Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less


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  • Shane Chan
    Shane Chan 27 minutes ago

    One more thing wrong - did anyone notice the fact that t'challa's mouth was slightly open when his face was starting to get buried in the red sand

  • Alejandro Legra
    Alejandro Legra 39 minutes ago

    This movie's plot was fraternity house puke blended with orangutan shit in a fuck basket dude.

    AGGAMMER111 2 hours ago

    do infinity war

  • Orlando Lampkin
    Orlando Lampkin 3 hours ago

    this movie wasn’t even that good. the villain was garbage and cheesy. way too overhyped. i’m black and i think it was so corny. i literally fell asleep in the theatre watching this movie. lol.

  • MeX3
    MeX3 3 hours ago +1

    I don’t give a f*ck about the sin counter. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES TO EVERY EXSIST EVER!!!!!

  • Joseph Yang
    Joseph Yang 3 hours ago

    why was there an american style graffiti in the back alley of Busan???? 9:17 that makes no sense South Korea aint that ghetto like america

  • DankAsian4 1
    DankAsian4 1 4 hours ago

    Why would vegetarians need fishermen

  • Kyle Matlock
    Kyle Matlock 4 hours ago

    i seriously question if you guys actually watch these movies... i just can't handle how dense you guys intentionally get to pad video length. I could handle not picking up on the fact that claws hand was made of vibranium and thus vibrated with that axe to shake off the rust... cause vibranium is silly. i could handle you not realizing that we were told in civil war that t'challa was already black panther while his father was king, his line "i hold the mantle of black panther, and now thanks to the actions of your friend i also hold the mantle of king..." fairly obvious but a single line in a different movie.
    HOWEVER not understanding why the jabari made a major entrance at the waterfall ceremony just requires you to have not watched the opening of the film. Ya know, that exposition where it's explained to us that the jabari ceased contact with the other tribes and went to those mountains when wakanda started to experiment with vibranium.

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 5 hours ago

    meteorite doesnt damage a whole planet an asteroid does

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 5 hours ago

    whats wrong with black panther... nothing

  • Danny Bowden
    Danny Bowden 5 hours ago

    To all of the critics and others who said this movie was good, FU.

  • jake devadason
    jake devadason 6 hours ago

    You should do a "Everything Wrong With Cinema Sins"

  • Rhi Rhi
    Rhi Rhi 7 hours ago

    Number 12.....seriously you have got to be ridiculously blind if you weren’t able to watch that specific scene!

  • jon Martinez
    jon Martinez 7 hours ago

    R we just gonna ignore the fact this the climax of this movie was same as the antman. Hero and villain completely equal

  • Panda Productions
    Panda Productions 8 hours ago

    Really? You hate everything

  • Neon Lux
    Neon Lux 9 hours ago

    Ok, I KNOW most of this is just for the sake of sinning but Ill have to go here:
    1) Since all of the Appalachian mountains or the Rockies haven't been fully explored, only cartography mapped, how is it not feasible that no one wanted to trek into the jungle to find a hidden city no one can see that they didn't know was there?
    2) Most slaves were taken from Nigeria and its neighbors....sooooo....why is the white man treking a thousand miles inland through sparsely populated jungle to discover Wakanda?
    3) Mbaku's tribe wasnt missed at the cerimony before they showed up because....as you clearly stated, they had long since abandoned the other tribes...so no one expected them to show up. They never had up until that point.
    4) Seriously? You are worried T'challa is watching the BBC? I mean....he could have been watching CNN or Fox....sooooo....I mean....
    5) In African culture, the leader is respected, but he is just another member of the tribe. He grew up working among his people. Hes not a rock star. Hes just T'challa.
    6)...yes....Shuri IS the fucking best. That's why she gets to flip off the prince XD
    7)Its super easy for people to spot Americans. We are louder, we dont have the same personal space bubbles as other countries. We are VERY noticeable.
    8) Okoye spoke Xhosa and the guard heard her. If they didnt know who she was before, speaking one of the most difficult languages on earth, or ANY African language really, would have been a tip off.
    9) Erik isn't welcome in Wakanda. Its an African vs. African American thing. I have neither the patience nor the urge to explain the rifts between old world blacks and new world blacks. Readers digest version: We sold out to white people and embraced the same culture that enslaved us. That makes us no better to some of them, and the fact that he is an outsider with a Wakandan spy tattoo makes them even more hateful of him. Hes an outsider pretending to be one of them.
    10) Erik is a blood decedent of the royal line. His absence from the ceremony is irrelevant, and the ceremony is only a show of unity. No one ever challenges. Mbaku was the first.
    11) You dont need Steve Jobs to work a Macbook. Why would you need Shuri to make weapons and load them on planes?

