Adam Savage Geeks Out Over Weta Workshop Props from Spectral!

  • Published on Jul 24, 2017
  • View more awesome props from the Prop Store Spectral auction here:
    Adam and Norm check out some insanely detailed props and costumes Weta Workshop made for the film Spectral, now on auction at Prop Store. We examine the intricate details put into these pieces, from the futuristic design to elaborate weathering and functional electronics. Just look at that plasma rifle!
    Shot by Gunther Kirsch
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    Adam Savage
    Norman Chan
    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
    Kishore Hari
    Frank Ippolito
    Sean Charlesworth
    Jeremy Williams
    Gunther Kirsch
    Ryan Kiser
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Comments • 592

  • Tinderbox
    Tinderbox 3 days ago

    Reminds me of the rifles used in Aliens.

  • Brandon Scales
    Brandon Scales 4 days ago

    How dare you try and review costume work from a film you've never watched. Step your game uo

  • jax wilder
    jax wilder 7 days ago

    Those holes are for the mags

  • Norm Whiffin
    Norm Whiffin 7 days ago

    The mags plug into the side of the gun.... 4 ports on the side.

  • eric hernandez
    eric hernandez 8 days ago

    Fuck this guy is annoying 2:32

  • sprprops1
    sprprops1 9 days ago

    I still have a battery pack for Adam Savage to make his goggles light up again, but all avenues to get it to him have failed. Its yours Adam, I will send it to you.

  • deadfox0091
    deadfox0091 10 days ago

    Pro-tec helmets, protecting your soldiers and your kids.

  • gypsyandboots
    gypsyandboots 14 days ago

    Adam, you are a sociopath and should treat your staff better.

  • chowlaishanamy Amy
    chowlaishanamy Amy 15 days ago

    Look at Norman reaction, wow wow wow. Can’t wait to replicate them

  • Peter Brooke
    Peter Brooke 15 days ago

    as a cook i hate cutting myself , it makes me cringe even thinking about it

  • teemo4876
    teemo4876 19 days ago

    Loved the film especially the design aspects. The weapons are awesome, took a look at the auction but we cannot have the weapons here in the UK :(

  • R3W1ND Plays
    R3W1ND Plays 21 day ago +1

    Spectral was one of my favorite movies.

  • 2007suprasport
    2007suprasport 21 day ago

    Wow! Where did he get that ...Gun!

  • hello 4am
    hello 4am 24 days ago

    when is the auction???

    PUNISHER X 28 days ago

    Honestly people this is mostly air soft gear the helmet definitely air soft

  • madox76
    madox76 Month ago

    SOOO jealous that movie was killer so better then I expected.

  • Dallin Griffin
    Dallin Griffin Month ago

    Those were crye combat pants

  • Grim Griefer
    Grim Griefer Month ago

    It's called a Tunic not an over shirt and the helmet is a replica of a modular helmet.

  • CrazyChemistPL
    CrazyChemistPL Month ago

    Gluing your nail back together using CA... what a wonderfully (Adam) Savage thing to do :)

  • Dangerous Brian
    Dangerous Brian Month ago

    first 14 min - useless!

  • Nicholas Vinkler
    Nicholas Vinkler Month ago

    Awesome movie. Worth a watch or two


    Female kangaroos have three vaginas...

  • Juniorslothsix
    Juniorslothsix 2 months ago


  • Adrian train
    Adrian train 2 months ago

    The ammo mag bits look like those freezer packs you buy that go in your cooler bags.....

  • Jinxeys2014
    Jinxeys2014 2 months ago

    the holes that you think are exsost hole are where the magazens go in

  • Graham cracker
    Graham cracker 2 months ago

    why did adam leave mythbusters

  • ObsessionPC
    ObsessionPC 2 months ago

    Loved Spectral, but that outfit, mainly the rifle, was/is ridiculous :P Looks cool, but it just does not look functional at all.

  • ThommeGun
    ThommeGun 3 months ago

    anyone think Adam should incognito as a soldier from spectral?

  • Pass The Butter Robot
    Pass The Butter Robot 3 months ago

    You repair yourself with superglue?!

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    Haven't seen the movie, but I'm pretty sure the the 'magazines' attach to what you called a 'manifold.' I'm just guessing from the shape and the fact that there are four of them and four holes.

  • Dodge Ram
    Dodge Ram 4 months ago

    If that is a real set from the movie ..on the belt where it says CHEN that stands for SGT.CHEN who is played by Ozawa Changchien check it. out im suprized all you kno it alls missed that not suprized tho you all are to busy having pissing contest and bickering like 2year olds not to mention trying to be critics about how adam cut his finger . Whos to even say thats how it happend fuck leave the guy alone none of anyones buisness what way he uses the knife to cuts his food fuck u people are annoying .

  • Kenneth Wu
    Kenneth Wu 4 months ago

    the whole film was US military propaganda... cliche after cliche. The story was promising, but I think the execution was quite poor.

  • Betabones
    Betabones 4 months ago

    Adam has proven crazy glue fixes anything.... even your finger.

