Kayle Ultimate Bug - How to Kill Kayle During Her Ult - League of Legends

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Kayle Ultimate Bug - How to Kill Kayle During Her Ult (Rework 2019) - League of Legends
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  • Khang Bui
    Khang Bui 5 months ago

    Mord has to do something with this

  • Muhammad Danial
    Muhammad Danial 7 months ago

    Masaka...it’s the same type of stand

  • Zezo Alhadidi
    Zezo Alhadidi 7 months ago +2

    happened to me while i vs illaoi she kill me while i cast my ult

  • Quaron
    Quaron 7 months ago

    So it has to happen with ally taric r also

  • SuckerKiss
    SuckerKiss 7 months ago

    Oh great I main kindred ..

  • Mangle the foxy123
    Mangle the foxy123 7 months ago

    Nah ja używam ulta kayle na sojuszniku by zrobić KS XD boże jestem złym człowiekiem

  • SirSlimeington
    SirSlimeington 7 months ago

    Probably because once Kindreds ult ends, it also deactivates the kindred ult invicibility. But Kayle is also invincible and it deactivates it too.

  • Doc Huynh Valence
    Doc Huynh Valence 7 months ago

    So does it work in the other way ed well?

  • I use ad assassins
    I use ad assassins 7 months ago +1

    I was about to say use a toxic cancer fed yasuo

  • Nalthanzo
    Nalthanzo 7 months ago +2

    So this is what happens when you try to cheat death two times at the same time.

  • Nikola Djordjevic
    Nikola Djordjevic 7 months ago

    Okay here is how it works
    First theory: Kindred R makes everyone's status invulnerable and at the one of it, it turns that status back to vulnerable. So if you ult as Kayle your status changes to invulnerable but Kindred R removes it.
    Second theory: Spaghetti code, and "non-isolated functions" (not the actual name for it but I forgot how it's named) when you execute a function for ex. turn on the light it should only turn on light not turn it off if applied second time. Same goes for invulnerability, applying it the second time should not cancel the effect from the first time
    I am a programmer and this is one of the main reasons why bugs appear.
    EDIT: First one is feature/interaction second one is bug xD

    • abdul aziz
      abdul aziz 7 months ago

      the first one is make sense, but i believe they did the second one

  • Ahristochat
    Ahristochat 7 months ago

    That’s a known bug with Kindred’s ult sometimes ppl in Zhonya get killed

  • unknow11712
    unknow11712 7 months ago

    well, i didn't see the source code, but there is a chance that the problem is with the " removing immortality" at the end of kindred ult , seems like they didn't make kindred ult to refresh-spam immortality , but more like an event , if you go out of it you lose the immortality ( you should try to make kayle ult herself while going out of kindred ult), but if you are still inside you end up in the event of " immortality end" and kayle ult immortality that is activated get removed by the event .

  • Hi Im CCG RK Gaming Legue Of Legends

    I thougth kayle would never doe

  • M.L. W.L.
    M.L. W.L. 7 months ago

    Well, in dota 2 axe's ult can kill "immortal" heroes. If kindred is the embodyment of runeterra's death (not the end of the land, just death itself) they could do something similar imo...kill or cc undying champions. Kindred is so shit after the old nerfs...

  • Prince black
    Prince black 7 months ago

    I used ult kayn in her when she used her ult and she dead

  • CutiePie Shu
    CutiePie Shu 7 months ago

    Guys i found bug trough yasuo windwall come and check it :)

  • Jeremías Chocobar Urbina
    Jeremías Chocobar Urbina 7 months ago +11

    Kindred is not interested in justice, what interests him is killing those who escape from them

  • NhatAnh0475
    NhatAnh0475 7 months ago

    It have a delay.

  • Deege Williams
    Deege Williams 7 months ago +2

    I saw this happen in an ARAM yesterday. Kayle still had over a second on her ult after ulting somebody else, and that person took a huge chunk of damage. It wasn't specifically this Kindred bug, but there is something buggy with the ult.

  • Kai'Sa
    Kai'Sa 7 months ago

    that riot skin ... i bet everybody has it .

  • Diegoscomeback
    Diegoscomeback 7 months ago +1

    i think its been hotfix just now

  • МОРОж ка
    МОРОж ка 7 months ago +1


  • Radu Naruruto
    Radu Naruruto 7 months ago +1


  • Zanodia
    Zanodia 7 months ago +3

    This is almost exactly the same thing that happens with Kennen when he buys a phantom dance and uses his E ability: the two effects cancel each other and it doesn't work as intended.

