BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
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Comments • 5 814

  • As Cervejadas
    As Cervejadas Hour ago

    Olá Linus Tech Tips,
    Parabéns pelo Vídeo!!
    Aguardamos sua visita e inscrição para podermos trocar informações
    Adorei !!!

  • Brad Cagle
    Brad Cagle Hour ago

    you can buy a 4770 non-k (which is a real desktop CPU, and higher performance) on ebay for just a little over $100, so this makes no sense.

  • thingies4U
    thingies4U 8 hours ago

    This guy sounds like Blippi. Are you Blippi?!

  • Yahzuo
    Yahzuo 12 hours ago

    Can someone help me?
    Should I buy this cpu to upgrade my current i5 4440?
    I have a ASRock H81M HDS Motherboard.

  • Z Pa
    Z Pa 19 hours ago

    Nobody overclocked this?? I was waiting so hard on that.

  • Geoff Hebert
    Geoff Hebert Day ago

    I wonder how it compares to the 8th gen i3s now that they're 4 core.

  • Sam Aulsebrook
    Sam Aulsebrook Day ago

    Voltage 0 degrees? 4:48

  • Corey Everett
    Corey Everett Day ago

    maybe should've paired it with an 880

  • Rebelsoul
    Rebelsoul 2 days ago

    Canadian Rubels this the new Canadian Currency? But still pretty decent ^^

  • sdpy
    sdpy 2 days ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Callum Maystone
    Callum Maystone 2 days ago

    Should rename the page to Linux Click Bait

  • Joey Zonda
    Joey Zonda 2 days ago

    .... What the hell are Canadian Rubles? And how do they exchange with Mexican Shekels?

  • Bob Cousin
    Bob Cousin 2 days ago

    Thats a damn nice kitchen!

  • chrisd busenkell
    chrisd busenkell 2 days ago

    YOu're crazy you're gonna put that in your computer???!??!?!?!?!

  • chrisd busenkell
    chrisd busenkell 2 days ago

    Send it my way buddy, my computer just crapped out on me yesterday and it's finals week...wouldn't ya know it?!?!

  • Rajasekhar mittapalli

    actually Mobile cpus output more heat compared to desktop versions

  • K Swift
    K Swift 2 days ago

    uhh why is it saying i can buy this right now for $8 CAD?

  • Harry Chalcraft
    Harry Chalcraft 3 days ago

    "too much pressure is bad for the board" 04:12 - Proceeds to force down RAM TWICE after hearing it click

  • FWshow
    FWshow 3 days ago +1

    Pa Pa pawoo that was funny lol

  • Flaming Gorilla
    Flaming Gorilla 3 days ago +7

    Whoever finds this shit for u guys......keep em round lol

  • Advent Seph
    Advent Seph 3 days ago +4

    The red line under the thumbnail means i've already seen this, and yet the title had me super concerned that this was something new. Too click-baity, man...

  • Okinawa Japan
    Okinawa Japan 3 days ago

    So what was the power draw difference? And heat difference? Inquisitive minds want to know!

  • Micheal White
    Micheal White 3 days ago +8


  • pauljohn0001
    pauljohn0001 3 days ago +5

    Guys all your gadgets are made in china so of course they can make a cheaper version of the brand name ones we buy.

  • Lucas Lima De Andrade

    Muito top tem só eu de português aqui kkk

  • Giancarlo Vergontti
    Giancarlo Vergontti 3 days ago

    Hey Linus., handsome. You are too sexy. I like you and your videos.

  • Peter Qin
    Peter Qin 3 days ago +2

    The CPU probably came from used laptops.

  • Bujf vjg
    Bujf vjg 3 days ago

    AMD Athlon Mobile's been done before, long ago.

  • mark collard
    mark collard 4 days ago

    can it be overclocked? since a lot of laptop processors have unlocked multipliers last time i was into this sort of thing.

  • Rise and Shine
    Rise and Shine 4 days ago

    these cpus only cost $100 now on aliexpress

  • G.v.M
    G.v.M 4 days ago

    Damn this is a crazy good idea.

  • Phil K
    Phil K 4 days ago

    Always thought Canadian made shows like this have all the best of US and best of British = Canadian

  • Homebound
    Homebound 4 days ago

    I think it's hilarious that some chinese website is selling an american technology processor online for a good price and people in the comments are talking about how China is number 1 and unstoppable lmao. It's just a good priced processor... a lot of interesting deals in China. Remember - Half the items you buy will be a complete scam though!

  • DarkPhoenix69
    DarkPhoenix69 4 days ago

    The salt is strong with Linus @ 7:23. XD

  • Keith Spencer Sr.
    Keith Spencer Sr. 4 days ago


  • flexairz
    flexairz 4 days ago

    ESD protection maybe?
    And then voltage in degrees...
    Now, how technical is he?

  • Kovaso Bix
    Kovaso Bix 4 days ago

    PC Porn King - Linus and his whores checking in.

