Guy Fieri Becomes the Mayor of Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
  • Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown, looks to extend his jurisdiction to Hot Ones county in this out-of-bounds episode of Hot Ones. As he suffers through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb, the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" star weighs in on everything from his relationship with Drake, to his status as the Meme God. Winner winner hot wing dinner!
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Comments • 11 375

  • Piss Off
    Piss Off 5 days ago

    He's No Alton Brown when it comes to talent or entertainment + Information= FUN& Funny& informative Brown owns Fieri hands down. But Guy is still fun to watch.

  • Onyx Knight
    Onyx Knight 6 days ago

    Just gained serious respect for this dude.

  • raq_aq
    raq_aq 6 days ago

    Didn't like Guy much before watching this, but I'm a fan now. Speaks well and just seems like a really awesome person.

  • Kovu Lion
    Kovu Lion 7 days ago +1

    Damn, Jaboody got really up there

  • Tommy Lee Lynn
    Tommy Lee Lynn 7 days ago

    I love how self-aware Guy is.

  • ImIntheFnZone
    ImIntheFnZone 9 days ago

    All I can think of is Jaboody Dubs...

  • Brian Nunes
    Brian Nunes 10 days ago

    i like that... "teach your kids to cook". I am down with that. Will do that.

  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 11 days ago

    "teach your kids to cook". Best line. Guy is a boss took that challenge like a champ

  • Matt Hellforge
    Matt Hellforge 12 days ago

    guy is the man

  • Julio J
    Julio J 12 days ago

    He’s one cocky mother fuck. He’s so fucking ugly and has a 2000 hair style. 😂 damn he’s one to talk

  • Vortex Shadow
    Vortex Shadow 13 days ago

    Who noticed that he didn't eat the Tabasco Hot Wing on-screen XD

  • SilentReflection101
    SilentReflection101 13 days ago

    Seriously, he's epic. And he knows it too

  • Tactical Paint
    Tactical Paint 14 days ago

    bro he took those wings better than sean did

  • CM99501
    CM99501 15 days ago

    He nailed it honestly. Didn't make a face at all, no milk, no water. Dude is a champ.

  • ams1000
    ams1000 15 days ago


  • The Texan
    The Texan 15 days ago +2

    Guy Fieri, the first real-life Super Saiyan.

  • Get In The Oven
    Get In The Oven 15 days ago

    Man the myth the legend

  • Angie Alcala
    Angie Alcala 16 days ago

    What an absolute KING

  • Wackywartortle
    Wackywartortle 16 days ago +1

    He's such a dad and I think that's what makes me like him more.

  • Colin Few
    Colin Few 17 days ago +1

    I love Guy. He's just so real.

  • TW Studios
    TW Studios 17 days ago +1

    Guy Fieri and Gordan Ramsey
    Good cop. Bad cop

  • Niko Kinu
    Niko Kinu 18 days ago +1

    Wonder if Guy hallucinated into Flavourtown from all the spice

  • Mr.J
    Mr.J 19 days ago +1

    “That is gangster”

  • Chinmay Upadhye
    Chinmay Upadhye 20 days ago +1

    Which Background beats do you use ? Where can I find those ?

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden 20 days ago +2

    He really didn't even flinch until the very last one.

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden 20 days ago +1

    Pretty down to Earth and very friendly. I know he's made some stupid comments in the past, but I've made plenty myself. Cool guest. I would've never thought

  • Travis Monk
    Travis Monk 20 days ago +1

    da bomb has nothing on this guy. that's the most casual i've seen a guest after it

  • Ærgh Boi
    Ærgh Boi 21 day ago

    The fieri has risen

  • Ralphone
    Ralphone 21 day ago +1

    the interview is so good, didnt even notice the water and milk situation until he brought it up

  • Raphaël Patry-Fortier

    I would listen to this guy for hours.