  • Bryan Manabat
    Bryan Manabat 7 months ago +5

    Please Relaese a new skin for Kindred.

  • enzo gabriel
    enzo gabriel 7 months ago


  • Cristopher Rubio
    Cristopher Rubio 7 months ago +1

    Happened to me as Sylas when I stole her ULT. I was up in the air and they killed me as of my shield didnt excist.

  • DoktorekTV DoktorekTV
    DoktorekTV DoktorekTV 7 months ago +1


  • Yihua Pu
    Yihua Pu 7 months ago

    Riot games is just garbage and they still haven’t fixed their flash problems

  • Aiqrail
    Aiqrail 7 months ago +1

    New Vandiril?

    THIS CANCER FISH 7 months ago +6

    Kindred counters kayle:
    *Kindred ban rate rises to 100%*

  • x NverEnd
    x NverEnd 7 months ago +20

    How to kill an immortal monster

    Make em immortal

  • hello and goodbye
    hello and goodbye 7 months ago +6

    So you're now the prince of bugs while vendiril is the king of bugs

  • Sighh_ mon
    Sighh_ mon 7 months ago +1

    It literally happened today me rip

  • Assem Younis
    Assem Younis 7 months ago +2

    I smell spaghetti...

  • Imca
    Imca 7 months ago +1

    Also happend to me many times in a single game when she ult and i flash there is no blades that comes down to the floor.

  • Mr.Foxstone
    Mr.Foxstone 7 months ago +2

    Well I guess what happened was when kindred's ult ran out and kayle immediately channeled hers the system had to finish processing kindred's ult. Just because the animation ended doesn't mean it literally ended there's like a fraction of a second before the system finishes processing kindred's ult and another fraction of a second to start processing kayle's ult. And also I don't think that kindred's ult would be able to cancel kayle's ult because it just doesn't make sense you can't just say invincible x invincible = no invincible, because that is the same as saying 1x1=0 that's a no brainer. Anyway this is just a humble guess of mine no offense😊

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 7 months ago +3

    This happened to a lotta times ..even without kindred ult ...i ult myself and die anyway ..even before the damaging part comes

  • Johan Sebastian Najas
    Johan Sebastian Najas 7 months ago +3

    inmune + inmune = no inmune ahahaha

  • Sarwar Ali
    Sarwar Ali 7 months ago +1

    Same happened with our team in aram. I was like huh

  • Jonsku 666
    Jonsku 666 7 months ago +29

    10 bucks for the reason for this being due to the game taking the invincibility effect from Kindred ult *just* as the one from Kayle's ult gets applied at a near frame-perfect timing, making the game forget to add the invincibility to Kayle's ult since the effect of invincibility from Kindred *just* got removed due to leaving the AOE/effect ending

    • SuckerKiss
      SuckerKiss 7 months ago

      If that's the case ... this bug should've been fixed when kindred v kindred ult was bugging so I don't think that's the case ..

    • Jonsku 666
      Jonsku 666 7 months ago

      @JadrianMc *Insert Magikarpusedfly's "Mmoney!" sound*

    • JadrianMc
      JadrianMc 7 months ago

      As a programmer, here's your 10 bucks.

  • MR smileHUN
    MR smileHUN 7 months ago

    Wait what?why is it possible?

  • Cyber Pheonix
    Cyber Pheonix 7 months ago +1

    Nooooo my new angle Kayle

  • Hunter XXL
    Hunter XXL 7 months ago +1

    Thats gow it works kindread puts god mode one i mean invincible and wen kayle uses too imortal mode she deflects kindreads its just like two persons pres a buton

  • g.karak 1996
    g.karak 1996 7 months ago +50

    Invulnerability from kindred is cancelled by the Invulnerability of kayle ult. One ult cancel the other

  • PasTeT Ye
    PasTeT Ye 7 months ago +2

    LOL NICE 😉

    NCNR8 SYNERGY 7 months ago

    Kindred is death btw.

  • Kri 100
    Kri 100 7 months ago +3

    Kindred counter Kayle confirmed

  • HentaiOnIceWithRanchDressing

    Kindred ult wasn't a different effect that's why they both registered as one I guess.

