Ted Talk - Why Americans will never accept Soccer


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  • KingTurtle37
    KingTurtle37 2 days ago

    I play football

  • 1964Loukas
    1964Loukas 4 days ago

    72 000 watched the MLS Cup final in Atlanta in Dec/18....and America still does not like soccer??

  • Diego Schütze
    Diego Schütze 29 days ago

    Why the united states have not the metric system?
    What is wrong with you?
    The americans always needs to feel special...

    PRINCIPEGAA Month ago

    El FOOTBALL ⚽ el deporte más grande popular y prácticado del mundo el rugby falsificado versión yanqui solo existe y se consume en EEUU es basura falsificada copia barata del rugby solo consumida por los yanquis idiotas ni siquiera existe a nivel internacional

  • Starscream
    Starscream Month ago

    The best part of football is the fans

  • Du
    Du Month ago


    • Du
      Du Month ago

      Really good👏👏👏👏

  • bloopville
    bloopville Month ago

    The "average scoring event" is very much a valid reason to not watch the soul-numbing sport of football/calcio/futball (non US football). However, after being forced to watch hundreds of matches here in Italy, I have actually decided the reason it is so boring is that, in US based sports, if a team is 2 scores down with just a short time left, there is a chance, every week, that some teams will come from behind and win.
    In European football, coming from 2 scores behind, with, say, 15 minutes left, is an incredibly rare event.

  • YK_Beats
    YK_Beats Month ago

    She cute af

  • Spencer Snow
    Spencer Snow Month ago

    5,9 literally like Americans men’s average height yet they act like it’s tiny lol

  • Abdullah ibn Walid
    Abdullah ibn Walid Month ago

    European REAL Football will never accept Americans😄

  • joseph daniel
    joseph daniel 2 months ago

    americans cant afford football

  • Johnny Handegg
    Johnny Handegg 2 months ago

    Football ⚽️ & Rugby >>> HandEgg 🏈

  • Edwin Carrillo
    Edwin Carrillo 2 months ago

    We have a gold cup

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 2 months ago +1

    Americans will never like football⚽ because their mentality of it won't change but I hate how they don't consider it a man sport, first of all strength isn't the most important thing in this sport since more speed and technique is involved and just because American football is a bunch of retards with gear bashing against each other and having to do it like 100 times is known as a "man's sport".
    There's a reason it is the most popular sport in the world and meanwhile americans be hating on it just cause they ass Once again thinking the world revovles around them, for the people that say it's boring then should actually watch a real game like "El Clasico" which is the most annuel watched sporting event each year and not to mention the World Cup, Also most americans are cold with no passion which is what most of the world like in South America has.
    I don't see how american football is entertaining in any way, and don't let me get started on baseball, 🏈 is all about commericals and advertising non real passion stopping every 2 minutes in the actual game
    Not all players are short in fotball btw like for example Pique, Zlatan, Pogba etc

  • China Month
    China Month 2 months ago

    Correction: Why Conservative Middle-Class Protestant Whites (Anglo-Saxons) will never accept football.
    Latin-Americans, first-generation people born to Europeans, Africans/Afro-Caribbeans, and immigrants in general like football. But both the sportive culture and media in the US is customized for whites, by whites, hence why it struggles to rise in popularity. The only reason why the national team gets any attention is because it's the only time the US is capable of beating another country without resorting to war.

  • kneegar fwaggot
    kneegar fwaggot 2 months ago

    only a sjw sees the difference of soccer and football in money. Does this bitch know how much a pro player earns in Europe?

  • Mahfudz Naufal Alif
    Mahfudz Naufal Alif 2 months ago

    America won the last women's World Cup (Soccer)

  • a e
    a e 2 months ago +1

    It's FOOTBALLLLL !!!! not soccer.
    You never feel the real passion of the real football ! ⚽⚽⚽

  • Ådne Muri
    Ådne Muri 2 months ago

    she forgot the original factor for the breaks in play in american sport... for spectators at the games to go grab food

    • Ådne Muri
      Ådne Muri 2 months ago

      on that note... wtf is up with the fried dough tho?

