Fast & Aggressive ASMR

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video is a little different from the usual slow rhythm of my videos but this has been requested so i thought i'd give it a try! I'm not sure who started it, i believe it's Fast ASMR! Check out her channeeeel
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    00:54 Cork tapping
    03:32 Key switches
    07:24 Textured lid scratching
    10:36 Water shaking + Spray sounds
    12:19 Lid sounds
    14:40 Mouth sounds
    19:34 Nail tapping
    21:37 Sticky sounds
    23:29 Pearls
    24:53 Tapping
    26:40 Fast hand movements and tongue clicking
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  • ASMR Glow
    ASMR Glow  Month ago +1289

    Hey guys!!! It's REALLY hard for me to be aggressive in ASMR lol so i tried but i think i failed! That was at least my attempt at fast & aggressive and i still hope you enjoy

    • Nat Terrazas
      Nat Terrazas 15 days ago

      Had me relaxed drank some yogi tea for stress relief and I'm fully tingly

    • Joe Howell
      Joe Howell 23 days ago

      This is my first time umm ASMRING and woah

    • Nate
      Nate 25 days ago

      This is easily my favorite video now. My ASMR is triggered the entire time!

    • joker zhu
      joker zhu 29 days ago

      you make it great , i enjoy it😁

    • Annah Hannah
      Annah Hannah 29 days ago

      This is actually my fav asmr vídeo in the hole TVclip not even joking i loved it

  • pumalium
    pumalium 16 hours ago

    I don’t listen fast and aggressive asmr to sleep but to get tingles. Cause they’re too distracting for me to sleep but perfect for tingles. But SIKE i fell asleep with this yesterday. This is a very relaxing take on this type of asmr. I’d love to see more like this from you. 💕

  • S Broyer
    S Broyer 4 days ago +1

    One time I saw a post with the like number as 666!

  • Charlotte Ross
    Charlotte Ross 5 days ago

    In This Video you Look kinda like Charli d‘amelio

  • Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith 5 days ago

    Not at all aggressive or really that fast. Just a little quicker than usual. Maybe you’re just too sweet to be truly aggressive haha

  • John Beom
    John Beom 6 days ago


  • Dorothéa Grimms
    Dorothéa Grimms 6 days ago

    So I've just discovered what I prefer in ASMR. Why didn't it happen earlier ?! 😂

  • Arreyn Grey
    Arreyn Grey 7 days ago +1

    On one one hand I really loved this video
    But on the other hand I felt so bad the whole time I was watching it because I didn't want your hands to be hurting or getting tired!! 😭😭

  • Rube Goldberger
    Rube Goldberger 7 days ago

    Did you speed up the video slightly in post? Just curious. Love this style though!

  • Ben Bourke
    Ben Bourke 8 days ago

    Fantastic video, got the tingles going straight away. Love the video glow ❤️

  • louie louie
    louie louie 8 days ago

    Lmao all of the silly expressions n such during the mouth sounds portion was hilarious. Especially the dance move at 15:21 lol. You're awesome I hope you know haha. Loved the vid of course 😁

  • Bilge Demir
    Bilge Demir 9 days ago

    What do you think you are doing? This is really meaningless and empty. You are acting like doing art. But it is not. All of these are just wasting time.

  • William Lalande
    William Lalande 10 days ago +1

    Je rêve ou à 16:48 tu nous dis :"Ta gueule ?" 😲🤣

    JONATHAN SAMUEL 10 days ago +1

    UR sooooo beautiful

  • Mila Nessa
    Mila Nessa 11 days ago

    Oh I hate it. It's make me anxiety. Damn. I want to suicide now. I need to come back to psychologist

  • OtakuGus 0513
    OtakuGus 0513 11 days ago

    I love ur accent

  • Dalexz
    Dalexz 11 days ago

    I am just here to say that you are cute as Hell. Best regards, keep on doing your absolutely great job!

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown 11 days ago

    why is no one commenting on the fact that she keeps looking to her right straight at someone. is she being told what to do? she nodded at one point

  • Galen Guo
    Galen Guo 12 days ago

    Ok how does Glow look stunning with and without makeup? love the vids

  • Max Max
    Max Max 15 days ago

    Pretty gipsy

  • to namoral -
    to namoral - 16 days ago

    Casa cmg pfvrrrrrr

  • Omar Mafia
    Omar Mafia 16 days ago

    Good Video

  • Mau Slime
    Mau Slime 16 days ago


  • _ wearsky
    _ wearsky 16 days ago

  • Morgan Milhomme
    Morgan Milhomme 17 days ago

    This is amazing I usually dont get tingles but this immediately gave my tingles! Thank you!

