Guy Fieri Becomes the Mayor of Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
  • Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown, looks to extend his jurisdiction to Hot Ones county in this out-of-bounds episode of Hot Ones. As he suffers through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb, the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" star weighs in on everything from his relationship with Drake, to his status as the Meme God. Winner winner hot wing dinner!
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Comments • 11 925

  • Hunter Cunning
    Hunter Cunning 6 hours ago

    liked for the rap video

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 8 hours ago

    It remains a mystery to me how people hate this guy. He's great.

  • HakWilliams
    HakWilliams Day ago

    no water no milk. B O O M !

  • mjc 427
    mjc 427 Day ago

    Guy Fieri only touches 1st mild wing, then hardly nibbles a wing, not even a real bite before throwing it away, No cred at all, watch it and pay attention, he deserves no props, check Seth Myers and get back to me.

  • Team Shot Hero
    Team Shot Hero Day ago

    “I’m not an extreme hot guy”
    -Guy Fieri being humble

  • Marcus Petter
    Marcus Petter 2 days ago

    "a subscribe" hehe

  • Johnny Luna
    Johnny Luna 2 days ago

    i couldnt even make through 4 minutes of this. "worst episode ever"

  • culwin
    culwin 2 days ago

    Some BUDDY

  • Milwaukee Dan
    Milwaukee Dan 2 days ago

    "No water no milk"

  • HawkLeblancOFFICIAL
    HawkLeblancOFFICIAL 3 days ago

    I wanna see ICP on this show!!

  • Dakin Real
    Dakin Real 3 days ago

    Everybody bitching about Gordon crying about how hot it is. Just to let you know the last wing Guy had was 500k Scoville and last one Gordon had was 2million.

  • StregaKyto
    StregaKyto 3 days ago

    No Water No Milk - Guy Fieri

  • ArtOfWaveTv
    ArtOfWaveTv 3 days ago

    Badasssery is over 90000

  • Billy Saputra
    Billy Saputra 4 days ago


  • KittyKat Galore
    KittyKat Galore 4 days ago

    Why do people hate guy so much ?

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes 4 days ago

    I've been watching Guy from day one and he never get old. Not to mention he's from my home town.

  • Jhon castle
    Jhon castle 6 days ago

    Take that Gordon Ramsey!! Lol

    • Dakin Real
      Dakin Real 3 days ago

      Dude.. Gordon had a 2millioms Scoville sauce. Guy had a 500k Scoville sauce.... For sure

  • cbbuntz
    cbbuntz 6 days ago

    Followed his queso recipe. I used serrano instead of jalapeño, added chipotle powder, I used a mixture of sharp cheddar and pepper jack, and I added a little crema Mexicana (sour cream or crème fraîche would probably be about the same). I used Fat Tire for the beer, and the malty flavor adds a lot. It had so much more depth of flavor and complexity than your standard Velveeta and Rotel queso like you get at a lot of Tex-Mex joints. Somebody told me it was the best queso they had ever had. I had to guess the proportions and adjusted it as I went, but the nice thing is, you can just keep it heated just enough to keep cheese melted, and you can add ingredients to taste.

  • Philip Meiring
    Philip Meiring 6 days ago

    An absolute institution. Guy, you bloody biscuit!

  • turnanewleaf1
    turnanewleaf1 7 days ago

    Thumbs up for Guy! No water, No milk.....Bad Ass

  • talynstarship
    talynstarship 7 days ago

    Idk why he gets so much hate, he's pretty funny and he seems like a nice guy

  • stan giles
    stan giles 7 days ago

    wow I dont trust him , he just keeps saying catch phrases , he isnt truthful , please torture him more

  • stan giles
    stan giles 7 days ago

    He cant eat eggs , he is a failure, he looks old and worried
    and un talented

    • Handsome Jack
      Handsome Jack 7 hours ago

      He's an Emmy award winning television personality, and he co-owns three restaurants. So to call him untalented and a failure is just incorrect.

  • Chad Wilson
    Chad Wilson 7 days ago

    22:22 Hardest mic drop

  • Aaron Whitehead
    Aaron Whitehead 7 days ago

    The SNL parody of guy fiery is hilarious

  • BroadwayLover
    BroadwayLover 8 days ago

    Guy: "Did he die?"
    Someone off screen: "Yeah."

  • San Dan
    San Dan 8 days ago

    Still better than Ramsey anyday anytime GOAT

  • San Dan
    San Dan 8 days ago

    I love him more than Ramsey of another ones I grew up watching him and he is a beast badass MF I wish he still had shows

  • Shuga Life
    Shuga Life 8 days ago

    Teach your kids to cook. It's a life skill that's very important.
    Bananas - no cooking
    Lettuce - no cooking
    Blueberries - no cooking
    Spinach - no cooking
    Mangoes - no cooking
    Watermelons - no cooking
    Celery - no cooking
    Rice - 1 button on a rice cooker
    Potato - boil in water (this is a tough one)
    Oatmeal - boil in water (again, very difficult, may take years to perfect).