  • Everyday Products
    Everyday Products 2 months ago

    Americans would love if socca has commercial every 5 seconds and give 100 points per goals . Also have 100 players in one team

  • Alex Man
    Alex Man 2 months ago

    Soccer does not need America, and America does not need soccer. IT IS OK !

  • Romello Belogolo
    Romello Belogolo 2 months ago

    its because of the american revolution,and don't want football(which is a British game) to be part of there sporting culture. But with the world becoming more and more connected w/tech yearAFTERyear,they'll eventually get drag by the beautiful game of true football.. their 4major sports just doesn't have the global presence and league interconnections laid to propegate those 4sports like FIFA has done with football across all continents,everything is linked,. basketball FIBA is miniscule.

  • Ahha Govono
    Ahha Govono 2 months ago

    FLOPPING, FLOPPING, FLOPPING the 3 biggest problems in soccer.

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim 3 months ago

    Well the last point is not correct... Of course you will make less money with commercials if less people watch it... Here in Germany there is maybe just 5 minuets of commercials and 10 minuets of talking in during halftime BUT they earn millions with does 5 minuets because so many watch it and the MLS (if it would be extremely popular) could make millions and millions too because of the ads on the (don't know the English word) electronic ad walls. The problem with the money could be solved if Americans would watch football more...
    Like in 2014 because the US team got (for them) so far more people started watching it in America but we all know that they failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup which was a down fall for football in America. And I sort of get the point of Americans wanting to be the best at it but than again it's very very hard to become the world champions.

    The problem is that Americans don't see the potential in playing football they play it as kids but stop playing because they want to play sports that are loved and what they probably watch like American football or basketball here in Germany most of us grow up watching football and playing it but we don't stop playing it after we get into middle school even in school we play football

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3 months ago

    *Americans will never accept football.* Why? Because they're shit at it. Americans are very patriotic. If it's not American fuck it! Is the mentality of most. Considering they've never gone close to winning The World Cup, plus they (like I said very patriotic) don't watch any other football but their shitty national team and the retirement league that is the MLS, it's no wonder they're not interested. When that's your image of football, how can you be?
    *Football doesn't want to accept Americans either.* All that advertising, fake passion, $$$, the beautiful game would be dead if Americans were #1 at it with their domestic league.

  • Keswarnath Ragbar
    Keswarnath Ragbar 3 months ago +1

    Kicking +ball = football Running + catching ball = boring.She forgot to mention the biggest and most popular sport in the world .Not In America.

  • Carter Amland
    Carter Amland 3 months ago +1

    Americans hate soccer because its a very boring and simple sport.

    • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
      Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3 months ago

      Soccer is boring as hell, probably as boring as handegg. Football on the other hand is the most entertaining, exciting, and diverse sport in existence. Is #1 in almost every category.

  • jesus navarrete
    jesus navarrete 3 months ago

    I know this is a little dated but the average height now is about 5’11” - 6’1”

  • Sandman Lopez
    Sandman Lopez 3 months ago

    USA are in #10

  • Simon Arriechi
    Simon Arriechi 3 months ago

    on point

  • Bob Curry
    Bob Curry 3 months ago

    Because soccer is boring

  • Big Bean
    Big Bean 3 months ago

    Incoming people who are butthurt and can’t handle American culture complaining about her calling it soccer and not football. Like not everyone has to obey the British standards. U don’t have real football over there so u don’t need to worry about it

  • David M.
    David M. 3 months ago

    Five years later americans post thousands and thousands of videos on youtube reacting to football.

  • joseph daniel
    joseph daniel 3 months ago +2

    it is football not soccer. it is universal truth. i mean except america

  • Carlys
    Carlys 4 months ago

    This is not a ted talk

  • Keswarnath Ragbar
    Keswarnath Ragbar 4 months ago

    She does not know what she is talking about .MLS has grown .Baseball sucks .NFL boring .NBA its ok .Hockey maybe .