  • Michael Cobb
    Michael Cobb 25 days ago

    Flavor town 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Javier Bautista
    Javier Bautista 25 days ago

    Deep Dish??? You don't know what you're talking about my dude. 👎

  • The Mighty Doggo
    The Mighty Doggo 25 days ago


  • MR GD 65
    MR GD 65 25 days ago


  • Jacob Ramage
    Jacob Ramage 26 days ago

    Fuck KD.

  • R0b0saurus Rex
    R0b0saurus Rex 26 days ago

    I watched Gordon Ramsey on Hot Ones first then watched this one with Guy and the best part of this video is Guy doesnt flinch ONCE!!! Also he didnt drink any water or milk... BOSS Level

  • pepe the grey
    pepe the grey 26 days ago

    Take me to flavortown dady

  • Doggo
    Doggo 26 days ago

    Sean Evans should be no.1 on the champs list

  • Sarcalogos Tortolero
    Sarcalogos Tortolero 28 days ago

    I think of filthy frank when I see him now

  • stan giles
    stan giles 29 days ago

    Wa , I don't eat eggs , they are scary

  • Seida 101
    Seida 101 29 days ago +4

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Guy just made everything so much more interesting. Like when he was teasing Sean for his hand gestures and they decided to edit in a short compilation of him gesturing with music, or when he perfectly explained that recipe, like he was narrating the video along.. just so fun to watch

  • AwpWilliams
    AwpWilliams Month ago

    LOL, he did just fine.

  • David Serkland
    David Serkland Month ago

    Guy Is a douche and always has been a douche. He should change his name to Guy Douche.

  • Motordyne_350z
    Motordyne_350z Month ago +2

    Jaboody dubs where you at 😂

    • Shakes Clash
      Shakes Clash 13 days ago

      Motordyne_350z I honestly couldn’t believe this is how he sounds like for real 🤣🤣🤣
      Would really love to see jaboody dubs do an episode on this

  • Rafael Mar
    Rafael Mar Month ago

    Man, Guy is such a cool dude... so nice

  • Malcolm Avocado
    Malcolm Avocado Month ago

    Love him!!! What a guy haha

  • Larry1 Video Rater
    Larry1 Video Rater Month ago

    how did y'all catch god on camera?

  • Ala Kala
    Ala Kala Month ago

    Bought the hot ones pack they are fucking insane

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    He wasn't a demon, he was an angel...

  • GripFist
    GripFist Month ago +6

    Guy Fiery is the exact opposite of Gordan Ramsay

  • Rayb0b
    Rayb0b Month ago

    Disliked for the deep dish pizza choice.

  • Jesus Milk
    Jesus Milk Month ago

    0:03 it’s Rewind time every body

  • Be Kind, Rewind Reviews

    Ya lost me Fieri! Ya lost me! Steak n Shake's too damn good to kick to the curb! *insert You were the chosen one Obi Wan meme here*

  • Clark.Kent
    Clark.Kent Month ago

    No water. No milk. Leather jacket stays on. Legend.

  • Leigh-Demetra
    Leigh-Demetra Month ago

    Guy rocks

  • Airbender19
    Airbender19 Month ago

    Jaboody needs to dub this!

  • Rohan Tapiyawala
    Rohan Tapiyawala Month ago

    OMG the best one and he is indeed the mayor of hot ones.. and he said what I believe in .. enough of this ready to eat food and eating out all the time.. teach your kids to cook.. they will appreciate it when they are mature.

  • Uncapitalistic Doodaks

    0:03 he predicted rewind 2018

  • Andrew Rand
    Andrew Rand Month ago

    I can’t stand Guy Fieri he’s such an ass

  • Watson Delmick
    Watson Delmick Month ago

    I laughed so hard at the Keegan key part in the song. Great episode

  • Skittle Turtle
    Skittle Turtle Month ago

    I love Guy and Triple D!!!!
    Great episode!!!
    Such a good guy!!!

  • Salmontres
    Salmontres Month ago +1

    i love this show, but those wings look nasty af

  • King101_7
    King101_7 Month ago

    I’ve met Sean before , he’s a great guy

  • AlyankovicLovr26
    AlyankovicLovr26 Month ago

    This dude is legendary!I used to watch triple d all the time when I was growing up!😂😂

  • Jose Jones
    Jose Jones Month ago

    He should be a professional wrestler. Goofy af looking.

