Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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  • Laura D
    Laura D 17 hours ago

    🤔 *But wait how did Jen manage to **_answer_** yet somehow not answer all of the questions?* 😅
    All I know for sure is she was wearing Saint Laurent and Givenchy. 🤷‍♀️

  • Summrss
    Summrss 23 hours ago +1

    They don’t know who Martin Freeman is 💀 💀 💀

  • XxYorWrstNigtmre
    XxYorWrstNigtmre 2 days ago

    Jennifer will forever be my Hollywood crush😍

  • Severus Versus
    Severus Versus 2 days ago

    She's filled with all sorts of, like, Ds xD

  • Bella Lauritz
    Bella Lauritz 2 days ago

    1:15 Jasons brain: Oh my god Jennifer is so hot I just want kiss her, oh she smells fantastic.

  • Ola Wróbel
    Ola Wróbel 3 days ago +1

    „I can’t remember” 😂

  • Luna Groot
    Luna Groot 4 days ago

    Wait why did he say how dare you after it said “Is he Canadian” or am I just hearing it wrong.

  • dedsoul
    dedsoul 4 days ago

    I ship them so much ahdjkakaak

  • IvanMTG1
    IvanMTG1 5 days ago

    Jason Bateman totally says Pokemon names! After he says Gandalf. It sounds like he says "gengar. Rattata"!!

  • mathias skals
    mathias skals 5 days ago

    why does he know gengar and ratata?

  • Balbi Francesca PY
    Balbi Francesca PY 5 days ago +1

    They have great chemistry ! They seem like chill people to hang out with ❤️

  • Boo Tolchin
    Boo Tolchin 5 days ago

    My Counsler at camp was named Rachel Green😂

  • Megan Middleton
    Megan Middleton 6 days ago

    They’re so in sync with each other I cant figure out when they are joking and when they’re not

  • Ethentent
    Ethentent 7 days ago +1

    She was hitting on him hard

  • rref _
    rref _ 7 days ago

    They’re definitely high out of their minds

  • tofemaster
    tofemaster 8 days ago +1

    what i give to be that little crumpled bit of paper...

  • Caprise Adams
    Caprise Adams 8 days ago

    Is Jason Bateman on a lot of Valium all the time

  • Abdul Sakib
    Abdul Sakib 8 days ago

    Love how he so nonchalantly took off the mic cover thingy @4:30

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust 8 days ago +3

    We all know that the real questions for Jennifer Aniston's involved Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt ... Wire didn't want to embarrass her☕️☕️☕️

  • Wink Wink
    Wink Wink 8 days ago


  • vivavinto
    vivavinto 8 days ago

    Wtf is with her laugh 😟

  • LIOTBs
    LIOTBs 8 days ago

    Didn't appreciate the "Je___ Ch___".

  • PP 12370744
    PP 12370744 9 days ago

    There are so many people (as it appears) obsessed with being Canadian. Just be Canadian and get over it. Peace&Love and I love You All !!

  • 3340steve
    3340steve 10 days ago

    They look bored..

  • Sheri Hone
    Sheri Hone 10 days ago +1

    why are we so obsessed about death.. i talk about this with my therapist all the time. sigh.. these two are the reason to love actors.. who are usually a crazy bunch of weirdos.

  • Marcus Enos
    Marcus Enos 10 days ago

    Her hair color is sort of brown and blond

  • Marcus Enos
    Marcus Enos 10 days ago +10

    The way she smacked the sign on her knees cracked me up

  • Millymolly Mandy
    Millymolly Mandy 11 days ago +1

    Justine Bateman is his sister - that is a wind up that they are not related. Canadians are pretty laid back hence asking Jason if he is Canadian as he is very laid back!

    OUTERWORLDWOLF359 11 days ago

    I’m filled with B12’s and C’S and all sorts of like D’s.... mmmkay! Lol 😂 😝

  • KeeganHedley Vlogs
    KeeganHedley Vlogs 11 days ago

    I’m Canadian

  • Nuisance Films Cartoonz

    Who keeps asking about deaf actors who are still alive lol it never gets old keep it up lol

  • Nuisance Films Cartoonz

    Lefty power!

  • Redbullwiemel
    Redbullwiemel 11 days ago

    Jennifer Aniston talks like she has lockjaw the entire time.