  • Meagan F.
    Meagan F. 17 days ago

    this was really interesting!! it was like soothing but instead of putting me to sleep it made me feel awake and ready for my day🤗!

  • 이현지
    이현지 17 days ago

    요즘 이거만 들어요👏

  • Jayd Ro20
    Jayd Ro20 18 days ago

    At 11:43 is me when I shake my drink to get the best flavor

  • Damien Javens
    Damien Javens 19 days ago

    First of all, DAMMMMMM second, loved the mouth sounds

  • Sakshi Deshmukh
    Sakshi Deshmukh 19 days ago

    I would like to say only one word for your look SENORITA ❤❤❤

  • yuri yanes
    yuri yanes 19 days ago +1

    shes so pretty

  • dado
    dado 20 days ago

    Sticky fingers!

  • 6: 30
    6: 30 20 days ago

    you should make this type of video with brushing 🤩

  • Olga Muñoz
    Olga Muñoz 20 days ago

    your smile ♡ ... !!!

  • Anonymous Web
    Anonymous Web 22 days ago

    00:54 Cork tapping
    03:32 Key switches
    07:24 Textured lid scratching
    10:36 Water shaking + Spray sounds
    12:19 Lid sounds
    14:40 Mouth sounds
    19:34 Nail tapping
    21:37 Sticky sounds
    23:29 Pearls
    24:53 Tapping
    26:40 Fast hand movements and tongue clicking

  • G E G E
    G E G E 22 days ago

    Ok ok ok j'ai tout compris bien évidemment 🤣

  • Saeed Khan
    Saeed Khan 22 days ago

    Fast & Aggressive ... You don't say ;) ;)

  • Monica Zambrano
    Monica Zambrano 23 days ago

    I'm trying to sleep but your prettiness distracts me lol.
    This is a really good ASMR video though!

  • Xorjut
    Xorjut 23 days ago

    Im lonely...

    • Xorjut
      Xorjut 23 days ago

      ugh someone pretending to lonely...

    • Xorjut
      Xorjut 23 days ago

      Im suicidal...

    • Xorjut
      Xorjut 23 days ago

      I luv you xorjut!

    • Xorjut
      Xorjut 23 days ago

      I hope you find someone to love!

    • Xorjut
      Xorjut 23 days ago

      Ikr! :)

  • Austin Ferdig
    Austin Ferdig 23 days ago

    So close to 1 million subscribers! Hope you get it before the months over ❤️🤘

  • 理科半条命
    理科半条命 23 days ago

    omg so beautiful

  • Shane Floresca
    Shane Floresca 23 days ago

    Sorry its so so bad its hirt my ears😅😅

  • Critical-RAGE
    Critical-RAGE 24 days ago +1

    She's blending into the background hahahahahahaha... Brown Wall, Brown Person.

  • Jan Vi
    Jan Vi 24 days ago

    3:03 The cardboard sound was like a big cat's purr😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • forevrcharmed16
    forevrcharmed16 24 days ago

    You and Batala are my two favorites! ❤️

  • Perla Martinez
    Perla Martinez 24 days ago

    Your channels is one of my favorite asmr channels

  • Yuhan Zeng
    Yuhan Zeng 24 days ago

    so so so tinglyyyyyyyyyy

  • Kyle Cagayan
    Kyle Cagayan 24 days ago

    she's so pretty in this video :3

  • Lily Fields
    Lily Fields 24 days ago +2

    Your laughing fits during the mouth sounds are just adorable

  • Lexmanity
    Lexmanity 24 days ago

    Great job! ❤️

  • ItsEmCloutier
    ItsEmCloutier 25 days ago

    Pleeeeease make me the happiest on earth right now and tell me where you got your earrings 🤩😍 Before I fall asleep thanks 🤩

  • James Harden
    James Harden 25 days ago


  • [-Tigre De Ouro-]
    [-Tigre De Ouro-] 25 days ago

    12:54 eu qnd eu tento fechar a tampa do pote

  • V Vee
    V Vee 26 days ago +4

    13 minutes in and I'm sitting here like man she's really having a hard time getting that lid on

  • Jesus is KING
    Jesus is KING 26 days ago +1

    Before watching and reading the title I thought she was going to use a hammer and make holes on the walls

  • Payton Massey
    Payton Massey 26 days ago


  • Grecia Rosales
    Grecia Rosales 26 days ago +1

    Hey, I REALLY loved the mouth noises you made in this video, can you please make a video with the same aggressive mouth noises?

  • noora
    noora 26 days ago

    prettiest human alive

  • румиль
    румиль 26 days ago


  • Justin Reinhart
    Justin Reinhart 26 days ago

    Ohh I get it now. I wasn’t sure I would like aggressive but it reminds me of being ticklish which is a nice feeling. Good job.