  • Cosmic Penguin
    Cosmic Penguin 9 hours ago

    This movie was average idk why It got so much hype

  • chloe
    chloe 9 hours ago

    what about mbaku saying theyre vegetarians but tchalla was found by a fisherman

  • juan Sanchez
    juan Sanchez 10 hours ago

    Your movie sin counter doesn't even make sense,the 75% of the points are just stupid in every video

  • Nat4uki
    Nat4uki 11 hours ago

    why are there so many disliskes ._.

  • ZACCYBOY 2006
    ZACCYBOY 2006 12 hours ago

    I hope this video was a joke

  • scarlet night
    scarlet night 13 hours ago +1

    *insert irrational hate comment by someone that doesn't understand this channel's comedy here*

  • Munana 2525
    Munana 2525 13 hours ago

    This is the only way movies are funny

  • Nicholas Vinson
    Nicholas Vinson 14 hours ago

    I believe "American Style" refers to the joystick layout of the aircraft.

  • aegideus
    aegideus 15 hours ago

    No reference to Klaue's "That was awesome!" on his escape? There are many things I love about this movie, but one of my favorite parts is just how much fun Serkis is clearly having with his role. Dude's having the time of his life.

  • JWil42
    JWil42 15 hours ago

    11:34 I think he means that he saw the marks that the claws left

  • Moe Franc
    Moe Franc 16 hours ago

    Everything wrong with WarDogs please !!

  • Ymir Suzaya
    Ymir Suzaya 17 hours ago

    shuri is my favorite character in the whole movie because of how funny she is

  • Chaos Gospel
    Chaos Gospel 18 hours ago

    16:06 Thank you.
    16:34 Fuck you.

  • hjfdsdsdf1
    hjfdsdsdf1 20 hours ago +1

    man why so many dislikes, how do you people not understand this is a joke.... These people

  • Chick Nugg
    Chick Nugg 20 hours ago

    I don’t agree with any of these. It just sounds like he needed some views.

  • Kothata
    Kothata 22 hours ago

    yo when's infinity war's sins coming out?

    • scarlet night
      scarlet night 13 hours ago

      Kothata probably not until the week of captain Marvel's release

  • jennaful _
    jennaful _ Day ago

    I would add +10 sins for that woman they cast to play the korean granny bc her korean was atrocious. Lupita's was even better

  • Harshil Doshi
    Harshil Doshi Day ago

    Hanuman is a Hindu God.

  • Oscar Mejia
    Oscar Mejia Day ago

    Sentence : dusted
    Is that an infinity war joke?? Thats fucked up lol 😂😭😭😭

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago

    *My* *Dick* *in* *a* *Nutshell*

  • HyperByteStorm
    HyperByteStorm Day ago

    Shuri is an obvious tranny, but there are many more in the film.

  • joneshugh
    joneshugh Day ago

    Scott Pilgrim,Rollerball (70's)

  • HyperByteStorm
    HyperByteStorm Day ago +1

    The worst film in the MCU, I have even stopped watching their sheite now, the last few have been so bad, this one I fast Forwarded 90%, Absolute trash.

  • Joe Buehner
    Joe Buehner Day ago +3

    Anyone know why the vegetarians have fisherman?

  • Violet Raven クリスタル

    I couldn't even finish this movie it sucked so bad.

  • Caroline Plunkett

    A lot of these are not sins just things you tried to be annoyed by so you could make a bad video

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen Day ago

    I disliked because nothing was wrong with this movie

  • Madison Nantes
    Madison Nantes Day ago


  • But Why?
    But Why? Day ago


  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor Day ago

    Fucking Bucky


    Cinema sins- cinema sin. Suggesting kilmonger attempt to kill BP is dumb. only to suggest that he should be dead later.

