chan
    Henry Ting Hang Chan 9 hours ago

    whats up with that half man half woman I am confused???

  • Nemao's #1 Fan!
    Nemao's #1 Fan! 9 hours ago +1

    Fire the ch*nk

  • Thanujan Thavaratnam
    Thanujan Thavaratnam 12 hours ago

    No wings will beat Rie’s

  • Maariyah
    Maariyah 13 hours ago +1

    I’m here after watching the “which celeb has the best cookie recipe” and everyone hated the guy in the yellow beanie, the asian girl is acting just like him....

  • Louie Francis Cagomoc
    Louie Francis Cagomoc 15 hours ago

    Fuck you asian girl

  • Razz Ariel Rodas
    Razz Ariel Rodas 23 hours ago +1

    That asian girl is an *INSULT* on our asian race.

  • Sennin
    Sennin Day ago

    all comments talk about the Asian girl ... but the fucking man trying to be a girl nobody talk about him ... shame on this world

  • Austin Harvie
    Austin Harvie Day ago

    You cow

  • Aaron Cartwright

    What’s the point of lolipopping the wing, if you’re just gonna put sauce on the bone

  • Emily May
    Emily May Day ago +1

    Did she just diss oUR KING *GORDON RAMSAY??*

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott Day ago

    you don't know everything , geez ... and since you're a food critique , let's taste your pretentious wings ... WE WILL WAIT ...

  • Bigboy Gang
    Bigboy Gang Day ago

    Martha Stewart’s wings is how you know white people cant season chicken

  • Vivian__ Roy
    Vivian__ Roy Day ago

    I can't find a good comment about any judge on these types of video's lol. 😂

  • Seemabs Dracos
    Seemabs Dracos Day ago

    By far one of the ugliest Asian bitvh I’ve seen

  • FoOeYeE
    FoOeYeE Day ago

    Cmon the asian did make the video more interesting

  • Junaid Hussain
    Junaid Hussain Day ago

    That guy with red nails.. wtf.

  • Jiinks
    Jiinks Day ago

    I was hungry but then the asian b*tch made me not hungry

  • Siti salwani Md shah

    Are'nt you working for buzzfeed food team not from tasty food team

  • Aaliyah Adam
    Aaliyah Adam Day ago +1

    96% :About Asian girl
    3%: Are embarrassed Asians
    1% : Asking for better judges

  • Mira Hemchaoui
    Mira Hemchaoui Day ago

    I mean she’s a bit pretentious herself but it’s her opinion..

  • koolish
    koolish Day ago

    I take it personally when they don't choose gordon

  • Araz 15
    Araz 15 Day ago

    8:36 no one fucking says that like oh damn i love potassium

  • Araz 15
    Araz 15 Day ago

    2:09 he forgot the lamb sauce

  • J. Villagomez
    J. Villagomez Day ago

    Never ever ever bring back that asian girl

  • Aaron youn
    Aaron youn 2 days ago

    Is the man with earings trans he has boobs

  • Nicole Delfin
    Nicole Delfin 2 days ago

    Asian girl ugly af

  • Dayiana Sandoval
    Dayiana Sandoval 2 days ago

    There's always one person that's supper judgey

  • Harasuke Amu
    Harasuke Amu 2 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey's recipe was like this korean one, sesame seed and all:
    what's this asian girl talking about?

  • Janiya Harewood
    Janiya Harewood 2 days ago

    Every word that came at that asian gurl mouth annoyed me so damn much

  • Dee._. Cent
    Dee._. Cent 2 days ago +2

    asian girl: *this water has no F L A V O R*

  • Vanessa  Shantae
    Vanessa Shantae 2 days ago

    that asian bitch was annoying. Don't let her judge anymore. Ugh!

  • Gacha Chiyoka
    Gacha Chiyoka 2 days ago

    ...I got a tasty ad on a tasty vid.. tastyseption

  • BVaccaro88
    BVaccaro88 2 days ago

    Who uses Pizza Hut wings as the gold standard to compare other wings to? Where do they find these idiots. Also, what is that thing with a beard and hoop earrings?! Are we seriously looking for that things opinion?

  • SALIM86
    SALIM86 2 days ago

    I HATE john legend

  • Xd IAmAVictim
    Xd IAmAVictim 2 days ago

    I won't really care how they taste ill just eat all of them

  • Xd IAmAVictim
    Xd IAmAVictim 2 days ago +1


    Asain Girl: I'm about to end this chicken whole career

  • leen ferns
    leen ferns 2 days ago

    Hi there's thus chocolate doughnut on tasty bae that's done with oreo cookies could u test that one pls.thanks

  • keturah cutting
    keturah cutting 2 days ago

    Everybody hating the Asian girl but she did exactly what she was supposed to do: judge. Not try to be nice to everyone but honest because bet your bottom, if Gordon had to judge, he would be just as raw.
    She wants the drumstick part like Gordon used, not the actual wing what's so hard to understand?

  • Deba
    Deba 2 days ago

    John legends looked soo good, but Gordon Ramsey always wins

  • kaka sumi
    kaka sumi 2 days ago

    Next time feature the Asian women’s recipe in a taste test

  • OGamer 2005
    OGamer 2005 2 days ago

    The Asian society has officially got rid of the Asian girl in the video

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken 2 days ago

    I’m an asian and tbh i’m really ashamed of the asian girl 🤦‍♀️

  • avishay erenberg
    avishay erenberg 2 days ago

    When will they finally bring a judge who is not annoying or have an knowledge in cooking and food.

