We'll be EATIN' GOOD for a YEAR!

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • After 3 1/2 months, our broad breasted white turkeys were fully grown and ready for the freezer. Today, we show you how we prepare the turkeys so they last us for a whole year of turkey-based meals.
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Comments • 719

  • PrimaBellas
    PrimaBellas 2 days ago

    What do you do with the organ meat? I'm also curious how difficult it is to kill it after you've raised it? I would love to homestead but I'm not sure I could raise the animal without getting attached.

  • Rita Gales
    Rita Gales 6 days ago

    That looks like a drywall saw.

  • Jim H
    Jim H 7 days ago

    Turkey and Sweet potato curry is delicious

  • Jim H
    Jim H 7 days ago

    My favorite part is how they work together. Marriage and family is such a blessing.

  • CC
    CC 8 days ago

    Actually, the easiest way to cut the turkey in half is to place the turkey breast side down and then using strong kitchen shears or tin cutting shears, cut down either side of the back bone and remove it. The turkey will flop open, then you can easily use the shears to cut right through the breast. This method is ancient and is called "spatchcocking". It's really quick and easy. You can google it if you don't believe me. That's one damn big turkey, wow!

  • Chris Wearing
    Chris Wearing 9 days ago

    Hi, i`m new to the channel. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but if you vacuum pack your produce before freezing it then it will keep for 2 1/2 - 3 times as long.

  • semere gebreyonas
    semere gebreyonas 10 days ago

    I love the way you live really you are nice family God bless your whole family

  • Lana Ebarb
    Lana Ebarb 10 days ago

    I always enjoy watching you two share your tasks! You totally help each other and are so patient with each other. I was wondering, how is your daughter since her accident?

  • Jeanne Cooke
    Jeanne Cooke 10 days ago

    What a beautiful turkey harvest! Congratulations!

  • Michelle A
    Michelle A 11 days ago

    Is there any specific brand of knives you guys like to use or prefer? What seems to hold up the best for you? What kind of sharpener do you use?

  • Linda Riley
    Linda Riley 12 days ago

    Would be interesting to see your expenses (food, purchase price, etc.) for the turkeys and how that compares to cost if you purchased the same amount of turkey meat.

  • Faith Farmer
    Faith Farmer 12 days ago

    We're the turkeys processed the same way as the chickens were?? (I guess what I really want to know is, did they fit in that de-feathering machine?)

  • nikola zazzoslki
    nikola zazzoslki 13 days ago

    How do you kill them? Do you do it humanly? Im not a vegan but i can't see how people kill animals for fun. Only when it is to eat it and you use the hide and everything

  • JerryJ
    JerryJ 13 days ago

    I'm eventually moving to Georgia, where I plan to buy a house with acreage in order to do some homesteading. I hadn't really considered raising turkeys, but y'all have me considering it now. :)

  • Jerry A. Goldwire
    Jerry A. Goldwire 13 days ago

    Hey Sarah, Kevin check this out Thanks, Jerry

  • Vera Braswell
    Vera Braswell 17 days ago

    Do people eat turkey eggs? Your birds look great!

  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue 18 days ago

    We went out to a friend's farm some years ago, where he was butchering chickens. He also had one great big tom turkey; he had cut its throat and it was hanging upside down to "drain." It didn't bother me much until I saw him struggle, periodically - in other words, he hung there for at least 30 minutes (after I arrived, who knows how long before that), struggling for life. I understand the need to kill meat animals, but isn't there a more humane way to do it than what I witnessed?

    • Rebekah Parr
      Rebekah Parr 14 days ago

      Maggie Sue I could be wrong, but if turkeys are like chickens, the turkey is dead and feels nothing after it’s neck is cut. The movement is just bodily reactions that occur as blood is leaving the body. It’s totally normal but the turkey is indeed dead.

  • Joey Hardin
    Joey Hardin 18 days ago

    In a tub of water, place the bag in it, then place the product in the bag and the water will displace the air out of the bag, easy!