  • Keswarnath Ragbar
    Keswarnath Ragbar 4 months ago

    NFl football is too slow .and very long in duration .And if it was'nt for the points and field goals it would surely suck .There is no style and limited skills. Crashing into one another yes thats real fun .Watching it on tv .can't even figure out whats going on.

  • Tha Cali Enigma Sports And Ent

    Soccer is boring to me, sorry but not sorry!

  • Emmanuel Cooper
    Emmanuel Cooper 4 months ago

    This fat ass bitch need to shut the fuck up first of all not all soccer player are short have you ever typed tall soccer player like Pogba or fellani and the tallest soccer is Kirstof van hout 6 feet 10 and secondly all American care about is money why we care about that sport we spent all year for SOOOOOO..... your telling me EVERY FUCKING TIME YOU GUYS DO COMMERICAL FOR NO REASON YOU GUYS DO MORE COMMERICAL THEN PLAYING AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!!!! Last but not least ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING you guys work hard you make me laugh in the united state nobody is paying that much for the employee In futbol we work 2x is hard then united states does with politic and I went to add one thing in Futbol we have 45 and 90 minute for you guys I watch basketball and football I was like when will this game end because there there too many quarter well soccer just halftime and stoppage time


  • Ferris#24
    Ferris#24 4 months ago +1


  • Dean D.L.
    Dean D.L. 4 months ago

    I’m American. I know many people that play football (soccer), but the problem is...it’s too fucking expensive to play it here! Yeah you just need a ball to play recreationally, but to enter real competition costs loads. That’s why people here are deterred from playing football. If the game was more accessible, maybe we would be just as in love with it as other countries...
    To people who hate our sports: the one sport I think is as beautiful as football is basketball. You need footwork, technique, speed, good IQ, so I have pride in that sport. Regarding American football, or hand-egg (very funny), I can see why it can look stupid when watching it, but if you’ve ever played rugby, you’ll know that there’s nothing like the feeling of being hit hard or having the wind knocked out of you (it hurts like a bitch). So yeah, I guess the physicality of it is what draws people in. Regarding baseball, yeah it’s boring to watch, but it’s fun as hell to play. Also, the games in the playoffs go to the wire, and its recommended to just watch the last moments of the games, where the big time shit happens, it’s fucking intense.
    The only sports that really connect Europeans and Americans are tennis and golf. They’re not team sports, so people could care less about where you come from. They only care about if you’re good or not (people outside the top 100 have a hard time paying the bills).
    Last ramble: how the fuck can one sport be harder or better than another? Us Americans should stop saying hand-egg or basketball is better than the most popular sport in the world (football), but Europeans should also stop forcing the sport onto us just because it’s the most popular sport in the world. It’s like it’s the only sport people should play to you guys.
    Anyways, appreciate it if you read this far...

  • Hernandez93
    Hernandez93 4 months ago +1

    Her lastname sounds really german or danish

  • Hernandez93
    Hernandez93 4 months ago +1


  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 4 months ago

    take the wurd 'association' manipulate the 1st five letters to make the wurd socca...... and there you have the nickname for football... coined by Charles Wrexford Brown in 1849 in competition against Rah Rah or Rugger nicknames for Rugby Union

  • Marlon Alejandro Bosnia Laodisea

    F⚽️⚽️TBALL Remenber His Name✌🏼🤓

  • SabrinaSpellman
    SabrinaSpellman 5 months ago

    She sounds like a goat

  • Lianne Roderick
    Lianne Roderick 5 months ago +1

    Because 1-0 is a blowout

    MMA NEWS 5 months ago

    you got Christian Pulisic.....you just need another 10 Christian Pulisic's LOL

    MMA NEWS 5 months ago

    I think the average height of soccer players might be a little off lol there's loads of 6 ft players and higher...i bet the real average is 6ft

  • Урош Миладиновић

    Not all football players are short , you'll rearly find a CF or a CB bellow 6' or a Goalkeeper shorter than 6'4-6'5

  • Ardhana Hariwidagdo
    Ardhana Hariwidagdo 5 months ago

    Fußball für immer!!

