Unfriended: Dark Web - Movie Review

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Unfriended: Dark Web, starring Betty Gabriel, Colin Woodell, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio. Directed by
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  • Nick66
    Nick66 2 days ago

    Moral of the story.....don't log into your wi-fi or any other accounts with a computer that's not yours.

  • 123pa1n
    123pa1n 11 days ago

    genius and clever? The last things i would ever use talking about those garbage films....

  • Olivia Malus
    Olivia Malus 12 days ago

    I think this was my problem but when I was watching this the audio kept stopping and I had to pause it and mute and unmute it. It was so annoying

  • T.B. Productions
    T.B. Productions 25 days ago

    The only way to protect yourself from the dark web is with... Express VPN

  • Jonathan Ellison
    Jonathan Ellison Month ago +1

    Wait there were 2 ending at the cinema the DVD has 4 ending one in the movie and 3 in the bonus features so Chris I'd really love to know which one you saw

  • ares
    ares Month ago

    It’s a fun horror movie not meant to be on the same tier as hereditary calm down

  • The Continuing Adventures of Lenny Wanser

    Maybe I’ll watch this when it’s on cable. Thanks for the review Chris. 😃✌🏽

  • Jim Chop
    Jim Chop Month ago

    I totally stopped listening when I saw that badass Zelda t shirt. Need me one

  • TyCena Royalty
    TyCena Royalty Month ago

    This movie thought me a lesson to not to touch anything that doesn’t belongs to me

  • Toastte
    Toastte Month ago +1

    Duolingo: *Grins Maniacally*

  • keiichi maebara
    keiichi maebara 3 months ago

    If I had to rate this movie Unfriended 2 dark web I would give it a 2 One because It is suspenseful A to because if the movie was not supposed to be a horror it would be good for what it is But the restless stars get lost because it's trying to be a different movie than what it's supposed to be it was actually ultimately a boneheaded move It's not even a horror movie and this is what this franchises suppose to be Now basically this could determine if it's actually going to wind up being a franchise because it may not even live long enough I mean if it was done in a brilliant way double be one thing but this movie changes itself for the sake of doing so It's no longer even a harmony it's a psychological thriller like taken That there are some pretty grisly stuff but they don't go into it which is another thing they could have done something with that to at least make it better but it still would have only been a 3 star because it still would've been a psychological thriller for the sake of being so

  • Raini
    Raini 3 months ago +3

    Unknown : “If you run away or call the police, you DIE.”
    Me : *hangs up and goes to sleep*

  • odessy2012th
    odessy2012th 3 months ago

    This movie sucks

  • paolo alberto
    paolo alberto 4 months ago

    I like this movie..it felt immersive for me.

  • Mohd Ramzul Adli
    Mohd Ramzul Adli 4 months ago

    Thank you. I will not watch this shitting movie tonight.

  • Krhodes02
    Krhodes02 5 months ago

    I hated the first one but the second one was I guess a step up. Still pretty bad

  • Anonymous Duh
    Anonymous Duh 5 months ago

    It's a pretty awesome movie. Go watch it

  • isaiah j
    isaiah j 5 months ago

    The movie was crazzzzy the ending man

  • Tarou
    Tarou 5 months ago

    I wanna make sure one thing
    Can something like Charons possibly happen in real life?

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 5 months ago

    This movie is fucked up

  • Raul: Trashlord
    Raul: Trashlord 6 months ago

    movie sucked some dick, yo.

  • SgtGo
    SgtGo 6 months ago

    I feel like people are seriously misunderstanding how realistic this movie is. The real scare here is the ignorance of Chris...

  • hiavl
    hiavl 6 months ago


  • Trevor Donegan
    Trevor Donegan 6 months ago

    The thing that I hated the most about this movie is that the kills and deaths are crammed into the last 20 minutes of the movie. It’s like the writers totally forgot to put deaths in the movie so they said “put one here and here and here”. That was what I hated most about the movie

  • Isaac Jaurequi
    Isaac Jaurequi 6 months ago

    you must not have the same fears of the internet and serial killers that i do because this movies was the cresiendo of both of those 2 fears i have

  • supergaytor
    supergaytor 6 months ago

    Why did he continue to sign instead of type? That doesn't make sense at all

  • Emma B
    Emma B 6 months ago

    I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I liked the pacing of the plot and the theme of failed communication. It wasn't great but definitely better than I expected.

  • Marshmallow Doom
    Marshmallow Doom 7 months ago

    Scariest movie I have watched by far because of how real it is. The scariest part is that the real life version is worse.

  • marie bonner
    marie bonner 7 months ago

    I can't believe Chris said 1st movie was realistic I actually do believe in ghosts but the thought of a ghost 👻 using a computer 💻 to terrorize the people who killed her made absolutely no sense at all and was completely unrealistic to me. Also nobody was likeable in that movie so I didn't much care everyone died or not.