  • Emily Roitburt
    Emily Roitburt Day ago

    “The real question is WHAT ARE THOSE!” 😂

  • Frant¡k Stomp
    Frant¡k Stomp Day ago

    How could you not give a sin for the "WHAT ARE THOSE?". I had to exit the theater briefly, to recuperate of course.

  • NatetheGaminTiger

    It was said in the exposition that the other tribe wasn't a part of Wakanda, they even have a different god-head.

  • Primarina Queen
    Primarina Queen Day ago

    16:31 Too soon. :C :C :C

  • Christian Straub

    10:22 wadandan?

  • Eduardo Jimenez
    Eduardo Jimenez Day ago +1

    To The Makers of this Channel...
    _I detect a little Communism_
    _I can see it in the things you do_
    _Communism, Socialism, call it what you like_
    _There's very little difference in the two_
    _(Ain't I Right)_

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts Day ago

    bullshit white guilt movie

  • Thelastpotato
    Thelastpotato Day ago


  • Faith Kampsula
    Faith Kampsula Day ago +1

    While people are talking about the sins. I'm over here just effected over the fact that the sentence was dusted.

  • Johnny 37
    Johnny 37 Day ago

    First 6 sins shouldn’t have been sins

  • Unity Cube
    Unity Cube Day ago

    Blasphemy ❤️

  • Caleb Samuel
    Caleb Samuel Day ago

    6:23 Why does that deserve a sin taken off, that was the lowest point of the whole movie.

  • Insomn1ac •
    Insomn1ac • Day ago +1

    This movie was really overrated.

  • skyline r32
    skyline r32 Day ago +1

    This movie is easily one of the most pointless of the series (along with ant man), it's not that good of a movie.

  • Super T Rev
    Super T Rev Day ago

    Soooo this movie had nothing to do with racism and slavery, yet it directly announced that several times in the actors' lines? What?

  • Frost Shark
    Frost Shark Day ago

    There is a spoiler for infinity war "everybody dies"

  • Platry Vids
    Platry Vids Day ago

    As soon as black people have something to feel good about, a movie specifically contributed to black people, and have black stars in the movie, ofc someone would find something wrong with it!!!!

    • Platry Vids
      Platry Vids 11 hours ago

      Orange Comet this is my first time watching his videos, I wouldn’t know

    • Orange Comet
      Orange Comet Day ago

      Platry Vids He makes fun of every movie you mong

  • megan melco
    megan melco Day ago

    .... how fucking dare you sin bucky

  • TheWatcherChannel 01

    Must watch this video before Black Panther 2 is Released

  • Tykei Mendiola
    Tykei Mendiola Day ago

    0:16 t' challa isn't talking tho

  • SupitsJeremy
    SupitsJeremy Day ago

    The funny thing is it’s not t’challa narrating at the beginning it’s prince n’jobu

  • Jared Holloway
    Jared Holloway Day ago

    I was bout to roast y'all if you sinned that "bury me in the ocean" line. Glad y'all made the wise decision.

  • Nightpool
    Nightpool Day ago

    bilbo baggins is the best!

  • Henry Dreessen
    Henry Dreessen Day ago

    how the actual fuck was the what are those joke a sin off?! actually the cringiest moment in marvel history by far. When I was in the theater and that line was delivered no one laughed and the guy two rows in front of me actually got up and left.

  • Aleah Evans
    Aleah Evans Day ago

    7:11 I get a lot of the sins are satire and I enjoy them that way! But "Couldn't they choose an American actor for the one prominent American in this movie"...? Maybe I was too stupid to pick up on the joke, and if so everything's cool. If not... god damn how un-self aware can you get

  • Arieana Eberle
    Arieana Eberle Day ago

    I mean common. It's Bucky!!!!!!! This is hilarious

  • Γιωργος Τατελιας

    Do infinity war

  • iFkNxLegend
    iFkNxLegend Day ago

    No bondage joke?