  • Sadia Alam
    Sadia Alam 2 days ago

    Glasses guy is a gay😂😂

  • Virgil Hardjo
    Virgil Hardjo 2 days ago

    People are really crazy mad the woman has an opinion 😂

  • Theis Thvilum
    Theis Thvilum 2 days ago

    Is the guy with glasses gay

  • Theis Thvilum
    Theis Thvilum 2 days ago

    Theres no taste but there is kind of a taste

  • Divtesh Singh
    Divtesh Singh 2 days ago +1

    Asian girl: There's nothing special about it but nothing wrong with it .
    Me: I wish I could say the same about you .

  • Divtesh Singh
    Divtesh Singh 2 days ago

    That Asian girl doesn't deserve to work at BuzzFeed and eat Gordon Ramsay's food .
    PS (I'm Asian too and we disown her(

  • Kasey Simpkins
    Kasey Simpkins 3 days ago

    Pizza Hut wing 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • irockpplsworld
    irockpplsworld 3 days ago

    is it just me or...the asian girl looks like Arya from Game of Thrones.

  • Michael Roxas
    Michael Roxas 3 days ago

    You sesame seed girl are now excommunicated for the Asian community.. 🖕

  • Endangered YT
    Endangered YT 3 days ago

    The guys stomach fat showing really disturbed me

  • eVeRybOdY DiEs In ThEiR nIgHtMaReS

    Welp that lady was rude

  • vesii moon
    vesii moon 3 days ago

    The asian girl is annoying

  • Kyla Wyla
    Kyla Wyla 3 days ago

    John legend wings looks so good!!

  • DaddyD1cker 69
    DaddyD1cker 69 3 days ago

    Ok so we're not gonna talk about how Martha Stewart seasons her wings with a pinch of salt

  • Jacky Oaht
    Jacky Oaht 3 days ago

    The Asian bitch don’t deserve to be in this. Get her out

  • A P
    A P 3 days ago

    Lol it's funny how people in the comments think they can criticize people for their opinion on food which is almost completely subjective.

  • Salty Editsq
    Salty Editsq 3 days ago +1

    On behalf of all Asians

  • Mr.Butler
    Mr.Butler 3 days ago

    The Asian girl doesn’t have a good pellet

  • Saiful. Hardwick
    Saiful. Hardwick 3 days ago

    Idiot asian sandwich

  • Koustuba Raghu
    Koustuba Raghu 3 days ago

    Why u torture mr,😥😥😥

  • pppgd
    pppgd 3 days ago

    Idk why something really bothering me and i wanna punch tha asian girl! Im evil

  • Blurp Bibablobop
    Blurp Bibablobop 3 days ago

    NO! You gotta try the Jamie's. Much much healthier (no dipping sauce though).

  • Whatster87
    Whatster87 3 days ago

    I see liberal cucks.

  • Essentially_ Nerdy
    Essentially_ Nerdy 4 days ago

    She totally reminds me of an Asian Arya!

  • Cocoa Vick
    Cocoa Vick 4 days ago

    Does anyone else love Drums?

  • Tychus Major
    Tychus Major 4 days ago


  • Grace Dellimore
    Grace Dellimore 4 days ago

    No one no one at all :
    Gordon Ramsey : let's be extra

  • R. H.
    R. H. 4 days ago

    I don't like sesame seeds, I prefer drums, I eat the celery and carrots, I don't care for the lemon, but holy crap that woman is annoying.

  • Crazycatlipsy101
    Crazycatlipsy101 4 days ago

    As soon as that Asian girl breathed all I had to do was come down here and see everyone destroy her😂

  • Akif Ali
    Akif Ali 4 days ago

    The Asian girl needs to shut the freeaaaak up before I come though the camra and slap her up.

  • K J
    K J 4 days ago

    The curly haired girl knows her stuff. Just by ingredients of the Martha Stewart one you could tell lack seasoning. Gordon Ramsay would say bland and lacking seasoning.

  • Victor H
    Victor H 4 days ago

    This is the most Californian video I've seen

  • h i
    h i 4 days ago

    the blaak bich is geting in my nerves

  • Sassy Guyfromyt
    Sassy Guyfromyt 4 days ago

    " it dosent have taste but it kinda has a taste " jesus christ woman

  • Hustlin_Joe
    Hustlin_Joe 4 days ago

    Kill that asian girl. I just hate her so much. You know why.

  • bimbimlopez
    bimbimlopez 4 days ago

    Im Asian and a foodie. But that Asian Girl makes me wanna throw a mortar and pestle on her face.

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo 4 days ago +1

    Does Gordon Ramsay sponsor this channel? He wins every time and his food never looks/sounds the best.

  • Kingzoozoo graal
    Kingzoozoo graal 5 days ago

    I hate how this dude has a strong ass lisp

  • Liliana Cali
    Liliana Cali 5 days ago

    “I love sodium”

  • Meaaah Meaaah
    Meaaah Meaaah 5 days ago

    I like the Asian lady🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Why do I do this
    Why do I do this 5 days ago

    Why does everyone address the person as “Asian girl” lol

  • Fluffyhamster
    Fluffyhamster 5 days ago +1

    shheeeeesh, *tasty and their judges*

  • Đức Nguyên
    Đức Nguyên 5 days ago

    Jesus, imagine what you need to eat growing up to be able to call Gordon Ramsay’s chickens “no taste” pretentious ignorant bitch

  • Zylo Verge
    Zylo Verge 5 days ago

    Flats are better

  • RhettTV
    RhettTV 5 days ago

    That transgender person scares me. What even is that thing

    DEMOLITION GAMER101 5 days ago

    That Asian girl is annoying af bruh...

  • Rimsha Tariq
    Rimsha Tariq 5 days ago

    So wait... She says Gordan's wings have no flavor as if she knows what good food tastes like.. But thinks a yogourt dip is sour cream and onion... Interesting

  • Aliup 98
    Aliup 98 5 days ago

    I make my wings like Martha Stewart but I feel like Gordon Ramsay while I am making it