  • Melikhaya April
    Melikhaya April 5 months ago

    i dont think ethnocentrism is the right term for being ignorant.

  • siddhartha bhattarai
    siddhartha bhattarai 5 months ago

    It felt like she was gonna cry😁😁😂

  • njldst2007
    njldst2007 5 months ago +1

    That final point was pretty eye opening :) From a 'soccer' lover in India, well done video

    • Taysom Hill
      Taysom Hill 20 days ago

      njldst2007 Indians are gross and unsanitary, they have worms in the body and stink. There food tastes like stomach fluid.

  • James Hatfield
    James Hatfield 5 months ago +2

    It's FOOTBALL you idiots....... It's our language, and you guys fucking ruined it 😡🈂️

  • Marlon Alejandro Bosnia Laodisea

    Hi Kelsey your Exposition Was Very Good...But Remenber The Us Team Football did not qualify For The World Cup In Russia. That failure had a cost for FoxSports Of $250 Million Dollar$$$$$ And Remenber The World Cup 2026 Will Be In The United States 🤓😉😎 There Will Be a Big Business Think about it! I wish The Best Kelsey.

  • Marlon Alejandro Bosnia Laodisea

    Bueno Ese No Es Ningún Problema...La Mayoría De Los Países 3n el Mundo "el Football Americiano" Nunca Será Popular...Excepto En Mexico🤓

  • nimay13
    nimay13 5 months ago +1

    5 years on, soccer is gaining popularity in usa.

    • jakovcu
      jakovcu 3 months ago

      Maybe because of demografic changes and WC2026 it will be sport no1 in USA

  • Squee Dow
    Squee Dow 5 months ago

    That's 5 minutes I'll never get back. Let me sum it up for anyone who doesn't want to waste 5 minutes of their life: She contends that we Americans don't like soccer because we're so conceited about our American sports (baseball, football and basketball), we're obsessed with higher scores and we love the $$$ our sports brings in.
    The speaker didn't mention the fact that so many of us find soccer mind-numbingly boring. Just that we are greedy and haven't the ability to appreciate what a fine game soccer is. As a mother whose kid played in Little League, I'm eternally grateful that the popularity of soccer didn't become a thing here in the U.S. until my kids were grown. I would have supported them if they'd chosen to play, but I would have considered it a torturous sacrifice that loving parents do for their kids. I loved the Little League games and was always sad when the season was over. As a teen, I loved HS Friday night football and hated to see the season end. Not big on basketball, but I attended most of our HS games for the social scene. I'm pretty sure you couldn't have dragged me to a soccer game in HS. Now, if that makes me conceited and greedy, so be it.

  • Christopher Flux
    Christopher Flux 5 months ago

    Soccer in the US is completely different than the situation in England.
    In England soccer is an incredibly wealthy sport, with ridiculously high wages (£100,000 A WEEK in some cases) and huge sponsorship deals.
    In America soccer is seen as a sport for girls, ethnic minorities and ‘liberals’. In England, soccer is sometimes seen as the ultimate expression of white macho male identity and is very popular with the Far Right. Of course non-whites, women and liberals (like myself) enjoy the sport as well. But it’s central cultural identity is white male nationalism.

  • Jono Black
    Jono Black 5 months ago

    If your grandpa said soccer was a religion then I have some bad news for ya...he’s praying to the wrong god.

  • bull dog
    bull dog 5 months ago

    18:00 wrong assumption girl if i will keep on roasting this shitty fake ted talk which got views cause of clickbate. you would be more black then blackface in the netherlands. o shit i gave americans another reason to moan about things that they just don't understand.

  • bull dog
    bull dog 5 months ago

    3:20 wtf height doesn't matter. The dutch destroy americans in height and soccer.