  • ManeGMutt
    ManeGMutt 5 months ago +2

    Finger off the trigger, good boy Norm

  • Benjamin Poisson
    Benjamin Poisson 5 months ago

    the helmet is an airsoft emerson fast helmet

  • teopini
    teopini 5 months ago

    Spectral had an interesting idea but sucked because of a mundane and unrealistic script.

  • Dylan  Bayne
    Dylan Bayne 5 months ago

    The helmet is an airsoft "fast helmet" that they then customized

  • aAaa aAaa
    aAaa aAaa 5 months ago

    Can anyone post a link to a video or site explaining how one fabricates such props?

  • Brian
    Brian 6 months ago

    Adam you don't let the Knife ride on your nails you use your knuckles against the flat of the blade.

  • Thomas Perez
    Thomas Perez 6 months ago

    Adam - that's how you end up with a chemical burn.

  • Chicken Wass
    Chicken Wass 6 months ago

    Spectral is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  • Mother Hen
    Mother Hen 6 months ago

    A buddy of mine recently bought the full Spectral outfit and one of the stunt plasma rifles at an auction - two of us spent half an hour getting him into it at Manchester FTLOSF so he could strut around. Very well made that's for sure.

  • Closed Eye Visuals
    Closed Eye Visuals 6 months ago +2

    I wish my life was set up to tour around the world and unbox plasma rifles. But instead im destined to scrape by on a hundred dollars a week and get fired from degrading levels of employment. Sad life.

  • Belze
    Belze 6 months ago

    Too bad they didn't sent the nozzle part of the rifle.
    Such an awesome piece!

  • PixlProps
    PixlProps 6 months ago

    Nice stuff, and the movie is surprisingly good

  • CJ POW
    CJ POW 6 months ago

    That's not a bike helmet, it's a military or airsoft prop helmet

  • Katherine Rammell
    Katherine Rammell 6 months ago

    I have made a chin mask like that just this year, and made working vents to breath in the mask.

  • zog noty
    zog noty 6 months ago

    fuck netflix

  • Al Webster
    Al Webster 6 months ago

    why wouldn't you watch the movie before reviewing the props.....?

  • Marciavelli
    Marciavelli 6 months ago

    "This is not Kit-Bashed". No just the M14 muzzle, HK grip etc. Noprm i like you, but

  • Toast
    Toast 6 months ago

    That's not Adam it's a 1:1 scale replica Adam, the *real* Adam wouldn't have to glue himself back together again. LOL

  • NamacilHDx
    NamacilHDx 6 months ago

    2:22 this is what it must feel like to be a robot "i will just glue it in place again and it will be fine :D" awesome

  • ClannerA01
    ClannerA01 7 months ago

    Loved the movie. The creator has commented that a lot of it was really stretching it, but it was less about the spectral mcguffin thing and more about the scientific method. There have been comparisons to Aliens, but as you may have noticed, this movie, even tho it's suspense horor, does not rely on the characters being bumbling trigger happy idiots. They were competent professionals that are genuinely in over their heads, where, doing their best and failing, rather running around with like chickens with their heads chopped off, sat down and figured out what the fuck was going on and what they can do with what they know.
    If you're interested in suspense/horror, but hate the trope of an airhead opening an obviously dangerous door, or get high blood from seeing the klutz that keeps tripping over for no reason, or the frustration from watching a guy walk backwards into danger, if you hate all that, this movie is for you!

  • cole !xoible
    cole !xoible 7 months ago

    "rubber" otherwise know as actor proof

  • Fernando Chavez
    Fernando Chavez 7 months ago +1

    Adam, great film as usual. I would especially like to say bravo to your cohost for hold his finger off the trigger while holding the plasma rifle. May be fake but the rules still hold. Good job!

  • Al G
    Al G 8 months ago

    They spent more time and money making RUBBER renditions of tactical helms you could have bought for half of what they made them for.

  • Jack-O-Lantern
    Jack-O-Lantern 8 months ago

    the helmet is actually not a bike helmet, its a Airsoft style helmet with custom attachments but i could be wrong as it doesn't seem as thick, the same goes for them military style trousers n shirt with the pads, to help for easier and quicker movement but if you need to go on your knee quickly or prone you don't hurt your knees or elbows

  • TemporalRift
    TemporalRift 8 months ago

    Dudes you put the magazines into the “exhaust” ports as you called it

  • JTMC93
    JTMC93 8 months ago

    So... Adam needs to learn how to properly "Cat's Paw" when cutting?

    PREZZER UK 8 months ago

    I cut my finger last week in my glass wouldnt stop i smeared it with superglue!
    Peeled it off 2 days later good as new!

  • Mantas Kilijonas
    Mantas Kilijonas 8 months ago

    Spectral was shit, its props are shit. Good to know Adam didnt have to see it

  • Kalevipoeg
    Kalevipoeg 8 months ago

    Two things:
    1. Is...that the bear from AI back there?
    2. Does Adam have any props from Jurassic Park or The Lost World: Jurassic Park?