  • Missi10
    Missi10 Day ago +1

    if u dont like this movie .. u are racist :)

  • Bobby Lombard
    Bobby Lombard Day ago

    Blacks don't even talk like that. It's more like, yo muthafucka kiss my big fat black ass, gibs me yo cellphone, gibs me da kays to yo car, eyes dindu nuffin. Lol

  • Maddin Pictures
    Maddin Pictures Day ago

    Oah, you didn´t combine the Jabari "HUHUHU" with Who let the dogs out, I was looking forward to this for 5 months :(

  • The King
    The King Day ago +3

    How brave to do black panther.

  • The Moland
    The Moland Day ago

    how are they all so casual about the challenge ritual? is it a normal thing, like once a week? i thought it was only when a new king is crowned, which the sister might have seen once as a child, but she's like "can we get this shit over with?"
    also killing Andy Serkis in a non-epic way.. Having a token white guy was cool tho

  • juan lopez
    juan lopez Day ago +1

    You people are stupid you don’t want criticism just cause it’s a black based super hero it’s a movie and it has flaws stop being ignorant cunts

  • Emma Dodson
    Emma Dodson Day ago +1


  • Jovaughn Jones
    Jovaughn Jones 2 days ago +3

    It was too SJW

    • Nephi Nelson
      Nephi Nelson Day ago

      juan lopez Especially TLJ

    • juan lopez
      juan lopez Day ago +2

      Jovaughn Jones I’ve been saying that a lot of recent Disney movies have been super SJW

  • Bernard P.
    Bernard P. 2 days ago

    Almost 4 Million views! DAMN! You white ppl really are persistent! Racists pieces of shits!

    • juan lopez
      juan lopez Day ago

      Bernard P. Dude you’re fucking stupid

  • The Creator Official

    Some of these sins are unavoidable, for example the sin where the guy was the first movie character to actually not touch anything, lets say he did touch something. You still wouldve sinned it as a clicue (Idk how to spell that)

  • Scorpion 3487
    Scorpion 3487 2 days ago

    You dissed black panther 😭😭

  • Kenji
    Kenji 2 days ago

    Do infinity war!!

  • John Cornutt
    John Cornutt 2 days ago

    13:17 Me in the back of my head ‘’The world turned upside down! Freedom for America freedom for France! ‘’

  • Wendy  Simmons
    Wendy Simmons 2 days ago

    i dont care i still love it because black people WAKANDA FOREVA KING Thchalla

  • Dhaval Javia
    Dhaval Javia 2 days ago +1

    Hey..bitch.......hanuman is very known indian god....so don't post unless u know everything

  • MrLaFfGuY
    MrLaFfGuY 2 days ago

    You can’t say any of this is a rip of of lion king. This and lion king were made by Disney. They would be “copying” themselves.

  • Jake 3283
    Jake 3283 2 days ago


  • K-Next yes very much, all the time.

    Wouldn't that bulletproof suitcase literally wrench itself out of the person holding it's hands from the first shot lmao

  • HobbitGeek
    HobbitGeek 2 days ago

    The man who narrated the opening was N'Jobu, not T'Challa

  • Fray Thomson
    Fray Thomson 2 days ago

    the martin freeman sin is so undeserved. it’s exactly BECAUSE he is the one american in the movie that they did not care to cast an actual american. because it’s completely irrelevant to the story. if that’s a sin, then casting americans to play africans should also count.

  • Alessandro Farsatis
    Alessandro Farsatis 2 days ago

    seriously? no Lion King reference?

  • HappyOwl
    HappyOwl 2 days ago +2

    Worst marvel movie to date...
    Seriously how is this a hit with anyone? The acting is awfull and the story is wacky as fuck.

  • Callum Cross
    Callum Cross 2 days ago

    1 more sin, you spelt wakandan wrong at 10:20.

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 2 days ago +9

    Black panther wasnt even that good of a movie. Way to over hyped

    • HyperByteStorm
      HyperByteStorm Day ago

      It was the biggest lot of shit ever. I fast forwarded 90% of it, Utter rubbish, I have stopped watching any of this MCU now, as bad as DC, maybe worse.