  • Jose Hidalgo
    Jose Hidalgo 7 months ago

    Third sequel unsubscribe you tube

  • sandmanoseven
    sandmanoseven 7 months ago

    What a dumb password '?'
    Why not use linux?
    This movie was so boring I stopped watching.

  • Starscream91
    Starscream91 8 months ago

    Sorry, Stuckman, but obviously you're not a tech guy. The internet is like magic.

  • TheAlienFan
    TheAlienFan 8 months ago

    I thought it sucked big time.Pointless and boring

  • The Bread
    The Bread 9 months ago

    The acting in this was actually surprisingly good. It was just the shitey story line that let it down. All this incriminating stuff was happening and at no point did they ever think to whip out their phones and record it.

  • my dad
    my dad 9 months ago

    Wt was the name of 1st movie?

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds 9 months ago

    I think this is a cautionary tale about just how far technology can go or is now and the underground and the sophistication of any kind of technology can be used. Also, it's a tale of not picking up random laptops/tablets/phone and this was the ultimate extreme example.
    It got 9x it's budget back so IDK. This is from IMDB.
    Budget:$1,000,000 (estimated)
    Opening Weekend USA: $3,653,035, 22 July 2018, Wide Release
    Gross USA: $8,783,985
    Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $9,483,985, 19 August 2018

  • HorlicksB4Bed
    HorlicksB4Bed 9 months ago

    I watched this the other night and was blown away! Very sinister, and eerily believable as something that could happen in real life! I just watched the original just now and it was nowhere near as good. It wasn't bad, but the dead spirit of Laura taking control of all their computers and then possessing them all into killing themselves. Bollocks!

  • KappaKorps
    KappaKorps 9 months ago

    holy fuck these movies need to fucking d i e

  • IceCream Films
    IceCream Films 9 months ago

    why does stuckman have the worst thumbnails on youtube?

  • 邵灿灿
    邵灿灿 10 months ago

    This film was horribly tedious... shitty male lead and shitty cliched acting too...

  • L. B.
    L. B. 10 months ago

    I really liked the movie....it was great

  • Techn0way
    Techn0way 10 months ago

    If anyone's interested in watching a cyber crime/suspense show thats told from only computer screen perspective check out the miniseries "Welcome to the Scene". Its on youtube, pretty low budget stuff but you'll get a realistic experience. I binge watched it in 1 day coz the story was really interesting.

  • Frankie Hamilton
    Frankie Hamilton 10 months ago

    I couldn't read 90% of the text on the laptop when I watched this movie, even with my face 2 feet away so I just went with it

  • Walking Pineapple
    Walking Pineapple 10 months ago +1

    Cliche asf

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Alphonse Elric
    Alphonse Elric 10 months ago

    The first movie was mediocre with a few good moments, this one was just painfully boring.

  • Lance Whitted
    Lance Whitted 11 months ago

    Your shirt is awesome

  • Samurai Gaming
    Samurai Gaming 11 months ago


  • Donatas Simaitis
    Donatas Simaitis 11 months ago +1

    dude it's too realistic. Dark deep web can do that easily.

  • J Banger
    J Banger 11 months ago

    Way too polite. Movie was gutter trash... Say it how it is Pls...

  • MileZee Movies
    MileZee Movies 11 months ago +1

    i actually loved this film! i dunno why.

  • Abelardo León González
    Abelardo León González 11 months ago

    What OS X software was used by the main character?

  • Hacher Unfriended
    Hacher Unfriended 11 months ago +1

    This is all subjective, I actually liked it

  • Binod Neupane
    Binod Neupane 11 months ago

    Unfriended : VR

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Now you're being too much come on

  • Jax The Disintegrator

    Thought it was too predictable.
    Using the Red Room urban legend was a GREAT idea, but making the villains SO SMART and POWERFULL were the things i had a hard time with.
    This movie should have been a Thriller, not an horror movie.

  • Hacher Unfriended

    Horror wise, it's trash. But it was an amazing thriller no matter what he says..
    Also subscribe to me

  • Saint4 Life
    Saint4 Life Year ago +1

    Now I know not yo trust your movie reviews. This movie was super good. Now I have to go watch other movies that you called bad.

  • alex alexander
    alex alexander Year ago

    This is why i love not having english as my main language, i can enjoy most all of the movies despite the shitty review 😂

  • SomeDude96
    SomeDude96 Year ago

    My problem is that they were using MacOS.

  • Lili Bonita
    Lili Bonita Year ago +1

    Wow. For once i disagree with u.
    I thought the first one was horrible n really enjoyed this one.

    • Cockoff Gewgle
      Cockoff Gewgle 7 months ago

      I liked the concept. I hope they make a sequel or two, there's so much potential.

    • Saint4 Life
      Saint4 Life Year ago

      Eggs act lee