What We Did with the Ink from 1,000 Pens

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • We asked you what we should do with our bowl of pen ink and you responded! Today we're taking 5 of your requests to learn more about the properties of ballpoint pen ink.
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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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Comments • 6 457

  • Naved Shaikh
    Naved Shaikh 5 hours ago


  • badrinath reddy K
    badrinath reddy K 13 hours ago

    Inject the ink in an egg and boil it

  • Amit Tandulkar
    Amit Tandulkar Day ago

    Can u freeze petrol...

  • Phoenix Courtney
    Phoenix Courtney 4 days ago

    Can u guys make ink slime? Is it possible

  • SpydroPlayz
    SpydroPlayz 4 days ago

    Ink slime

  • Terrowin Cheeseman
    Terrowin Cheeseman 5 days ago

    Hey, what happens if you freeze-dry oobleck or slime?

  • HelezNC
    HelezNC 6 days ago

    Isn't there lead in ink?? Or has my life been a lie? D:

  • yhue123 lake
    yhue123 lake 6 days ago

    I press read more

  • mini Artist
    mini Artist 6 days ago

    What happens if you put a drop of ink in water??

  • Footballbro28 ._.
    Footballbro28 ._. 6 days ago

    Does pen ink boil

  • Suzanne Gao
    Suzanne Gao 8 days ago

    Try putting in on a leaf end and put the leaf in water

  • XDR DaleFanGeo10
    XDR DaleFanGeo10 8 days ago

    what does it mean by de hydrate ink? does it mean get rid of all the water

  • Miki Korol
    Miki Korol 9 days ago

    y'all should date

  • tfue lit
    tfue lit 10 days ago

    How many licks does it actually take to get to the middle of a tootsie roll Lolly pop

    LEGEND AWESOME 11 days ago

    6:42 there is a fish in this video

  • Daisy Boucher-walker
    Daisy Boucher-walker 11 days ago

    What about highlighter ink

  • Bryceson Jevnikar
    Bryceson Jevnikar 12 days ago

    2:40 only reffering to ferromagnetic elements

  • Jacob Giles
    Jacob Giles 13 days ago

    Is ink electric

  • Eye Tea
    Eye Tea 13 days ago

    Make it into a slime

  • Rmnd Bandra Bandra
    Rmnd Bandra Bandra 15 days ago

    Try to extract balls at the tip of1000ballpiont pens

  • Random videos
    Random videos 15 days ago +1

    What if we put fountain pen ink in ball pen refill? Will it work?

  • Ellyka Pono
    Ellyka Pono 16 days ago

    idea: you could melt 100 crayons and make experiments with it

  • Geneva Lewandowski
    Geneva Lewandowski 16 days ago +1

    So pretty

  • It'z Erin
    It'z Erin 16 days ago

    Can you make slime with the ink anf cornstarch?

  • Emme Poole
    Emme Poole 16 days ago +17

    Can highlighter ink turn into powder when dehydrated?

  • Smacky Lemons
    Smacky Lemons 17 days ago

    Why was my rock I found in my backyard years ago magnetic?

  • Evan O'Connor
    Evan O'Connor 17 days ago +1


  • Tea Of The World
    Tea Of The World 17 days ago

    King, there is a hole in your glove.

  • RoxasDM
    RoxasDM 18 days ago


  • drawing with Violet and Keira

    Make the pen ink in to slime that wood be cool

  • Charlie Osorio
    Charlie Osorio 19 days ago

    Go pro - “it’s getting dark and my battery is low”

  • kskjsjddj jsjsjd
    kskjsjddj jsjsjd 20 days ago +1

    Can you please mix vaseline and pen ink 🙏

  • kobe ossinger
    kobe ossinger 20 days ago

    what happens if you put dry ice or ink in a microwave

  • Typical Nate
    Typical Nate 21 day ago

    Paint your nails

  • Prabesh Pandey
    Prabesh Pandey 21 day ago +3

    Anybody else noticed Thor T-shirt

  • Kexin Wan
    Kexin Wan 21 day ago +2

    Can you try making slime with ink?

  • Prasad Bansode
    Prasad Bansode 21 day ago

    How can we remove ink easily from our body

  • Prasad Samanta
    Prasad Samanta 22 days ago

    Who is the cameraman?

  • casey cash
    casey cash 22 days ago +2

    I noticed throughout the video the color slowly became brighter.

  • Fatal
    Fatal 22 days ago

    Get rid of the girl

  • Shreyas Upasani
    Shreyas Upasani 24 days ago

    Why don't you try it with glitter pen ink

  • Shadow Violets
    Shadow Violets 24 days ago

    this is my new favourite thing ever

  • samUL
    samUL 24 days ago

    Hey TKOR can you make pen ink slime?

  • Terrance Lundy
    Terrance Lundy 24 days ago

    can you write with ferrofluid

    SKULL CRUSHER 25 days ago +4

    ill drink it😍
    im not from this 🌍
    im an👾👽

  • Kay Neko
    Kay Neko 25 days ago

    The the frozen ink is like backwards pulled sugar

  • Hatiti201 YT
    Hatiti201 YT 26 days ago

    The dry ice thing is cool. Can you try to make soap bubbles with dry ice and/or pour water or food colouring on dry ice?