  • Nation wide
    Nation wide 8 days ago

    Guy is Charlie Sheen's evil genius twin with dyed hair.

  • MAC Music Review
    MAC Music Review 8 days ago

    Some people I want to see on the show:
    1. Alex Hirch (Guy who made Gravity Falls)
    2. Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty)
    3. Chris Pratt (The legend)
    4. Will Smith ("That's hot")
    5. theneedledrop (Baldo)
    6. Father John Misty (World's most interesting man, and he's a jerk).

  • Aaliyah Hammond
    Aaliyah Hammond 8 days ago

    "Are you doing a kung Fu thing?" oh my god lol

  • Aaliyah Hammond
    Aaliyah Hammond 8 days ago

    Can you get Adam Richman from man vs food on here? Would be interesting

  • arrelulu07
    arrelulu07 8 days ago


  • Nicolas Paz
    Nicolas Paz 8 days ago

    “By the way no water, no milk.” Guy Fieri’s a fucking savage!!

  • Broseph Stalin
    Broseph Stalin 9 days ago

    Peach it guy

  • Spot Light
    Spot Light 9 days ago

    never heard Guy swear before

  • FoxxyGradius
    FoxxyGradius 9 days ago

    That is a weird shade of red his ears turn. This guy just doesn't do normal colors on anything, does he?

  • Leti Wheeler
    Leti Wheeler 9 days ago

    Omg yes!!!! Teach your kids to cook!! Holy hell. My sister in law can’t even cook a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s really a shame because he’s right, they will live off of processed foods.

  • Evan Parker
    Evan Parker 9 days ago

    i hate him so much, and i can't believe he ate all the wings no milk no water! definitely wowed me a little bit.

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White 9 days ago +1

    What all successful restaurant owners have in common? They sell food. - Guy Fieri

  • 1baby12bear
    1baby12bear 9 days ago

    Teach your children to cook. Yes. I am doing just that. Something hapended to their mother. I wan them to be prepared to be independent if something hapends to me.

  • Justin Roberts
    Justin Roberts 9 days ago

    I didn't actually see him biting into a chicken wing like all the other vidoes. Maybe a trick to seem like he can handle it better than other people.

  • plinkytx
    plinkytx 10 days ago

    Should've gotten his reaction to the Jaboody Dubs Triple D episodes.

  • WorlexWolf
    WorlexWolf 10 days ago

    "Not an extreme hot guy...."

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 10 days ago

    Jaboody we are waiting for you on this one

  • Madmags007
    Madmags007 11 days ago

    NO MILK!.........Guy you only took a little nibble from each wing. Take a real bite!

    JVAAWESOME 11 days ago +1


  • Sizzlik
    Sizzlik 11 days ago

    Best advice "Teach your kids to cook"

  • mountain bear
    mountain bear 11 days ago

    Dude cracks me up.

  • YamiPoyo
    YamiPoyo 11 days ago

    bring him back and give him the last dab.

  • masterofall bitches
    masterofall bitches 11 days ago

    Lmao Gordon don't got shit on this guy!

  • Mandy H
    Mandy H 12 days ago

    He seems nice.

  • Gregory Enste
    Gregory Enste 12 days ago

    Why is he saying Guy Fee et ee.?

  • Melissa Horn
    Melissa Horn 12 days ago

    He rocks.

  • MyHotdogWeiner
    MyHotdogWeiner 12 days ago

    DUDE! He ate those wings like a champ! I’m impressed. He must hang out with Mexicans.

  • Guillaume Loyer
    Guillaume Loyer 12 days ago

    Well he did clear that pretty easily..No milk no water lol Hes should be learning how to cook every is and should be a basic skill

    • mjc 427
      mjc 427 Day ago

      Easy if you don't eat the wings, he hardly nibbled them before tossing in the trash, no respect.

  • Kody Watts
    Kody Watts 12 days ago

    Is there a more hated but wonderful person on this planet? 😂

  • Eagle2k16 eagle
    Eagle2k16 eagle 12 days ago

    This guy is very boring for some reason lol

  • billy bimbo
    billy bimbo 12 days ago

    I cant look at him without thinking of jaboody dubs

  • tacomahnster
    tacomahnster 12 days ago

    "got a little eyeball sweat going on" XD

  • Cade Rodger
    Cade Rodger 12 days ago

    Sharron, cancel my Pornhub Premium! I found the only video (next to hentai) I'll need from now on.

  • Joseph Abeyta Joseph Abeyta

    Not a "Huge" Guy fan but, awesome and lit to see him in the best possible pain...j/s

  • MegaHellrasier
    MegaHellrasier 13 days ago

    No one at all noticed that he didn't even touch the milk or water

    • mjc 427
      mjc 427 Day ago

      He hardly touched them Doh!