  • Honest Asian Guy
    Honest Asian Guy 5 months ago +2

    Because NFL, basketball, baseball, even hockey (NHL) require tougher players. Meanwhile, soccer/football is more 'beta male'. And yes, blacks tend to dominate sports because most players are descendants of the strongest/fittest slaves, so they are full of physical greats. Samoans are prone to be NFL players too though, due to their power/size.

    • NM PK
      NM PK 2 days ago

      What bullshit. Beta what? So Football (soccer) isn't tough? You obviously don't know how to play the game. Its not always about physicality or speed either. And sport isn't combat, that's another mistake Americans make.

    • Plan_It_Hoax
      Plan_It_Hoax 3 months ago

      You have no fucking idea what you are tlaking about and using only your projection of what soccer is to you. Baseball players are tough? Basketball players are tough? Go watch some paulo maldini.

    • Butterbean
      Butterbean 5 months ago

      Honest Asian Guy Lol, nice joke. Those 'fitter players' have no skill but brute strength. They would be gassed out in a pitch, playing for 90mins without breaks every 5 minutes. Rugby is tougher than any of them. Plus, Africa is the same, it has a lot of great athletes but don't have the SKILLS to compete with the top leagues in football.

  • Hugh Tube
    Hugh Tube 5 months ago

    Good points, but I feel the goal (or points / runs / touchdown) to games ratio needs looking at. Yes, soccer scores fewer goals per game relative to the other sports, but the game itself runs continuously and is only 90 minutes long. Baseball and football take AGES; if soccer took up as much time then imagine how many more goals would be scored.
    Plus, soccer in the US is a summer sport. Running for 90 minutes in 100 degree heat doesn't seem the optimum conditions for great performance.

  • James Watson
    James Watson 5 months ago

    Football Americans is growing in China... American football is much fun to watch them soccer.. every play counts in football..each play has an effect on the game. Have people learn about American football like I did and you would see people changing their mind.

    • Evilwolf
      Evilwolf 5 months ago

      James Watson I did but I've never change my mind....

  • Faddn
    Faddn 5 months ago

    Americans don't value more the time they use at making money compared to leisure time. Problem is that you don't get anything by right, your unions are crushed and the political spectrum has shifted way too right. Rest of the development world you get 4-6 weeks paid vacation as an right and the work week is max 40 hours. If you work longer, you'll be compansated with higher rates.

  • AnarchoHumanism
    AnarchoHumanism 5 months ago +2

    Chile is in America, therefore people from Chile are American. So do not say America, or Americans, rather USA and people of USA!

  • trorisk
    trorisk 5 months ago

    You don't take hipanic immigration (how love soccer) and demography into account.
    Compare hours of leisure time between Brasil (where soccer is a religion) and USA. the argument turns against you.
    A "too far opportunity cost" of quantity not quality. It's exactly like said "watch a moovie is a better opportunity than read a book". Eat juckfood is a better opportunity than eat healty.
    The major mistake is you don't try to find the truth but you try to prove what you think is right.

  • Maxgaming05
    Maxgaming05 5 months ago

    5 ft 9 isn't short tho

  • Conrado Kuit Planas
    Conrado Kuit Planas 5 months ago

    Maybe you mean football?

  • bluebirdlegend
    bluebirdlegend 5 months ago

    football is not all about goals - it is the "goal" but not the be end and end all.

  • vawa-ID
    vawa-ID 5 months ago +1

    I don't care what it's called. In my place it's kickball, but we don't usually say it. We call it ball, if people talk about ball then it must be football.

