The New Map of America

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
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    The New Map of America
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  • CallMeCarson
    CallMeCarson  29 days ago +9948


    • Mr Box
      Mr Box 2 hours ago

      "makes dick joke" compares 3 inches in dick size to his youtooz, 10/10

    • reonboi bruh
      reonboi bruh Day ago


    • Hami Games
      Hami Games Day ago

      wood fired pizza how will pizza get a job now

    • Connor
      Connor 2 days ago

      CallMeCarson I hope I’m not too late toget one

    • Monster Gamers
      Monster Gamers 3 days ago

      By the way for anyone that does not know the Youtooz comes on the last week of October

  • Ob1ivious Ghost
    Ob1ivious Ghost 8 minutes ago

    Why do come here .... just to suffer

  • Robert F. Aggot
    Robert F. Aggot 51 minute ago

    9:49 🗿🗿

  • spillthegaytea T_T
    spillthegaytea T_T 54 minutes ago

    People on this channel: says anything
    Me: WHEEZE

  • akari
    akari Hour ago +1

    us floridians do not exist. we are south americans.

  • Rogue Skies
    Rogue Skies Hour ago

    The wisdom tree didn’t have a friend...

  • VirtualInsanity
    VirtualInsanity Hour ago

    Every single time Carason uploads, a new meme is made

  • WaryFleaPlayz _
    WaryFleaPlayz _ 2 hours ago

    Do another spelling bee

  • Who the Fuck Am I?
    Who the Fuck Am I? 2 hours ago

    I don't know what Travis and Ted were smoking, but I want some of that.

  • FBI
    FBI 5 hours ago

    Can we get a youtooz of big lion?

  • Wyra Melk
    Wyra Melk 5 hours ago

    3:14 I was playing undertale on my ps4 when that showed up

  • Arktii
    Arktii 7 hours ago

    He's so fucking powerful

    *BIG LION*

  • Neon Nova
    Neon Nova 7 hours ago

    Big duck vs big lion battle of titans

  • me need a life
    me need a life 9 hours ago

    He delets his most unrrated videos with not many views.
    I was trying to find the video where carson and his friends were making a challenge.
    what a fucking jerk

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 9 hours ago

    Wheres the thick ass neak

  • Nshan Krikorian
    Nshan Krikorian 11 hours ago


  • Georange
    Georange 11 hours ago

    I’ve lost most of my brain cells watching this
    Big lion
    Big lion
    Big lion

  • Braeden Booth
    Braeden Booth 12 hours ago

    I live for Big Lion

  • Jonathan Phoenix
    Jonathan Phoenix 13 hours ago

    *big lion*

  • Glaive
    Glaive 13 hours ago

    And yet no one even thought to mention Nashoba. Smh my head, Carson.

  • BaZynga
    BaZynga 13 hours ago +1

    Damn carson smooth ad transition

  • Michael Norman
    Michael Norman 13 hours ago

    I’m having diarrhea while watching this bruh, nothing will stop me from watching this channel 💩🔥🤟

  • Shynzo
    Shynzo 14 hours ago

    Subscribe or big lion will come to you

  • Flossie Cour
    Flossie Cour 14 hours ago

    My dad went to the store

  • BinWadin _5
    BinWadin _5 14 hours ago

    Big lion

  • Donke
    Donke 14 hours ago

    It’s fucking big lion

  • Apathetic Lights
    Apathetic Lights 15 hours ago

    what if we unironically start worshiping big lion in the discord???
    yall down?

  • SWK
    SWK 15 hours ago


  • A Normal Human
    A Normal Human 15 hours ago +1

    It went to his dick

  • Hyper Zoan
    Hyper Zoan 16 hours ago

    poor pheb

  • Didno
    Didno 18 hours ago

    I’ve rewatched this 8 times &nd Counting. Big Lion Is My Religion. He Is My Home-Screen. Big Lion Is The Best Religion. If You Dont Like Big Lion You’re Are Deserve Allectric Chare.

  • Taryn And Friends
    Taryn And Friends 20 hours ago +1

    Top ten moments before disaster

  • WeevilVlogger
    WeevilVlogger 20 hours ago

    i swear make another 3 minute ad I swear

  • Floxy hanstein
    Floxy hanstein 20 hours ago

    he clearly likes it

  • The besters
    The besters 21 hour ago


  • Some Gamer
    Some Gamer 21 hour ago

    Welp, guess I’ll wait

  • NarrowStone70 .,.
    NarrowStone70 .,. 21 hour ago

    I failed my year two sats

  • JshWorp Arlade Guncikyke

    ah fuck

  • Big Jambalaya Boy
    Big Jambalaya Boy 21 hour ago

    Something sad is I live in Virginia

  • Flaps’s Fav
    Flaps’s Fav 21 hour ago

    you aren’t funny

  • Flower Arts
    Flower Arts 21 hour ago

    did michigan dirty

  • Lol Dude
    Lol Dude 21 hour ago

    urm i’m offended WeSt ViRgInA iS nOt DuMb

  • Colin Jordan
    Colin Jordan 22 hours ago

    i'm dying

  • obamaracka
    obamaracka 22 hours ago +1

    Its 1am and this is making me laugh my ass off

  • Yili Feng
    Yili Feng 23 hours ago

    damn i was really rooting for pheb

  • Roons
    Roons 23 hours ago


  • SpringTrap51106 アニメーション

    *Lools like Maryland*

  • Professor Ari
    Professor Ari Day ago

    This is hilarious xDDDDD

  • Bigatex Gaming Guide

    Carson 2020

  • EpicNinjaPro123
    EpicNinjaPro123 Day ago

    Big lion

  • Doesn't have a name

    The discord invite is expired :(

  • TheMorgueMaster
    TheMorgueMaster Day ago

    🎶Almost cheddar...SWISS VIRGINIA!!!

  • reonboi bruh
    reonboi bruh Day ago




  • Mr Wormwood
    Mr Wormwood Day ago

    I watched this in the middle of study hall. Now my chest hurts.

  • deSnes
    deSnes Day ago +1

    Big Lion

  • SergentMarv RBX
    SergentMarv RBX Day ago

    Carson is TechnoBlade 😉

  • Cortex505
    Cortex505 Day ago +2

    I'm 100% sure these guys are drunk and high.

  • Avirex
    Avirex Day ago

    2:40 cause Jerry looking like a snack.

  • Your Devil Angel
    Your Devil Angel Day ago +2

    So wait, are you saying that if Im living in Florida

    Im also living in all states in America

  • Jason Valdes
    Jason Valdes Day ago