  • whoisit idk
    whoisit idk 7 months ago +132

    Simple coding:
    If (kindred.ult==0)
    Area->Champion.invincible = false;

  • Deminus
    Deminus 7 months ago +1

    Weakest champion I've ever seen

  • Saddest Blue
    Saddest Blue 7 months ago +1

    What the fuck

  • Jayfeather
    Jayfeather 7 months ago +181

    makes sense for personification of death to be able to find a weak spot and kill immortals XD

    • Rempai
      Rempai 7 months ago

      @The Minus Kai lamb

    • Vasalkar
      Vasalkar 7 months ago

      @Zedric Zabala they**

    • Zedric Zabala
      Zedric Zabala 7 months ago

      The Minus Kai She is death

    • The Minus Kai
      The Minus Kai 7 months ago +9

      Not even demigods can stand a chance against a goat

    • Pavlonja
      Pavlonja 7 months ago +1


  • iSham2044
    iSham2044 7 months ago +3

    I want it to be fixed at the same time not just because of how busted kayle is at 16 lol

    • Майлз Прауер
      Майлз Прауер 7 months ago

      iSham2044 Not really THAT busted. Plus, there's not much games that goes all the way to lvl 16.

  • Collateral Cigar
    Collateral Cigar 7 months ago +1

    Actually this is really not a bug or something but a glitch because kindreds ultimate is invulnerability and when kayle uses her ult exactly the time kayles ultimate is casted and when kindreds ulti expires it also removes the invulnerability of kayles ultimate not a bug but they still need to fix that

    • Collateral Cigar
      Collateral Cigar 7 months ago

      You could try using kayle ult on a tryndamere using undying rage then use kayles ultimate when it also expires it might have the same result as this i think maybe not since tryndameres ult is unkillable not invulnerability because he losses hp but stops at 1

    • Collateral Cigar
      Collateral Cigar 7 months ago

      @stardust009 a bug is a serious issue in game where it could be game breaking like lux ultimate that doesnt go off cooldown or flash without cooldown thats a bug but something like this it cant be considered a bug but just glitch.

    • Eldimarix
      Eldimarix  7 months ago

      maybe You're right, I'll check irelia vs kayle ult later because " Yesterday i killed kayle while in his r just bu autoing with irelia full stacks ",comment below

    • stardust009
      stardust009 7 months ago +1

      a bug is a glitch

  • Not Vel'Koz
    Not Vel'Koz 7 months ago +100

    I knew she had a weak early game, but this is ridiculous...

    • Vegerotto
      Vegerotto 7 months ago

      @Mieko KN Broken mid/late? I wouldnt say so, even her late game isnt anything for someone's like jax/riven/riven/fiora, considering how weak she is at early, she is pure teamfight unlike them. not just a duelist, true. Considering that many late game champs have also decent early like jax/riven Thats still not enough, im not gonna risk losing 2 turrets untill i actually gain 11 level, and even so, later on there are champions that still destroy me. I've had jungle kayle with me, i wanted to afk rght away and remake. She was 4 level while i the adc were 7. While enemy team has udyr and 2 infernals alredy. Its simply called trolling playing with kayle, especially in below diamond, where u teamfight in 15 minute, and she is apsolutely usseles

    • Mieko KN
      Mieko KN 7 months ago

      @Vegerotto she has a weak early game but a broken mid/late game
      She deserves better

    • Vegerotto
      Vegerotto 7 months ago +1

      @Krystian Golus And somehow.... I still get fiora that loses 1v1 lane with her, while having 30 minute 90 farm in my ranked game..

    • Krystian Golus
      Krystian Golus 7 months ago +4

      @Ander Vang bruh till 11 kayle is a minion and cant come to last hit unless either enemy goes back to base or, wait there is no or, she just cant farm when enemy is on the lane with above 10% hp

    • Ander Vang
      Ander Vang 7 months ago +1

      have you seen diana?

  • Evil Dan
    Evil Dan 7 months ago +2

    Not surprised
    But cute

  • 8bit Pancake
    8bit Pancake 7 months ago +3

    Wow Eldimarix,your video got 255 views in 2 minute.

  • Yo Han Chris Tian
    Yo Han Chris Tian 7 months ago +1

    Yesterday i killed kayle while in his r just bu autoing with irelia full stacks