5 forgotten Goldberg moments: WWE List This!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Goldberg has delivered countless thrilling moments in WWE and WCW history. But here are five you might not remember.
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Comments • 730

    TECH NICE 23 days ago

    Pleez upload WCW handcuff steel Chang moment Of GOLDBERG full video upload?

  • wael samhat
    wael samhat 26 days ago +1

    I love ❤ Goldberg because it is a strong man

  • NY32986
    NY32986 29 days ago

    I remember all these moments, I was expecting more when Goldust put the wig on Goldberg on Raw .

  • Mhark Mounra
    Mhark Mounra 29 days ago

    Even Chuck Norris like goldberg

  • Muhammad Kashif Toor
    Muhammad Kashif Toor 29 days ago

    Wrestling used to be so fun when we get to see Goldberg every week! ✨

  • Alan Drak
    Alan Drak Month ago

    what about when Goldust put his wig on Goldberg's bald head??😆😆

  • Balaram Rao
    Balaram Rao Month ago

    His moments in the ring cannot be forgotten.. it's all worth more than gold and platinum... Specially while beating lesner, hhh, Ric flair and his all spear.. and jack hammer..

  • itzsmashley
    itzsmashley Month ago

    Here comes mungo!

  • mohammed aktaruzzaman abir

    Golberg is my favorite alltime wcw/wwf/wwe player from 3 decade's what is a astonishing achievement from a superhero

  • Anime Slime
    Anime Slime Month ago

    east or west Goldberg is the best

  • aman kanojiya
    aman kanojiya Month ago

    Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg

  • &مدمن&بوبجي &

    اكو عرب

  • Damon Clayster
    Damon Clayster Month ago

    Anyone else notice he said 1:24 not 1:26 in the beginning

  • The Mayonnaise Samurai

    2 words from Goldberg.


  • dan rafael
    dan rafael Month ago

    I just want to chant Goldberg over and over

  • Ranjith Kumar. G
    Ranjith Kumar. G Month ago

    Beating lesnar is the best moment

  • Dika Pratama96
    Dika Pratama96 Month ago

    Brock lesnar killer... 😂

  • Prithiviraj P
    Prithiviraj P Month ago +1

    Every goldberg entry will give a massive pop and everyone will get a new energy while watch him!!!!!!

  • Dubeys Dubeys
    Dubeys Dubeys Month ago

    breaking of handcuff and attacking beast

  • Siva K
    Siva K Month ago

    Monster truck

  • tbsp gaming
    tbsp gaming Month ago

    Goldberg with sting

  • Tammy bowleg
    Tammy bowleg Month ago +1

    Na buddy I know everything on this list😄👌😁

  • Exoticz
    Exoticz Month ago +1

    Wish I could’ve seen Goldberg vs Austin

  • leakee
    leakee Month ago

    Goldberg is the one who is attacking on roman reigns what d u think? 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Akhya Lavania
    Akhya Lavania Month ago

    goldberg is my favorite wwe superstar

  • Jaief Al Mohtasim
    Jaief Al Mohtasim Month ago

    Beating the beast like a beast 💪👍👊

  • Almas Alam
    Almas Alam Month ago

    My favourite is the last one with BL

  • jdot gangSta
    jdot gangSta Month ago +1

    Roman the next goldberg?

    Nah roman the next roman BELIVE THAT

  • navin mahavar
    navin mahavar Month ago

    All moment ...

  • ZKNgaming YT
    ZKNgaming YT Month ago

    Golberg is the best

  • Arman Gasparyan
    Arman Gasparyan Month ago +2

    Goldberd is my favorite superstar

  • Suchitra Kumar Dalei

    Last beat the beast

  • Ryback TV
    Ryback TV Month ago


  • A B1
    A B1 Month ago +1

    best Goldberg moment ever? i say when he put the Big Show through the ring with the jackhammer. the whole ring collapsed!

  • Yassir Alyas
    Yassir Alyas Month ago +1

    😮😮😮3:14 bro Good👍🏼😁😀🙌

  • Rainier!?
    Rainier!? Month ago +3

    Beating brock lesnar in 1:24 sec is a legendary moment🔥

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +2

    Goldberg is a freaking BEAST hell yeah!

  • Suchega Uber
    Suchega Uber Month ago

    You really shouldn't advertise that mongo jackhammer. Greenberg dropped that dude on his nugget.

  • Alonso's Passion
    Alonso's Passion Month ago

    So all wcw moments 🙄cool

    AAYUSH RANJAN Month ago

    The lesnar spear xd

  • Remeez Jackson
    Remeez Jackson Month ago

    Wish he would of handicap Cena! Back then. We hate wannabe actor and wannabe wrestler cena

  • Gabriel Rooks
    Gabriel Rooks Month ago

    Goldberg speared Nash and helped Jarrett? I must have been in class cause I really miss that one.

  • Jshdjdhdh Djdjfjdjdjdj

    WWE is fake ur all gay


    Who thinks that goldberg is most powerful fighters in WWE,like here

  • SoLoMoN DaViDSoN
    SoLoMoN DaViDSoN Month ago +1

    5 remembered moments that were hard to forget about The Man!!

    HUNGER PAINS Month ago

    I remember all these

  • Bishal Shaw
    Bishal Shaw Month ago +1

    But Goldberg is Pure vegetarian

  • KODI
    KODI Month ago

    Goldberg's the greatest wrestler ever for me I quit watching wrestling all together once he left

  • netanel mullokandov
    netanel mullokandov Month ago +1

    Just casually mention Scott norton as if he wasn’t a part of NJPW’s main event scene at the late 90’s

  • ape culture
    ape culture Month ago +1

    Jewberg sucks

  • mmm Fm
    mmm Fm Month ago +1

    منو عربي ٠👍🙄

  • Terry Bridges
    Terry Bridges Month ago

    Nwo he came bk n speared Brock I member dat matter of fact I watched it

  • Fabien M
    Fabien M Month ago +3


  • fraz khan
    fraz khan Month ago

    My favourite is the last one...

  • invictus thraxx
    invictus thraxx Month ago

    2:46 yet that's definitely goldberg behind that wheel

  • Addie Razlan
    Addie Razlan Month ago

    and the future is ............... IICONICSSSSSS!

  • Marcus Hester
    Marcus Hester Month ago +1

    he couldn't drive that monster truck like STEVE AUSTIN

  • Skyler Martinez
    Skyler Martinez Month ago

    WHO'S NEXT!?

  • MrMe4u2nv
    MrMe4u2nv Month ago

    The last moment... i wish it was a shoot
    I hate how it was all planned!

  • Taqi Kazmi
    Taqi Kazmi Month ago

    The real legend