Eating Japan's POISONOUS PufferFish!!! ALMOST DIED!!! *Ambulance*

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
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    🍲DOJO NABE: First cook the fish for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker, allowing it to soften (with the bones in). Then add the fish to a platter, mixing it with soy sauce and radish broth and allowing it to cook on a mini-stove. Wait for the broth to boil, then add green onion on top. That’s it, ready to eat! Continue to add broth as you like while eating.
    💸PRICE: 14.59 USD/1,580 JPY per set
    2. WASOUSHUTSUDOKKO: Shiokara (Fermented Squid)
    ADDRESS: Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo 1-22-16 Maki and First Building 5
    OPEN: Weekdays: 5PM - 12AM | Weekends: 5PM - 2AM
    🦑SHIORAKA: Begin by slicing the squid, removing its organs and putting them in a plastic bag. Separately, allow the squid to marinate in salt for 30 minutes before adding it to the plastic bag containing the squid organs. To get the most flavor, the squid will marinate for 5 days; however, it can also be eaten right away.
    💸PRICE: 5.07 USD/550 JPY
    3. GEMPIN FUGU: Fugu Fish
    ADDRESS: 1-13-5 Ginza Chuo Tokyo
    OPEN: Weekdays: 5PM - 12AM | Saturday: 4PM - 11PM | Sunday: 12PM - 3PM + 4PM - 11PM
    🐡Fugu is one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japan. Due to its tetrodotoxin, it can be lethally poisonous, which is why there are strict rules around the preparation and serving of this dish. Fugu preparation is controlled by Japanese law, with chefs undergoing specific training for a minimum of three years. Our chef, Mr. Nakase, received his certification and has been lawfully serving some of Tokyo’s most delicious fugu for the past 14 years.
    💸PRICE: Whole Fugu Fish: 92.35 USD/10,000 JPY | Fugu Sashimi: 11.77 USD/1,274 JPY for 45 grams | Fried Fugu: 16.75 USD/1,814 JPY | Fugu Hotpot: 19.74 USD/2,138 JPY
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    The only reason I clicked on this video was to see how dumb people could be not to see people eat fish!

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    i think Fugu will die out ! because of that these old chefs will no be no more and they have no time to teach other how to cut Fugu safe !
    only who hase a permit and a paper where it stands on can make you that fish !

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    My wife and me ate puffer fish last weekend when we went to Miyakojima it was pretty cool especially since we knew how dangerous it could be

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  • Fresh Activator
    Fresh Activator Day ago

    “This is considered dangerous.Why do people eat it?”
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    *Turns to camera like what the fudge*

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