  • Joey Gunz
    Joey Gunz Month ago

    No water, no milk. #gangsta

  • Troll Execution
    Troll Execution Month ago

    0:37 not an extreme hot guy, but an extremely hot GUY

  • -ANSDoesThings-
    -ANSDoesThings- Month ago

    i love that lean cuisine video lmfao

  • Alejandro Castro
    Alejandro Castro Month ago

    I love Guy Fieri so much, he's freaking hilarious

  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose Month ago

    5:50 so basically Bohemian rhapsody by queen? XD

  • iamplay
    iamplay Month ago

    hehe guy takes it like a champ

  • bamadeadhead
    bamadeadhead Month ago

    Guy eats wings like girls...who does that seriously?

    ELITE MASTER23 Month ago +1

    I hate this guy

  • John B
    John B Month ago

    Uh... “Wabo Cabo”? Lol

  • Fearless Gaming
    Fearless Gaming Month ago

    He literally didn't have a reaction lmao

  • brooke pearl
    brooke pearl Month ago

    The Diaz Brothers!!!! That would be an awesome episode!!! 😁😁

  • itsdave
    itsdave Month ago +2

    They should bring Will Smith on the show and just have him repeat "Yaaaaaa dats hot" for the whole show, no questions, no wings, just that

  • C Galhano
    C Galhano Month ago

    Get R kelly on this show, and serv him pissed on wings xD

  • Don DeCarlo
    Don DeCarlo Month ago

    Please bring Bear Grylls.

  • Justin Johnsa
    Justin Johnsa Month ago

    He needs to watch the jabootyduds of him

  • MR.223rem
    MR.223rem Month ago

    Welcome to flavortown!!!

  • Randy Hooks
    Randy Hooks Month ago

    Guy, now I hate you. I live in OKC. But its all good. Great ball player.


    Rocking the Panerai watch! Killed the wings lol.

  • GreenSnickers
    GreenSnickers Month ago

    *The virgin Ramsey vs The Chad Fieri*

  • Jordan Papadelis
    Jordan Papadelis Month ago

    I would hate watching this if there was a different host.

    PIERClNG Month ago +1

    *s p i c y p i n e a p p l e h a s j o i n e d t h e c h a t*

  • B u t t e r s
    B u t t e r s Month ago

    Have adam rich man on

  • Beast1431
    Beast1431 Month ago

    Bro... your not wearing the shirt I gave ya.

  • T SR
    T SR Month ago


  • Trumpgotta GO ITMFA
    Trumpgotta GO ITMFA Month ago +1

    Fieri is the definitive phat phuk goofball boob

  • remy goblin
    remy goblin Month ago

    flavor town

  • Ken H
    Ken H Month ago

    I love Guy and never understood why some don't like 'em but I also don't care. Pretty cool to know he doesn't either. He's the man.

  • GTR Dan
    GTR Dan Month ago

    Can u get Guy's sidekick Carl Ruiz

  • Creepymangaming
    Creepymangaming Month ago

    Bru the voice over on this guy is hella accurate

  • Belbecat
    Belbecat Month ago

    Good message. Sadly, my mum tried to teach me to cook but I had already tasted KFC and instant noodles by then so.... RIP me lol

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g Month ago +6

    His hair looks like he was electrocuted while drinking Mountain Dew.

  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton Month ago +1

    Not for nothin but guys last sauce was 500,000 . Ramseys was 2,000,000. And ramsey ate all of his wings. Guy , nibbles.

    • CheeseStabber32
      CheeseStabber32 Month ago

      Not to hate on Ramsey but he was dying at like at the third wing, and he was giving small bites as well

  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton Month ago

    Anyone who thinks that scumbag snoop is "the best" is a complete asshole.

  • Steve Berryman
    Steve Berryman Month ago

    awww, no "Last Dab"

  • Kenien Spann
    Kenien Spann Month ago