  • Oscar Paisi
    Oscar Paisi 5 months ago

    Miss Kelsey Ohlbaum, i do not feel offended when you make the comparison between nba, nfa, beisball and soccer players.. believe me i am so proud of being an amateur soccer player than any other sports practicing here in USA.. why? starts first about the rhythm of the game.. while at others you make several pauses, breaks.. whatever you want to call it.. is boring, you cut the action. Soccer is continuosly moving almost no stop, just half time and there is extra time on finals match, so you end playing like 120 minutes around.. yea is a lot. 2th, most of these people grow up so tall an overweithed has become like this ' cause of steroids and hormon using.. by the other hand on Soccer you can not, read well, you can not use any, any sustance, because you are tested radomly everyweek.. that's why none, i said.. none of the USA sport can not be represented at the OLYMPIC GAMES... specially NFL players, so they are no real, they cheat. That's no a good sample of life to follow for our kids.. or is it good? 3th most of these players after they got retire.. they use to have many illness.. complications on the liver for being abusing of steroids, high cholesterol for overweight, blood presure problems, by the other hands people that had played soccer once in their lives all over the world, they still enjoying in better health condition.. no perfect but definetely all the way far better health condition. Accepted what you know as a Soccer, Football for the rest of the world is the most extended sport practiced on the planet..this is a true, think about it, what just you need to play this sport? just a ball and this is it.. other needs a special equipment, suit, helmet, bodyshield.. too much, so complicated.
    The last thing and the most important, when you started your presentation.. you said "you fall in love of this sport.. soccer".. well is you fall in love of this sport, please start calling properly.. the real name of these sport is " FOOTBALL" read about its history and you'll discover that these sport born in England..before USA got its independence they knew this as a Football.. so all over, i emphatize all over the world we call this " Football" , the sport you know as a Soccer is very well known as FOOTBALL. Use a simple logic, break down the word " football" .. you get "foot" and "ball".. means that particularly this sport you use your foot to play with the ball.. right? so has no sense why a sport you mostly play with your hands, practically you carry or hold the ball on your hands among your chest and run away.. am i right?.. should be called "Handball".. or this is because .." No, you are here in USA and this is the way how we call it".. this is ridiculous, acting like that you just show to others, no respect.. shows just prepotency and ignorance. Let's take a sample about your last name is "Ohlbaum" this is your last name, probably for many people results be kind hard to pronounce well your last name.. right? but at least we try to say it well.. right? because we show respect.. from where it come from your last name.. i don't know.. So it is the same with this game Football born overseas and as soon come, arrive here to USA its name was changed.. sound ridiculous.. right? go to Europe and try to talk about "Soccer" among europeans.. firstable they gonna look on you weird.. said properly for history reasons, written in cement " FOOTBALL" .
    One last thing, when you guys plays the super bowl, the world champion.. really? you dare to call your finals a real world champion game? .. let's clarify, go to clear out this part.. at first from where come from those 2 teams plays on the super bowl or in baseball, nba Finals? from where they are..? Usa?.. yes, right so the name you put on the finals is kind fake, is overrated.. you are not really playing a real world championship because your just facing another team from your own country.. That is just a National Champion Cup, no matter if one team come from the east and the other one come from the west.. still being teams from USA, this is just a National or Local champion match, like it or not i am right.
    By the other hand FOOTBALL (The real one) the world champion tournament is sat every 4 years, for every team being there has taken 2 years in a long process to qualify at the main event, The world cup championship this tournament is organized by FIFA. Fifa means "La Fédération Internationale de Football Association" yes, read it well.. pay attention.. the main organization that rule this sport is FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL OF FOOTBALL ASSOCIATED..
    I really wish this sport starts growing up among our children.. maybe it will happen when you guys stop stigmatize that this sport is played just for HISPANIC PEOPLE and i don't let mi kids play togheter ..with them.. dammed hopefully our kids will see a tomorrow where there's no prejudices and barriers.. this is my opinion respectfully... this is just the ugly true.. somes like it, others no, freely to speak.. right? have a good night everyone

  • hi tech
    hi tech 5 months ago +1

    because they are shit at it

  • World Review
    World Review 5 months ago

    Another anti-American speech from a South American ethno post modernist, who tried to veil her intentions with using "we" .

  • Ardhana Hariwidagdo
    Ardhana Hariwidagdo 5 months ago

    American football is more towards rugby being more physically aggressive than soccer. Soccer's more fun to watch n more action, and unites people regardless of whatever backgrnd he/she's in.