  • Joey Hardin
    Joey Hardin 18 days ago

    That is a "Punch" drywall saw, I have two of them but never thought of using them as a butcher saw. I also have a bone saw but hardly use it.

  • Holly S
    Holly S 19 days ago

    How much feed did you go through in the 3months?

  • Jeanne Amato
    Jeanne Amato 19 days ago

    I think you need a much larger cutting board. Lol

  • Angela Worrell
    Angela Worrell 19 days ago

    Love the turkey haul. Lots of meat for the next year.
    I was wondering if you guys have access to any kind of fish.
    Do you go fishing? Fish seems to be the only thing that I haven't seen a video of.
    I actually watch and re-watch your videos, I am fascinated by your way of life. Wish I could do something similar.
    Keep up the good work and remember to post a turkey smoking video 😉. God bless you all.

    BLUTO'S SPINACH 20 days ago

    i like to cook my birds with the last piece over the fence (the tail) my favorite part.

    BLUTO'S SPINACH 20 days ago

    looks like a sheet rock saw, replaceable blade type. you can get vacuum linen bags that you can hook up to your vacuum to, or slowly submerge your bag into a sink full of water and the water will compress the bag around the item expelling a lot of air conforming to the shape of what you have in there. you can use a hot curling iron to seal the end. the heat will melt the plastic together, it takes a bit to figure it out proper.

  • Sharlene Bullen
    Sharlene Bullen 22 days ago

    I need you to show how to kill and clean the turkeys

  • RomanNose911
    RomanNose911 22 days ago

    I always double bag when dealing with huge breasts

  • Lisa Stangier
    Lisa Stangier 23 days ago

    Did you process your own turkeys or do you take them somewhere for kill and clean?

  • Holly
    Holly 23 days ago

    Y'all mentioned losing one Turkey unexpectedly. Assuming it may have been disease related, what do you do with the bird? In what instance is it fine to go ahead and process it for meat or is it a 100% loss? Thank you both for sharing your experiences!

  • kirk birston
    kirk birston 23 days ago

    I am a chef and I would suggest to you to learn how to debone a turkey or chicken, they cut up the same way. You will be surprised how much more you can get from your turkey or chicken. It will also reduce your cooking time.

  • cjennmom
    cjennmom 23 days ago +1

    15:05 When cutting up legs, I've noticed you can palpate the joint with your thumb and feel where the two come together. It's an easy job then to send the knife down the middle of the joint right through the cartilage. No wrestling required. :)

  • Jennifer Bower
    Jennifer Bower 23 days ago

    What did you use for feed. I raised a Turkey 8 yrs ago and it came out very gamey. So I was wondering if I changed to a different feed may be it could be different. I just feed my Turkey on the same chicken feed.

  • James Pelletier
    James Pelletier 23 days ago

    What were the feed costs and processing costs? Did you calculate a cost per pound like you did with the two types of chickens in prev videos?

  • JP Peterson
    JP Peterson 23 days ago

    It is called a keyhole saw.

  • Pat Bigby
    Pat Bigby 24 days ago

    Did you hand pluck?

  • Gayla Parker
    Gayla Parker 24 days ago

    Well done!

  • Lauren Andreas
    Lauren Andreas 24 days ago +1

    Great video! My brother has been cutting his turkeys up like we cut up a chicken for years and it is so smart! It is easier to wrap and portion for consumption. The broth from the backs will be absolutely delicious and so healthy!!!

  • terri peralta
    terri peralta 24 days ago

    Did you do a video on it

  • Carol Rose
    Carol Rose 24 days ago

    Need a bigger cutting board for sure!

  • jksatte
    jksatte 24 days ago

    You guys are the best. Thank you for sharing. I love the nuts and bolts of growing and storing food. Janice

  • Amanda Liverseidge
    Amanda Liverseidge 24 days ago

    Well done ! Thank you.