  • k a t y
    k a t y 11 days ago +1

    they're both so hot

  • Christene :D
    Christene :D 11 days ago +2

    Yes he is related to Justine Batemen.. They're siblings.. But they don't look much alike.. They used to.. But Jason is aging so well! I think he's so handsome. Jennifer is a sweetheart! I bet they banned all the questions about Brad.. Tabloids love to yank chains.. So people are still not sure lol poor Jenn..

  • Alka Kelsers
    Alka Kelsers 11 days ago

    4:32 i thought my laptop sound was going out LMAO jason took off the mic covering

  • Wolfiegamer23
    Wolfiegamer23 12 days ago +1

    Happy birthday to her!

  • linda kauder
    linda kauder 12 days ago

    HAHAHA^^ she went to a Waldorf school! XD nice!:)

  • ClicketySplit
    ClicketySplit 12 days ago

    Jen and Jason seem like they would have made a good couple. Up until this day I always believed he and Justine were brother and sister (WOW!!). Why does he repeatedly deny being Justine's brother? Just wiki'd him and it indicates her as his sibling.

  • Jack Flanigan
    Jack Flanigan 12 days ago +7

    I watched this the day before Jen's 50th birthday, so Happy Birthday! You are a big part of my life and I have seen every episode of Friends three times!

  • Olivia Donohue
    Olivia Donohue 12 days ago

    Are they high lol

  • Mass J
    Mass J 12 days ago +1

    If only Jennifer Aniston knew what we actually search

  • Kim Kari
    Kim Kari 13 days ago

    All I can hear is Nick Wilde answering questions

  • Kim Westwood
    Kim Westwood 13 days ago

    ok why does Justine say yes Jason is her brother, but he says no hes not? Either hes a jerk, which im inclined to believe, or Justine is lying.

  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll 13 days ago

    Also that popcap really took away a lot of highs. Man the sound got pointy and sharp after that :D

  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll 13 days ago

    After having watched these for Paul McCartney and Daniel Radcliffe, this is almost painfully American. Sorry guys, the Brits a tad better at this. But I am still glad neither of you are dead.

  • Sabrina Escovar
    Sabrina Escovar 14 days ago

    google says he is Justine Bateman's brother

  • Klanje
    Klanje 14 days ago +1

    I love Jen and that how she becomes a strong, confident woman

  • Peter Hernandez
    Peter Hernandez 14 days ago

    lmao I've straight up watched like 4 of these things and all the dudes are flirting so hard.

  • Jade Coy
    Jade Coy 15 days ago


  • GeFeldz
    GeFeldz 15 days ago

    Why we want to know if you're dead? Because before this video the last time we saw you, you were both rocking "the Rachel"
    I kid, i kid =D

  • Rafael Marangoni
    Rafael Marangoni 15 days ago

    Yes, Jason Bateman kinda looks like Martin Freeman.

  • Gobstopper 9T6
    Gobstopper 9T6 15 days ago

    Not too sure what it is I watched the information of andromeda vanish over night and I haven't heard truth in a decade my girl wouldn't even say no we're not going to go out anymore so my guess for myself

  • Timothy Fiskal
    Timothy Fiskal 15 days ago +1

    Does Jennifer Aniston wanna go on a date with me

  • bioware5
    bioware5 16 days ago +1

    She is so pretty and I'm so jealous

  • YixinggnixiY
    YixinggnixiY 16 days ago +1

    1:52 wait, isn’t Justine his sister?

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger 17 days ago

    Soo much sarcasm

  • tsuki kei07
    tsuki kei07 17 days ago

    they're both funny and nice...might be my parents hmmm

  • Sly Coopahh
    Sly Coopahh 18 days ago

    “What’s your natural hair color?”
    Jason - “I know the best way to check”😂Savage

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen 18 days ago

    I've always thought Jason looks kinda like Simon LeBon.

  • Cokebottles
    Cokebottles 20 days ago

    She's filled with all sorts of D?

  • Evyatar Hadar
    Evyatar Hadar 22 days ago

    5:21 Lmao he's referring to her pubic hair..
    Jason is hilarious

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 22 days ago +1

    Jason Bateman was on Silver Spoons with Ricky Schroeder (forgot how to spell his last name..sorry). Afterwards, Jason was the star of his own show as a kid...but I forgot the name. I think I watched ONE episode, and I HATED it. He acted like a spoiled ABNOXIOUS 12 year old BRAT!!! And we born the same year. Thank GOD he matured into BETTER roles. I HATED him for YEARS as a kid.