  • StevieDcomics
    StevieDcomics 13 days ago

    Where is the "T" is Fieri

  • doeboydroid
    doeboydroid 13 days ago +1

    they never show him actually eating the hotter sauces.this dude a fkn frauuuuud

  • ellie witowski
    ellie witowski 13 days ago

    i fell in love watching this video

  • Alex Peraza
    Alex Peraza 13 days ago

    He gets a lot of shit, but he seems like a genuinely good dude and does a lot of humanitarian work.
    Good episode!

  • Neddier
    Neddier 13 days ago

    14:45 Saving for party

  • Pette Moore
    Pette Moore 13 days ago

    That ending was amazing. Teach your kids how to cook!!! I could make a 4 course meal when I was 9 years old. Come on guys!!!

  • Max
    Max 13 days ago

    Guy Fieri is a fucking Pro! Completely misjudged this absolute stand up guy!

    • mjc 427
      mjc 427 Day ago

      lol I know your being sarcastic cause he barely touched the wings and tossed them.

  • Λinobolic
    Λinobolic 13 days ago

    The best Hot Ones Guest!


  • Nick Craig
    Nick Craig 13 days ago

    "No water, no milk." Mike drop, mouth drop.

    • Nick Craig
      Nick Craig Day ago

      +mjc 427 Seth couldn't get through it without a drink, though. To be fair, those later sauces are considerably hotter than the ones in this episode. It'd be cool to have repeat guests come back with new questions and sauces. Can you imagine how cool that'd be to have someone like Alton coming back to review the new sauces?

    • mjc 427
      mjc 427 Day ago

      No Wings either! I don't call a tiny itty bitty nibble and toss eating wings, watch Seth Meyers kill it and get back to me.

  • Brittney Craig
    Brittney Craig 14 days ago

    We love that "guy"!

  • Steve Bourgon
    Steve Bourgon 14 days ago

    great editing and high def quality awesome, I can watch this as is on my 55" and looks pro

  • Ricky Rampage
    Ricky Rampage 14 days ago

    dude is wack af.

  • Todd Pickens
    Todd Pickens 14 days ago

    I cant wait for the JaBoody Dub of this!!!


    Guhhhh...That’s hot. That’s hot!

  • Roger Hupp
    Roger Hupp 14 days ago +1

    This dude is the guy that shows up at a party, then you have to awkwardly tell your friend not to bring him back.

  • Christian Gentry
    Christian Gentry 14 days ago

    I'm glad my parents cooked, set a good example and taught me to cook.

  • Mark Knockemus
    Mark Knockemus 15 days ago

    Can we have Snoop Dogg on the show?

  • Gar An
    Gar An 15 days ago

    This guy gets hate partly because people like Anthony Bourdain had basically said he's the douche of all..........No judgement here, so don't bombast me with bullshit comments. I've even met someone this evening who seemed like a stand-up person, but the way they worded their sentences when talking to me, compounded with the fact they walked past me later this evening without even acknowledging me only leaves me to say that person is a "total douchebag". Although, I do hate white people. KILL WHITEY!!!!

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 15 days ago

    'How are you with hot foods?'
    This is the first time I've not seen Guy in a shirt with flames on, the man can take the heat

    • mjc 427
      mjc 427 Day ago

      He barely touched the wings before tossing them in the trash, ..he can't take the heat, pay attention to the video and then watch Seth Myers do it.

  • Noah Siv
    Noah Siv 15 days ago

    This is random. We need someone like Tom Holland to make it more random.

  • Julian8794
    Julian8794 16 days ago

    7:13 Drugged

  • kid curry
    kid curry 16 days ago

    I wanna be on this show so bad lmao

  • Louis Heldt
    Louis Heldt 16 days ago

    This host angers me for some reason.

  • Miyagi
    Miyagi 16 days ago +1

    The only bad thing about this video was the praise of Kevin Durant.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 16 days ago

    *F u c k i n g F l a v o r t o w n*

  • lseul
    lseul 16 days ago

    He did a lot better than gordon ramsey lmao

  • Max Watson
    Max Watson 16 days ago +1

    He thinks he's the biggest shit. He has it half right.

  • Rizzle Dizzle
    Rizzle Dizzle 16 days ago

    instant legend!

  • T Engen
    T Engen 16 days ago

    Gangster ending. "By the water, no milk"

  • A C
    A C 16 days ago

    He's an alpha... plus no water, no milk.

  • CptJUDO J
    CptJUDO J 16 days ago

    Guy is awesome. I don’t get why so many people shit on him.

  • Andrew Battle
    Andrew Battle 16 days ago

    Are you the guy?
    Yeah, I’m The Guy

  • Merill Vixen
    Merill Vixen 16 days ago

    I was tilted AF that he called it 'Wabo Cabo', so glad Guy corrected him a split second later, even if it was low key.

  • Matt Ward
    Matt Ward 16 days ago

    Mad respect. Dudes a badass.

  • Gedrean Fyrestrom
    Gedrean Fyrestrom 16 days ago

    Omg that mic drop moment at the end of "No water no milk." what a legend Guy is!

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 16 days ago

    If you watch subtitles when Guy says "Rachel's the best" it reads, "Rachel's a bitch" and I can't stop laughing.