  • luriwerfer3
    luriwerfer3 5 months ago

    DONT SAY SOCCER !!!!!!!

  • Fionna Lace
    Fionna Lace 5 months ago

    if soccer or proper football had a commercial break every 30 secs and a goal every few mins then that would show that the goalkeeper isnt any good

  • fhk 231
    fhk 231 5 months ago

    America the only place where obese people are found to be athletic..hats off guys..when the whole country is obese and none actually fit..what they do is declare obese as athletic..damn

  • Scott Jessup
    Scott Jessup 6 months ago

    It’s not very popular in America because of its close association to being a fag.

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald 6 months ago

    Is the measure of success in a sport to be measured by TV, money and advertisements, or is it more simple? The measure of success, surely, is the number of players who play for the love of the sport.
    Using the playing measure, football is an enormous success is the US. There are millions who play the game. Leave TV to American football and enjoy the simple, pure pleasure of PLAYING Association football - it is a wonderful game to play.

  • Super Cool
    Super Cool 6 months ago

    Instead you should make video why world don't give a fuck to american games. :)

  • Zahide Ahmed
    Zahide Ahmed 6 months ago

    If Americans Played Socer as their first sport good bye champions leauge

  • nev palmer
    nev palmer 6 months ago

    great presentation..?

  • Lord of Cinder
    Lord of Cinder 6 months ago

    My grandpa and my mom and all of her siblings are from Chile too

  • Suhe Bringeuy
    Suhe Bringeuy 6 months ago

    This video is important!

  • Diego Dela Cruz
    Diego Dela Cruz 6 months ago

    The fact that US will host the 2026 WORLD CUP.. is huge step.. but WORLD SERIES between two AMERICAN teams.. LOL😂

  • Kevin Saint Louis
    Kevin Saint Louis 6 months ago

    Yeah americans sucks at soccer

  • Abhishek Rana
    Abhishek Rana 6 months ago

    Times are changing. USA will not remain #1 forever.

  • Desdorian
    Desdorian 6 months ago

    or MAYBE soccer is just boring?? kicking a ball back and forth for and a half and tying 0-0 is fucking boring

  • *OG axe*
    *OG axe* 6 months ago

    I respect americans, if they call football as soccer that wouldn't be a problem, in my opinion yeah basketball, american football are more exciting to watch because more goals scored... and yeah i am a fan of soccer/football... but u don't have to tell americans to call it football, they has their own football, and i like any sport, i like to watch 🏈 too, they keep running and juke others that's fun to watch

  • grey hound
    grey hound 6 months ago

    it is called football not soccer

  • Jtmr.16
    Jtmr.16 6 months ago

    My favorite sport is American football but i also love football (soccer) too. Tbh in my experience , the people who say they don't like football (soccer) are people who suck at it. Also I've played both and American football is 20x easier to play than football (soccer).

  • 19buseye71
    19buseye71 6 months ago

    Soccer is not football,I don't care what anyone else says different,soccer is not football.
    I'm not being sexist about it but if you find it to be so then I am sorry for it is not my intentions when I say that I have always believed that soccer was meant for only girls to play at first because they couldn't or wasn't allowed to play football with the boys and then later on the boys got into playing soccer too.
    Much like at one time softball was a substitute for baseball for only girls to play and now both girls and boys play.

  • Diego Martínez
    Diego Martínez 6 months ago

    Basketball and baseball are the best sports just for the Americans.

  • Becas
    Becas 6 months ago

    This is so spot on👌🏻

  • farisan99
    farisan99 6 months ago

    Football (soccer) is very popular sport in the world because its very cheap sport. All you need is a ball and a field (anything wide).
    My country is considered not good at football and even crap at international events, but our fans are huuuge and fanatic. Big market for football ads

  • Eli as
    Eli as 6 months ago

    America is shit

  • William Boyer
    William Boyer 6 months ago

    We are the best! And soccer is BORING! That’s why we don’t like it! And soccer players ARE NOT ATHLETES! They’re in athletic faggots