  • Joey Olive
    Joey Olive 4 days ago

    Why pay $15 when it got delivered?

  • AngeredFox
    AngeredFox 4 days ago

    Linus slowly going more and more insane. Why they make their studio look like a kitchen cooking show?

  • David Banner
    David Banner 4 days ago

    @linus Hay Linus ! I'm Living in China ( I'm not Chinese) I can buy and find alot strange part for PC, like PCB board for build you own ram up to 128GB for DDR3 :P , Alot PC hardware for cheapest in china.

  • FlareTurtle
    FlareTurtle 4 days ago

    No one is going to mention the PEW! PEW! PEW! Linus was doing while playing CS:GO?

  • Winner Lim
    Winner Lim 4 days ago

    Man, it is coz your country customs fees and courier fees make your budget goes up only. It is no any fees for my country and it is definitely worth for ppl who got lower budget go for this range.

  • skeeter
    skeeter 4 days ago

    You have to pwactice you Chine impwsonation.

  • Maurits Mosterd
    Maurits Mosterd 5 days ago

    In the kitchen :D. Nice

  • Fall1ngN1nja
    Fall1ngN1nja 5 days ago

    The down side is you gotta make your own “pow pow” sxf.......

  • Vollification
    Vollification 5 days ago

    Seems legit :D

  • Aurimas Knieža
    Aurimas Knieža 5 days ago +1

    Canadian roubles XD

    • Tha_slughy
      Tha_slughy 4 days ago

      Aurimas Knieža wrong, should be Canadian pesos...

  • Gautam Pallakki
    Gautam Pallakki 5 days ago

    But can it run crysis?

  • 001ventura
    001ventura 5 days ago

    Yep chinese know how to save money :1

  • kanna nayagam
    kanna nayagam 5 days ago

    why did linus have a red rope tied on his wrist .

  • Peter A. Morrison
    Peter A. Morrison 6 days ago

    Meanwhile, a Intel Xeon E5649 Six-Core from Longwood, Florida, United States is $11.

  • Amar Gala
    Amar Gala 6 days ago

    Wouldn't a non-K 4770 be a better and cheaper choice?

  • Hq Mako
    Hq Mako 6 days ago

    he makes a really weird noise when he says "so i guess we go find out" xD 0:56

  • David Powell
    David Powell 6 days ago

    Why not get a 6 core Ryzen 5 instead???

  • SpectreKid Gaming
    SpectreKid Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Personally from China, TaoBao is not random. It is actually a very popular alternative to eBay, back in the day. However, now that there are some scammers and possibly some bad deals on this site, it’s not as good as t once was.

  • Bubbledubbs
    Bubbledubbs 6 days ago

    TF2 would make for a very good test for cpus since all of the effects are running off of the cpu

  • Michael Neville
    Michael Neville 6 days ago

    this guy bubbles my blood every video, one of the most stupid knowledgless system builders ive ever seen. been building and modding for over 20 years and this twat constantly surprises me with the stupid shit he comes out with

  • Rohan Raman
    Rohan Raman 6 days ago
    Core i7 for $25? Totally...

  • Mark Ziegler
    Mark Ziegler 6 days ago

    Have you seen any 128 bit processors?

  • Ayo Braydo
    Ayo Braydo 6 days ago

    11:56 [Insert deep fried meme]

  • Shaobo Lei
    Shaobo Lei 6 days ago

    this guy has the most annoying voice on the internet.

  • thedungeondelver
    thedungeondelver 6 days ago

    I want one! I've got a Z97 board here...

  • Jonathon Wisnoski
    Jonathon Wisnoski 6 days ago

    Please do more CS Go footage.

  • Robert Watkins
    Robert Watkins 6 days ago

    Who did think of it. But Fong executed it.

  • 曾庆亮
    曾庆亮 7 days ago


  • Glenn Radars
    Glenn Radars 7 days ago

    Intel's Bizarre Adventure

  • Roey Nitzani
    Roey Nitzani 7 days ago

    Calling TaoBao "random" is somewhat eastern-condescending. It's the biggest shopping site in the world. There are some bad shops online, like in eBay...
    Just saying.

  • Mohammad Al-Ali
    Mohammad Al-Ali 7 days ago

    kinda interesting vid but couldn't you mention the price of 60$ for Tax and and delivery in the beginning?