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 22 days ago +1

    Okay Jason...WHY did you LIE that you are NOT the brother of Justine Bateman???? Are YOU ashamed of her or something?????

  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323 23 days ago

    Liar!!! Justine is his sister.

  • Honey Honey
    Honey Honey 23 days ago

    Jennifer Aniston is actually not funny

  • Eti Tripathi
    Eti Tripathi 24 days ago

    I love them both

  • Alexapexa11 Cooly
    Alexapexa11 Cooly 25 days ago

    In one of the episodes Jennifer’s hair is brown in F.r.i.e.n.d.s

  • Dee
    Dee 25 days ago

    He can make me laugh my panties off

  • Monkey Aviation
    Monkey Aviation 25 days ago +1

    I didn't know who she was until today

  • Lulú R
    Lulú R 25 days ago +1

    6:19 Reminds me Rachel

  • Hamza Ouamrouche
    Hamza Ouamrouche 25 days ago

    What didn't...?

  • Hamza Ouamrouche
    Hamza Ouamrouche 25 days ago

    C'est vous enchanté de vous rencontrer Gucci Italian Fashion

  • Hamza Ouamrouche
    Hamza Ouamrouche 25 days ago

    FRIENDS! Telly Savallas Jennifer Grec original! Bateman comedian this Hard job! Hair real you have a Son Family Dad

  • Group Project - In a nutshell

    No offense but this should be friends cast ...

  • rageyb
    rageyb 25 days ago

    I thought that Jason and Justine were brother and sister.

  • Hope Stout
    Hope Stout 26 days ago

    Anyone else notice when Jason took pet of the mic?

  • loboestepario2424
    loboestepario2424 26 days ago +1

    These two are so boring that they might be indeed dead.

  • Spencer Eccles
    Spencer Eccles 26 days ago +6

    You can't misspronounce Gandalf and then say you'd love to be in a Tolkien movie

  • emily
    emily 27 days ago

    im surprised theres no friends questions on this

  • Chrissie A
    Chrissie A 27 days ago

    Paul Anka is my second cousin- Amanda Anka is his daughter 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 hay fammm!

  • Tony P
    Tony P 27 days ago

    So cheeky. I love it.

  • Jasmine Claiborne
    Jasmine Claiborne 27 days ago

    No one:
    Me: Does Jennifer Aniston have dry eye?

  • John Haladay
    John Haladay 27 days ago

    I was praying for someone to ask Bateman about Silver Spoons.

    4.526.433 views 28 days ago +1

    why does jennifer look like transexual?

  • D B
    D B 28 days ago

    Ship alert

  • adua78
    adua78 29 days ago

    LOL they are so dirty

  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke 29 days ago +3

    *im filled with all sorts of D’s*

  • Dan Zimney
    Dan Zimney 29 days ago

    "Like a veal."

  • The Furry Gamer
    The Furry Gamer 29 days ago +1

    I loved Jason Bateman as Nick wilde in Zootopia

  • Gab Slom
    Gab Slom 29 days ago

    Upset there wasn't a FRIENDS question

  • Francesca Delvin
    Francesca Delvin Month ago

    Jason’s daughter has the same name as me!😂

  • Chris Braz
    Chris Braz Month ago

    I've always thought she was the hottest. And cool. And fun... Lol

  • Fawaz.
    Fawaz. Month ago

    Who is also skips whenever is jason’s turn

  • anonimo anonimo
    anonimo anonimo Month ago

    hoping for a friends question

  • yeni eski
    yeni eski Month ago

    not any Friends question?

  • megan shepherd
    megan shepherd Month ago

    he looks like rob lowe everybody

  • cutebaby justin
    cutebaby justin Month ago +1

    Rachael greene

  • Tristan Dunn
    Tristan Dunn Month ago

    Why does everyone want to know if everyone is left handed?

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall Month ago

    Wait a minute since 1980 I’ve thought that Justine & Jason Bateman we’re siblings.. I think he’s kidding.. they are right
    Yes they are he was obviously kidding..