  • Debra Krause
    Debra Krause 24 days ago

    Once you cook and can your broth, how long does it last?

  • theresa bollman
    theresa bollman 24 days ago

    Birds that big are usually tough...good luck. I sincerely mean that. Chefs say if you need say 30 lbs of meat to cook 2 15 lbers.

  • Sojourner
    Sojourner 24 days ago

    What a blessing! Thanks for the informative video Kevin and Sarah, lots of meals indeed. God bless!

  • suesueg74
    suesueg74 25 days ago

    That is awesome on the amount of meat for your family. Did you use a auto chicken plucker?

  • GuitarZombie
    GuitarZombie 25 days ago

    I have a question, what happens if you lose power to your freezer, assuming you are freezing them

  • Terry Kunst
    Terry Kunst 25 days ago

    Do I hear a Turkey nerdy math episode? Broadbreasted and silvers??

  • Spotted Dog Homestead
    Spotted Dog Homestead 25 days ago

    That is one of the biggest turkeys I have ever seen.. We raised blue slates when we lived in MO and would like to get some more

  • Carol Crudder
    Carol Crudder 25 days ago

    Wow that’s a big bird! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

  • Chris Michelle Hall
    Chris Michelle Hall 25 days ago

    I just got through watching Pratt Family Homestead this morning. I watched this video after u posted and I wanted to share with u how they bagged their turkeys and a duck. They kept theirs whole, but I bet it would work even after u cut them up the way y'all did. The way they did took all the air out and it actually looked like u used a food saver to package them. U teach me so much so I wanted to share this with u so u can save some room in ur freezer with ur bigger meats. I bet it works the same with ur rabbits. They also do that way with their chickens.

  • Mohammed Sedki
    Mohammed Sedki 25 days ago

    Nice couple with doing perfect and new life style ideas

  • Josh Proctor
    Josh Proctor 25 days ago +1

    Turkey processing, the new ASMR 😂

  • Samantha Plumadore
    Samantha Plumadore 25 days ago

    Lol thats Awesome! My dad & I have always been the only 1s interested in sharing the neck! They dont know what they're missin. Those are some gd looking turkeys..Huge! Can't wait to get the freezer filled back up with meat agn. Home grown & wild are the best meals u could ask for. Your Holidays are going to be Epic! Cleared out the frozen tomatoes for space, cooking now. TFS

  • wifeofnick
    wifeofnick 25 days ago

    City girl question -- why can't you hatch your own broad breasted turkeys?

  • Catherine Shaw
    Catherine Shaw 25 days ago

    How Long Did It Take You To Pluck Feathers?

  • ricky boldin
    ricky boldin 25 days ago


  • C Mex
    C Mex 25 days ago

    Hydrogen peroxide works just as well as bleach without the risk of staining anything, or health hazards for air quality! I checked into this and tossed all our bleach products the same week! Feel sooooo much better about using the HP.
    Thanks for the video...Love watching you guys! So informational, straight forward. It's been a world of inspiration for our family. We JUST put an offer in on our homestead after looking for a year and a half. Can't wait

  • Janet Hair
    Janet Hair 25 days ago

    Great video....thanks so much for all y'all do! Sarah, where are you getting the plastic bags suitable for freezing in that size?

  • Rio DJeNIRO
    Rio DJeNIRO 25 days ago

    Turkey was always my favorite protein meat to have. Great job on your humane and caring way you treated your birds, now these are TRUE ORGANIC turkey at it's finest!!

  • Siobhan W
    Siobhan W 25 days ago

    any time i feel bad about 'only' losing 30lbs i'll look at this video and remember how big these turkeys are! ahahaha

  • Christina Cyrus
    Christina Cyrus 25 days ago

    So glad I'm not vegetarian! Humanly raised, naturally fed, no growth hormone or antibiotics. Pass me a slice of dark meat please.