  • Lee Johannes
    Lee Johannes 7 days ago

    bro China can make DDR3 RAM... Intel just wait we over take you... and we almost have 5nm technology next year

  • Francisco Oliveira
    Francisco Oliveira 7 days ago

    sometimes i do believe linus get paid by intel to make this videos...
    lets see one thing, the website is in chinese right??? so i dont believe their target is for anyone out of china
    second thing, shiping? what did you expect? a personal plane to deliver stuff to you for free? it comes from china, of course it costs money to travel from one country to another
    third thing, the taxes... they are made by your governament, not by chinas governament, so you cant blame them...
    and to finish, if you live in china, and you can get that for 120$ and free shipping instead of a top one, that barelly makes a big of a diference, for 300$ plus shiping and their governament taxes...
    what would you chose?
    i honestly dont understand the point of this video, no one is telling you guys to buy it from germany, canada, france whatever... you buy it if you want and if you manage to even understand their website to get to the payment process lol
    i actuallty find them pretty smart for doing what they do, making money with "obsolete" projects that americans think are outdated and spend millions making something new that is almost the same thing...
    hope you guys dont get mad with me, this is just my way of thinking im not trying to disrespect anyone, i just honestly dont understand the point of this video...

  • Anson Mason
    Anson Mason 7 days ago

    When linus says anything is decent for me it means it is boosted good

  • xXxIcedaddyxXx
    xXxIcedaddyxXx 7 days ago

    Super late to this one, whatever. Rude that all this good info came in the last 2 min.

  • idontwantagoogle+page

    12:03 facepalm linus unscrewing cpu clamp while power is present on mobo (note the green led)

  • Sam Lysinger
    Sam Lysinger 8 days ago

    I am surprised no one has mentioned this yet (5800 comments aren't easily searchable though...), but in the early 1990s there were surface mount AMD 386 40mhz mobile CPUs that were being soldered onto PGA adapters to plug into desktop motherboards. If you pressed down on them in the center of the CPU, you had a tendency to break a solder joint and the chip wouldn't work. We learned quickly to press them in by edges of the PCB adapter.

  • InputIGNHere aka JasorYEH

    Voltage - 0 degrees
    Me - ???

  • Corey Clark
    Corey Clark 8 days ago

    its still like overclocked 7600k kinda speeds

  • Temptie420
    Temptie420 8 days ago

    I´ll stick to my 4770k @ 4.5Ghz

  • RotcodFox
    RotcodFox 8 days ago

    I prefer 170.667 beats per minute.

  • Nityanand Saswade
    Nityanand Saswade 8 days ago

    Else I can build Ryzen 5 with exactly same money and get exactly same performance of 8700 processor. XD

  • Shoobox Gaming
    Shoobox Gaming 8 days ago

    they've been making cpu adapters since socket 478. once again Linus acts like he didn't know and its something new, when your bored and have to plug a sponsor.

  • Danish Malik
    Danish Malik 8 days ago

    "CS:GO separates men from boys..." -WarOwl
    LinusTech watches WarOwl :o

  • PremiaCamaro
    PremiaCamaro 8 days ago


  • radialdrift
    radialdrift 8 days ago

    So what's the difference between "I probably wouldn't recommend it" and I wouldn't recommend it?

  • OuchIAteMyself
    OuchIAteMyself 8 days ago

    Wow, Intel must have really pissed off LTT...

  • ClumZyFinGerX
    ClumZyFinGerX 8 days ago

    You actually can also find 4980HQ in TB with a bit more money. However, you need to deal with its disposed heat.

    • ClumZyFinGerX
      ClumZyFinGerX 8 days ago

      Oh, one more thing! These CPU can't be installed in a Gigabyte 1150 MB.

  • Banana Club
    Banana Club 8 days ago


  • Apcs' Lounge
    Apcs' Lounge 8 days ago


  • Marko420
    Marko420 8 days ago

    I have that same mouse for my raspberry pi lmao

  • Asif Zamee
    Asif Zamee 8 days ago

    4:47 voltage 0 degrees? Weird flex but okay

  • 666nacirema666
    666nacirema666 8 days ago

    who remembers running dual athlon mps in a desktop?

  • B Adventures Travel Vlogs

    This was a fun investigation 👍🏻

  • The Native American
    The Native American 8 days ago

    i love these kinda of vids

  • Heartlesslink100
    Heartlesslink100 9 days ago

    I have a 4790k its funny that years later you see people using it for comparison testing. Have mine running on air at 4.4ghz on all 4 cores and DDR3 ram overclocked to 2400hz running like a dream. Going to try to hold out for DDR5 before building a new computer.

  • Elite Knight Productions

    I would have said depending on if you taking the risk to see if it will work and where you live. Most people visit China and wanted on get it then.

  • DreamersImperial
    DreamersImperial 9 days ago

    This is absurd. I love it.

  • Shlushiii Cat
    Shlushiii Cat 9 days ago

    He said bc at the beginning lol

  • Joseph Cisek
    Joseph Cisek 9 days ago

    had me at, we got it here...:|

  • Jesse lordegeorge
    Jesse lordegeorge 9 days ago

    Handy Tech Under $100

  • Toy Pan
    Toy Pan 9 days ago

    Awesome video, and when I came to Taobao to check this again, the price dropped to 430 RMB, or less then 65 $ ... still a nice option for legacy B85/H81 upgrade.