  • Lauren MacCleod
    Lauren MacCleod 8 months ago

    I think I'll have to watch the movie again. Bruce Greenwood and James Badge Dale, wasn't to bad

  • A Person
    A Person 9 months ago

    I want to get into Adam's family so I inherit his workshop and cool stuff.

  • cheesecake4lyfe
    cheesecake4lyfe 9 months ago

    Best. Christmas. Ever.

  • Derik NA
    Derik NA 9 months ago

    Wetta Works are one of the best prop making companies love those guy!
    All the details on that riffle, is awesome!

  • Oliver Joyner-McColl
    Oliver Joyner-McColl 9 months ago +3

    Man I hate Norman

  • Matt Vliet
    Matt Vliet 9 months ago


  • Tony Dupre
    Tony Dupre 9 months ago

    Weta is amazing

  • J Norberg
    J Norberg 9 months ago

    Adam should do a photoshoot with all of his awesome gear

  • usernamedkjah
    usernamedkjah 9 months ago +1

    If I was receiving a prop from a movie I'd first watch the movie so as not to look like a monkey playing with a microwave...

  • usernamedkjah
    usernamedkjah 9 months ago

    Having seen the movie a few times, this video is slightly painful to watch.

  • James Tucker
    James Tucker 9 months ago

    power source for the rifle!

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega 9 months ago

    Wicked pissah!

  • Alpha Machina
    Alpha Machina 9 months ago

    That chin/mask has an XLR plug that plugs into that pack that straps around your waist.

  • somthingbrutal
    somthingbrutal 9 months ago

    used super glue for that before myself :}---

  • smashie2000
    smashie2000 9 months ago +3

    Norm, in it, instant switch off

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji 9 months ago

    the damn movie was so horrible it made me laugh from time to time, fucking awful

    • usernamedkjah
      usernamedkjah 9 months ago

      Moon Emoji no it wasn't awful.
      You didn't like it good for you.
      Don't confuse your opinions for facts.

  • Vasun05
    Vasun05 9 months ago

    every time I see bubble wrap even on a video or picture I feel the urge to reach in and pop it. Anyone else have this problem?

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 9 months ago

    adam is a liar.

  • Stuka Steven
    Stuka Steven 9 months ago

    Thats not a bike helmet, its a speacial ops helmet. It has nothing over the ears for radio headset

  • Punk Rock Piper
    Punk Rock Piper 9 months ago

    i got to sell adam's son a bass guitar once here in san francisco, both were super cool and kind and adam was super cool to the people that came up to him to tell him they were fans of Mythbusters!

  • McFreeman
    McFreeman 9 months ago

    I love this man

  • Jump2218
    Jump2218 9 months ago

    They are both like little children when they find the switch for the lights on the rifle. Its great.

  • Neil H
    Neil H 9 months ago

    Fan of Serenity? Do you have any replicas of Mals gun? Or Jayne's gun, Vera?

  • jeremiah persinger
    jeremiah persinger 10 months ago

    Have you guys watched spectral yet Norm??!! So great!!

  • Lucas Hutchinson
    Lucas Hutchinson 10 months ago

    4:12 Does anyone know where I can learn more about this fake waxed canvas? I'm very interested in this effect but finding resources has been challenging.

  • André Kevermann
    André Kevermann 10 months ago +1

    "Money can't buy happiness" But surely can buy you some awesome shit! LOL

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb 10 months ago

    typical adam savage

  • Jem Little
    Jem Little 10 months ago

    Disappointing you did not show it on a mannequin
    But thanks for the awesome unboxing

  • pistonpete drake
    pistonpete drake 10 months ago +1

    they are delta helmets not bike helmets

  • Herbert toro jr
    Herbert toro jr 10 months ago

    Was beyond pissed I couldn't get on of these prop plasma weapons from the auction

  • MrSquark
    MrSquark 10 months ago +2

    Would it have been so hard for them to watch Spectral before filming?

    • usernamedkjah
      usernamedkjah 9 months ago +1

      MrSquark Thank you!
      It kinda makes them look dumb and ungrateful for making these strange guesses instead of just watching it.

  • Erilis000
    Erilis000 10 months ago

    Soooo, jealous! This stuff looks absolutely gorgeous

  • MiddletoM
    MiddletoM 10 months ago

    I like the fact im not the only one who uses superglue more than any other item in my first aid kit.

  • Theo Mara
    Theo Mara 10 months ago

    NZ whooo

  • Crackers (PhD in Wumbology)

    Those boots are identical to the steel toes they issue Air Force trainees at BMT.
    I wear them to work every day still haha

  • Seth Chase
    Seth Chase 10 months ago +2

    I love how Norm is using good trigger discipline even though it's a prop, and Adam is all "I've never used a real gun, pew pew pew!" :-)

  • Juan Navarro
    Juan Navarro 10 months ago

    not for nothing but maybe you guys should have watched the movie, just saying.

  • FantaClown
    FantaClown 10 months ago

    Bellissimo il Mitragliatore ! WOW !