  • Jacob Downing
    Jacob Downing 26 days ago

    Plz try and make a black ink flow fountain o would love to see it flow
    In a rapid river flow or waterfall or should I say inkfall

  • Felix Tysz
    Felix Tysz 26 days ago +1

    Can you put wood in an room without oxygen and try to melt it

  • Tara Ross
    Tara Ross 26 days ago

    You should make ink bubbles and splat them on paper

  • Menace
    Menace 26 days ago

    Weird flex but 11:48

  • Sparklecookie B
    Sparklecookie B 26 days ago

    Why does rose gold

  • Sparklecookie B
    Sparklecookie B 26 days ago

    Try putting it into liquid nitrogen


    0:13 i thought that were nails

  • Keondin Perry
    Keondin Perry 27 days ago

    That is a awesome color

  • Claire Donovan
    Claire Donovan 27 days ago

    Drink it

  • Halt Arrtay
    Halt Arrtay 27 days ago

    Mix regular ink and gel ink

  • GyBer
    GyBer 28 days ago

    heat ink much as u can

  • GyBer
    GyBer 28 days ago

    put acid on it

  • GyBer
    GyBer 28 days ago

    put potassium into

  • GyBer
    GyBer 28 days ago

    liquid metal vs ink?

  • Veight Rwd88
    Veight Rwd88 28 days ago

    Made a mess

  • Cat C. A. T.
    Cat C. A. T. 28 days ago +3

    ᗪO ᕼOT ᐯᔕ ᑕOᒪᗪ ᗩKᗩ 1000 ᗪEGᖇEEᔕ ᗷᗩᒪᒪ ᐯᔕ ᒪIᑫᑌIᗪ ᑎITᖇOGEᑎ ᗰEOᗯᗯᗯᗯ

    • Cat C. A. T.
      Cat C. A. T. 28 days ago +1

      ᕼEᕼ ᕼEᕼ ᕼᕼEEEᕼᕼ

  • DO UBT
    DO UBT 28 days ago

    its pen ink...could we do this could we do that 😑

  • Josh Plays
    Josh Plays 29 days ago +1

    There TVclip I watched it

  • It'sNathanGaming
    It'sNathanGaming 29 days ago

    1:26 his thumb ripped through the glove!!

  • Cypher
    Cypher Month ago

    Dried ice in the ink while in the freeze dryer

    OOFER TEAM Month ago +1

    6:34. That's how ink creatures spawn in Bendy And The Ink Machine

  • Soviet Luxembourg
    Soviet Luxembourg Month ago

    Its gonna smell hard after you fill it up

  • Steve Lazzarus
    Steve Lazzarus Month ago

    Wares gloves too protect hands but they're ripped

  • Ezekiel Alarid
    Ezekiel Alarid Month ago

    What would happen if you mix ink and super glue together?

  • Lilith Harstine
    Lilith Harstine Month ago

    Could you put a little water in the ink to make it thinner so that you could use it for a quill?

  • Muffin MariaBombay
    Muffin MariaBombay Month ago +1

    I can't help but get BATIM vibes also loved the vid x

  • Billy Boob
    Billy Boob Month ago +80



  • Skye Whiteman
    Skye Whiteman Month ago +1

    Can you make slime with pen ink

  • Aaron Alston
    Aaron Alston Month ago +1

    Where the heck is the king of random?

  • Jordan Thompson
    Jordan Thompson Month ago

    Can you boil pen ink?

  • Kimberly Cuhendis Klaas

    Try to freeze vegetable oil and motor oil with dry ice and liquid nitrogen

  • JN
    JN Month ago

    The ink looks like venom aka the film venom

  • Ausensi
    Ausensi Month ago

    Does anything happen if u microwave ink?

  • Shaun Troxel
    Shaun Troxel Month ago

    Bendy has entered the chat

  • MadFoxx Z
    MadFoxx Z Month ago

    Can you *EXPLODE* pen ink???

  • Mattie Banda
    Mattie Banda Month ago

    10:20 calamity Gannon

  • Haider Abdul-Haq
    Haider Abdul-Haq Month ago

    Is anyone who gave the suggestions watching this.

  • LordOfToasters
    LordOfToasters Month ago +1

    Can you make an inky, evil, corrupted cartoon character who is a demon and fears the end,
    Just wondering.

  • ATM Beatz
    ATM Beatz Month ago

    Put Crocs shoes in a vacuum!!!

  • ATM Beatz
    ATM Beatz Month ago

    Do a video experimenting with Crocs the foam shoes!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Wonder Games
    Wonder Games Month ago

    Try to re ink a dry pen

  • Life On The Road
    Life On The Road Month ago

    De hydrating it?

  • Audrey Slankard
    Audrey Slankard Month ago

    Make slime with the ink!

  • Brad Gerwatowski
    Brad Gerwatowski Month ago


  • sreytouch bugg
    sreytouch bugg Month ago

    Try putting corn starch into the ink

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae Month ago

    Idk if you did this but can you dehidrate ketchup and mustard

  • TDog Sump
    TDog Sump Month ago

    What about pen ink VS fire??

  • Steven Laborde
    Steven Laborde Month ago

    Make feather pins

  • ocean gaming
    ocean gaming Month ago

    10:20 looked like the inside of a frozen blood vessle or carnage before he got his host, ❤ king of random best vids. 😀😁😂🤣

  • Bowsette
    Bowsette Month ago

    Nice modern art

  • nightwolf moon
    nightwolf moon Month ago

    Combine liquid nitrogen and ink.

  • Helbert Villavicencio

    u did same thing with the logo on the actone vs lego (check my comment there!)

  • Luka Jovanovic
    Luka Jovanovic Month ago

    JuSt PuT sOmE FleX tApE